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everyone needs to find. water he's equally dangerous. so they can plant crops and. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any if you want. the carnage exodus starts. on t w. this is. coming up on the program democracy activists found guilty in hong kong they were convicted for their. actions. against. us. as the clock ticks down to elections in india the two main parties go head to head. first those who are trying to reach in this final.
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with a rush for the tourist dollars and destroy the very thing. how a building boom is threatening the country's pristine beaches. welcome to the program it's good to have you with us five years ago central financial district looked a bit like this from september to december protesters armed with umbrellas what out in the streets demanding a greater say in how their city is wrong it was a cry for true democracy but beijing wasn't listening five years later it continues to go after those behind these protests today nine of the. were found
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guilty of either causing or inciting people to create a public nuisance the verdict means these hong kong goes ranging in age from their thirty's to their seventy's could spend up to seven years in jail here is what two of them said before entering the court to hear the verdict. and no matter what happened today. i have the confidence many people today with me together will continue to strive for hong kong's democracy and will persist on and we will not give up what maestro you feel i still be living in the power of love and peace and i have no regrets for what i have done this is what i have to say it is that believe that bush john can man and his friend benny tie onto the streets of hong kong five years back he has more on what they have been fighting for. beni tie has prepared for the worst he knows he'll pay a person no prize for his role in
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a movement that paralyzed hong kong for more than two months. so. we might have done something illegal but we felt it was justified. we were fighting for democracy in hong kong. it was twenty fourteen yellow umbrellas symbolizing the fight for democracy dominated the city center this after beijing station to allow hong kong people to elect its leader directly but only from a list of pre-approved candidates. to demand completely free elections but he tie and to add to activists found at the occupy movement a must sit in to block the city's financial district that movement joint with other students large protests and demonstrations snowballed into what became known as the
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umbrella movement. for all. protests has been peaceful in the past few days. but now police have begun to use tear gas and rubber bullets or so we have to protect ourselves. and that's to meet at one point two million people took to destry but the protests and it without success the thai and ajah activists and it up in court because i'm wondering what. you saw on the umbrella movement was just a starting point or that we still have a long way to go. given up yet i still wish to do something with the. even if i get imprisoned that is just a small part of a very long journey. hutto koryo show. the activists say they will be back no matter how many obstacles paging puts on the
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road ahead. and that reporters are joshua wong one of the student leaders during the twenty fourteen protests in our needs the pro-democracy group there most historic and he joins us from hong kong joshua glad you could make it would it be fair to say that today's verdict was somewhat expected today a verdict just generate cheering asking if fact to fratton activists and people in hong kong to fight for free in action and democracy now you yourself went to jail because of the part that you played in the twenty fourteen pro-democracy movement what would you say is the state of the pro-democracy movement in hong kong since then one country two systems should be the parlous made by beijing and british government be a fraud the transfer of sovereignty however in a recent year under the hot line policy off president xi system in hong kong
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already erode into one country one and half system so to day i just realized and just experienced political prosecution and we also realized on how it is a long term battle for us to fight for free election what all we ask for is just creating elected the leader of our city but all is under prosecution and suppression of. your fighting the suppression against beijing as you portrait how is this fight going. nine leaders of the umbrella with an all funky o.t. and they ate my face to chose and has announced tomorrow i guess the maximum joe times might be seven years and it's time for us to ask the late. currency but i would say that no matter what happened even a lot a lot of our body is still cannot of our might but ultimately what does that mean for hong kong do you for example have must support amongst the people in hong kong
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for your movement out hundreds of participant and citizens in hong kong to show their support outside the court today before their court trial at the same time i believe once the sentencing announced will have more than dollars in zen thousands of people come to the street again i believe must have all gone people also stand on the same camp and they are there once said she to say man you will trust to believe in freedom and democracy and i urge the international committee to recognize that in a previous state ha ha seems to be kind of semi democracy city but now under certain hot line policy and prosecution it already turned to a semi before retiring city who spoke about the international community there do you as a pro-democracy activist in hong kong feel abandoned by the international community in your fight against beijing. i believe the international committee could be more
