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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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any one of them. such. as collation from the e.u. brussels publishes a twenty billion dollar catalogue of u.s. products it could it be a terrorist response to washington's earlier list. also want to show portugal is running out of gas to strike a fuel tanker drivers enters its third day of the worsening energy shortage.
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and proposing twelve hundred horsepower and up celebrating to one hundred kilometers per hour just to win a house that could feel like trick hypercar of a collaboration startup is giving the traditional auto industry a run for its money. welcome to the business i'm joined now the milan in berlin thanks for joining us it's the latest development in a decades long transatlantic tussle over aviation subsidies has come up with a list of twenty billion dollars worth of u.s. products that could be hit by terrorists it's a response to what it says are unfair subsidies to american plane maker boeing it comes after washington published its own list of european products attacks over what it claims is illegal state aid to the ropes or bust now all eyes are on the world trade organization for a way out of what could turn into a tit for tat spiral. planes.
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handbags suitcases and cigarettes are all part of the e.u. use eleven page list of u.s. imports worth twenty billion dollars but could soon be hit with tariffs it would come into play if the u.s. goes ahead with its own plans to levy tariffs in the aircraft subsidy dispute but any final decision on levels of harm and compensation will not be decided by either the e.u. or the u.s. now when it comes to the possible this issue. used countermeasures that decision has to be established in light of the final decision of the. area traitor that we expect to come in the near future washington and brussels are already in conflict after u.s. president donald trump subjected e.u. steel and many of imports to punitive tariffs the e.u. responded with duties on two point eight billion euros of u.s. imports the latest airplane subsidy tariff list is open to consultation until may
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the thirty first and could still be revised and both sides have said they would prefer a settlement that did not involve tariffs joining me now is carter our financial correspondent on wall street good to see you well all this week they declared its preparedness to start formal trade talks with the u.s. how would you assess sentiment out of washington also given this development. well especially u.s. president donald trump has said that when it comes to trade jim europe is probably as bad as china he called trade dealings of hugh rob brutal at some point so i'm quite certain that he will not be responding too well to those threats i'm having that said if you talk to analysts here around to wall street and washington most people still believe that there will not be an escalation in the trade dealings between the u.s.
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and the european union what i hear is that the e.u. could retaliate in a very targeted fashion we've heard what products might be at stake here and it is doubtful that the u.s. president donald trump will really risk any threatening to the u.s. economy especially as we're getting closer and closer to the next presidential election so even if the talks might be heating up a bit there is still hope that this dispute can be settled well speaking of hope yet fresh figures so that the u.s. trade deficit has narrowed more than expected is this a reason for optimism despite all that political posturing. it certainly is a good sign overall for the u.s. economy and for possible future grows in february that's where we got the numbers for we saw exports from the u.s.
