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tv   Conflict Zone  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2019 5:30am-6:01am CEST

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south so they can plant crops and find feet. and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any apocalyptic scenario if you want and probably more. on that exodus start your career on t w. the situation in venezuela could hardly be more complex the united states along with some true dozen countries is backing the new interim leader one way to go russia and china support the incumbent nicolas maduro how's it going to play out my guess this week here in brussels it is cloudy or salerno there are always venezuela's ambassador to the european union with the record of appalling human rights abuses does mr maduro deserve to stay in office.
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now he has a level called they're welcome to conduct some thank you in the afternoon of january twenty fourth in the slum of links real bastian caracas the twenty seven year old man you hendry this was stopped by police officers at gunpoint and asked if he had a criminal record he replied yes the officers then dragged him into an alley and shot him dead with two bullets in the chest this according to his family and the witness if you are president is doing this to your people why should he stay in office. i don't have any recordings regarding this incident at least no formally or i don't know if the if you have a report from the ministry of public ministry if you make that nobody is media. what you are stating this isn't the first such
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a thing has been reported by draw in the next day the police the police special action force knows fire has killed as many as ten people and taken a dozen who did prisoners this according to four local community leaders there again i ask you this is what the president is doing if used people why should you stay in office for the first thing is i have to ensure school records if these are created crimes that are being committed is not the president the one that hour is going at the pain all responsibilities are direct and personal the buck stops with him murder of his own people the buck stops with him it always does the panel responsibility and the crime one is a personal and individual one cannot be an objective collectivity responsibility but secondly that these people are never brought to justice and secondly only the public ministry is the one is the institution able to announce in those those kind of issues and prosecutions should be done if that is the case that should be
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reported to the authorities to be investigated i'm not saying no i'm just saying that the channels are there and the institutions are there to complain and to follow investigations regarding whatever that or whatever crime that happened in any country so these killings were just business as usual weren't they and they with julie witnessed by families and communities as the government tended they should be as a warning to other people wasn't it that is joint operation of things again the families always have the ministry of public i mean the physically are open and the institutions open to make the investigations that are required. it's just they don't seem to be making those investigations and widespread human rights reports have talked about the community continuing impunity for repeated crimes of this nature over many years this isn't something new one reason it may have happened in
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the last couple of weeks but this has been a pattern which has been widely documented and reported on by international bodies and countries and human rights reports as well as those in your own country so i'm going to report you to the only body that actually is allowed. to follow up this kind of complexities and the reality is not opinions of organizations. based on facts is part of the human rights council in the un and we actually and has been condemned in the human all the others out here all have the wrong information we presented our report last year and we came out with only eleven recommendations and all of them were fulfilled and pretty much the same time as the latest killings were taking place you gave an interview there once let us show happened because i we don't have any problem you gave an interview to the magazine socialists them in which you said maduro always dealt with the critical situation with love and always with an open hand to dialogue with the most radical of groups
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. shooting people in the slums is a sign of the president's love that and his open hand then again you are making your conjectures about a situation you have no thing as from now announcing your document that spain or whatever claim it you are making in the second hand i have to say yes he handled two very difficult situations of riots where very violent in the country that were promoted by some and a few. parties in the country and those values were handled with a lot of loss and patience and actually kept the country in peace afterwards with all these killings you had you know your claim was well it's not me who is claiming this to human rights groups but your president seems to have ignored all the warnings that he's been given by the international community including one last
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month from the high commissioner for human rights un human rights the senior un human rights official who warned him not to repeat what she called the patterns of repression previously documented by the un human rights bodies you claim you got a good bill of health in particular she said the widespread arbitrary detentions restrictions to freedom of assembly and expression and indiscriminate house raids and attacks that is the view of the senior u.n. human rights official briefings document we took note of it and i have did nothing about it let me inform you because you are asking me right after this statement made by her she received a formal invitation from the woman and it's about to happen. to the country in this next few days do you think she didn't know what she was talking about when she said this is not that is patterns of repression previously documenting your parents i wouldn't not even there to say that she doesn't know what she's talking about but
