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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2019 1:45am-2:01am CEST

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vandy talking not only one of germany's best live acts they're also the subject of a new documentary film. director called. and with ice cream just around the corner this delightful novelty deserves. just celebrated an anniversary. book. it was first shown in berlin in the fall of ten it seemed like the emptiness picture of the art world had ever seen the monk by the sea by cars is a masterpiece of german romantic painting with the natural landscape functioning as a mirror of the soul well now thanks to virtual reality there's interest to the national gallery can immerse themselves in the painting and commune with the monk and more. a tiny figure standing on the beach in front of
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a rough sea in the sky a heaped up mountains of clouds. friedrich's the monk by the sea is a radical image almost abstract and it's an icon of romantic painting but in eight hundred ten it shot friedrichs contemporaries. critiqued. contemporary critics or brentano and clive that it was. because this work is source. only a single figure can be seen on the beach which is otherwise disaster. but now the monk is entering the age of virtual reality with high tech glasses you can now immerse yourself in this masterpiece and meet the monk in a life size representation. you lose yourself in a different world in super great. virtual reality experts in the national gallery have worked together on the project for one and
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a half years. we always try not just to reproduce the painting but to create a new world and in that way to interpret the painting and try to understand what the painter was thinking and what his vision was. here a virtual reality is more than just a gimmick the monk by the sea was extensively restored between twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen seven layers the vanish had to be removed the darkened paint layer had a skill the image is true colors and it became apparent that casper darvish friedrich hadn't originally designed the picture quite so radically but actually rather conventionally the master romantics had put three boats in the picture the virtual reality experience reveals the sketch and also tries to convey to the use of free drinks ingenious use of paint to create his groundbreaking work.
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who would not want an image that opens up like a new world and to be able to enter it and with this access you completely learn and experience what was previously simply not possible. because it should make you want to look at the original with fresh eyes to. and here's the chance for fans of german punk rockers the tortoise to see the distant off band with some fresh eyes the new documentary. only live once gets up close and personal with a band that's still going strong after nearly four decades together let's take a look and a listen. the documentary follows details on their twenty eighteen tour to make the film director carter the cabinets past accompanied the legendary german punk band as far as argentina but mainly through german. in
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switzerland. absolute molokai offshore here just like in the. road parts because parts of the film captures a host of backstage moments whether in the dressing room before a gate or. back on the bus after the show the camera was ever present. but then came a shock both tour and filming had to be interrupted when lead singer campaign zero suffered sudden hearing loss oh my god it is the law it was just a little more let go it's not the place you are leading the show you just how this is the world. live in chile made
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a full recovery in the tour continue part of a complex process presented her completed film at the berlin international film festival this past february it's an intimate portrait of one of germany's most beloved rock. and joining me in the studio now is called a collets possed so happy you could be here director co-director actually all of the talking horse and you only live once paul dugdale is also working on that with you welcome to the studio here this evening one of germany's most beloved rock bands we just heard the line there i want to pick up on that and can you maybe explain for our no one german viewers the mystique of the of the total who isn't and their significance for german popular culture. yeah i think that's very
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interesting because they have been existence and seven years already they were founding themselves. too which was a little bit later than punk originally was happening but. generally they they discovered it still and lived didn't do so often and they made something else out of it i think they. developed for the fans getting older and they're getting more mature and also reaching a more mainstream audience today but also i have all always been political and reflecting german. everyday life a lot of the current issues absolutely what's special about this film for you. the great thing was that i was allowed to full everything behind the scenes so. everywhere access or area which was really unique and grave and so i had a great insight into what is happening behind the stage and for the concerts and
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you have worked with country no before in his younger days in two thousand and six and i think again in two thousand and eight so there was really a gap of ten years between then and making this film how how did that how was it different and how did the band evolve over that time well i think it was interesting because in those ten years they had a very very big hit the biggest sort of all korea was taguba deezer and. kind of. some years ago but this is really the biggest of the ever had and i think also angela merkel used it in those you can paint which they didn't like so much but i think it really is the song it was used on sooner road and every occasion you could and stadiums so i think that was really happening a lot with the band so they could fill stadiums after that and you traveled all the way to argentina for this film are hugely popular there but also. all over latin
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america how did that happen and. is their audience any different there in germany i think they're really crazy these fans because they have i mean the brother there has playing there i think twenty years ago the first time where there was a big crisis in argentina and there nobody wanted to play there and they came just because one of them to come and so they were so grateful and thankful that the sound stayed old. your film will be released in argentina at some point and what's next and you've made films about such a wide variety of people what's next on your agenda. just read no i'm writing a screenplay for a feature film. which is really a very very difficult topic after you know hard. she should really.
