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this is deja vu news live from berlin libya's capital is under siege a military strongman fighters advance on the city of tripoli dozens have been killed and the u.n. back government says it is launching a counter offensive as western countries call for a truce also on the program a russian court suddenly releases a prominent film and theatre director who was arrested almost two years ago for
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embezzlement and put under house arrest and at tackling germany's criminal claimants police in berlin a crackdown on the families at the center of a web of cripes we have any special report for you. thank you so much for your company everyone we start this broadcasts in north africa and libya to be exact militias they're opposed to the u.n. backed government are closing in on the capital of tripoli while they forced the closure of the city's only functioning airport and taken control of large parts of the country on behalf of military strongman khalifa haftar are all the un backed government says its forces are mounting a counter offensive meanwhile western countries are calling for a truce and the resumption of peace talks. in benghazi members of have to has a militia purpose. there for their onslaught on the capital tripoli despite calls
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for restraint by the international community have to are seems determined to ignite a civil war he's one of the fiercest critics of the un backed transitional government so far efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis have failed meanwhile government forces are taking positions outside tripoli to defend the city from attack the rhetoric is getting increasingly hostile they have a little earlier today we have launched operation volcano of anger to cleanse all cities from the aggressors who oppose the legitimate government. have to are seemingly aims to seize military control of the entire country and in this way to establish facts on the ground this comes just ahead of plan talks on libya's future sent for the end of the leak a timeline for a possible new elections was among the issues to be discussed the e.u.'s foreign policy chief is appealing for
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a truce is the full implementation of the my italian troops to allow the civilian center wounded to be about maybe from. the city and to avoid any further military action and if other military escalation according to the u.n. more than two thousand people have fled the fighting south of tripoli many others are still trapped by the hostilities and cannot escape. all right we're fighting now raging on near the a libyan capital let's get you the latest with the fight she is a researcher in a tripoli libya market you're here we are you there yeah i can hear you well high as not what's the situation on the ground in tripoli where you are is it still very fluid. yeah i think the clashes are quite intense why do you think gosh and gossip an issue there were also there have tells us launched airstrikes on the eastern part so make and run like i'm not leaving that surprised
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offensive is general. huff star who is he what does he want and why did he launch this offensive now it's about our grasp to put it simply. i think i think everyone or most people know about honey for half the general who was with one of the three offices gadhafi and sixty nine fourteen captured and then became a cia asset and resigned after two thousand eleven with his war on terror campaign and because he. didn't stop there i mean his mission it's quite clear that he wanted he wants in over the country. is supporting him as much and why well in his campaign against isolate let me state to libya he gained quite
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a lot of support which is understandably by the population that was being terrorized by a terrorist group. but it was but the situation is much more complex just to put just than to put it simply like that because i also don't think you just for the terrorist groups to protect civilians it is about one move like any other military campaign. so there's a power struggle underway in libya for some time now interestingly conspicuous by its absence is the u.n. backed government what is their role in all of this do they play a significant role. yeah i mean the whole situation of leaving the capital under control of militias is to be is the mistake of the government of national accord i mean they have had four years to try to implement disagreement which agreeably it house of representatives have blocked because of have but they remained giving money they've remained giving power to armed groups squabble and
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fight and quite honestly they have been wrecking havoc in the capital nobody as you sketch seems to have complete control of full control of the country interestingly you touched on this in your previous answers after projection self as the strongman the only one who can fight islamist does that play well with western powers and is that one of the reasons why some powers have supported him even tacitly well within his factions there are islamists i mean it can't be you cannot fully claim no one can fully claim to be a secular. or a liberal or. a person everyone has some sort of as some i mean at least even. nationally they can never claim to be all the secular off i think it's limit . so. if he has a strong taliban i mean you could say that's
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a lot over all many or most but the end game is there is no winner in this war. has different reporting on a very very complex and fluid situation in tripoli i thank you. and joining us now from brussels is you know you correspondent ben trigger to talk more about this and what it means for the e.u. because the country libya has been in a state of chaos ever since the overthrow of more market khadafi and are there efforts underway by brussels where you are to stop this from further escalating the e.u. foreign ministers day urged the parties in libya to hold a truce and to turn to return back to the negotiating table to continue the political pros as in libya which hasn't borne fruit so far. there are some
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sanctions in place also but they are already in place for many years now and that but there's no word of actually acting or even regattas no military action is planned and as it was in eighty years ago when the duffy the klan was over to the throne and libya so it's moved mostly birds that the european union has to offer. oil ministers also said we have to support the united nations to find a solution to the situations but actually there's no real influence of the europeans right now. to influence the facts on the ground right well let's talk about two prominent member states you have symbolically at least a skin in the game here france and italy they each have a very different take on how to deal with the fluid situation in libya can you flesh out for us what their first respective positions are busy what's unfolding in tripoli right now. but italy is the former colonial power in libya and
