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get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's e.w. dot com up next is reporter follow a russian girl hoping to make it big in a singing talent shall i my ass waiter thanks so much for washing. your reaction chris. around six hundred years ago in the midst of the revolution in salt enable the smell the people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence. that's the first.
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leg. of our. culture the darkest trusts. the renaissance for. starters people twenty six. w. . the next few minutes will be the most important so far in tanya's short life. the show is called goalless g.s.t. the voice of kids runs during prime time on russia's first channel just the. tiniest competitors are no slacker. and i know.
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a lot. to make it big you got to start small. a rehearsal room into their a provincial russian city eight weeks before the show. lead singer tanya qalqilya is one of russia's youngest rock stars she's eleven. my bandmates a quite a bit older but if i was to play with kids my own age we could never achieve this caller say come on there. were extremes like a family. most importantly we all like rock. hard rock of their own making both lyrics and music. the band's called molly the
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little girl which of course is tanya. which is that we speak the same language the age difference doesn't matter although it is there of course but then with the mustard and by shadows some of it's moves that only those people wonder and say oh you have eleven year old vocalist that you so watched. she may be small but patience a big. boy the city has the vision. the doors are shut the doors to your soul i pound on the answers i want to know lyrics by eleven year old time. his mother manages the band. and is it a good issue but i think people react differently many don't understand and think i forced. and you to make adult music they ask why are you doing this to her she
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ought to be playing in the sandbox so since you didn't give me. the internet has its haters we try not to let them affect us. if the news music is bright and clear . it's really hard rock but in a way really easy going and it has deeper meaning. oh . you know it's been chasing her dream of talent show success for two years. she'd applied for goalless once before but didn't make it past the first round since then she's been rehearsing every day in her hometown to bear. the city lies on the. on the rail line between moscow and st petersburg. it has a small old town and its share of famous authors and artists and someday a rock star. she hopes. the road to fame leaves her little time for anything else
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but tanya sure it would be even harder in a big city. but i know what i want my city isn't as hectic as moscow or as sleepy as st petersburg. the good in the good to be somewhere in between yeah i could live here and they so on and get my concept so must go. but first she has to win on colas one of russian television's most watched shows. and it's hunger for new talent seems insatiable. goalless is the russian version of the world famous talent show the voice now licensed in sixty three countries and twenty fifteen a separate edition was launched for youngsters from age seven to seventeen. tanya has private singing lessons with voice teacher mush a few of. us. an attorney has an unusually
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strong will to sing rock you have to have an inner motive force that you can't sing from sheet music here. and often that motive force is what kids don't have so they're seldom interested in this music so. someone used it to tanya has this inner motive force a natural presence she sings so that you believe her. zone with d.v.d.'s. for weeks to go till the show. tony has got time to go to moscow and sing for an entire orchestra. tania and her voice teacher attend a rehearsal with a russian television channel one. the aspiring rock star can work with a well established ensemble that's used to lighter fare. is that a good idea. to sing again back.
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tell me what you think it seems rather slow to me try to find what it should be a little faster too. how was that for you ok. that was it. and he's doing it to sleep. the song twice as fast as you got i was. listening to
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what. they told me to hold the mighty i said nothing else. so they won't have to make the trip to moscow for every rehearsal the family's taken a studio apartment in one of the many high rise developments surrounding the make a lot of us. and they've invited tanya's band for pizza. the upcoming show is all they talk about. tanya's mother has absolute confidence in her you. know much stuff but to high standards for this project are set by the producer channel one russia you know that says. sure. finally the day of the show has come and tania can show the world what she can do. she and her voice teacher. look
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around most film the legendary russian film studio where goalless is recorded. please make sure that you're ready to go on at twenty till eleven. with a bit of luck tania will be sent through to the finals. recording for the sixth season begins in three days. the hopefuls have come from every corner of russia with their parents. we don't have any grace illusions but if it works out we'll be happy. we didn't bribe anybody word of honor. for you considering because crossing the thing is i think.
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a. good thing. russia has been in a talent show frenzy for years now. almost every channel has its imitation of goalless high ratings mean lucrative advertising revenues for the broadcasters. well the contestants warm up the studio audience practice applauding. every move is thoroughly choreographed. the three called me and said come to go pick your spirits up people here are nice. to see it's. not been my seat has a back some privileged. but you have anyway you get a little money just watching. these. young performers sing their
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versions of songs by big star. the first tears start to flow. as tanya looks on other contestants dreams are shattered one after another. the contestants backstage hear the jury's verdict. tony has to wait ten long hours to go on stage. for this long and soon it'll be over. this is it i don't want it to be as. good as i could last her cue. she does her own interpretation of nirvana's grunge anthem smells like teen spirit . the jury is made up of three famous russian singers they sit with their
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backs to the contestants judging solely by what they hear. that nobody's turned their chair around by songs and the singers out of the running. tensions are running high backstage. and with tanya's friends and. my. it's over none of the jury members turned around for tanya molly as eleven year old
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lead singer just test to suck it up and not break down in tears whatever happens. the show goes on and tanya has to put on a brave face and take her leave with dignity. and i say she's just not right in this format or rather channel one's not yet ready for time is music. now hearing from me. no happy ending for tonya her performance was even cut out of the televised version completely. other youngsters are waiting backstage at most film hundreds of thousands sit at home in front of their t.v. watching an injury. more. the country between europe and stop.
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georgia get started get born yes home country and also his inspiration of. all those on the board i'm going to write about georgia being divided the saud's. the author travels through a divided country along an insurmountable border the. next doubling of. elephants may have thick skins but they're still wary of the. super pac and avoid places where peace of buzzing around. that cave environmentalist's in south africa's kruger national park and idea of using the highest to protect endangered tree species from the fence. to coral to do it in sixty minutes four d. w. . her first student school in the. first
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clue was an embezzler doris grand moment arrives join during a tangle on her journey to freedom you know we're going to return to mention toronto in the rain in turn returns home. george's most famous son joseph stalin fooled and but unforgotten codon protesters demonstrate against putin. a legit russian goal crimes in the two thousand and eight conflict. the grave of a victim of that russo georgian bull. and a border that is not supposed to be called the border. so what's on the whole in the boat up the whole i'm going to.


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