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actually the only system that the u.n. has provided it's. to prove what is happening is actually in the ground and that didn't happen until now that the government actually hand a hand to invite her formally and she's about to go in the next few days as i said according to a venezuelan group for imposing a. number of political prisoners estimated in the last year was two hundred and thirty this is a network of defense lawyers who act for free how many more opponents of your president are going to be arrested while he clings to power. the first thing that we need to solve with the foot of canal and all the bodies there are claiming about or making the denounces about political prisoners is the actually the concept of what it is a political crime i don't think that many of the people there are right now being
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prosecuted by the by the public ministry are there because of their political views but actually the law is serious when we are over two hundred and thirty at least they are not political prisoners in my country they are really nasty that our relations between is a different thing i come back to the violence later but i want to draw attention first to an interview which you gave just over a year ago in which you claimed proudly that for the last eighteen years venezuela had been showing the world that socialism could work. millions of voltage with their feet and flood your country the economy is in freefall with the world's highest annual inflation rate estimated know at one point seven million percent and the us and the organization of american states accuse you of a pattern of repression and this is socialism work in that it is hard to explain why the socialist catastrophe isn't it let's be honest about it no the only
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catastrophic thing is actually the decision made by the government of the us since two thousand and fifteen that declare asked in our country a thread and an. amazing thread for the security of the us and since then acting against our economy and our financial freedoms to be able to handle economically the country so of course even with our circumstances of blockage and right now recently. a more critical approach to our commercial limits. holding actually our goods and our accounts internationally telling the country to be able to trade freely even though in that circumstance or the country is providing to its people when you said that they are millions flying they are a million a lot of the country that is the number that actually whom it's grown international
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organization which is called from the us it's from the organization i remember when i was very and i give you numbers actually only one point seven according to the real regional agreement the plan for migration that was agreed in geneva and assembler last year talk about one point seven which actually among them is one point seven million is estimated rate of inflation and no one point seven i'm talking about the migration plan and then i'm going to talk about and lation which of course is a consequence of a by. because that is on bearable for any country you can subject is not just the consequence of a blockage across a common two are common to the economy in more detail in a minute but so far more than twenty countries are demanding that your president holds new presidential elections because the ones that took place last year were widely judged been rigged weren't they were rejected by among others the u.n.
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and the e.u. the us the organization of american states and fourteen members of the league with group so i have to correct you the un in the security council that debate was held last week and they didn't have an agreement regarding your point actually it was in the contrary they recognized at the security council with the voices of twenty four against fourteen in a debate that was called for the us they actually recognized president maduro as president and they said that the only way that the country could solve their issues was in their own matters and among venezuelans with no intervention when you mention away this region or organiser organization of americans are exactly the same panorama only nineteen voices where calling these elections to be on the fine and you know that they need twenty three you knew you knew the vote was going to be rigged because you refused to accredit international
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election monitors didn't show no i have to just then again correct your information actually i can prove that in the early days of last year even the e.u. was formally invited to op serve and the un as well so really the only people who certified your elections was a left wing group called cilla which you are reported to be funding in part or whole only all the economy six thousand and nine shows syrian organizations are very well funded and which has a record of delivering questionable election. and last may's presidential election and bust of the it wasn't the first one you read was it the election of a constituent assembly twenty seventeen which overnight stripped the existing national assembly will its legislative powers because it was dominated by big opposition that too was rigged wasn't it no it was actually are the national consciousness yes family doesn't have the same prerogatives as the national
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assembly they are by constitution above all the powers they have to rule over or over the powers including the expected powers so. it was an election that was called publicly that count also with observers from all over the world is certain concretes didn't want to participate of center group of countries didn't want to participate as observers you cannot claim by then that the election is not valid in july led to the carter center which once praised your election system wrote after this election on top of the fact that the election was illegal the electoral council broke every rule in the book of the electoral integrity this election destroyed any vestiges of democracy that might have still existed in venezuela that was your friends at the carter center and no it's actually surprising that you just mention the carter center that it was in there in that particular election so i
