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either it's going well and there is a real change that might take a couple of days or of course the risk of escalation is still there so we're not at the end of the line but to me all hope that it's going in the right direction are and that's they were expert on east africa at the german institute for international and security affairs thank you thank you and which aren't so you're watching news up next all the business headlines from africa with ben a for assuming that does it for me thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us on the rock and roll and see. my first vice i was just sawing machine. where i come from women are almost by this ocean even something as simple as learning how to write a bicep those isn't. since i was in the room but i wanted to have a bicycle off my home and it took me as them until. finally they gave up invention
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by me on bicycles and returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more apt procreates for those than writing i'm biased as knowledge i want to meet those women back home to put bones by then two thousand and social rules and informed him of old dead basic rights my name is the about of people homes and i wore them. the world bank says we need to stop depending on fossil fuels. why is it lending so much money to nigeria to build the biggest oil refinery. and the government in. suspense classes across the country to back down on street protests.
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thanks to business africa's richest man just found a way of getting even richer. is building the world's biggest oil refinery in nigeria and he's got the backing of the world bank itself itself as a champion of green energy it has been funneling twice as much money into fossil fuels in africa. over the past five years this project is just one example as funny reports. of rare access to these gigantic. the men behind it. asked me to birth fourteen point one billion u.s. dollars on the construction site a beehive of people reporting to various international contractors china is one of them the space below the screen offers prefer spite from the burning sun. it's easy to get lost the temporary street this is one of the biggest. the
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world today and tomorrow this is supposed to be the location of the biggest horrified every endeavor is it sustainable. to produce refined crude that nigeria one of the biggest exporters of crude does not have to import refined oil anymore. he sees nigeria's future beyond oil. and of the growth. so. still it will go forward. and i just as i have been developing every day at the recent climate summit in kenya the roll bank underlined its commitment to end support for gas furthermore there was key emphasis on africa's capacity to go green how come germany who is not so much. enjoying so shine.
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seven percent of their install electricity capacity to come from solo in africa this capacity to be one point five percent. according to an international research project which t w was part of the world bank has invested in a number of fossil fuel projects in africa these include financial intermediary investment and a one hundred fifty million us dollar loan to finery project by roald banks i.f.c. to world bank says this loan was quote designed to help nigeria increase the value addition of its natural resources sector specifically to fertilizers. to roll bank should have instead used its investments to empower nigeria the stable electricity supply. the. three for example.
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jobs. we need. that we could. leave you find and go to the oil refinery to sugar salt flour bear his name and this man proud to say the company has become a monopoly granted government protection from international competition. business. employment some nigerians want to believe that their lives will change with the oil refinery but experts point out that once construction is finished and medium skilled jobs there will be and if it does not connect to other industries it will end up being just another project supported by a un organization. for us funny isn't it good that nigeria wants to process its own oil rather than shipping it abroad and buying back
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processed products. and this definitely what would you think you would think of if you look at this project and this is also the pledge that was made by mr dunn go to before he started this project to make nigeria independent of oil imports but at this point today it's completely unclear when this project is actually going to be finished according to mr dunn go to end of next year according to experts they point out this refinery is going to be so big it may take many many years and even then it is very much unclear at this point how the government is actually going to react to it because at this point the oil business unit has not only a very delicate but also unfortunately a very dirty business a lot of people benefit from the state control from the strong grip all of the country on the oil exports and the question is whether these people really want to transfer such an important industry into the hands of one company or one man and to eventually actually make it a monopoly so they
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a lot of question marks around it why at this point you can't really say who re mr dunn go to really is going to pan out with this plan but rather at this point it's a huge gamble nobody now knows if it is going to work out what about locals what of a think about it because surely they'd be rejoicing about the fact that they'll be lots of jobs we're talking about the biggest of its kind in the world. a lot of people that i have met on this construction site are rejoicing already there are about seven thousand of them right now at this at this construction sites while booking in low and medium skilled positions access once again points out and also according to all research well if you found out that all these jobs are going to vanish once and should this oil refinery be completed in fact as we're talking right now hundreds of jobs hundreds of people are being traded outside of nigeria for highly skilled positions like engineering and technical jobs so that's what's going to be the be the emphasis upon and not on the low and medium scale jobs and
