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this is news coming to you live from a shake up in cabinet homeland security secretary kristen nielsen is after months of tension with the white house and was the face of the administration's hardline migration policy especially at the border with mexico thanks for the program to be the time to come watch parties and have ongoing why i think he has a great team they're doing fine and if baby is elected i was well that night israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu battles to keep his drawl been the
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closest of races challengers a centrist and a former military general to hear from voters less than a day before polls open. plus trump's former top aide and confidant helps open a european training center for right wing populists of the future in a remote italian monastery steve benen works to expand the reach of his ideology. and rwanda ballers the victims of genocide it's a quarter century since more than eight hundred thousand to eight season moderate hutus were killed in one hundred day. oh i'm sorry martin good to have you with us trumps secretary of homeland security has. resigned kristen newell sin was the chief in for sort of the u.s.
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president's controversial border policies including the wall extension on the mexico border and the separation of migrant parents from their children but she was also reported to be a frequent target of the president's anger what began with fulsome praise from the president. they'll be no on the job training for kids. she is ready on day one would you say yes good. ended with a perfunctory tweet president trump giving no reason for nielsen's departure and a planned expression of thanks for his service nielsen rose to the position of chief of homeland security in december twenty seventh and in just over a year in the job she gonna criticism as the public face of trump's controversial immigration policies such as that of separating migrant children from their parents at the u.s. mexican border
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a policy she denied exists has been much outcry consternation and frankly misinformation from many in the press in congress and advocacy groups ever the last few weeks that we have d.h.s.s. are intentionally doing things that are on humanitarian that are cruel immoral and disgraceful we aren't doing none of those things in her letter of resignation which was published online but she didn't mention her reasons for leaving but observers see it as a sign of conflicts in the white house as the president's rhetoric on immigration becomes increasingly strident our washington correspondent michael niggas says nielsen's resignation comes as no surprise. that nielson was finally forced out it's no big surprise for him was unhappy that he couldn't stop the border crossings at the u.s. border with mexico especially from families with children over the past two years trip was also very unhappy that he could not get his money for the big promised
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wall even though he instituted the longest government shutdown in u.s. history he's also very unhappy that he couldn't continue his policy to separate my current children from their families because public opposition was just too strong and he's also very unhappy that he could not close the border down over the past week because public opposition again was too strong especially from u.s. businesses and the face of all this all these failed policies was cursed nielson his department of homeland security secretary she was the face of all those failed policies and needed this code right now and that's why he decided to finally get rid of her and force her out. let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today libya's u.n. backed government says it has launched a counter offensive against the militia under general. that's after he launched an offensive to see the capital tripoli at least twenty one people have been killed in
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clashes so far united states has called for an immediate halt to the file. british prime minister theresa may says there's still a chance that her government could reach a compromise with the opposition labor party on a break deal leaders are expected to hear details of a plan at an emergency summit on wednesday u.k. is slated to leave the european union on friday. in brazil thousands of supporters protested on sunday outside the jail where former brazilian president we see not children that is still there is being held on the anniversary of his in-car incarceration many chanted free lula using his popular nick de silva is serving a twelve year sentence for corruption and money lost. at a large explosion in a warehouse in yemen's capital saana killed at least thirteen people including seven children more than one hundred people wounded who the rebels from seize control of incompetent twenty fourteen said the saudi led coalition had targeted
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the warehouse with an air strike the coalition denied carrying out any strikes in the area. crucial elections in israel are now just a day away and there's no telling whether prime minister binyamin netanyahu will manage to stay in office he faces a stiff challenge from a former military general centrist benny gantz over the weekend netanyahu pulled out what many consider a sort of trump card to further his status with those on the far right a promise to annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank election has turned into a neck and neck race. benyamin netanyahu versus spending against blue and white party is resurrection is said to be a tight race with voters remaining split including here in this close restore in jerusalem ilana benyamin hopes to be netanyahu it's every phone calls to prime
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minister who form the next government she can see any i'll turn it. on. i think he has a great team they're doing fine and if baby is elected i will sleep well at night even move towards a safe future for me from my sons and grandsons. another four years of may be unthinkable for this young student guggenheim voted for netanyahu is likud party in the previous elections but this time his go to the new blue and white party headed by former army chief of staff benny gantz i think the time is coming though you serve his country well i think after ten for years the really the time has come to switch parties and have one white take the premiership and move on to the hopefully better and more secure places. when israelis go to the polls on tuesday they have a wide range of issues to consider and a record number of parties to choose from economy and security are usually the top
