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the be. above. the be. above. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin protesters in sudan demand democracy now leaders of the protest movement to reject the military's council's upstaged off civilian drills within two years or so and out thousands of people gathered to fight it trance outside army headquarters to keep up the pressure for change also coming out. a fusty his life behind bars
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a wiki leaks founder julian assange is there is his arrest of a sort of on freedom of speech or the capture of a dangerous kept up at the legal battle ahead and in the mists that disappointment was evident to offer a spacecraft an orange fine israeli company crashed on the moon stuff it. i don't have a will but continue i'm. the main organizes of saddam's pro-democracy protests have rejected the new military timeline for a transition to civilian rule the head of the military council has said a transfer of power could come within two years also enough if it can be managed thousands of protesters at camp outside the army headquarters in khartoum
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a day after a coup deposed president a lot of the shade there demanding the country resist another period of autocratic rule. the music of defiance these protesters refused to go home after the army declared a curfew some of been here through the night for many the mood is extatic if they also feel they've been sheed. after three decades under president omar al bashir a new strongman defense minister i would even hoof the head of the military transition council which is planning talks with protesters. but they will all attend and listen to what we want and we will listen to what they ought to prepare for dialogue and for the exchange between us so we accomplish what we aspire to. and that it. but
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mistrust is high among the very people they need to convince. them with this is a farce the regime did not fool here this is a reproduction of the same vision. we do not accept this and we will stay on the streets and to the regime changes completely. rules limiting it's not right that the government has repressed us and now still wants to see control and power over us. as young people in citizens we see what's happening the government is manipulating us. there cannot be another regime. this is a bloodthirsty leader and he wants to bring us another regime. other most of this is completely unacceptable. the regime fool some. of these people will not die. despite or maybe
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because of the protests the army has been making a show of force deploying vehicles through the capital khartoum just in case it wasn't clear who is really in charge. now within the studio i have our he's a sudanese human rights activist living here in but welcome to you them they you fled sudan because you faced persecution from the regime of bashar omar al bashir what were your feelings when you heard that he had been thrown out it was a really great great feeling that he. often said to us is out. success it was chief after a long time of fighting against. beginning of one thousand nine hundred. right now one of the members of the transition military council has been speaking he said what we've seen yesterday was not a coup it was
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a tool of change and he's also promising a try. to a civilian government and that to president within two yes but already the main opposition group organizing these protests has come to be rejected this what do you make of that what i can say or the times is a saying is still there is no real change in. the sense of people here like they just. but. the people who is. the part of the idea. that's what the people to. think about is are decided. as a constitution in this country was in the hold of them now is a change in the constitution and unsettles we have to wait for the general again reiterated today that the army has absolutely no political ambitions but we saw in our report that people in the capital are really angry they want substantial change and they want it now what are you hearing from your friends and family back home
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people really angry in the street i talked to my family that few minutes ago. they say we're not going with we don't believe these people are just it is just people who are fighting. this new. solution just in the same people who was before was part of that we're not going. to see this with this mean people will not give up to have changed so they don't want to shoot is wanted for genocide of the international criminal court but the generals have said that he will not be extradited what do you make of that. point people for example for me especially because i'm coming from therefore we're not accepting of those people from data for he's committing just for. the course justice has to be happening in sudan the cells and of people whose concern for the more than three hundred thousand people killed in that for more than two million was well just people waiting for this moment to have
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a justice it is to be made into the. that will become it because we don't in future because without with justice i think this would not go on for this is more important point have to be done for them to justice so i'm given all of this how optimistic are you about the future of sudan. still have this hope because i am believe that the people who is in the city for four months has done a great job until now as i said before we are all fighting this government since the beginning of one thousand nine. hundred something happening because if you see from yesterday to today is all the time there is one more forward to even from this new government even then the hope is that when the people in the street then that of a nation will come and the people will get one and hopefully it is not behind jack just revolution of them behind a sudanese human rights activist living in berlin to have you with us and you can. now key figures in britain's opposition leave
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a body of court on the government to oppose the extradition of wiki leaks founder julian assange to the united states was arrested on thursday at the ecuadorian embassy in london after ecuador withdrew his asylum he's now in custody for jumping bail in two thousand and twelve but he's also wanted in the u.s. for revealing state secrets his supporters say he should not face trial as he exposed atrocities and was working in the public interest. joining me now from oslo is. a professor of law at the university of oslo and also a former special it up or two of the united nations working group on the tree detention welcome professor on did us a song just lawyer says he heard clients detention is a breach of international law do you agree because they u.k. says he violated bindle as. well the united nations looked in two thousand and fifteen and the united nations working group
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a lot of it showed attention which is the specialist body on arbitrated and she held that. she was held in the richard tension in violation of international law one that the u.k. authorities should release him and not obstruct his freedom of movement and there obviously seems to be no sign of that what do you make off the u.s. extradition request is valid. well it is a very technical attempt to distinguish between ordinary press activity and assisting in extracting information from public or in the sense of state some ation systems with different kinds of security devices now the problem with that is that there were no way you go about doing that likelihood is that it will be used against journalists and be used to restrict basic freedom of press. so this is extremely extremely difficult and also fit in relation