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think she's one of the. not so persons of our history but i think it's really interesting to look at her challenge which you love to accept koblenz part you only live once the toward one who isn't in german theatres now also heading to festivals very soon in poland for instance in kaka thank you so much for coming in thank you and here in the studio. well you might think it was invented for the age of instagram but spaghetti ice cream or spaghetti ice as it's known here has been around for decades and it was invented in the german city of money time in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine i mean well you can find it as far away as toronto or even new york city's subway travel to where the first portion was ever made. with cream vanilla ice cream strawberry sauce and white chocolate sprinkles that spaghetti ice cream. it's been
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a tasty treat people how to century diary of an invention it an italian native he lives in london right now at seventeen he created an ice cream specialty that's still a global success story. as provided spaghetti ice cream was followed me throughout my life and brought me luck. of course it's interesting to see how my invention now has a new will sales of over twenty five million germany. naturally you're proud of that. was dessert conquered the world functionality lots of experimenting and his father's kitchen after many attempts spaghetti ice cream first appeared on the menu in the one nine hundred sixty nine. because he ice cream has been made according to the same recipe for fifty years. milk cream and a homemade thickness egg yolk powder and sugar mixed with an era and eleven and
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heated to eighty five degrees celsius. and. afterwards the mix is placed in the ice cream maker and cool to minus eighty degrees celsius. and what's missing though is the store bristles made of pureed brushstroke. the pictures content is measured to ensure the source always tastes the same if it's today sugar is added. in the ice cream is ready for sale. in the one nine hundred thirty s. dario's father mario fontanella immigrated from italy to germany where he opened an ice cream parlor his son rather the business in mannheim today and from there spaghetti ice cream has gradually conquered the world. because dalmiya from to that end never patented his creation his father and enjoy a friend at boston against its damas how he lived in it did bother me but i wanted
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it to be mine but it would have stayed stuck in a little reality so hard line of reality. says the getting ice cream would never have become so famous. from on the climb into the big wide world via fontanelle is classic discussed that's come a long long way. and just so you know our spaghetti ice video on facebook has been watched over a million times so that's all for now until next time all of us from berlin and.
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fees no longer break in through the window and night more often than not we hand them out ok. via the internet. cyber crime is a multi-billion dollar disaster. but some hackers use their skills to do good. made in germany thirty min on t.w. . and farmy on the ropes germany's going to spare soldiers sometimes feel like the cinderella of the nation the public hears about. crumbling capabilities of abuse of power and right wing extremism morale is suffering the troops are fighting restoration people don't know what it's like to
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be scared to death have the armed services lost their bearings. in seventy five minutes on the. first clearing to meet. not everyone who wants books has to go in the same. city w. literature list one hundred german must reads letters we were proud when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point and allies will experience hardship back listen up. that matters w. finds earth. home to millions of species
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a home worth saving. those are big changes and must start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term the climate used to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas the multimedia environment series on t.w. . in israel polls have closed in a closely fought general election that could see conservative prime minister binyamin netanyahu extend his tenure for a fifth term. he's facing a strong challenge from his former military chief benny gantz exit polls have indicated a razor thin margin between netanyahu is likud and conses blue and white party both
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netanyahu and guns have declared victory. british prime minister to resume a has held talks with french present.


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