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priorities for voters but this election is slightly different. in essence these are vital issues for israelis but they're not necessarily the big determinants of votes because we have a situation where the voters focusing primarily on the issue of netanyahu his ten year long governance over israeli society thirteen years in total and the corruption charges against him. despite facing an indictment on a string of corruption charges netanyahu can still count on a strong voter base. he campaigned on social media and by meeting foreign leaders with a clear message he's the only one who can keep israel safe and represent the country's interests abroad. meanwhile benny guns and his team of former army generals have been touring the country with the centrist blue and white party has been ahead of the likud in almost all opinion polls. in a small community in southern israel guns who served as military chief under
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netanyahu appears to voters that only his party can move the country forward. prime minister netanyahu and his messages a busy dividing people and using incitement in order to survive we have busy reinforcing the security of israel and working towards a better future for our children. pulses predicted gunther netanyahu will compete next to me but netanyahu might have the upper hand to form a writing coalition with smaller rightwing parties. he has tanya kramer who filed that report joins us now from jerusalem tanya mr netanyahu has made a last minute election promise to annex settlements in the west bank could that tip the scales in his favor. well i think his trying to reach out to this nationalist base and basically saying that rather than voting maybe for as some of
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his potential smaller coalition partners smaller parties set up an extension they should rather vote to the extent that these parties might not then make it over the election especially because every vote that goes to a smaller party would be lost for then he could and he's a bit under pressure because in all the polls leading up to election day at the blue and white party house that the polls actually if he tossed all those polls that have not always been accurate having said that most pollsters predict that benyamin netanyahu has more possibilities in wider fighting bloc to form a coalition but i think mr netanyahu doesn't want to take an actual census to do is and he wrote what can you tell us about some of nessun yahoos challengers in this election. well the main talent and he turns out to be benny guns and his new blue and white party that has they have formed this together with
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essentialist yes a tea party and both leaders but he guns is number one and in that heat it's number two would actually rotate the premiership if they would be successful now the question is you know whether they will be garnering enough votes to put to sway voters to vote for the most centrist approach to have been saying that they. want to unite the country they want to get away from the polarizing politics of prime minister netanyahu so for many people had hoped as actually they always say anything but bibi as mr netanyahu has called it because of his to go topless because at the end certainty but also because he has been a prime minister for a very long time and the other people who is saying well i continue to vote for the likud and it's a it's a vote for parties after all but that's very personalized i want to continue to go to that you could and i want to see a prime minister netanyahu and not the time. when you thank you so much for that
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tanya kramer in jerusalem. now an effort to advance far right ideology here in europe steve bannon the former chief strategist and donald trump's white house gave his blessing to a new training center for populist european politicians it's partially hidden in a remote to tele and village but bennett is working to spread his message across the continent. this form a ministry in trees altie in the hills of central italy has been revived with a new mission here benjamin hardwell has launched a conservative center called the institute for human dignity he wants to draw together christians and jews and fight against islamic fundamentalism young politicians will come to terms altie and trained to become right wing populists resulting in the next generation is going to become the global headquarters of the
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fight to defend the judeo christian basis of western civilization so that's just not just here in europe but right across the world. vision has won the support of steve bannon the former advisor to u.s. president donald trump the two devout catholics have met frequently in rome. i'm just honored used to help out and you know what i'm trying to do is add maybe a little organizational ability and and in to bring in donors faculty people i would know throughout the world they could teach than it is now trying to bring together right wing parties from across europe into a unified group called the movement he's hoping for a surge of support in the upcoming european elections this may because the party was nationalists saw it as a great politician a great message and now it is correct and that's why it's only because maybe this is the first day when all the nations
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a stunning victory. some observers are concerned about the alliance between bannon's movement and the conservative training academy. was against. the point that brings them together is an obsession with identity politics. yes it increased mission they say we are christians in the west and europe is based on judeo christian values which we have to defend against an invasion it's tied to get there is also resistance in trees altie many residents don't want baron and his acolytes in the village the monastery is a pilgrimage destination that attract tourists opponents want the italian government to prevent it being turned into a right wing training camp. why is a cultural location in our village being used for an ideological project.
