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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2019 10:30am-10:45am CEST

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the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. in the sights of my starts. on d w. e. has long last carlos ghosn the former head of nissan and renault speaks out in a video which he lashes out at his former colleagues also coming up chinese and european leaders gather in brussels for talks this after china made to your member goodly part of its controversial belt and growth infrastructure initiative and top notch restaurants in france get their caviar from the answer might surprise.
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the program former nissan boss carlos ghosn says he's the victim of a conspiracy he made the claims in a video that was recorded before he was rearrested last week on additional charges of financial misconduct mr go on was credited for rescuing the son but now he says his former colleagues are out to get him i mean i said before all the charges that have been brought against me and also innocent of all. that came are all these charges that are all. taken out of context twisted in a way to paint a person or greed. of the ship. callers go on speaking there now the united states has threatened to impose further tariffs of more than one hundred of more than eleven billion dollars on your products in response to subsidies brussels is paying to airbus
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a list of products subject to possible new terrorist includes airbus planes and related thoughts in the aviation sector but also through products ranging from swordfish the soundman to cheese all the oil and winds the european union meanwhile has sued the united states for subsidies paid to airbus rival boeing the world trade organization says both parties have broken global trade rules. for more on this let's cross over to frankfurt and our financial correspondent conrad bosun standing by conrad tell us who's right and who's wrong here. well because of as the w t o's says both parties have broken international trade rules both parties have been heavily subsidised over many many years and both parties haven't been too eager to implement w t o rulings over the years but now
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it's the us administration which is changing the rhetoric robot like the trade representative. makes sure that. those questions over airplane makers are mixed with the general american trade agenda which is well an agenda of america first whatever the cost whatever the political fallout. airbus shares reached a record high on monday out damaging is today's news. well shares an airbus at the moment this morning here in frankfurt around about two percent lower we should not forget that of course boeing at the movement is in deep trouble because of the grounding off this seven three seven max airplane this morning reports came in from indonesia where more of the family families of the victims of this plane crash. lie in airplane crash tobar are saying that they are going to sue
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boeing and from china it's been reported today that a largely easing for has put orders for this for this seven three seven max airplane or on hold one of those in frankfurt thank you. chinese from merrily kids young has arrived in brussels for the summit with e.u. leaders he has described china and the european union as quote important partners more cooperation deals are expected to be signed during the meeting as the trading relationship between the two sides has been growing. now let's get some more on the story with our correspondents saying i'm so in taipei and barbro whistle and brussels barbara let me start with you the european union just reassessed its stance toward china criticizing its influence in europe and labeling the country a systematic rival how is this changed attitude likely to impact the talks. that
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is going of course to impact the talks because this is the first meeting after the e.u. really really assessed its relationship with china and its position towards china in the last years if we look at it i mean these complaints you already mentioned intellectual property say after dumping state aid that was hidden electoral friends parents the like of market access i mean there's a long range that already has been there it's always been known european business always complained about this and now fine of the lead the e.u. has said we have looked on long enough where we have looked on and not taking action we have not made clear where our interests are and we just finally need to take a stand so if you talk to europeans these days. here in brussels the word is this is the end of naivety towards china we just have to search our own position and our
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own interests and that is what this meeting is about and yes it will be a totally changed climate the more i'm only in stance of the earlier years with the e.u. would always sort of complain a bit but then in the end given that is not going to be like that anymore it's all over do you what does china expect from the summit. well spoken to some chinese experts i think the chinese premier league i want to use this platform to emphasize again that china is still a developing country and is trying really hard to make some structure changes for example he has just passed the foreign investment law which focuses on intellectual property protection and force technology transfer it so they want to emphasize they've done a lot so that they want to read it to rate their perspective and efforts to pursue eight more e.u. countries to work with them in a piece for germany's newspaper chung said beijing welcomed