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regards its of as a natural guardian of libya so to say it only has close economic ties had also very close ties to the gadhafi clan and to moammar gadhafi the former dictator is somebody leaning now to the to the government in tripoli france on the other hand was at the forefront of the state that bombarded the gadhafi eight years ago and overthrew him and the french as a said to lean a little bit more to the side of. general huffed and they tried in the past to mediate a little bit between the boring factions but everything is very complicated of course there and both italy and france a little bit competing who will be the leading libya in the future it's also about all of the economic interests. but still italy and france are under the umbrella of
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the you bows asking for a truce and both urging both parties to stop the fighting on the other hand the italian populous government is now accusing the liberal president of france is somehow to to stir up the confusion in libya and to be somewhat responsible for the top. d.w. brussels correspondent bantry good reporting thank you. our let's bring up to speed now at some of the other stories making news around the world. u.s. president donald trump has announced that washington will officially designate iran's revolutionary guard as a terrorist organization well it's the first time the u.s. has labeled a foreign government entity in those terms john said iran was a state sponsor of terrorism and that its elite troops played a key role in exporting terrorism. and soon don thousands of protesters are demonstrating for a third day outside the army headquarters they want the military to support their
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calls for the resignation of the country's president omar al bashir security forces are reportedly attempting to break up the protests using tear gas. russian authorities have signed a deal to free nearly one hundred captive whales the orca and beluga whales have spent months in france pens in the sea of japan of the sea of japan ports of knuckle down a company caught them to export them to china but images of the whale's plight sparked a campaign to free them. the award winning russian film and theatre director carol several knockoff has been released he had been under house arrest for over a year and a half a second beslan charges while his supporters say the arrest was politically motivated despite having no phone or internet access has continued to direct from
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his home including for the hamburg opera instructions to performers and set designers on a u.s.b. stick. perfumery your record thanks to all the people who came up to me and didn't courage me by saying don't give up and we'll with you and so on in my daily to our walks it was incredibly touching your support is needed but i'll say again it's not over we still have to go back to court and prove our innocence. if you look really good. all right let's take you now to the russian capital to our correspondent and we sure when is there for you in tracking this developing story only why the sudden change of heart why this release what changed well what this means is that the british there every week of has actually been released from house arrest but he still can't leave the country he signed a document saying that that's important to mention and what has changed well it's not really clear the court today said that they would be releasing an official
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statement on what has maybe changed soon perhaps in the coming days the timing of this decision was unexpected city of house arrest was actually just prolonged at the beginning of the month until early july and now we see this decision and even the gogle center. is that if you think of theater they said as well today that this was totally unexpected for them as well so he seems to be under the impression that the case is not over can you tell us what will happen next. well what we do know is that this means that city of new code will be able to work that he'll be able to go into the theater and actually direct plays from the theater itself rather than just from his bedroom he was very happy about that decision today we saw him kind of pumping pumping the air with his fist actors today at the center were saying that they were crying with happiness but we don't know what it means for the case itself
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he hasn't been acquitted of the charges yet and cases like this one high profile cases in russia are often political what this means there have been positive signs today state t.v. has been reporting about the case which is unusual and the ministry of culture has come forward and said that they welcome the decision but as we saw today things can change at the drop of the they can change at the drop of the hat the banks also the question why is there international interest for his case well said even you have worked internationally as well. including in germany excuse me and the reason why this case though has attracted such international attention is because kremlin critics have said that this is a politically motivated case and that it's an example of the increasing censorship the increasing restrictions on the art in russia city has become known for his
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critical work he's criticized the orthodox church in his plays he's criticised the regime and he's always pushed down drees as well one of his productions. at the bolshoi theatre was about openly gay ballet dancer notorious and that in a country which has a law against so-called gay propaganda so other artists and russia have said that this case really shows that if they come after him they could come after any artist in russia and we sure when reporting from the russian capital thank you. and we're going to say in russia because thousands of people across of that country took to the streets on sunday to protest against plans to dump moscow's garbage near them while the highest turnout was in the northeastern city of our canal scope some twelve hundred kilometers from moscow it's one of several locations due to receive moscow's waste and abuse. reports. the police
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of all can kill six citizens not to take part in the protest. the federal security service the f.s.b. and the police are trying to prevent the demonstrations in all can get asc they've arrested one of the organizers their goal is intimidation but to no avail thousands show up. there protesting against moscow building and landfill in the region for its waste this footage was shot by activists. i locals fear that the trash of the capital will destroy the local environment one of the organizers of the demonstration is twenty three year old alexander prescott for. just the disappearance if the demonstration will end at london square where protesters will show their frustration over into the sleeping business when the with. democrats communists and conservatives are demonstrating together only putin supports is hard to find food.