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of the monastery entries altie is being used as the foundation for a movement but one hundred scientists deals with whose money is it being funded to what end hon wells plan is clear his center interests altie should become a launch pad for right wing populism across europe he plans to open the doors to his first students this summer. rwanda has begun one hundred days of mourning for those slaughtered in the genocide that began twenty five years ago today president paul kagame me led a ceremony in the capital kigali commemorating the lives of the more than eight hundred thousand ethnic tutsis and moderate hutus who were killed in a span of just one hundred days cami pledge that rwandans would never again turn against one another. remembering run does dead on the day of the brutal and renter's killing began twenty five years ago president could go and ten heads of state at the kigali genocide memorial the burial place of over two hundred fifty
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thousand victims of the genocide which wiped out close to a million rand and was to see here that could become flame the flame of remembrance will burn for one hundred days that's how long the fastest and so if the twentieth century lost it. in the kigali convention center right behind me the main commemoration event is taking place we just watched all across the country this is where artists are performing songs in honor of the victims and survivors of the haunting testimony here president paul kagame it talks about remembering uniting and renewing all borders under my arms. i'm jewish. but none of us. together we. will. the chartered roads over.
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in true. and you talk this. thousands of runners have embarked on the somber walk to remember it's a month to mourn those who lost their lives during the genocide but it's also symbolic walk perpetrators and survivors walk side by side from around the stuck and violent past to have these people want to be as a country and it's not just those who witnessed the atrocities committed during the genocide but also the youth the future of this country which is here to highlight their role and responsibility in making sure history is never repeated. we have to love each other so the things that happened i mean. it's often said that i have to be united to. a much inform my family. my relatives during this period of genocide that took place in ninety four let us
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first together and future especially remembering what hotplates before and freight to never happen again twenty five thousand london's have come together and i'm a harness in the stadium the final emotional performance the day draws to handle lighting up the night john and the memory of the genocide make its unmoving and elected by the wounds of many run in heaven and might never fully. u.w.s. melanie corrida ball reporting there well thousands of people in sudan have taken to the streets of the capital khartoum and elsewhere demanding the resignation of president omar al bashir the country has seen sustained protests against bushehr and his national congress party since mid december he has so far refused to step down and the protesters have urged the military to side with them in their bid to oust the president. they're shouting freedom
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whilst they march to the city center. the sudanese opposition has been growing and protesters say they continue to gain allies. and i'm only here in front of the sudanese army's headquarters. even the army is on the side of the revolution because it's peaceful. so far the military has not intervened. whether that's a sign of approval remains unclear but soldiers do not seem to consider the protesters a threat for a second day crowds called for president omar al bashir to resign they say his nearly three decades in power have brought suit down to the brink of ruin. the corrupt have said they will rule this country forever and that they will scare us with bullets but look what's happening. protests also erupted elsewhere in the
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country despite police attempts to stop them activists groups say that at least sixty people have been killed since the demonstrations began in december. thousands of people across russia took to the streets on sunday to protest against plans to dump moscow's garbage in their vicinity the highest turnout was in the northeastern city of our come get square some some twelve hundred kilometers from moscow is one of several locations set to receive moscow's waste. drugstore itch reports. that the police. citizens not to take part in the protest. the federal security service the f.s.b. and the police are trying to prevent the demonstrations in all can get asked dave arrested one of the organizes that goal is intimidation but to no avail thousands show up. there protesting against moscow building
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a landfill in the region for its waste this footage was shot by activists. i locals fear that the trash of the capital will destroy the local environment one of the organizers of the demonstration is twenty three year old alexander pascoe for the little just the disappearance of the demonstration will end at lenin square where protesters will show their frustration of them to visit the new business when the with the democrats communists and conservatives are demonstrating together only putin supports is hard to find food. here in the city and in the whole region of congo being me and disappear not just because moscow's dumping is garbage here they say their life is getting harder and harder the government has raised taxes but streets aren't being repaired unemployment is high and prices are rising so more and more people are fed up with
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the moviegoer. law enforcement agencies trying to stop the march but they're overrun by processes. of the body be i'm ready to go to war do you understand and everyone in iraq and gals who feel the same as i do. with it will anything we demanded a referendum but they ignore us they don't want to find a solution together. they bring trash from another region to us but we're already swamp with our own garbage with with more from is about something to do i don't want the boys now water our residue nina and our wives see the bill a million it took the demonstrators and now it's a reach lenin square activists demand that the government invest in environmentally sustainable waste management organizes a blown away by the support they. didn't expect so many people to show up. they are the winners cool personally i'm happy that fifteen to twenty thousand locals have come to people here are seriously worried as the recent move really didn't go to. everyone here hopes that this time the government listens. to it.
