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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 15, 2019 10:30am-10:45am CEST

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you know what. the seventy seven percent. seventy seven percent this weekend on d w. trade after months of tit for top terrorist threats and counter threats. the e.u. has now decided to start fresh talks with the us but while the french the only ones voted against it. missions cheating authorities say they have uncovered a new where. protesters have taken to the streets of the russian city of brest in
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fear a new factory run by a chinese company the pollute. does do business in berlin well the trade dispute between the u.s. and europe has been going on for months now the two parties have not got closer to resolving their differences. even managed to representative for the negotiations until now today e.u. trade commissioner to see their monstre or get the official mandates to the go shades and agreement. aircraft and aircraft parts. wine. dairy products u.s. president donald trump is constantly threatening trading partners with tariffs a looming twenty five percent on automobiles especially worries europeans and copper to sing power germany most of all. now he does have agreed in principle for trade commissioner cecilia mastro to negotiate a deal with washington trump wants the e.u. to lift tariffs and trade barriers for u.s. products across the board including the agricultural sector but that's easier said
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than done for many you countries like france agriculture is vital to the economy and there is a fear of unrestrained competition france has been resisting any trade talks due to domestic opposition that lead to celia monster and with the di lemmer of having to placate the americans and unite e.u. members at the same time. joining me now is our brussels correspondent barbara the point of trade commission a man strong. move negotiations forward. it at least they can begin now because we just need to fink about that to see a month from can't do anything really unless she has a mandate from the e.u. member states and she has now the majority of the state member states who have said ok go ahead and sort of try what you can do in washington because nobody really holds out that much hope her mandate is relatively narrow this is all about
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industrial tariffs so the e.u. is adamant that country is to be excluded because everybody knows of course in brussels that all hell will break loose if they would really sort of put every country into sort of into the mix there that is really politically poisonous and also nobody really wants a resurgence or a return off the doomed to negotiations that died a quiet seventeen because the u.s. and the europe couldn't agree on anything really so this is about car parts cars. just strictly lifting tevis those and trying to stall the head of donald trump who has now as we just reminded off threatened tariffs on airbus and so that is it's really is an attempt to sort of get to washington to the negotiating table barbara france was apparently very much opposed to trade talks just yet you
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mentioned in the report internal domestic opposition why's that. france says officially that they wouldn't go shit was any country and that is of course a general sense within the european union that doesn't sort of stick to the paris climate of korea we remember that they don't try to sort of just left it slamming the door and sort of on and doesn't care about it anymore but behind that are other political considerations france is afraid that before the european elections the trade negotiations with washington could be used by the extreme left and by the extreme right to sort of stir up anger against the government everybody still remembers tea to everybody still things it's everybody still thinks this is a bad thing and so they want to sort of push this into the future in order not to sort of get into a political hot water bottle in brussels thank you very much for
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comic customer trust is the most important asset germany's automakers appears to have squandered the trust with the diesel emissions scandal though dime not the maker of most savings cars and trucks always stressed that it has nothing to hide it is now being accused of using cheating software on some of its u.v.'s as well and even worse it looks like don look tried to hide it was german carmaker dime they're trying to hide its deception authorities are now investigating mercedes s.u.v.s produced between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen those vehicles apparently had the cheating software which manipulated exhaust emissions values the software was updated to remove the cheating element now germany's motor vehicle authority is accusing dimond of removing another element in the software that initially had gone unnoticed by regulators. it's always a good time names who could have looked as if time were trying to remove
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a second undiscovered software well process in the software problems that were discovered the group reports the second software to the key behave like they should have that was illegal. and get psyched. a total of sixty thousand vehicles were affected by the second software which further damage the german car makers credibility the k.v.a. has now initiated an official hearing diamond plans on making a formal statement to the authorities by the end of this month but regardless of what they say a new deeper and darker chapter of the emissions scandal has just begun or a potential damage for the german car industry let's bring in los hudson financial correspondent in frankfurt lost is there already any fallout for don. there is certainly when you look at shares here in frankfurt they're down about a percent but that is probably the least of them just problems right now this could
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be expensive for the company and not only and as much as tens of thousands of cars will have to be called back to but more importantly i had a duty to report any cheating issues and related issues to government authorities and they did not and now that makes this a felony and of course authorities investigators are looking into that and it is absolutely unclear right now how expensive this could be for the company in terms of fines and of course then there is a little bit of an image issue here as well because tyler looked relatively clear for years during the entire locate and cheating scandals also when it came to collusion with other car makers in terms of technical issues of pricing issues they look pretty clear yes i guess that's over well done a c.e.o. ditto will step down in just a few weeks does he leave it in for his successor.
