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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2019 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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t w. this is news live from berlin a last minute campaign promise from israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he'll an express bank settlements if voters return into office on tuesday he's running neck and neck with former army chief of staff benny gantz will a sudden pledge sway voters also coming up in the bundesliga byron munich crushed their nearest rivals the variance put five unanswered goals past the recent dortmund to go to the top of the table tired are now posed to seize their seventh
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straight time. on next peiser welcome to the program israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has vowed to annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank if he's reelected next week netanyahu has promoted jewish settlement expansion during his four terms as prime minister but until now he's refrained from presenting plans for the future of the west bank settlements which are considered illegal under international law netanyahu is locked in a tight race for the premiership with former army general benny gantz. there is only b.b. they shout for binyamin netanyahu is followers he's the greatest unique and irreplaceable even if he isn't campaigning alongside his followers on the streets
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of israel he's always campaigning alongside his powerful supporters in washington d.c. online and on t.v. his latest campaign promise. i will extend the sovereignty of israel to the settlements i won't hand this land over to palestinian authority. he's talking about a partial an extension of the west bank for both right wing voters and his right wing coalition partners this is the kind of promise they want to hear it in your whose opposition speaks of an irresponsible campaign maneuver they say that netanyahu is under pressure he's dogged by accusations of corruption scandals and lying and it's on the most important topic israel that of security that netanyahu is facing competition benny gantz netanyahu is former chief of general staff now aims to replace him as prime minister. is the citizens of israel shall have a prime minister who cares for their interests and not for his own personal
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business. but in your name should. know incorruptible and yet tough on security issues that's how ganz presents himself and it's going down well. we just need a change for a new future for israel. and i'm joined by correspondent correspondent benjamin hammer in tel aviv so this is a neck and neck race as we've heard how does mr netanyahu an ounce of an influence the campaign over all. well one thing is for sure this is raising the tension in an already tense situation and almost everybody in israel agrees that this is a tactical move and he was so close to the elections he's done this before he's doing it now and he's clearly aiming for right being voters who could vote otherwise for other right wing parties polls show that the center right parties are
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probably going to be able to form a government but the polls at the same time show that netanyahu is likud might not be the strongest party the strongest party according to polls could be any guns. lou this worrisome it on yahoo because this could mean that is where it's president will task any guns with forming a government and not on yahoo he wants not he wants that not to happen and this could explain his move if we look at benny gantz it's definitely putting him into an uncomfortable position because the benny gantz is aiming for both right wing center voters and on the center left so he needs to really be careful what he says there are people who support the settlements there are people who oppose the circumvents there is a poll that forty one percent of israelis are in favor of a partial and exhaustion of the west bank but it also means that some people are really worried some people that might vote for guns about what's currently
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happening with netanyahu if you can just rewind a nine hundred ninety three the oslo accords and the idea of land for peace which is animated the peace process which is perhaps not a dynamic right now how does this announcement if it comes to be affect that idea. well if newton who would do what is so far a nonstick would of course make a so-called two state solution with a known palestinian state even harder if not impossible the whole climate is is not there at the moment in this region you cannot you can hardly talk of a peace process israelis and palestinians have not negotiated for years and if we look at the overall political climate we see definitely a right wing shift in israeli politics many guns for example has made
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clear that israel would keep major settlement blocks and the jordan valley in any case and if we look at parties that in the spirit of oslo are for clear a two state solution of the international alliance on the united nations lines we see that their electoral support is very low if you look at a party like minutes they would hardly go and keep the threshold to get into parliament so yeah who knows that the climate in israel has shifted to the right in recent years and this probably explains why he's trying their tactical move so close to the elections ok benjamin hammer in tel aviv thanks for that. as we've heard it's a tight race so every vote counts someone appears to be taking that to heart because experts say fake news and campaign descend from ation are surging on social media and we're lucky enough to have the w reporter federica badge zero two seven
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little light on this. i think using this information seems to be striking every campaign in every democracy let's say what's the case in israel welnick observers have been warning against an exponential increase in fake news circulation in israel ever since the election campaign began in january and there's a recent example just from last week when an israeli social media watchdog published a report saying it found one hundred thirty thousand tweets from about five hundred on yahoo accounts there were spreading false rumors about critics of it and now and particularly about his main opponent benny gantz rumors ranging from saying that he is mentally ill two claims of sexual misconduct all of which is unsubstantiated and many of these accounts were using a fake names and pictures like this one for example that we're looking at it goes