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that football now and what is least welcomed braman after and during a horrid few weeks have dropped out of the champions league places and coach d. to heckling has been told he's out of a job at the end of the season but they really didn't want was a draw with braman that's exactly what they got. visitors braman created the first real chance of the match your highness if john denied yun zama in the sixteenth minute. not back also threatened in the first half patrick hamm on hitting the woodwork here. five minutes after the restart max kruse the last of the ball amity is going to fed floria no house and the youngster opened the scoring for blood by the raymond defense unable to recover after crosas blunder by with
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a clot back when looking likely davey clawson headed in the equaliser in the seventy ninth minute you yo sako with the pinpoint cross one all the final score and the folds fall further behind frankfurt's and their fading campaign for a champions league spot. is it a step towards a new opening of north korea the annual pyongyang marathon was held today twice as many foreigners registered to compete in the north korean capital as it did last year so what's a marathon like in one of the most reclusive countries on earth let's take a look. and they're off it's the highlight of north korea's tourism calendar to any old pyongyang international marathon but what sets this race apart i hope it doesn't we'll say that it was a great atmosphere as you can see. in the in the next hour and there were many
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people in the stadium as well as along the streets. for me and so old the locals waved and she had for us i managed to take a lot of photos as i was in the running to see the. runners can see the sights of a tightly controlled city and for most of them the journey itself is the reward. bad. more than one hundred westerners enter the race over twice as many as last year times i wouldn't want to go to get this the thirtieth event and there are more runners an effort to make the event more significant he added billions to the day of the sun when the great president kim il sung was born . tourism slowed to a trickle after north korea carried out a serious of missile tests in two thousand and eighteen but with tensions now easing between the u.s. and north korea more western tourists have signed up for the marathon but there
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were still no americans because a u.s. travel ban remains in place but north koreans are happy with the turnout. the event will generate revenue for an economy that's long felt the burden of international sanctions. now back to italy where the world's biggest wine fair has opened its doors verona is hosting wine makers from around the world and they are presenting their finest introduced to more than one hundred thousand kona sewer's the festival has been taking place since the one nine hundred sixty s. this year thirty five wine producing. injuries are taking part but italy remains the world's top seller the country sold more than eleven billion worth last. and just a reminder the top stories we're following for you here today on d.w. news a u.s. cabinet shakeup donald trump's chief enforcer of border policies is this
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a nielsen has resigned she oversaw all controversial news including the separation of migrant parents from their children. and that's all you news for now up next to morrow today the science program and this week we're focusing on new york street. more still to come.
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back. months long cheering also to.
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enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful i test the convictions and values of the powerful club from thing dan said i would draw all those people with other people's life in their hands out of their comfort zone. a good on the arguments of my guests. i'll just excuse this. conflict zone confronting the powerful on g.w. . stuff. and extravagant been. two hosts who really know their stuff.
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which feel good bullying and definitional. parody and chat with musicians from around the world. groups every week double. hello welcome sir tomorrow today the w science show. this week will be looking at poor. timer's disease and the role of the new in cells in the brain and. contingency plans to prevent stray asteroids from striking nurse. and lucid dreaming when you know you're dreaming while it's happening.


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