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safe medical front seat cases from the in-flight final. in forty five minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the book. nicole is in germany to learn german why not come with help simple online on your mobile and free to sapps d w z e learning course nikos fake german made easy to get a. delicious most famous son joseph stalin full and but unforgotten. modern protest is demonstrate against putin. a legit russian war crimes in the two thousand and eight conflict. the grave of a victim of that russo georgian ball. and
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a border that is not supposed to be called the border. so what's on the whole in the mode about what i'm going to write that georgia is divided into of course that's an awful thing. you know sort. of almost today this may sound very dystopian this is an article but russia could divide this country. and keep a piece of it for itself as. the love of. god did omits god this piece of graffiti says we remember. it was probably sprayed here just yesterday i believe you can see the red devil in the background of all the dates from the past two centuries in which russia did bad things to most georgians. well groups are
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a lot of people know nothing about the states. they know them and still don't get that russia was our enemy is now let's head to the rally he's. been yes debut novel and his place have won the most prestigious georgian literature awards. even is to find out where georgia and its nearly four million inhabitants are headed first stop this demonstration in the capital tbilisi. it's a strange mixture the protesters include leftists and far right extremists feminists and gays and homophobes what seems to unite them is their nationalism ogust two thousand and eight so the flare up of the growing conflict the research georgian born lasted five days claimed eight hundred fifty times and displaced many thousands. since then russia has occupied the former georgian territories of a casita and south ossetia an area amounting to
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a fifth of the country. the slogan on the sign a vulgar equivalent of pittsburgh at last. i am. dubbed it is meeting some friends in front of the swiss embassy switzerland has been mediating between georgia and russia because the two countries have no direct diplomatic relations. images from the war human rights groups say both sides committed abuses bus at the tbilisi rally only the russian ball crimes are on the agenda. the public humiliation of georgian soldiers depicted here made a lasting impression on davi. song. i have to admit that the sheer power of russia makes me feel insecure all. this giant impacts on leave us alone and it's hard to fight. against that i was i won the bet and that's why i
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have this feeling of being completely unprotected. now and get back on the russian president. that's the nationalistic euphoria that followed georgian independence nine to ninety one the country's ethnic minorities were measured out of the equation and effectively thrust into the arms of the russian it's. sad. that. an eighty five kilometer drive from tbilisi the city of gori. is heading to his next stop the joseph stalin museum. he. said if you built in the soviet era the museum is a bizarre memorial to the brutal dictator joseph is that a yawn of each starting. it paints a picture of
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a benevolent father of his country. many of the visitors here are curious western tourists but some are genuine fans of stalin who make the pilgrimage to the strife that is dedicated to one of the worst mass murderers of the twentieth century. up. in the museum they say that most of the stalin supporters come from russia. but no one is willing to say that to the camera i. mean. when daddy sees the pictures here he can't stop thinking of the atrocities of the stalin era in particular the so-called great purchase of nine hundred thirty seven to thirty eight during which more than one hundred twenty georgian intellectuals were executed.
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duffy says that swears germany has taken steps to come to grips with its nazi history georgia has done very little to publicly reappraise starlit. talk most well you know marco. an old museum which was built back then to glorify stalin the distance from the group since then nothing has been changed. nothing has been added to just a few pieces of information that mentions purges and the repression that. stalin would have it's a propaganda museum. but nowadays a lot of people view it as a kind of museum of museums. one tiny room is devoted to the war of two thousand and eight. that's made it i doubt it asks the museum's key. rates are. really why she hasn't
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changed anything in this uncritical celebration. as part of. russia's response and this is a museum and we have to tell the story of a man's life in a very short time going through tourism it's about his life and work the more that was said to people back then all the material came from the communist party. or today we try to show the man. a very isolated man by the way are there alone or is one of them who ruled over a land with one hundred seventy million people. or so of us and them and more brutally and all of the negative material anyone who wants to read that can find it on their computers all over the internet who our visitors come here to get to know style and the man close. on all his
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travels davita immediately takes note somebody experiences. nothing until twenty ten a large statue of stalin stood in central gori. dov it would like to seek out the fallen monument supposedly it's now lying in a disused industrial area outside the town the curator refused to tell him the exact location saying it would be shameful to display the great man in that way. definitely doesn't it is a very good thing to be a stupid friend of a friend davita gets in touch with a chicken farmer from the area. and says son leads him to the overthrown stalin figure all. that route. the two
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men have a difference of opinion about the fallen dictator. says he's not a stalinist but he had money as the dictator as a kind of mystical being. a story that we're. all history shows that it's always the same. we have a saying in georgia it's the times that rain not case that it's not an insult to stalin statue that someone who's not thinking right or can do it here on the scrapheap with. it once you know real history not fake history and realize what kind of man he was. please translate this word for word. so some would like to see stalin back on his pedestal in central glory. davita is considering working the hypothetical return into his new novel.