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don't think that those that did not participate in the process as observers can actually claim or create is that it's a process that they didn't. witness it is. very bizarre to say and we know not so in the basis of which one is listening to anybody you seem to be living in a parallel world and most of you deny all the accusations that's coming in the ones with real facts if you don't like the real facts that's another issue but i'm just giving you the real facts as they are the real fact is that in twenty. the organization of american states recommend the. international criminal court sacked its report said there were grounds to believe that your government had committed crimes against humanity didn't cause the our spare including murder torture rape and other forms of sexual violence persecution and informed disappearances last february the chief prosecutor of the court opened
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a preliminary examination of the evidence fact the organization of american states sides of the at least eight thousand two hundred ninety eight cases of extrajudicial executions committed they said as part of a widespread or systematic attack against the civilian population targeting members of the opposition or those identified as such thousands of people it said have been persecuted and you seem to ignore no i'm not ignoring i'm just realising that you are making our very dangerous confusion when you actually speak about the organisation at large and you are talking about the executive secretary of that organisation it's a different thing there was sufficient consensus to have it referred to the multinational sermon on the story uncensored. and the chief prosecutor opened an examination of the facts so most now the international criminal court will have their time to make their a ballet shot and they find where you cannot just up or announce yourself and take
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position before even the court ambassador these are the members of the lima group that are voice support for the opposition leader one way to go there include argentina brazil canada shilling colombia costa rica guatemala honduras paraguayan and peru so when you tweeted last week the phrase of as you put it the irresponsible civility of europe in support of trump putsch in venezuela latin america makes its commitment to peace clear you said that you forgot to mention that one most of latin america does. peace it also wants nicolas maduro out but you forget that actually come for example which is a group of fifteen a state in the other direction so when you talk about latin america and you completely forgetting caribbean region which is part of our region so i started going to this is the old country colombia costa rica guatemala honduras paraguayan peru they don't count for anything they have their views and they wear pronounce
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themself and they actually participate actively in the debate in the security council they were there they spoke they have their voice raised and their claims of where they're on the table at the level of the ministers of foreign affairs it is only that at the security council they didn't guard your traditional strong. clutching at straws one on one of the worst transports of this crisis is that you continue to refuse stanch office of the international aid that could go some way to alleviating the poverty and distress of your people which you've imposed on last october experts from the un and the inter-american commission of rights appealed to your government to act urgently to mobilize necessary and available resources including through international cooperation they said venezuela was at crisis point but you said no so it's clear you don't care about the health of your people because no it's quite clear isn't how much you are talking about the twenty million
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dollars that actually the u.s. offer asked last week are you talking about now i'm not trying to show any i was offered last october when the experts from the u.n. and mean to mono but the mission of rights then i'm going to you to ask them i'm going to refer to the office that were made in fifty millions from european countries are going and they were approved last december to help the border countries that are receiving me grants from venezuela to help them to handle what they call a migrant crisis no one of these euros is being implemented in this region but that is a. the issue so this is not about the crisis this is about a political decision that was made sprang our economy and to make us suffer until having a region change that is the only thing that has happened here why do you cover up the full extent of the crisis while your health statistics secret i don't understand your dr who and there are those who are being the president of the venezuelan society of child care and pediatrics surgeon twenty seventeen in some
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public hospitals he said the clinical diagnosis of malnutrition has been prohibited i'm not the diagnosis pursue your doctors are being told find some other reason i think you'll deny it all because the state doesn't like norway and i thank you for that for raising that point which i think is crucial because i am a mother of course i care about what is happening with children and whichever person that is suffering right now in my country is not the big over man or whoever is in charge doesn't care is the fact that whenever you find another way is right now the situation and you cannot just ignore it as you asked me not to ignore the positions of certain groups of congress i ask you not to ignore the fact that right now all the international accounts of the country to trade freely are cool or was hauled back to doing the analysis i'm not talking about their own children but the climate of fear among the dr no your thing about here is you are talking about the