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well certainly yes killing us is the new guy coming in about a month's time and the problem for him is not only now that he comes out and obviously difficult time but that he is currently in charge of the entire technical apparatus they are at are so the question is did he know anything about that was this actually his doing or if not timer says it wasn't why did you not know about that so there's a lot of questions he has to handle right away loss on to them fine thank you. you say in the car industry german comical folks has unveiled plans to build a fully electric s.u.v. in china starting in the year twenty twenty one in a bid to challenge tesla as model x. currently the market leader there in china in the run up to the shanghai auto show a v.w. balls have a decent he wants to move more research and development to china comical wants to take advantage of the chinese government's preferential treatment of electric vehicles and w. also wants to benefit from new chinese investment rules for income makers can own
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a majority stake in joint ventures china accounts for forty percent of the w.'s global sales. in the by the russian city of brest environmental activists have been protesting against a plant that will produce car batteries which contain lead many locals worried about the potential of waste leakage from the plant. welcome to the future a huge industrial park is under construction near the russian capital minsk is a collaborative project between china and bella ruse the new high tech eco city will cover more than one hundred square kilometers back to the present people in the city of crest in western belarus are protesting against another factory that was built with chinese funding. the factory has come under heavy criticism because it will produce cut batteries containing lead the toxic metals. these
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people here in the city of preston bella who say wants to avoid a potential new environmental disaster is a fear they could soon be sharing their city with a toxic waste dump if a lot acid battery factory goes into operation the plant will be run by a company called eye power which plans to produce up to two million batteries a year here yulia subic wants to stop that she is one of thousands of activists who spent months protesting against i power they say the plant will damage the environment for teaching with dealing we're doing what our city authorities should be doing protecting the health of our residents says the young guys. you know his house is just a kilometer away from the battery plant its construction is completed recently but she cannot celebrate yulia is worried about pollution from the plant production wastes. my additional figures it's a real tragedy this factor is dangerous because it puts my health and my children's
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health at risk that is the only thing. you'll have believed that i power management instilled old machinery in the factory to save money on top of this she says the factories are very close to two hundred facilities one for dairy products and a mushroom farm i power dismisses the concerns it says plant construction was supervised by the belorussian environmental already. with invested a lot of money and energy to keep the collage dangers to a minimum yet will go again she could disappear. but yulia and her fellow protesters don't believe i power they point out that in china itself such plans are increasingly coming under fire. i powered since seventy percent of the batteries will be exported abroad including asia could it be that china doesn't want plants
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like this on its own soil because they are too dangerous. for yulia one thing is clear if i power goes into operation she and her family will have no choice but to leave pressed now do i was hit the direction i thought she had been that makes me sad to think that i may have to leave my home just because a company wants to push this factory through. and i power's management is determined to push through despite the resistance that's it for me and the business team here in berlin stay tuned.
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please. hijacking the news. where i come from the news was being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good first is evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china churchy people. and if you're a journalist and you try to get beyond this view are the facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me dear friend balance or being neutral it's about me. running is for gough and i work in. the next few minutes will be the most important so far in time is short my. show is called goalless. the voice kids runs during prime time on russia's first channel. tanya's competitors are no slackers.
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to make it big you've got to start small. a rehearsal room and survey their a provincial russian city eight weeks before the show. lead singer tanya qalqilya is one of russia's youngest rock stars she's eleven. please my bandmates are quite a bit older but if i was to play with kids my own age we could never achieve this quality among the nationals was there. were extreme might have.


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