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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2019 8:30am-8:46am CEST

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completely new things and talk of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher see the. cultural out of the darkest religion into a new. place probably no place anywhere in the when things were invented in such quick succession of. the renaissance. starts april twenty second w. the clash over cuba. fresh tensions between the e.u. and the united states as the u.s. allows its citizens to sue european companies who have invested in properties seized by the cuban state. and from companies balsa presidential contender terry gould the billionaire founder of tyler names electronics make a folk song says
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a god has told him to run for president of taiwan. this state of your business i. welcome to trade tensions between the e.u. and the us may flare up again this time over cuba the white house is increasing pressure on have on with a new law u.s. citizens who have fled cuba and have property confiscated by the cuban government can now take legal action against foreign firms and individuals who use these properties the decision could affect many companies from the e.u. especially spanish ones that have business interests in the caribbean island. the new u.s. restrictions on cuba are set to effectively keep foreign investors out of the communist country today we're holding the cuban government accountable for seizing american assets were helping those in the regime is rob get compensation for their rightful property and were vets and human rights and democracy on behalf of the cuban people. the cuban people are already struggling with
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a range of economic and social problems the country desperately needs foreign currency to pay for imports the crisis in venezuela spilling over every day supplies are becoming scarce or supermarket shelves are empty and people face long lines for basic supplies like chicken cooking oil and eggs. but things could get even worse warns cuban communist party leader raul castro in a speech to the national assembly last week he said his country would never give up its solidarity with them as a way something which has prompted the u.s. to tighten its restrictions on cuba. should the u.s. decide to sanction companies doing business with the caribbean island it would affect thousands of european investors the e.u. envoy in havana protested a little we believe that this will have it it will be self-defeating obviously this
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will create even more confusion more deterrence and more confusion for foreign investment. for the e.u. the change to u.s. policy on cuba comes at an awkward moment just as brussels prepares to negotiate a trade agreement with washington spain which is heavily invested in cuba says it wants the e.u. to challenge the u.s. move it the world trade organization. germany's biggest lender dodge bank is in trouble again this time for an alleged involvement in a twenty billion dollar money laundering scheme involving the russian mafia dubbed the global laundromats in a confidential internal report by the banks and the financial crime unit seen by the guardian newspaper admits the scandal hurt its brand it also states the bank could lose customers investor confidence and market value over its russian criminals with links to the kremlin use the scheme between twenty ten and twenty fourteen to move money into the western financial system investigators say the cash
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involved could total up to eight hundred billion dollars. now let's bring in the financial correspondent in frankfurt. is there a big uproar now going on in frankfurt there are they people saying well you know we're used to that kind of stuff from georgia benz. it's really more the latter get hard it's more like a man moment you know we've heard that all before this particular story isn't all new anyway the russian laundromat as it was called was active most of between two thousand and ten and two thousand and fourteen this has all been no one really new is just how much torture bunk new for the last a year after they have started looking into it and obviously is right in there is says that that it's going to cost them like you said here client attrition of course loss of investor confidence and a decline in market share and market value although that's declined in market value we're not seeing this today because as i said this story is not new shares look to
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be strong for the last trading day before the is still weekend but of course we have to keep in mind that georgia funk shares once used to trade around fifty bucks and that down under eight right now the law is very brief he doesn't have an impact on the merger talks with with georgia but with commands bond and. not much for sure because as i said this is all old news but it might just give comics punk pause once again and make them wonder is this really in the park not that you want of course in a merger like that especially since there are other options we have reported previously that i n g from holland is interested as well as a commerce bank will definitely have a closer look at these details let's also thank you now from company balsa presidential contender terry go the billionaire founder of taiwanese an x. twenty exeunt foxconn said that he's stepping down from his post to run for president
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of taiwan already the richest man in the country he now wants to become the most powerful one at a sensitive time both taiwan politically and economically. foxconn chairman terry goos run for president is divinely inspired at least that's what he said in this temple to the sea goddess matsu he claims that matsu came to him in a dream encouraging him to step up for the taiwanese people that's quite an endorser and as it is but it's his close ties to china that may get him on the ticket he plans to run in the primaries of the opposition kuomintang party but stresses it's not a done deal yet. i am willing to participate in the primary elections. we did i am not willing to accept being appointed without being elected. again if elected i will represent the core mean tongue in the
