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this is deja vu news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes days off the old model but she has people in sudan all still protesting there demanding civilian rule we look at the passion of military intervention in unseating africa's dictators what does it mean for democracy. and one month off a psycho new diet we're on the ground with the mayor of mozambique sports city of beirut what if it's to clean up and rebuild are under way.
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i'm christine window while come to news africa i'm glad you're cheating did we begin in sudan way days off to omar al bashir is people are still protesting the country's military rule is off a sing presho from demonstrates his and western governments to hand power to a new civilian government but done with an iron fist full thirty years before he was finally overthrown by the military last week off to mass produce his that have rocked the country since december. fifth been here since the six of april and they're not ready to give up protesters have encircled the defense ministry the intelligence headquarters and the presidential residence in ca too they want to civilian government not the announce shake up of the military command council isn't enough. on friday the former right hand of president shia defense minister i want
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moment even though wolf stepped down as the head of the transitional council after only one day as head of state. and two days later on sunday the army finally in the once a way statement of a possible transition to civilian government what are some of your thoughts we want from you and we wish. that everybody reaches an agreement in a short period of time we need to find an agree on an independent and a national figure to become prime minister. no timeline given no names in the ring the role of the army remains unclear instead the appointment of another military figure to keep position. to move out of there now it's the appointment of
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a new intelligence chief. booka mustapha. on monday five thousand people blocked an attempt by the army to break up of the protest camp outside the defense ministry this after the army brought in truck to to remove the barricades. the fall off amal bashir is the latest in a wave of changes sweeping away many of africa's longest serving rule is just days before bashir was pushed out of office abilities bush a fake off algeria was ousted off to weeks of protests the military eventually turned on the eighty two year old and he was forced to resign after nearly two decades in power before which if eco was zimbabwe's rabbit mugabe who was removed from office in twenty seventeen off to thirty four years the difference here is there were no protest at least not the kind we've seen in algeria and sudan but it's the military was instrumental in helping the faction of mugabe's party that
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profit his step now among africa's remaining long serving the leaders all paul b.-a of cameroon the eighty six year old one who lost his presidential election with and with thirty seven years in office is currently the longest ruling non royal leader in the world uganda's un with seventy trails not too far behind at thirty three is in office now my guest today wrote an opinion piece he titled africa extinction of the dinosaurs in the article published in all africa dumisani malaya sais it's the end of an era for african dictators the journalist and political commentator joins me now from zimbabwe as capital. welcome to. africa mr malaya we've seen a pass in here of military intervention. in terms of these long ruling leaders and you've written that elections in many countries in africa are a militia raid so for the countries that are still holding these long really need
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protests and then military intervention looking like the only way change can come about in these countries. it is the phenomena of military intervention in this country is in these african countries as we have seen in in zimbabwe in algeria and so it's fundamentally a product of a failed electoral process is failed to look for systems. of people have been given so many opportunities to vote and tried to express themselves and should change in their countries those systems failed them and as a result you see in the intervention of the military in. algeria in zimbabwe before that in sudan is primarily because the person sees the electoral process is notes leads into mates they are made
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a sherry and the people when they fail to free the expression of those processes they end up to bring up with the military in order to effect change ok but you sort of alluded in that opinion piece you sort of teaming up with the military to baria words as an unconstitutional removal of the dictators and then you say that that makes the transition from dictatorship to democracy complicated are you saying that that's what we've seen in algeria and sudan and what is the prospect of democracy for these countries. yeah it makes it very complicated because when the military gets involved in the politics to begin with is undemocratic it's unconstitutional although it is desirable because most of these people are in forces with the military to overthrow a dictator as they would have been trying the electoral process is in failing they would have been appreciated and failed leadership and they failed economic polices for a long time so they end up. in the process of teaming up with the military you create
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a new problem because when you overthrow the constitution you overthrow the dictator has now you three is a huge challenge of secession from dictate. the democrats are. very very different democratic institutions when they get involved in politics they will do things the way they nor best which is the commander way and the that is my first thing is for the prison to be the zimbabwe. is that are made by the heavily militarized that is why you are having a very difficult transition because the military itself is not a democratic institution and they would really want to ensure. that remember in the first place they involved primarily because they wanted to solve any problem. their positions right and indeed to be. so they were not in the first place to democratize the process so that this experience of the probabilities because of the