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i haven't thought much about it so far but yes maybe but in my pessimistic or dystopian novel it could happen and i see the current trend in russia where real stalin cult is growing again and they show quite openly how much interest they have how they worship him even russian politicians are doing that is another example of how strong russian influence is so well think about that for my book that is the governor michelle obama. who. was really at the meeting no one. would i wouldn't that. this is not an international border despite what the sign claims georgia on this side of the fence self a seashell on the other georgians call it occupied territory the south the seasons and the russians. and independent state. diplomats refer to this fence as the
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administers of boundary line border to. bend so much money. it's also expensive for russia to keep it to monitor it and punish us georgians. and then they make such an embarrassing mistake in the translation. i have no idea how that could have happened. i wrote. the words passage is forbidden is mistranslated into georgian as expenses are forbidden. georgians refuse to call the demarcation line a border because that would mean accepting the division of their country. since two thousand and eight observers from the e.u.
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monitoring mission in georgia have been patrolling here. in twenty seventeen alone they were just had one thousand six hundred incidents the conflict is ten shabelle here every day. i don't really believe that my littering the vision fantasy will actually become reality ga this is fiction and like all negative fiction it's also a warning. it is good for me to see this though because it helps me imagine what a fictitious border in my book might look like. if. the fence divided the village of valley overnight again and again georgian fanis who cross over to work their fields on the south the season side get arrested after being beaten and forced to pay a considerable fine they are let go. could
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anyone quote crossing the line for the third time risks up to two years in jail in south ossetia that happen to neighbors of hama a form in german teacher. you haven't got we have a garden that's right over there on the borderline with them if i go over there i can't take my grandchildren because they could be abducted any second viewed by all the farmers and work over there in the garden recently each and every day people get caught and hauled away i live in constant fear. three times suffa solution and russian soldiers set fire to thomas house but would she leave the area you never. hear about because this is where i work this is where i live it's my home it's my country this is my it's my village where could i go where would i be allowed to go. that's true right you know what do you think.
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you cannot leave i never want to leave i will go on living here i will die here and my children and grandchildren will live here mind their ankle there but. right next to the highway is terrible any settlement built as an emergency shelter ten years ago. but still houses eight thousand of the total thirty thousand ethnic georgians who were expelled from south ossetia. there's a sense of resignation on the streets here via test just been out shopping. he's the only one willing to speak to die of it on camera. moves. never get used to it but what can we do it's very hard for the older people
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to pair those many of them have already died but the young people are only now starting to fix up these houses. they have no choice. this is party on the black sea coast. the port city is still left dated as far as davita can see there's been little development here for years. that it. is important for the georgian economy but it's not a place many tourists are likely to visit. this is where darby grew up in a working class family his parents still live here as does his sister with whom
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he's very close. but although david loves to see his sister cutter and his nieces not her and he says he'd never move back to portie every visit here recalls the negative experiences of his you. openly gay something that can be risky in provincial georgia although his family accept his sexuality. daveed is expanding his theory about the division of the country his sister doesn't buy it. i don't believe georgia would be divided into two parts how could that happen fairly simply don't believe it. for delegates nieces dottle as they call him as a kind of cultural trailblazer. he says and he introduces them to unusual
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literature. today it's especially hard for him to say goodbye. his come to the hardest part of his journey. on the first day of the two thousand and eight war his cousin childhood died in a hail of russian bombs. davita couldn't make it from tbilisi to the funeral because all the roads and rail tracks were blocked by russian tanks. since then he has never dared to come here. he often weeps over the thoughts of his nineteen year old cousin who had been accepted to
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a university in dubai he died the day before he was scheduled to fly out. salvo was killed while rescuing his wounded comrades he was awarded a posthumous medal for bravery. does it sits at the grave for a long time he doesn't want to talk here. a few hours later we accompany him to his favorite place in pussy. davita is relieved to have finally been to the cemetery but the middle doesn't