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actively keep the ice in hong kong they have today what we experienced in hong kong is no matter legals corner professor and university barrister or legislator or have been convicted and funky o.t. and they need to send joe sentence and it's hard for us to imagine at what kind of experience they will you face in the future i believe no matter what no matter a politician in germany in european country in u.s. or u.k. this big can recognize that hong kong is the city stand in a front line stand in the forefront to a conference beijing suppressions with the uprising trying to model i believe is a must for people to look into the situation of hong kong and show their support to realize that law and more political prisoners exist in hong kong right never never there for the time being just a wanted north from hong kong thank you very much. next week goes to the polls and thursday to elect a new parliament and prime minister it's the world's biggest election with nine
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hundred million voters eligible to cost about it it is a hip to have five between current prime minister never more the an opposition leader gone the both have reached out to voters through the election manifesto was released within a week of each other more these hindu nationalists b.g.p. manifesto released on monday promises better income support for farmers tolerance against terrorism thirty three percent reservation for women and we have to implement opportunities among other things wrote down these congress party and its manifesto has promised a separate budget for farmers measures against terrorism thirty three percent reservation for women in parliament a new ministry to knock off the rapid creation of jobs among other things but is there more to read between the lines here is more from underneath correspondent. prime minister. the science is heavily on the manifesto.
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that it is the manifesto also some mention of the controversial. support for the construction of the temple which has been. on the other hand we have. the congress. with. is a minimum income. where it says that if they lift all indians out of. how does it do this it proposes to do one thousand. nine hundred fifty million families across the country. they have a correspondent michelle just twelve there to cambodia now which has long been part of the southeast asian experience for international backpackers but the country is now firmly on the map for mainstream tourists as well that's it to a building boom to cash in on the trend but eco activists say that's leaving the
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last thing maak on cambodia's beach is. sihanoukville cambodia a city that wants to be the next global tourist hot spot. it's known for its pristine beaches and clear blue water but one thing might spoil it all. pumped onto the set or directly into the ocean. environmental activist who had the water tested and the results were alarming. there are parasites and lots of other bacteria in the water. water is dangerously polluted and a health risk. scores of new casinos and hotels are being built along the coast but series and why so many systems haven't kept up with the change piles of trash or another eyesore keeping tourists away. there's a trying to keep the problem in check but development races ahead blighting the
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very beach that visitors come for. on islands off the coast plastic is washing up right under people's homes much of the waste is discarded by locals themselves because there's no service here to pick up trash. scientists are testing the health of nearby waters and they've issued a warning. so development in places like giving us a good example of what we want to avoid here in the future development. go out into the ocean and that's a real problem for car race and say crosses in particular but developers say construction would benefit the region if it's done right we have a couple of issues that we need to deal with the issues. infrastructure basic sewerage sanitation. electricity incineration waste. this is the way
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forward in the way that the city will win and then they can become a world wide destination. but activists say right now greed is winning out over green and they feed beaches like this might just become a paradise lost. because we are a recent. protest in twenty four to. six feet in ruins. a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . structures occupied the city center until now seventeen president to church's response was. i. will never be
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political of. conquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did we become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. for the for. in the sense of fire starts. on d. w. . is the new taking advantage of the u.s. trade criticizes europe for allegedly subsidizing its play making us threatening to the bone chilling new ground of towers. china tries to patch up the huge rift song trade between beijing and brussels. the german c.e.o. tells me when europe needs to cool better with china. also coming up.
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lashes out at his former comic a colleague's accusing them of conspiracy. and the twenty most top notch restaurants in france. the answer may surprise. its do business watch out washington it could soon be fighting its trade war on two fronts not just china a frustrated president donald trump is threatening the european union with tariffs on billions of euros worth of e.u. goods that u.s. is they'd offset unfair european subsidies for its main players make up. isn't just an aerospace giant it's a pan-european collaboration supported in part by government subsidies a fact the united states says gives us an unfair advantage one that president trump wants to take action on tweet he announced eleven billion dollars in new punitive
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tariffs on european products it's a conflict that has been brewing for fourteen years.


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