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then of course they also concerns about the environmental effects that this refinery could have something that i've seen with my own eyes when i was in the niger delta just a couple of weeks ago a main hub of oil production nigeria which allowed that production of oil lead to environmental pollution to basically fisherman not being able to fish because rivers and lakes are being polluted so some people you talk to a very much overjoyed by this and others are very much concerned ben so tell me why is the world bank telling africa to go green back in this project. well the world bank actually told us upon our requests that they are actually going green and we should look at the number of funds from twenty eighteen they say they have invested in renewable projects around twenty billion u.s. dollars and they did they have disputed the findings of this research group that
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has been part of they have named projects for example like this she puting l u d lies in india to prove the fact that they are very much focusing on renewable energies now nobody is disputing of course that the role bank has projects which are very much particularly designed about going green but the fact is also that if you look and zoom into africa so far the number of investing into nonrenewable projects into fossil fuel projects is double as high as going into green projects but if for us there in lagos thank you very much. at some other stories making business news the world bank says the cycling that hit mozambique last month could cost the country up to seven hundred million euros it takes into account damage to buildings agriculture and infrastructure but not productivity international monetary fund says more than because it are requests for financing.
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and o.e.c.d. report shows inequality is rising and it's becoming difficult to join the middle class in the developed world housing education that health costs are rising the economically vital middle class is now more indebted than other classes and is affected by automation and temp jobs. a french court has found by as monsanto responsible for the health problems of fungus and offer inhaling one of its weight killer has. suffered neurological damage off the accidentally breathing in the now banned lasso killer in two thousand and four and santa was also facing thousands of lawsuits of the united states over exposure to ground up. now forget about cutting class today in. the government has shut down all high schools it's trying to quell this week's protests against massive cut to university grants. we want our scholarships these protesters and we put the capital the students here
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angry about a new law that limits access to scholarships at state universities the loss of applicants to a maximum of one thousand and requires a higher mark on their final school examinations at least twelve out of a possible twenty points to a former duces the number of students eligible for scholarships drastically it's worth around one hundred thirty euros a month. i'm twenty one years old let's suppose that i get a score of seventeen points in high school it's just an example but if i'm over nineteen i can't get the scholarship so this decision is completely flawed it sucks . what will orphans do how will they manage if they started school eighteen graduated at twenty that means these guys are already doomed to. some protesters parents watch the demonstration with concern others support them. so you suggest it's a pretty complicated situation the state on the one hand wants reward ability and
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the government wants to help the most deserving on the other hand it's poor families that will take a hit. indeed even. speaking to the crowd minister of education defended the measure citing the economic difficulties the country is facing the new measure could enjoy magic savings for the government sixty five percent of students were awarded grants last year wouldn't qualify based on the new law. and just briefly google wants to open its first center for artificial intelligence in africa later this year or so job is slated for accra in ghana scientists from both african and non african countries will work together on machine learning to overcome challenges in health care and culture. is the business with you. it's.
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the by. the by. country going. before journalists discuss the topic. click on talk radio the. there are some one thousand battle hardened islamic state fighters and their families from germany for now heading home after audiences collapse what should germany do with them and how dangerous are they all that and
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more coming up. quadriga in sixty minutes on d. w. . is known as. managers you know who today know. you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made four minds. this is the w. news africa guess what's coming up in the next fifteen minutes massive celebrations in hot to live up to saddam's longtime leader. was forced out what stuff doesn't all mean we'll be taking a closer look. also the father and son who lost five members of the family last month you'll get an airline crash to see boeing's apology just far from enough. to
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. accept his apology which steve.


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