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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 8, 2019 3:30pm-3:45pm CEST

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good asleep. until you. take a look at. this legal free weekend here w. . coming up on the program. weeks into the crisis the death. toll has been. praying. and offering to avoid. and. it's like no other.
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welcome. it's good to have you with us it's been cold the worst flooding in a hundred internet to seventy deaths and flooding into thousands of iran and its. heavy rain. is going to stun province in the north pole the initial brunt of the flooding subsequently it spread to other provinces including a lot. in the southwest. in fact has three major rivers that flow through it and the continued flooding has that all totaled these to order the evacuation of six cities along the.
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unprecedented scenes for a normally air rich region. who says town in southwest iran is one of the latest provinces facing mercy evacuations as fresh downpours christie is hear about new flooding. further north in the rest of province extreme floods and cities and submerged homes. the water was up to here there's the market. some locals aren't waiting for help they start repairs wishing to return to normal life as soon as possible. or laws just provide dogs with cement and equipment so we can do the work faster. relief efforts are stalled aid agencies say the u.s. is partly to blame according to the iranian red crescent washington sanction on terror and have blocked any foreign financial aid to enter the country on his state
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t.v. iran's president said last week that it was a quote disgrace. that they create show ha ha ha bites of what the americans wished for everyone will see that our big nation our officials are no armed forces walking together when we construct the ruins of a hot albeit hot all heavy rain since mushed has inundated almost two thousand communities causing damages split hundreds of millions of us. with its outposts showing new signs of easing many iranians are bracing for the worst. we have their claims that u.s. sanctions are hampering relief efforts to flood victims a last me get out foreign minister zarif accused as american counterpart mike of fake news for saying the u.s. was quote ready to assist through the international red cross that if treated as
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the i.c.r.c. president noted the requests of gone through save any funds due to u.s. sanctions u.s. should own up to its economic terrorism the red cross has denied making those remarks a cover mother and a former deputy head of it ons department of and bottom and says the world is ignoring the disaster he tweets the level of international attention to it on unprecedented floods is surprisingly low people of iran are in need of help and attention regardless of international politics let's get more from tehran joining us now is i mean to have us see he's if he's tehran correspondent i mean good to see you what is the situation in iran right now. hello and thank you for having me those situations in iran right now i can see is that well the flaws has reached southwestern parts of iran those are the risk operations going on and who's a star has basically declared him to be in
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a state of crisis right now and it's mostly because the new body governor of chad has a flooded and accuracy is. going toward the city and threatening more cities in capital of start which is home to about more than a million and a half people. know it in foreign minister moment jobs or it has accused the u.s. and said that the sanctions imposed by the united states are harming and hinder the grief and rescue operations what are you seeing on the ground. well our i would say that the sanctions in the are harming the efforts well it basically is that well first of all you does depend on we are asking them if you as the u.s. state the bar to say that humanitarian aid is not sanctioned that is true on its own in theory but banking transactions are basically impossible not aid can
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possibly come in iranian red cross and there's reason to claim that not all foreign aid all financial foreign aid so far has been received ever since the flights largely middle of march and that is basically because. sanctions what everyone has got so far it seems to be only equipment and it's very small and that's a month or two and cash which is bashed badly needed as not only yet it seems like the only. transaction channel right now is german red cross and seemingly organisations are supposed brought with them so it can get to russia but that still is not definite so. sanctions iran do have a start i would say but just the scale of this disaster are do turds of the country underwater two thirds of the country flooded is there an argument to say that the
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government potentially did not see this disaster coming. well i would say that the government failed to prepare for this disaster it's not just anticipating it and. burden falls equally also it's everyone in control and i would say because the situation we have with deforestation the situation we have with enormous amount of downs situation we have with. unwarranted our non-licensed constructions where the rivers used to be because if you know iran has been in a time of drought for several years now no one has abated anything company so with that people people say they got the illegal warrants and places to build. buildings alongside with you the rivers used to beat which creates a large rubber off this is that source that you see on the ground so the old with