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to the freedom of the press and and just look at information he managed to bring to us all about u.s. military activities in iraq and the uses there of course they wouldn't have been there if that in any possibility for the u.s. authorities or collaborate read the whole court is in many countries in there been possible for them to restrict to bar us from learning about these news so professor that as you are saying that this case has huge implications the press freedom what do you think will happen now to jordan aside. well um i'm really worried because one thing is that you design the international or. you know yesterday in parliament just before the extension of bricks it she had to announce a problem in this the matter you started by saying i'm sure the whole house will
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rejoice in the news that mr sanchez been arrested and the conservative benches indeed it was chairing now it's good to to know here that labor. the. shadow minister for. it she then. said that as have contributed to the press and bringing me a very important information to us all and also the neighbor leader after he's done hundreds and then there was a call in the labor leader of that supporter so the point is that in the u.k. this is not political it's you know where the government tries to make hay out of this. politically there was also a very sad event in there the court where the magistrate had some very negative catch outstations of mr sarge which were inappropriate and and which makes us who
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are oh those who are saying the pound of service internationalists here for the possibilities of a fair legal process it's not right started off very well we have to leave it then that and this professor from your at the university of us still and former special up a tale of the un working group on the tree detention thank you very much for your thoughts and. thank you time now to take a look at some other stories making news around the bug in pakistan a bomb in a market in the southwest city of kreta has killed at least sixteen people and wounded or most fifty others the attack appears to have targeted minorities shia muslims and ethnic. no group has claimed responsibility for the bombing but has on us and shias have often been the target of attacks by sunni militants. u.s. entertainment company disney is set to launch a video streaming service aims to talk to netflix disney plus will draw
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a lot in the u.s. in november at a much lower price than the industry pioneer disney plans to extend the service internationally in the coming years. the launch must space x. has launched its a falcon heavy rocket into space and then for the first time safely landed the world trade rocket boosters back on earth the rocket launch was also the company's first for a paying customer delivering a communications satellite into space. still in space and is really mission to the moon field when the lunar lander crashed into the moon surface mission control said the engine failure was to blame but israeli aerospace officials still feel the mission as a breakthrough for low cost small scale spacecraft. israelis held their breath held their heads or even called on a higher power as it became clear that something had gone wrong national t.v.
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carried live images from inside the control room and there the tension was palpable when the news of the land as crash was announced there was solemn applause the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and project chiefs tried to stay positive about the outcome you win some you lose. if at first you don't succeed you try again. and holder so. this spacecraft was called para sheet which translates literally into in the beginning it hitched a ride into space aboard space x.'s falcon nine rocket in february this year the mission was an attempt to make history it would have been the first privately funded spacecraft to land safely on the moon but nevertheless the project did achieve some milestones. we've achieved an amazing success in bringing a spacecraft to the moon almost bringing it to the landing. it is by far
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the smallest the cheapest spacecraft ever to get to the moon. so despite the disappointment there is reason to celebrate the project paves the way for future low cost lunar exploration. insta media reports say a former soldier charged with killing investigative journalist. has confessed to the mud. and his fiance tina. both aged twenty seven when they were shot dead in february last year the journalist was due to publish a report on government corruption his modest spot massive protests that prompted the den prime minister robert fico to decide. if you will. joining me now is your correspondent bob bob are you were there covering the story for us and saw for yourself how axe murder sent shock waves through the country
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tell us first of for what more do you know about the man who's confessed to the killing. yeah the men who now finally confessed to the killing is a former soldier called middle of march ake and he has been in jail with some other accomplices since fall of last year and that is when the police sort of got into a model they seemingly didn't couldn't find out who actually had committed the murder who had point at the gun at the journalist and his fiancee and only when the national crime agency took over it seems the investigation sort of picked up speed and so now we have this confession he marshak is a former soldier he worked as a corporal in this love army to two thousand and thirteen and after that he seems to have gone rogue he started working together was of cason of his who was also under arrest and the pair were known in their own hometown as people who took care of business so they were actually working for the slovak underworld and mafia style
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organizations and sort of networks and they were already there were known to the police even because they were already involved in other murder in two thousand and sixteen of a local businessman and that investigation sort of didn't lead to anything it simply fizzled out nothing happened afterwards so what this shows is that they're well known connections in slovakia in the underworld and that the police really were all they needed to do was look closely and pick them up but they all we have sort of the crux of this case that the police in the beginning after this really horrifying murder everybody at the scene spoke of a mafia style execution of john could check in his him and see in this little house side of love in a small village that the police sort of messed up the investigation really at the crime scene that they didn't follow the leads that they were not careful with securing evidence and so on and so for us so it all really shows shines
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a light on on the country and the way police and judiciary work their. numbers so if it is confirmed that this man did commit the crime is it no one cruel or did it and why. yeah the second man the man who supposedly ordered it is is also under arrest now he was arrested in march and this is a local businessman he is a slovak oligarch a dealing and real estate multi-millionaire was a really good connections to the smear party the governing party in slovakia allegedly was good connections to the former prime minister a bit fit so whom you already mentioned who had to step down after this affair broke and so he has been arrested a year a good year after this happened however he had been the main suspect from the beginning because young could check had gotten too close to him he was about to unveil investigations into his dealings into his connections with the government
