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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 9, 2019 4:45pm-5:00pm CEST

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colleagues accusing them of conspiracy. and the way to most top notch restaurants in france get their caviar from the answer may surprise. as do business watch out washington it could soon be fighting its trade war on two fronts not just china a frustrated president donald trump is threatening the european union with tariffs of billions of euros worth of e.u. goods the u.s. says they'd offset unfair european subsidies for its main make up. air bus isn't just an aerospace giant it's a pan-european collaboration supported in part by government subsidies a fact the united states says gives airbus in unfair advantage one that president trump wants to take action on and lie a tweet he announced eleven billion dollars in new punitive tariffs on european products it's a conflict that has been brewing for fourteen years for their part their bosses
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european investors accuse the u.s. of propping boeing up with a vengeance of its own both sides filed suit with the world trade organization and says both sides subsidies are on lawful. france's finance minister is calling on both parties to find common ground. or want to see the situation in global growth as in i don't think we can afford to have a trade conflict even if only on the specific issues of the aircraft industry in the united states and europe. so i'm pleading and in washington in a few hours for us to reach a friendly agreement between europeans and americans and. it will be but the trade relationship between the u.s. and e.u. has been anything but friendly in recent months trumps punitive terrorists on steel in aluminum imports from the e.u. has soured the relationship as has his repeated threat to increase the levy on european made cars. global trade is at a crossroads and today's e.u.
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china's summit in brussels could indicate where things are headed beijing is one of the european union's most important trading poppa's comus between the two has almost tripled since the turn of the century that's mainly due to china's share of global trade it went from five and a half percent in two thousand to over fifteen percent last year the value of a huge china trade volumes came in at a combined six hundred five billion euros brussels will be maintaining pressure on beijing today to open its markets further it also wants more action against product piracy and intellectual property theft let's go over to brussels to get the latest from visa lao correspondent there bob spring is here are you expecting any new beginnings as far as friendships between brussels and beijing. we might at least then talk about some little flowers blooming on branches because this was not the
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expected disaster that some had foreseen there is a communique that both sides are signing up to because at the very last minute the chinese brought some concessions to brussels it had looked bad but then in the end the european council president on it just talked about difficult negotiations fruitful in the end so yes there is a bit of blossoming now there are some concessions industrial subsidies are also about market access and what he chose to break through is that for the first time china has signed up to reform the w t a to make it more in the way off reciprocity give more balance to regulation and so on and so forth all the demands that the european side has had made for a long time so they are at least on the way china obviously things this is not the time to slam doors in europe in europe spaces for talks. in
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brussels. the chief executive of one of germany's biggest industrial names says europe needs to play ball with china don't use kate focus and caught up with him a short time ago. i'm joined by seaman c.e.o. joe kayser he's recently taken over the chairmanship of the asia pacific committee of german business that's an umbrella organization that advises the german government on economic policy in the region mr kayser thanks so much for joining me evers i'd like to begin by talking about china's belt and road and initiative many german companies are already heavily involved but the german government has stopped short of signing a memorandum of understanding with beijing in fact last month when italy did just that us more than a couple of prize were raised why you have a common use in the face of china's growing economic mice proven so elusive
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well i think first of all people to the road initiatives have very little to the international colloquial initiative which repeated takes years there's more than ninety containers in the meantime bush have signed up counting up food more than two thirds of the global population plus. i think the reason why some countries in europe especially truman yes the leading industrial company. has been let's say. sort of standing on the sidelines was not so much that they wouldn't be really into corporate is china on the contrary it is very close relationship i think the sort the thought process in the german government goes like if we want to be on the same level of economic discussions peace got to have europe the united states and china on the table. you know what
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country alone in europe is way too small to take it up with china or the united states so we need to show multilateralism as a united europe united in a way that we have a choice in foreign economic policy towards china as one of the superpowers of economic growth and it was really unit states which is. increasingly. it's a unilateralist. fan which is not exactly helpful folk lobel trait mr k. they thank you very much for talking to me. the global economy is facing a delicate moment a warning from the international monetary fund its cut its global growth forecast for the year from three point five to three point three percent economists of the i.m.f. worry about the u.s. economy because of trade tensions in falls are lowered their growth outlook for the grocer and house germany is sputtering italy looks set to miss out on grove
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altogether. this one's going to be for the people that's when you get me in private is the peter neil valid announcing a landmark natural gas deal today he says the thirteen billion dollar investment will benefit communities that say they've missed out on other projects will double energy production is one of asia's most impoverished nations but it's rich in natural resources. from a nissan boasts stone says he's the victim of a conspiracy he made the claims in a video recorded before his a rearrest last week on additional charges of financial misconduct and was credited for rescuing this on now he says his former colleagues are out to get him i mean a set of all the charges that have been brought against me and also innocent off. a position that came around these charges. are all biased taken out of context twisted in a way to paint
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a person or greed person of dictatorship how about this almost all of france's top restaurants of caviar made in china beijing has been busy transforming its economy from global factory to high tech hub and maker of quality goods and one chinese company has now the world's biggest producer of caviar. this fish is worth over ten thousand euros a sturgeon full of the finest caviar. contrary to expectations we're not in russia but in shan down south east china it's here that up to a third of the world's caviar is produced. it took us a few years to develop but when we thought we did cheve decent quality it was still met with a lot of suspicion in europe america and japan after all chinese food products did
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not have a good reputation. caviar is essentially a simple product the row of the sturgeon is cleaned in several steps and salted but the product is easily perishable and to customers demands a high the whole process must be finished within fifteen minutes and it's important not to damage the eggs carefully trained caviar masters mix the road with it. first we didn't know what caviar was really all about but we knew that in china we mastered advanced techniques in aquaculture and could achieve this. kaluga queen sturgeon's a farm in shunned lake famous for its scenery the found a business opportunity after russian production began dropping first with the fall
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of the soviet union and in forced fishing restrictions poaching boom and then trade in wild caviar was found. was one of the few lakes in china with suitable water for sturgeon. but the company's owners have also had to be creative. this sturgeon is a cold water species. cannot adapt to high temperatures. but will you hear through. the solution the fish are moved closer to the shore in summer their creeks from the mountains provide a constant supply of colder water. but the company breeds a wide variety of the fish including the highly prized beluga to breakthrough for the company's farmed caviar came in two thousand and eleven when kaluga queen
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convinced to look tenser to serve their caviar in first class today chinese caviar is enjoyed all over the world to say no money a distributor from the us supplies some of new york's top restaurants price quality and consistency is the issue. so proceeded to see the expectation for us put our customers. and in the past few years found a young child has also discovered what the fuss over caviar isil abouts. if .
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the law. the the. odd. coming. to our audience now come rushing
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anniversary of the law by and destroys the mike in the hundred. the classic odd. comment like the most beautiful goal of the day the curious come back again becomes law. on the. i'm not laughing at them well i guess sometimes i am but i said nothing with that and thinks deep into the german culture of looking at stereotypes aquatics any of think the future of the country got out on time. yet you did see everything in his
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grandmother day out. it's all about ok. i'm a joke join me to meet the jetman from d.w. . post. says heat in ruins morocco a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . funders occupied the city center in two thousand and seven team president to church's response was told. by the federal reserve will never again look all of. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did malawi become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. film in the sights of fire starts april eleventh on t w. the to.
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play play play play. and this is the day when he was lying from berlin to looking for a lifeline britain's theresa may makes a deadline dash to avoid a regs that crash out or just three days away from the words wrong date means chancellor angela merkel to plead for another extension next stop paris to make the same plea to pres.


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