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here in the city and in the home region of congo's me and this is not just because moscow's dumping is garbage here they say their life is getting harder and harder the government has raised taxes but streets aren't being repaired unemployment is high and prices are rising so more and more people are fed up and the moving away. no enforcement agencies trying to stop the march but their overrun by process this . body b i am ready to go to war do you understand and everyone in akron gallops going to feel the same as i do. with it will it if we demanded a referendum but they ignore us they don't want to find a solution together. they bring trash from another region to us but we're already swamp with our own garbage with them with more than was about something you could do i don't want them to poison our water our residue nina and our white see more yet it took the demonstrates is an hour to reach lenin square activists demand that
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the government invest in environmentally sustainable waste management organizes a blown away by the support they. didn't expect so many people to show up. they are the winners cool personally i'm happy that fifteen to twenty thousand locals have come to agree to do to people here are seriously worried that was the reason why they didn't go to. everyone here hopes that this time the government listens. to israel an hour and a day before the general election prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a controversial campaign promise he says he will annex jewish settlements in the occupied west bank while he's facing a stiff challenge from a forward general the centrist benny gantz with a tight race ahead on release correspondent tanya kramer sent us this report on what voters are saying on the eve of the polls. benyamin netanyahu slick could curse of spending against blue and white party is resurrection is said to be a tight race with voters remaining split including here in this close restore in
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jerusalem ilana benyamin hopes to be netanyahu as everyone calls to prime minister who form the next government she can see any i'll turn it. on and. i think b.b. has a great team they're doing fine and elected i will sleep well at night we will move towards a safe future for me for my sons and grandsons it should be limited in chile another four years of be unthinkable for this young student guggenheim voted for netanyahu three could party in the previous elections but this time his go to the new blue and white party headed by former army chief of staff benny gantz i think the time is coming go to serve his country well i think after time for years the really the time has come to switch parties that have been born white take the premiership and move on to the hopefully better and more secure places. when israelis go to the
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polls on tuesday they have a wide range of issues to consider and a record number of parties to choose from economy and security are usually the top priorities for voters but this election is slightly different. in essence these are vital issues for israelis but they're not necessarily the big determinants of votes because we have a situation where the voters focusing primarily on the issue of netanyahu his ten year long governance over israeli society thirteen years in total and the corruption charges against him. despite facing an indictment on a string of corruption charges netanyahu can still count on a strong voter base he campaigned on social media and by meeting foreign leaders with a clear message he's the only one who can keep israel safe and represent the country's interests of groet. meanwhile been the guns and his team of former army generals have been touring the country with the centrist blue and white
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party has been ahead of the likud in almost all opinion polls. in a small community in southern israel with guns who served as military chief under netanyahu appears to voters that only his party can move the country forward though if you're also going to learn well they're going to stinnett's and yahoo and his messages of busy dividing people and using excitement in order to survive we have busy reinforcing the security of israel and working towards a better future for our children. post as predicted gunther netanyahu will compete next to me but netanyahu might have the upper hand to form a right wing coalition with smaller rightwing parties. on a crime reporting there at least far right interior minister might say or salvini has invited populists parties from around europe to meeting him a lot while savini is hoping to forge a new right wing alliance and of next month's european elections while among the were upset and they are germany's far right the dangerous danish people's party and
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the friends party from finland while salvini says he wants to form a new populist bloc in the european parliament that he needs to be an annoying here in germany police have launched a crackdown on so-called criminal clans mainly of arab and kurd a short tightly knit families operating criminal networks for decades while the clans are believed to have thousands of members spread out in different parts of the country they have their strongholds in the rural area hanover braman and here in berlin while many of these families came to germany back in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's they were allowed to work some were tempted to earn money through criminal activities ranging from robbery to drug dealing authorities say they are now going to adopt a zero tolerance policy to words such activity and police are especially worried that these groups are preying on young refugees and recruiting them. in an attempt to destroy the same police have launched what they call the strategy of one
