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there's news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes is drowning in plastic waste we speak to the woman who's trying to make a country's government plastics completely halfords five thousand is also coming out. we vitalizing nairobi's colonial era library we me that book lovers reaping life into the building its books and its reputation. thanks for joining us we start today with a story of one woman's to ban plastic game gonna rubbish much of it plastic is often dumped in the streets due to insufficient bins and rubbish collection of plastics block drains and eventually end up in the ocean and now. korea has
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launched a petition to get plastics banned in her country was victorian a bit but best yes more gonna. be effects of plastic waste this is a common sight on beaches across ghana plastic waste which wasn't properly disposed of washes ashore blocking drains and increasing the risk of water borne diseases. and they. receive for is to. waste collection trucks coming like this is the exception rather than the rule more often than not rubbish is simply left in piles on the streets it ends up in the drainage system and then eventually the ocean while the perpetrators go unpunished public awareness of recycling is also a challenge. unfortunately. we. we bundle everything together.
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the kitchen wastes. mentality waste plastic wastes solids and liquids everything goes into the garbage bin we don't do any separation or segregation whatsoever. began a in government once more investment in the recycling industry leaving waste can generate more than three hundred million dollars a year but some experts say it's too late. to exploit the value of plastics that we've been defaced option but given the level of investment i talked about it appears we've lost on the score for me to option is to but campaign is a pushing the government to do just that this petition posted on the website changed or cools for a ban on plastics and the clean ghana the needs not just in ghana but across the world is. if nothing changes the world economic forum says that by twenty fifty the
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world's oceans will contain more plastic than fish. i'm joined now by and i hinted by korea the organizer of the gun out ban plastics attention to him about thanks for joining us now your petition has already received twelve thousand signatures and counting did you expect this outcome a state that it was hoping for it was a see that there was a neat you know people would call enough for somebody to start something i could hear when somebody says that something somebody said something now that's who is that somebody so that's why self it's always nice to see those who don't for this is now you've said our country is filthy and smelly plastic everywhere these are your words how critical is a situation. is diana i don't know the last anyone done not every waste plastic if wait i didn't love that residential area i wake up in morning
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people some plastic doesn't make it you goes that beach and it's plastic in the water everywhere is that got this actually the plastic enough i'm coming very very . well fortunate out stuff and another good side to you to see and many people are very lies have signed up to your petition but what kind of support have you received are you a woman so job or was a support you have. also myself a one woman army because i really i don't have much supports initial set up being done on twelve thousand signatures is twelve thousand people supporting me so i'm very thankful for that platform that's a fact no other social supports but i think once i'm the next level people will rally behind me was not leadership people want someone to lead them another myself and i think people who support initiative definitely are you just mentioned move on to the next level what do you mean by next level. the next level when i would
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answer that i know a person who doesn't say shouldn't send shouldn't say listen this amount of people outside was a lot less and so what do we do we don't we don't want people to see what was that companies producing plastics so a lot of the mistakes even the stuff needs bad plastics but people still need to work so when you call the companies we'll build weapons in plastics and find out how can governments empower those people it's not psychic so producing best so currently producing plastics how can we help you to tell your story site in fact sheet so how to recycle plastic so they have to make brown paper bags that's and it's little i mean it sounds like it sounds like there's going to be a lot of work involved isn't it because it's not easy as the government just banning plastic bags and all of that so what do you envision a new what kind of timing or duration are you looking out for this to be feasible and how feasible is it also how smooth feasible i think is feasible because we want
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as bank plastics done that if i don't last is kenya has been plastic i was there one day it was amazing i thought in europe look just anyway so it's feasible in terms of time it will take time does this need to done and of built a resistance for people who are producing plastics they may not understand it losing their jobs so it's all time how much time look say i don't know i don't expect miracles and at night well all the best with this going on so i have thanks so much for the time thank you very much now europe has been trumpeting it sucks ass in slush and the flow of african immigrants but that doesn't mean that africans aren't on the move it's more about migration problem it's been stopped before it reaches zero and that's partly because of the controversial policy implemented by the algerian government african migrants are being forcibly deported thousands have been abandoned in the desert. at first they are just specks on the horizon these people are migrants trudging
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through hostile terrain. this stretch of days is the border between algeria and. to bondage and jihad. mission crossing it fraught with danger but these people have no choice they've been rounded up by police in algeria and dumped at the border now they are making the perilous journey into the share walking for several hours before they reach the settlement the dusty border town of. their refuge a makeshift camp run by the united nations. authorities continue to sweep africans and deport them to the border camps like this one are busting at the seams. migrants once flock to libya but the route through northern to libya has been made harder by an e.u. funded security force migrants often choose to cross into algeria.
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economic migrants who are going to look for. work. but even as migrants continue north the ruthless algerian crackdown ensures that plenty of people are heading the other way. now. when i think of libraries i think of dusty old books of strict librarians and force and silence but libraries are vital for any city there are spaces to learn relax and read nairobi kenya. but it's run down in the books. but these two women have taken it upon themselves to restore the library to its former glory and breathe life back into its faded walls. traffic jams and busy street life is what most people associate with my rotary but nestled in the city center lies the neck
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millon library a space of peace and quiet but also a building that transports its visitors back into a different era yeah i'm the. my favorite room is something about the ghost in this remote really appealed to me. and i. want to restore the colonial era library as well as two smaller libraries in nairobi a mammoth task seeing as many of the books and documents have simply collected dust over the years there's a ton of books here that we nor are there other than an attack election of roosevelt writing the mare a lot of these newspapers are more recent have been digitized but we only save some of the old stuff and then just stop keeping the massive dusty volumes in twenty eighteen the two partnered with a county government and founded their organization the bank. as active members of nairobi's writing and publishing community they're fascinated by the
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possibilities of the library they've organized readings from screenings crowdfunding and guided tours to raise money and awareness for the libraries. from our conversation. that a lot of people want the space to be functional on the spaces to have things like life. you know if they want things like toilets you want to. lighting. books is the belief we want to recognize ourselves in the collection is a big one. we recognize that the books that are in this every have been here for decades and they reflect the reality of the one nine hundred eighty and before that when slavery was build and that hasn't changed in our despite its short coming from library remains a refuge for students of those escaping hectic city life. jacobson and i has been mcmillan's chief librarian for over twenty years she has dealt with
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it all from budgetary constraints to failed innovation efforts and yet he seems to have been crypt with the new enthusiasm that one zero and one bring with them. and for one there is hope. to see well we have had a lot of interests from would be nice and the poor we need to assist in the idea and rehabilitating or innovate in the number of the publicity through the library tours and social media have even drawn in first time visitors a new collaborate this is a good thing there's anything interesting i'm pretty impressed i think it's an extraordinary structure one. but two it seems that a place that it's a place that people can come and reflect in and work and read and. even in today's digital age one zero and one should feel that my robbins need these spaces especially if they can serve as cultural hubs. while the two dream of new books by
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african and other modern day authors art exhibitions and cafes the first task this year is to take stock and bring the library back into shape. that's it for now from d.w. news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page. on installation by the brits this nigerian artist caution about it has been patchy spy the prestigious tate mordred museum in london we leave you now with some pictures of this installation and i thought where.
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we present europe at its most fascinating at its most exciting. most creative colorful glamorous. tasteful innovative brilliant charming. thank you. and phil is a staple. on t.w. . over information. the opinions expressed d.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch.


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