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under the name. but the picture actually belongs to a greek model and the report estimates that altogether these posts had at least two point five million hits which is huge in a country of eight point seven million people is it possible to find out who's behind all this well it's difficult i mean the accounts what's interesting is that the accounts of seem to be run by real people rather than bought so automated programs and this extreme makes makes it harder to trace who to trace these people and. where using fake identity is somewhere genuine but the authors the authors of the report they say that they didn't find any links with this on yahoo or his party any direct links but they do allege that this was part of the cordon it's an effort to discredit guns and they link that to. party the party of both rejected having any links with it if this is as you're saying some western
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democracies have already put laws. the books i'm thinking of france punishing people who are responsible for this as israel done its i mean what does one of the main problems that critics are saying is that israel's laws aimed at regulating political propaganda actually they back to the one nine hundred fifty s. a while before the internet even existed and there has been an attempt to amend these laws last year but it didn't go through india and as for social media platforms of themselves they have been stepping up efforts to fight fake news but it's difficult facebook has and also rolled out some and specific tools in israel but critics say it's not enough ok to use federica about you thank you for that thank you. rwanda has begun one hundred days of mourning for the more that eight hundred thousand people slaughtered in the genocide that began twenty five years ago today president paul kagame a has been leading
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a ceremony in the capital kigali commemorating the lives of the ethnic tutsi and moderate hutus who were killed in a span of just one hundred days. said that rwandans would never again turn against each other. shifting gears out of sports and the bundesliga blockbuster clash this weekend byron munich beat the rooster dortmund five zero to go to the top of the table as the dust settles on the most important game in germany for years mark meadows from v.w. sports joins us to tell us what it all means we were hoping mark for a bit of a classic but it kind of ended by iran have time. i mean by and basically destroyed dortmund it was for a little time so that tells the story i mean we've been building over this massive game and i'm afraid bruce you don't just didn't turn up for the football fans out there who haven't seen the best of the action yet it is. maka royce knew the stats
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as well as anyone ahead of this potential title decider dortmund haven't won in munich for five years and they lost their last three matches there heavily with robert levante of ski scoring on each occasion dorman set out to get their noses in front right set off down the wing and found mahmoud dude in space but the midfielder could only hit the post it was clear to him and were relying on counter attacks before they could make one count by and where heads. has been a corner by two mins defenders work or nothing but if they put another go on to play for by an end the seventeenth minute that says that it is let's pass on our love and of ski to double the lead in style by two goals from two former dormant players and it was live on dusty's two hundred one does need to go have by this point by and we're toying with that rivals thomas miller as if it was stopped by
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roman burkey but have a martinez slotted in by instead by this much was supposed to be a classic but already it looked like it was turning into a walk over. the bottom and simply couldn't cope with by an attack and it got worse for them before half time mother found serge capri who made it for nail. all this and a half time whistle was yet so bloody. fortunately for dortmund the second half was less brutal eleven does he added by ns fifth in the only no where the moment the champions reminded everyone who's bus here and now at least its advantage by. so mark that was painful to watch is buyer sending a message here yes and i think that message is no one takes the title easily they've won it the last six seasons now looks like they're going to win it for
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a seventh and we have to go. back to the start of the season of a c. band how the new coach a new coke over actually didn't get off to a good start and had a few surprise defeats his nervousness there slowly but surely they've really gotten back in but actually now in a sense the pressure starts now for by and need to cover us because before when there was a second ever for your first year if you don't win it this year then ok but now he's in the lead and he's at time unit one of the biggest of the world he now has to win this title and people in the press conference after the game yesterday said coach was surprisingly nervous and tense so who knows if that nervousness transmits the players maybe there's a twist in the tale still we'll see or can we get into the nitty gritty how does how is the top of the table looking right now yeah well if you look at the table there's basically a point difference now between buying and dortmund but the key thing is the six games left and basically bind should win all of those six games on paper they've also got a much better goal difference than dortmund which could be very important i think
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the key thing for by now is keeping a level head i mean robert levin dosti the striker after the game gave some quotes and we can actually have a little listen to what he had to say. you know as a result of that we managed to do everything we planned we played an outstanding first half from the first minute we pressured them up front ambrosio couldn't do a thing we knew we had to play well for ninety minutes we have taken the first step but we have to keep our heads. may seem like an obvious question we're going to ask it anyway is byron your favorite to win yes for seven straight year same for neutrals because everyone we're in a really close title race we've not really had winning jemmy's in zero nine hundred ninety two and three teams could have won it on the last day but yeah i'm going for by him but as i said there is a slight chance of a twist we will see the end of his mark meadows thank you for that. and you're up to date now with a d a w coming up next is night groups on behalf of the whole
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team thanks so much for watching state of. the folks who are still in school in the jungle. for first coming listen to some of the dollars grand a moment arrives. jointly around containing on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. and on renting returns home on t w don't come in tanks hello and good evening i'm looking forward to the legendary.


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