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increasing more than imports and probably that there was a little bit of soft inning in the trade talks between china and the u.s. played a major factor for example soybean exports increased them quite a bit and talking about china there were none not confirmed reports that both sides might be aiming to come up with a deal by memorial day would be by the end of may but we had said. earlier and so far they haven't materialized but also talking about hope so there are some signs that we might get a deal between the u.s. and china soon eternal optimism from one's carter there on wall street thank you very much. the portuguese government has declared an energy crisis gas stations are running dry as eight hundred fuel tanker drivers continue to strike over pay and working conditions it's the worst industrial unrest the current administration has seen and especially motorists are feeling the effects of long
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lines formed at gas stations across portugal many no longer have fuel on offer the strike has brought supplies to critically low levels it's all they're fighting for what they think is fair and i think they should fight i just gave them the right i think we all have the right to go on strike but it's really incredible that it causes this chaos you can hardly fill a tank any way. possible. and the shortages were felt at airports in the capitalised and pharo in the algarve region the country's biggest tourism hubs some airlines are refueling their planes before they land in portugal to have enough for their return flights. the fuel truck drivers are striking for better pay and working conditions they're demanding a basic income of twelve hundred euros a month up from the current seven hundred euros. we're ready to work but we want to see a problem so if the chances of that are looking slim at the moment as the employer
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association antrim is remaining tough and the same country has always been available to negotiate but this must be done that side the context of a strike should be no negotiation under pressure and with a strike and charm will not start any type of negotiation with the unions because on the third day of the strike the fuel truck drivers agreed to provide essential supplies to hospitals airports and military facilities but as the strike continues fuel shortages are worsening across the country. now to some of the other business stories making news around the world once india's largest airline jet airways says it is suspending operations after failing to find lenders. to keep it aloft the airline is sitting on more than a billion dollars in debt jet airways pilots complain that they haven't been paid in four months a total of twenty thousand jobs are at stake. spanish police say they've arrested
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two men they called the country's most active distributors of counterfeit twenty euro bills they seize notes with a total forged value of over thirty thousand euros a large number of fake twenty year old bills were also found in the two suspects vehicle the race to build the next best electric car is on and there's one contender coming out of croatia made by ultimately remote's a start up by young croatian engineers they're competing with the likes of test lot in the battle for the hearts and minds for the environmentally conscious and super rich. it boasts twelve hundred horsepower and can excel or it from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in a mere two and a half seconds and with a top speed of more than three hundred cammy electric hybrid cars parked through ation automaker remounts are among the fastest in the world there assembled by young croatians and marketed by
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a team headed by march along in. the main difference between the months and another manufacturer is that they're still quite a small team we're still very quick so we act and we. started with the electric power trains we didn't shift from one of the phonology to another so from combustion engine show electric but we this is this was our work from the beginning . we are still very much a rematch founded the company ten years ago when he was twenty one pounds back then he was an innovative tinkerer installing electric engines into all b.m.w. is. today remote so to believe headquartered near zagreb employs nearly five hundred people the engineers develop the cars from scratch with all components created by the company the cars are limited editions after all a remotes can cost up to a million euros the innovations have attracted investors porsche and two chinese
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companies own stakes in remounts they want to profit from the technical know how of the croatian firm now where we traditionally. show a big one of production we will never go mass market not with the cars not with the components but we will go bigger so currently we are able to supply hundreds of units of batteries. electric motors in fact and systems re much is an exceptional kind of business in croatia tourism is the main pillar of the economy here economic recovery has been slow compared to other eastern european even members many educated young people are emigrating and croatian entrepreneurs have a bad reputation. well the culture sometimes leans towards and supreme is being kind of peeves dishonest because of experiences in the transition process in the night
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is in today's a lot of corruption scandals that happened recently and during the ninety's. still despite offers to move production abroad remounts is sticking with its location in croatia it's currently planning a new factory with production lines for batteries and power trains and with c two hypercar. and that's it for me in the business team here in berlin for more business news and features check out the w dot com slash business or follow us on facebook and on twitter thank you so much for watching.
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i am but i stand up and whimper that. thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes the question put in here think the future of the country that i now know the time. needed seems to think his grandmother there. it's cold out there. i might show join me for meet the jetman sunday w. post. welcome to arts and culture french president amount of oil mccraw wants not random completely restored in five years can it be done that's a question i'll be asking one of europe's top restoration experts in just a minute also coming up. the reigning queen of pop and of marketing beyond say drops a new surprise album at the same time as a new documentary is released. pat and why does sweden's connect the
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brute contain income from a squid and has it gets a crunch in our resident baking expert a new correspondent has the answers. and joining me now in the studios professor young of our from the university of plied sciences and potsdam where he's the professor of restoration and conservation thank you for coming in obviously shocking pictures for zola monday night but the good news if you like is the towers have survived indeed a lot of the main structure of not to dom has it seems. what do you think is going to be the most difficult part of restoring this gothic monster piece i think after having overcome the talk the main thing many tasks will be to get an general overview of the losses and the damages to a kid.


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