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thousand parts. a large scale raid in berlin's nikon district investigators are mainly targeting shisha bars where they suspect organized crime clans are laundering money customs investigators auditors and federal and state crime authorities accompanied by hundreds of police officers are searching the bars it's the biggest operation of its kind in berlin now i can district mayor martin he has come along he wants to know how the mission is going. this time the improprieties are minor offenses tobacco without tax stamps and violations of trading and child protection laws but the district mayor says he won't turn a blind eye. or. we can publish everything with these checks from you know to major offenses we are implementing a zero tolerance strategy here large scale raids like this are part of a new campaign against organized arab crime clans suspected of committing major
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offenses including the breaking of a luxury department store in broad daylight or the theft of a one hundred kilogram gold coin worth millions but convicting clan members is difficult not least because few are willing to testify about two hundred thousand individuals are reportedly members of arab clan families in germany the government is increasing the pressure by seizing luxury cars and real estate but organized crime researcher ralph gadahn says that's not enough to break the clan solidarity. they're all sworn to secrecy and that's what makes the investigators work so difficult there are unable to break through these structures. there would need to be a support program for people who want to leave the clans program but there are no such programs yet. came from syria ten years ago almost every day she sees the klan's at
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work along zonen ali one of nikon's main streets but she's afraid their crimes will strengthen prejudices against innocent migrants and muslims is on the on and on the . the mafia is here concentrated here on those on the way life is on the. well in this and i think sooner or later something is going to happen here. she said she's most afraid of a xena phobic attack americans district mayor however has a different concern that more migrants will fall into a life of crime if the state does not do anything about it. i think it'd be good if we could make this crane that might exist here so that we could make a path to hard to make it uncomfortable so that it's not worth it to come here to commit crime. so germans should get used to huge police actions like this one authorities say they know these are not enough but that they lack better resources
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in the fight against organized clan crimes. football now and business like a side grab a host of bremen to wrap up this weekend's nacho's cup but have managed only one win in the previous seven games and against a surprising braman club they could only muster and draw. visitors braman created the first real chance of the match your highness tonight young zama in the sixteenth minute. clock back also threatened in the first half trick ham on hitting the woodwork here. five minutes after the restart max kruse i lost the ball and the tears get into fed floria no house and the youngster opened the scoring for blood bought by the braman defense on able to recover after crosas blunder. with a glock back when looking likely davey clawson headed in the equaliser in the
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seventy ninth minute you yo sako with the pinpoint cross one all the final score and the foles fall further behind frankfurt and their fading campaign for a champions league spot. you're watching news from bro and i'm layla rock next stop global three thousand including forced sterilization of parental forget you can always get the latest news and information around the clock i had into our web site that state of the u. dot com for now thank you so much for spending this part a few ticks.
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marriage counseling the islamic were. living together before marriage for kairos about muslims it's fun thinkable. but how will young couples know what makes a good partnership. egypt's bond office offers courses with
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doses of the ology psychology and humor including three tells of minutes on t w. a city in ruins. morale week. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines. between the muslim. come to christian population. when i asked fighters aka the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to tear just response was a little. by little it will never change the color of. the reconquest turned into tragedy. that's not liberation at all this is not the
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kind of freedom that leon. how did it become a deep way to islamist terror. a sorry country more city as a result of. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. the philippines in the sense of bias starts april eleventh on d. w. . welcome to global three thousand today we consider the use of fina in agriculture in belize we find out about alternatives to banning crop residues.


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