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was the police and the judiciary into this whole were arrests of corruption in the country and the he this man had already stretched and on social media. i had already threatened the journalists on social media it because all this became public last year and even though the police didn't do anything for a year or so it's taking a long time but it seems that just that just as might now finally coming becoming close in this case right bob a visa thank you very much for being that's up to date with the latest developments in this case it was five years ago this week that book extremists dorm to school in northeastern nigeria and abducted more than two hundred more than one hundred still missing but it was a hundred have been rescued those who returned a standing on government scholarships at a well known university in northeastern nigeria but not all parents are pleased
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with this arrangement our correspondent greece talked to one father of one of the risk good students and his report. is in high spirits and he can laugh again something he wasn't able to do for a long time we first met a morse five years ago just a few months after the terror group boko haram abducted his daughter from her school in chibok. but i was totally devastated then i couldn't eat for three days and i cried and cried. like i thought i'd failed as a father. but the most important duty as a father is to protect my daughter and i failed to do that. to my. two and a half years ago his daughter comfort was suddenly freed after the government's negotiations with boko haram. her family is finally recovering but
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a farmer is still not entirely at ease he lives into book and his daughter received a government scholarship to study at a university that a whole day's journey away. i am proud of her and happy that she can study again that's one problem no one is telling us exactly what the girls are doing there when will they finish what's the typical will they even receive school or university what exactly are they studying no one will tell us. more than one hundred freed girls from chibok housed the american university in your life to attend a kind of prep course reginald brock's the school director shows us around for the girls protection filming is allowed only during the school break he says the trauma has left its mark. you know academically. captivity so
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we're very sensitive to. just feeling depressed. not want to get. you know for a. liver you know. a leg. back you know. says the girls need peace and quiet and time to concentrate on their studies. he says only a few parents have been as critical as. most of the people you know are supportive but you always have people who are not you know where you. need to be out here.
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while the university is trying its best to support the education of the girls not all of their parents are happy after being separated with their daughters for a long time during captivity they can only see their daughters during their vacations. called his daughter comfort at least twice a week that's his only contact with her he says she'd like to come back to chip after her studies and work as a doctor and serve her community a father can hardly wait. an earthquake with a magnitude of six point eight has struck off indonesia syllabi sea island the government has not lifted a tsunami warning off to some residents of the island to evacuate in order to force of any casualties or damage so far earthquakes and volcanoes killed thousands of people in indonesia last year. saying they did present this is just to just one
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press photo awards took place in amsterdam last night the prize a went to veteran photographer john moore for his photograph this is a photograph that shows undocumented migrants two year old chairs and a mother sondra as they were taken into custody after entering the u.s. from mexico the picture future outreach of the trump administration's policy of separating parents from their children it's a much later that in this case mother and daughter were not separated but ended up in a detention center before being released a few really weeks later and allowed to apply for asylum and this is qantas also presented a new award for four to story of the the winner of that category is dr swedish photographer up to five ten hoppen his focus was also on my ration he followed families and children trying to make their way from honduras to the u.s. as fond of the migrant caravan that made headlines last year the judges said his
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pictures showed a high sense of dignity. for to most fans of jill and football are concentrating on by and dortmund's battle for the bundesliga title but here in berlin a club known for its or turn it of culture is in its own neck and neck race when your own bolin is hoping to earn promotion from the second division this season and they face a crunch clash against reagan's book tonight not needs to change if it to be a buddhist league aside specially this board stadium. when are walking a delicate tightrope between their cult history and a potentially bright future and decades past who knew and made a name for themselves or being a favored club of those critical of the east german government. as. east german communist regime we'll not officially opposed to the government but we already had a somewhat a nucky attitude that since german reunification in one thousand nine
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hundred they've risen up the leagues in are now third in the second division. still in your own span culture is as strong as ever in two thousand and eight supporters volunteered to help repair their then crumbling stadium start environment the stadium was no longer able to host matches it had to be completely renovated and that's why almost two thousand five hundred fans just to work for one hundred forty thousand i was course helped with this project for three as are known i promotion to the bendis league the stadium will again undergo changes as its capacity will be nearly doubled from its current twenty two thousand by two thousand and twenty the big changes have longtime fans cautiously optimistic about the future never the less known have plenty to accomplish on the field if they are to join their cross-town rivals heritage in the big leagues with promotion front runners cologne and hamburg facing off on monday when humans immediate future will be
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a big clear next week. coming up next in the news asia the so-called islamic state sets its sights on the philippines an exclusive report from the island of mindanao plus. we tell you how i just became a social media star in china. coming up and did have news is just stay with us if your cat.
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shows and resource to should. lead. interactive contact teaching the next generation took such action. using the channels available for people to take action and wish to turn to gain something new for the next generation. is the environment series of global three thousand on t w and online. this is the dublin years a show coming up on the programme on the train of islamic state in the philippines an exclusive report from the island of mindanao and how the separatist conflict is being exploited. plus. how a german became a social media star in china with the fun you take.


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