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a quote united and prosperous europe how much truth is there to that so when china seems to divide the europeans by making italy part of its controversial bolton road initiative. well it's actually a very different standing and if you read leaders house words he said that corporation with eastern and central european countries will actually help to bella's. development and the unity of e.u. so his interpretation and his definition is very different from germany's and france's and china knows that compare with the disagreement among members its investment offers far more attractive so for china it's very easy to understand that no matter what people want to call it is them a rival or a machine with maker china is confident that more countries will tilt to its site
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barbara back to you in brussels there won't be a final communique after the summit what are we to make of this. that of course is a diplomatic point that the e.u. is making here because other than sort of reiterating its long list of complaints and then in the end saying ok let's just carry on this time they really want to make sure that the message is heard in paging and that really is the main difference we also know i mean referring to what we just heard from taipei we know that levy is going to go on to quote after he leaves brussels and that of course for many european countries and the big countries are seen as another attempt to sort of divide and rule and trying to carve out some countries from the european union particularly was the sixteen plus one initiative that sort of forms a sort of eastern bloc however if you look more closely you see that not everybody is happy and there poland already is complaining about some kinds of chinese
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investment that didn't turn out as well as our show hope so it is a very difficult and fluid situation politically but the e.u. is not going to be the one that sort of let itself be ridden over roughshod like it happened in the past but obviously in brussels and song so in taipei thanks to you both. trying to transform this economy in past decades it has emerged as a major producer of many goods including caviar sturgeon physics from chinese farms have become quite popular and one company from eastern china is now even the world's biggest producer and as for quality consider this today twenty two of france's twenty seven restaurants for three michelin stars serve caviar made in china. this fish is worth well over ten thousand euros a pregnant sturgeon full of the very finest caviar one third of the world's caviar
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is produced here in a small town in southeast china i. know. it took us a few years to develop but when we saw we did she did decent quality we was still met with a lot of suspicion in europe with how america and japan. after all chinese food products did not have a good reputation. is essentially a simple product the role of the sturgeon is cleaned in several steps unsalted because it's highly perishable the whole process must be done in fifteen minutes it's the work of highly trained caviar masters. before. at first we didn't really know what caviar was really about but we knew that in china we did advanced techniques in aquaculture to achieve this.
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kaluga queen sturgeon's a farm in scenic lake one of the few lakes in china with the right water quality for the fish after the collapse of the soviet union fishing restrictions in the sturgeons natural habitats were largely ignored and fish stocks were diminished by poachers after wild caviar fishing was banned kaluga queens founders seized their chance they breed a variety of sturgeons including the highly prized beluga the company's breakthrough came in two thousand and eleven when they convinced lufthansa to serve their caviar in first class now kaluga queens chinese caviar is prized around the globe including many michelin starred restaurants. price quality and consistency is the issue. so proceeded to suit the expectation of course cost of course and of course its founders
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have also discovered what the fuss over caviar is all of the hopes. and finally money transfers from migrants to their own countries have reached a new record level totaling five hundred thirty billion dollars last year that's according to the world bank expects those figures to increase further this year foreign money transfers are a key source for of income for many developing nations but u.s. based remittance service western union faces criticism for the eleven percent fee it charges. and that wraps up our show thanks for watching.
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and passable chain reaction groups. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in far enable us many people became aware of their abilities and strengths and a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence i mentioned before.
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some of. the darkest. started to be twenty six. w. . hello and welcome to news from arts and culture renowned russian director kids in the city but any coach was released from a controversial house arrest by a moscow court on monday we'll look at how the news is being received in the theatre community also coming up. attempt for bookworms with our series one hundred german must reads this time with a disturbing powerful novel by austrian author and.
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and a feast for the taste buds for the eyes and ears a musical dinner in france is the latest in general bending performance ours. well as a leading figure of the guard in russia they set up a brand called has made his name directing plays and films that challenge the status quo he's critical of everything social norms the church and of course the kremlin about made a lot of enemies and in two thousand and seventeen he was put under house arrest supporters said it was an attempt to gag a critical voice that said it but any cough continue to work against all odds. rendition of banty's classic which premie i did this past march.


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