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needs of the children are you covering up the extent of the crisis in georgia sixteen dr who neologism it as a real line a minute of fear he said in this kind of government every time you say the truth they tell you you're breaking the law but i'm an old man he said so i've got nothing to lose i am climate of fear i am are you proud of the work you know i'm quiet i'm quiet as someone that is known by always saying the truth i mean i have made my name on that and i would be in prison already i always speak my money and i . i never would have stayed quiet regarding injustice because that's my formation but i will tell you you cannot request a country to fulfill the needs or the population when you block the account when you haul medications in the borders not allowing this ships to our right to the country and right now more recently job hold all the payments for oil which is the first revenue of the country which currently would handle economically you you you
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you like to blame everyone else for your problems i know but in the million your economic problems resulted from the almost inconceivable incompetence of your government didn't it we also know that the corruption and drug dealing has even family members of the president's wife isn't the directly involved to narcotics smuggling true of run a fuse were convicted in the us in twenty sixteen sentenced to eighteen years jail on drug trafficking charges that's how high the corruption goes these those in venezuela's new york combining narco traffic the corruption i mean those are all. those in the money from one of the. i mean it's just you are just turning around different facts that are not necessarily language what is happening right now and you are just trying to drug trafficking is not going to corruption no it's just i'm not saying that this is a legal procedure that had its own path and that accusation and that actually
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sentence is now being accused by the lawyer so i'm not anyone to pronounce myself about the legal case that is very very first circles to two nephews campbell flores and florence the freight as they can first the guilt but the trial if if the prosecution actually makes an arrangement and they are free next week are you going to be ready to said differently i would not going to be free i was not going to merge myself deal with the man you want to do with is a legal. back when we did i was fine so now you're telling me oh we're supposing we get released in the future let's deal with the fact that behind bars are the only international fact. they were convicted by a court but i you ask me things about eighteen years and. i don't think so if i just i mean if you want to gossiping with me i am back up here but i don't think that is the purpose of having me in front of you to talk about something that can
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make us understand each other better we have knowledge of how long do you think president maduro can hold on now six years i hope because that is what the people european union the european parliament voted to recognize the interim self declared president repeating why going in is not like the arab union parliament voted now we have france spain germany and britain who have recognized the new interim leader as president how long can you go on with this people are defecting from the administration one of your colleagues venezuela iraq to factor that using maduro of violating the constitution that is his right and their force general near force. military trash in washington no military trash in washington is gone how long can you hold don't you doesn't depend on that i mean
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a president doesn't hold or doesn't hold on because of four in contraries ask them or like them or not he's impoverished the country and he subject to the massive repression i remember in two thousand and two. there was a gun temple cool similar and not as radical and open as the one that is happening right now but actually a dark time let me just recall you for what it is support nationally one hundred and thirty five high ranking military. actually said that they didn't recognize president challenged as the president of the country and presidents have as good in power until two thousand and thirteen. so when you when you said military one ambassador that's their opinions that doesn't make the mock recy i mean whenever you want to put your views before you have elections to do it and we had it in may last year and the majority of the people were really judge jury and a president were judged to be why you are
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a peon contraries have to say if they like a government or not of a country that it doesn't belong to their system i mean the european parliament or international you all that it's all about that i love international that you will be environmental laws will have any competence as to talk about recognitions are not is the cause the only one that has the operatives and actually what announced. wednesday friday last week was actually this proposal of creating a counter group to talk and then to lead to each country to define what the position was going to be regarding the things that are happening in venezuela but let me go beyond that the state doesn't recognize governments there is no legal basis for that more states recognize. dog with the stakes all right ambassador we've run out of time thanks very much for being on comfort's thank you.
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discover who would. subscribe to documentaries on you tube. and getting a. british prime minister to resign may has agreed a deal with e.u. leaders to extend the u.k.'s scheduled departure from the block until october thirty first speaking after an emergency summit in brussels may expressed hope the british parliament would be able to approve a deal before may twenty second if it fails to do so the u.k. would be required to take part in next month's european parliamentary elections. indians have begun voting in the world's biggest parliament.


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