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interest him. it seems out of prison it makes absolutely no difference to me. this is a big consolation to my aunt she's really proud of that i. don't know it's a big comfort for. my pluggers she says but for me tempers i just wish she was still alive so this part from a pitcher noticed but. nothing takes the train back to tbilisi. since its independence in three decades ago georgia has undergone a visible modernization of the country's political system has developed in parallel
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to its infrastructure. but still children artists and intellectuals do not feel entirely free. to go if they are it's good you can write whatever you want or you can do what you want to the truth the government won't interfere. but a large part of our society is extremely conservative. and conservative is far too mild a word. and that part of society will not let us live freely. to put it in a nutshell you have the freedom to express yourself. but at the same time you don't . not just sitting close by has been listening to. she left the country twenty five years ago for a life in europe for her it's in london. she says that changes in georgia happening much too slowly she comes back once again and experiences the country as still
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lacking freedom but i think used to be back nine states. but it's hard to think that in a mission to visit him and not. yeah. yeah. to be lisi is the cultural and political center of georgia and its religious center to. the orthodox christian church wields a huge amount of power and by western european standards is very conservative. nowadays davi spends almost more time abroad than here in the old course you have to be leasing. from an early age he knew that he wanted to travel which is why he learned german russian and swedish his english is so good that when he was twenty one he was commissioned to translate harry potter into georgia.
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after a week of moving around georgia davi it is that. he spends the next few hours typing up his notes from his travels. it started out as a research trip for his new book but some of the stages proved much more emotional than he expected. in the coming months he will be developing his fantasy about the division of georgia into two parts one loyal to russia and one more into tolkien. here at the royal district is sensible e.c. davita and his old friend directed dancer to votes in our inspecting the stage set
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for their production of dov it's play tiger and lion. in the. even if he does have believes that artistic freedom is still under threat in georgia and. you quote the deline or yes i would have still totally easy to shock audiences or readers in this country. so which is why there are always attempts to control free speech and origin. more generally that's also being considered at the government level one is just recently there was another initiative to control artists more strongly but luckily it failed because. for daddy to the theater is a safe haven. even here in tbilisi it is hard to lead an openly gay life but.
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the riots repressive measures every time someone reveals their sexual identity there are massive reprisals also in political circles to go where gay people are often blackmailed and of course this reaction is not only supported by the georgian church but also instigated. partnerships this is a huge problem and the government can't little chicago won't solve it the problem are almost at the heart of. this cafe in the old course have to be lisi is a popular meeting place for artists to dive it is having a discussion with a psychologist friend thomas casually. tama is
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a member of the georgian ethnic minority of south ossetia. his family was driven out by the war and lived for a while in. sarah vaughan the emergency shelter is. about his experiences on the trip his first encounter with the administrative boundary line left a deep impression. at the meeting with tom marr the german teacher his neighbors are regularly abducted road with control of three d. harding when you go there and experience it in person the fence stops being a symbol or a cool design at a demonstration of the trick of totally different emotions especially when you meet people who live five meters away from that fence looking at the trees i don't want to sound sentimental but that was the moment where it became clear to me how differently those villages see the division. of pics from auburn for them every single day its program of those missing. tomo settled into police is some time ago
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. and davi to look forward not back. they wish that more democratic and artistic impulses would come here from europe. when they start to feel stifled by their country they can find respect by traveling in the west. but for both of them hope is georgia.
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powerful to account facts of the conflict zone. conflict zone with tim sebastian kong t.w. . player. play. this is g.w. news live from berlin fighting rages near libya's capital tripoli with scores already dead the united nations calls for thousands of refugees caught in the crossfire to be evacuated to find out what options they have left also coming up thousands in sudan cross their demands for an immediate return to civilian rule they say their new military rulers pledge to hand over power within two years is
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not enough. and to dortmund rebounds two goals from j. consentual help the.


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