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real reason why they were involved in the first place which was to present themselves of preservation ok mr mann i want to get to the question here and that is in this piece that i'm referencing you talk about now being this full of dictators this is this is the end of the era you say and i'm i'm wondering why you use years so adamant up now being the time given the fact that we've seen dictators in other countries for libya for example why you adamant about now being the time. knowledge is. really watched because. that is great. because people power if you just say we want to break the arab spring you saw it we've. uprisings in north africa the middle east the people are taking the power in to be on his to confront the one of them in egypt who was a long serving dictates i was and he was overthrown during that period and we also
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saw the same situation happening in tunisia so when people begin to feel that they can be able to effect a change through uprisings through the streets the politics of. there's truths about them that would buy loads to introduce a new dynamic and that new demanded be dynamic was playing itself out in zimbabwe algeria and also don so it is clear that we now have different kinds of politics who brought a kind of pull it was bring also is in africa and about is that indicative i was across the because i was maybe remain in power journalist and political commentator do recently have from how that is the bob we thank you. it's a month since. we have to have a south east africa the storm killed more than one thousand people in mozambique some bubbly and malawi hundreds of people are still missing as a result of his afia flooding that hit the region the world bank estimates that three million people are still suffering the ofter effects off the natural disaster one of the worst affected places was the port city of beira in walls and be our
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correspondent. with the mayor there men who is fighting a daily battle to overcome the emergency left by the storm and for his city. every day the mongo does a two of his city inspecting the reconstruction of beirut with the destruction of saigon the da is divisible everywhere the mayor is determined to stay in close contact with the residents of the man who is trying hearts but he can't always help the mayor is part of an opposition party after the cyclon he strongly criticized the central government for its slow response the city's annual budget is only about thirteen million viewers it was real very difficult we went heating heating heating until the understood that the need. we need they need us we need them we need everybody that's why i spoke to the got us i spoke to the center and i told them
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that we need to join forces and i'm happy that. by now eight organizations active all of her town the water supply has been restored to parts of the city have electricity again but they are also setbacks the number of malaria cases is on the rice and despite massive many stations was a big has reported more than three thousand five hundred color cases i may see mangled meets eight workers in an improvised hospital i gets an update on the situation and wants to know how he can help you have to talk to the people sensitized i mean you have to tell them how to avoid caller they have to boil their drinking water the doctors working here there's still wiring because there's still some cases coming in and we need to stop it i hope we don't we are going to do that the most in support of myself and my team to be on the ground talking to the people advising them the care they need to do sure that we're going to stop it. the next
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problems are waiting so see mungo is hitting the road again full of optimism and drive despite the difficult situation for the challenge i feel. the challenge here . i feel dad's subject has to be god and i feel as a product of this someone has to do something. so i feel great so i feel. there's a blessing was a choice to phrase yeah this exhaust guy's abysmal joys my god the first child of his when we were at the front so it's among those next big plans and i want a conference in may he wants to collect more aids money for the reconstruction of his city so the people of prayer i can livea once again like they did before cyclon he died. and that is it from africa you can catch well story is on out website and facebook page we need you now with images of the real jazz festival
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which finished at the weekend in cape it by finale. to the from the to. blow the libs would lose. it would be. the end of. the. earth. home two days of species. a home or see if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps became global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world would like to use the country such to splinter solutions and to be forced into. the current interactive content to choose the next generation doesn't want to
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touch it they move to zing all channels available to inspire people to change action and more determined to do something here for the next. the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. welcome to news from the world of arts and culture and we have a very special performance of veggies requiem in a very special place conducted by a very special man also coming up. old sons of musician an artist. has a new album out and is my guest in the studio. and in our continuing series one hundred must reads if you like black you must sibylla
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live it show off novel i pod start off could be for you. the greek russian conductor ted all correct says divides opinion in the world of classical music some called him the savior of classical music in the twenty first century others are disturbed by his musical showmanship considering it overdone too much for the console they say well over the weekend he gave a much anticipated performance of it is requiem with his own song music a tanna in the milan church where it originally had its premiere way back in one thousand nine hundred. fifteen recognisable the past sixty s. a re the day of rock one of the climax is intercept you.


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