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all that we could iran could have been if i was there but it is a peking guess i wouldn't be so sure because some of the images that have been pretty much seen all over at shiraz and that there's aster happening let's tend to write thanks so much for that are better left for leave it there for the time in our house our very air speaking to us from don thank you so much next to thailand where millions of young men were numb this pond how they will spend the next six months to two years of their lives for an estimated two hundred thousand of them it will mean serving in the military its finance and all military draft which sees a male citizens age twenty one called up for service for a period of up to two has many don't want to go and pray they are not among the chosen few. this time of year to pay are not trying is a popular place to pray. pass a corn rocks three meet
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a five hour pilgrimage here. troubling her mind thailand's military draft still a possibility even though she's transgender so i'm worried about my appearance as it's not what the army is looking for. ties of all sorts make the same plea to the golden statue to avoid military conscription legend has it that died alone during childbirth while her husband was in the army serving in the military is a feat young ties are often dread and he who to parties even suggested ending the mandatory practice in last month's election. many young men feel it's simply not worth the sacrifice. my daughter is very young my girlfriend doesn't work i'm the only one who's working they have a lot of things to pay for like a car. it's not recruiting centers like this where their fates will be determined
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all twenty one year olds must register one hundred thousand are selected annually to join up their names picked by lottery. there are some exceptions for monks and those who had sex change operations back at the shrine offerings from a young man whose prayer was answered his name was not chosen. like got what i asked for so i came here to give thanks. life at least for now remains under his control and not that of a drill sergeant. losing of control on the other hand would risible intone going on sunday as far knows of on the north korean capital streets and it's the norm at least nine hundred fifty western has double the number of the last run for the
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streets or one of the most likely controlled and reclusive nations in the wild for many winning was the last autumn their minds. and they're off it's the highlight of north korea's tourism calendar the annual young young international marathon but what sets this race apart. because it was a great atmosphere as you can see. in doing the that's and there were many people in the stadium as well as along the streets. for me on some old locals waved and she did for us i managed to take a lot of photos as i was made them running to see the. runners can see the sides of a tightly controlled city and for most of them the journey itself is the reward. hand. more than one hundred westerners enter the race over
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twice as many as last year and i couldn't want you to get this in the thirtieth event and there are more runners an effort to make the event more significant he adds billions to the day of the sun when the great president kim il sung was born. tourism slowed to a trickle after north korea carried out a serious of missile tests in two thousand and eighteen but with tensions now easing between the u.s. and north korea more western tourists have signed up for the marathon but there were still no americans because a u.s. travel ban remains in place but north koreans are happy with the turnout. the event would generate revenue for an economy that's long felt the burden of international sanctions on. that story are born our website that's. what's asia and you can check us out on facebook as well. that's it for today we're leaving now with images of election campaigning in india ahead of the start of the
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general election this thursday through next time. he greets a sex phone operator to work her masters thesis on the potato. to free. not to turn on well it gets more ridiculous from her. list. of the strange and. i'm not laughing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand up and whimper that. thinks the printer
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jemma culture of looking at the stereotype of cool at experiencing the future of the country that i not. needed to be taken as grandma down to you know it's all about a new i'm rachel join me for me from devon sunday to be a. post. angry news on shareholders ok the the board's column. they want to know how he got away with alleged wrongdoing on such a massive scale for so long. a report shows china's corporate spending spree many secrets it says juggins should worry about chinese taking. on the ethics of the artificial intelligence experts discussed just how intrusive machines should be in. the interconnected world of tomorrow.
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i'm confused as to business applause roared from tokyo's grand prince hotel today as news on shareholders kicked. off the board of the japanese comic the once powerful auto executives facing allegations of financial misconduct which the company fears could wreck its image. has a right to decide the fate of. its a meeting that began with an apology. on behalf of the company a long me to express my sincere regret for any concern the recent events may have caused. he wrote. best is to trust the board and dismiss carlos. the fire.


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