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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2019 6:30pm-6:46pm CEST

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coming up on the program. the world has ever seen india to decide that next. south korea for decades that's prescribed prison for doctors.
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welcome to. it's good to have you with us we begin in india where people are at the polls today to elect a new parliament and prime minister narendra modi from the ruling in the nationalist b j p in seeking a second term his main challenger the opposition congress party ruffled on the election is the world's biggest with nine hundred million voters eligible to vote they have to elect five hundred forty three m.p.'s to the lower house of parliament . has been spread out across the country in seven phases today at the polls across twenty states and territories off the country this includes parts of west bengal a state which sense a third highest number of m.p.'s to parliament he today election will be a number of fun. aged eighteen to nineteen. traveled
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for me to one of them using his talents to get his singing the vote. for. a rap song with a. twenty year old mom who's a freeze on. frankie would be voting in india's general election for the first time . and he wants others to do things his song. press the button. to cast the ballot and twice. in these polarized times it's easy to get manipulated there are lots of fake. truths and hard. being peddled everywhere it's all mixed up.
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to get. cranky for socially conscious music with teams such as the futility of rising incidence of sexual assault and peer pressure. is lisa's creation it plays on a popular radio station in kolkata. franke says he wrote it in a couple of hours since he felt so strongly about the topic. but. first. we're decide the future. of. the youth of today probably have the least knowledge about politics so i felt it's important to shake them up and urge them to do some research and be aware before they cast their vote . that's what the rapper often does with his own friends who also want to put a post on. social media is where they go to for information. to be frankie
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shows them a video of a popular you tube creator trooper brothy who makes him the language of videos analyzing political issues. but. this guy doesn't give opinions he gives a lot of facts and data he mentions his sources you get a lot of information on social media but there's also a lot of misinformation it's hard to know what's real and what's not. it's a message that has massive implications for india a staggering eighty four million people will be casting ballots for the first time in this election young voters could have a huge influence on the outcome for some casting their vote is an exciting having of each movement but others are disenchanted. by you know fixated on i was at the same thing how the country will be taken forward in the part of progress i think that is the me and my gun toting is important but. i wish there was some word the
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way forward to go to war. to land on my way to give my faith to the new government because they want to turn india into a hindu nation if that happens where will we muslims go jacket. or frankly to the rise of religious intolerance under prime minister nuri in the movies watch at the expense of muslims like him is a major. what they did and i got to see an implementation i missing is like unemployment and poverty are huge but now there are religious tensions and hatreds that's a new issue india is so diverse it has so many religions you can't afford to fuel hatred among people whichever government comes to power i appeal to them to please and this is. for young voters like frankie the very post election is the same and it won a battle for the idea of india as a tall different democracy. and you must
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remember the voters like frankie one of our own million first time voters in this election he doubles down the correspondent michelle jess was folk to another first time voter and began by asking her what high hopes and expectations from the next government well. i guess i. wasn't i was just getting out of college i want more do or want her to need to because unemployment is is something that scares us if you would because we warn to work but we don't have that work opportunity and i think the second most important thing woman myself or the woman safety because we can see in the past things have not worked out bad well but hopefully in the future if they go man is that though given rigidity and if you might have some prospectors for it. and more experience waters of course a loss of your deciding factor of mind what do you want from the next government
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basically the same thing employment for my kids and of course better infrastructure if. safety for women goes is a major issue as as a mother i would want to feel safe as my girl is coming out from the job or a party any of it it should be her right at all. well joining us for more dollars untruth her body he's the founder of the century voice of the youth a digital platform that publishes content from young people in india i'm sure glad you could make it this is the first election in india's history where you have fifteen million young voters aged eighteen to nineteen who image going to cost to vote how significant a moment is this for india. was he then decided that he should have been your question actually i mean you can see but it's also ok you know i'm just. a big got to be able to get it because it's the boss and you have such
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a judge. who will do this if you can listen but he could be involved and it was the idea. as it is the bomb this body. let it go up out of class. and so on and even back out of the bed it was to see most of the lot in that exact. thing to do. so i did just that and because of that i think it's a good one for me but i do get out there that they will say. this is a good thing that in terms of talking to young people there's some that your organization is doing as well you care of us conduct surveys ahead of the election just trying to gauge the mood of the young people what is it that you want to follow and what issues that are important to your own people. you know of course the source of your
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opinion about jobs and going to back it is not a million people eat about it but also. see. you know this is going to be something of a lot more session of the guts of the election specially that this is a nothing about going to finish most of these the actually did a survey wasn't yet you can come up to us and she. was one of those who said they did not like this or the other. tragedy because the politicians are growing about issues that affect them and the unique circumstance that people who are wondering what the what an issue. that is actually. in sickness and what is it actually going up what are important concerns finally making the national and international news and sort of already funded have you care about thank you so much
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for speaking to us. to south korea next what a law that has been in force for six to six years we're now soon be defunct the abortion law in acted in one hundred fifty three has been ruled to be unconstitutional by the constitutional court it has ordered it scrapped by the end of next year until then the current law remains in effect which means abortions are illegal except in cases of rape incest or when the mother's health is at risk women who undergo the procedures and the doctors who carry them out to face criminal charges and jail time opponents of the ban had this to say after the verdict. i understand and respect the voices of those who oppose this ruling. however our position doesn't mean that we don't care for their lives often born babies. those
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women who had to resort to a pushing respects to life's babies. we brought this case forward because we found it and just put the law to punish women who had no other choice but to terminate a pregnancy. that will. now activists also say the official ban left women at risk of unsafe procedures and social stigma but support for the law by social conservatives have remained staunch did have a corresponding fabiani was outside the constitutional court and he told us what the verdict means for women seeking abortions in south korea. so defacto the issue was rarely enforced you had in the last five years thirty to forty doctors and nurses who were actually prosecuted because of the law and thirty to forty. women who were prosecuted but abortion services are usually offered in secret hidden and they carry
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a big social stigma so many women for example prefer to travel to china and get abortion services there or also were rejected several times so actually it is a big step but it's more about a social taboo that is slowly beginning beginning to lift on the topic and we did have a correspondent five encroachment reporting from seoul for us that story and more on our website that steve i'm a dot com forward slash and you can check us out on facebook as well. it's about social but today we're even all the time for this don't want to fight with and the friends to celebrate song cross the tide here yeah since you're next time i'll buy . such.
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just such tales. and fun for the troops. it's hard to overcome boundaries and connection to come home the best time for. a new deputy is coming up ahead. minds. it's big nearly a billion indians lining up to vote in what is seen as a referendum on prime minister narendra modi and his economic ambitions. the battle groups. as china continues to invest heavily in the books fridge. may be working as hard as ever for growth in the region is slowing to tell you why . it's to business the biggest election in history is underway
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nine hundred million indians are eligible to vote over the next month prime minister narendra modi and his hindu nationalist b j p a favorites modi was swept into office in two thousand and fourteen on promises of more jobs and a stronger economy and last year gross domestic product did grow by seven point three percent making india the fastest growing economy in the world but it's not creating enough jobs unemployment stands at over seven percent as you can see providing jobs is key as the population booms there are one and a half billion indians and that number is growing by fifteen million every year and the prime minister has run into some self-inflicted problems along the way. chaos of banks across india is almost all paper money is rendered worse less two years ago prime minister narendra modi stripped five hundred in one thousand reaping notes of living.


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