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twenty twenty contest or forty. if i am not elected it means that i didn't try hard enough. look. at the korean tongue favors closer relations with china where foxconn has a dozen factories with more than a million employees making it the largest private employer in the country it's a challenge to taiwan's current more independence minded government at a time when relations between taipei in beijing are strained this correspondent joins us now from paid so what can we think of a man who tells us this see god as mart soon tells him to run for president and what actually qualifies him his success as a fox. yes. terry clay and the sea goddess madhu told him in his dream that he should run for president next year of course is just
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a way to legitimize his intention and in fact yes been thinking over it for quite a while and as the richest man in taiwan and the c.e.o. of fuss khan. is called taiwanese version of the trump and he benefited from the view in taiwan after the presidential victory of donald trump that trump was is that this whole business man with no prior political experience and two in public takes and with lots of investment in china and u.s. who has been building friendly relationship with both chinese and u.s. government officials however his pro china image should make people doubt if he could run taiwan's government independently it beijing pressure pressures him but he emphasized that you only want to promote peace and prosperity between china and taiwan but you mention the close ties business ties that he has to john is cozying up to taiwan's a mighty neighbor the right way to go for the comfort maybe. well
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i guess the economic influence from china still plays and very important role the chinese government they are trying really hard to lure more taiwanese talent to china with the with its strong economy at the same time beijing also wants to strengthen ties between china china and taiwan after the pro independence taiwanese president took office in two thousand and sixteen and now with lots of people concerned about the nomic development in taiwan is coming as a very possible candidate because he is good at doing business and many people know it however his company fos com has has come under fire about its working conditions and high suicide rates in china over the years so he is controversial at some point will taiwan really prosper if he rules i guess only goddess of the sea would know the answer to the question thank you very much now when you think of
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the fashion world you think of paris or new york where these days you find that shanghai has become a new hub of fashion as well will and heels in china want luxury items and follow the newest trends and increasingly these trends are said by so-called fashion influences on instagram and other social media sites. here in shanghai top american designers latest collection is being presented to a select group of guests. and when john la was one of the most special neither a movie star nor a part musician she sick a.o.l. a key opinion leader on social media a fashion influence there. have advantages where fast we work with our phones and we post what we see directly and as private individuals we can get closer to people. study design
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she became a style icon through her instagram posts and fashion blogs hundreds of thousands of people follow what she wears and what she has to say about style issues. after an hour she's off to her next appointment. she travels the fashion capitals of the globe but she finds shanghai the most exciting city of all. europe is highly developed in terms of fashion. but the pace there are slowing down . here in china we're very happy about that because we're facing a great future. of unexpected great things will be happening here. next opposition all. can live from her work as a social media presence at the moment she takes care of her business herself even
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use a basement parking lot as a dressing room. ready for her next appearance global influencers like the thirty one year olds are not only watched by their own generation companies are also keen to identify them studies say that around a third of the world's luxury goods are bought by chinese and rising around four hundred million people in china are aged eighteen to thirty five more than the entire population of the united states and these millenniums are eager to consume not surprisingly says when. and that's it from me and the business team here in berlin for more business news on background that's all web site has devalued. business thanks for watching stay tuned for also calls.
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sometimes books more exciting than real life. turns. once there's no escape. list. german must treat.
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here's what's coming up going to sleep so much news men jamie get this thing. going to go to such a cold out means for the taking of course. the money is legal every weekend here. welcome to arts and culture french president amount of oil mccraw wants not completely restored in five years can it be done that's a question i'll be asking one of europe's top restoration experts in just a minute also coming up. the reigning queen of pop and of marketing beyond
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say drops a new surprise album at the same time as a new documentary is released. and why does sweden's connect uproot contain increment squint and has it gets a crunchy our resident banking expert a new correspondent has the answers. and joining me now in the studio is professor young of our from the university of plywood sciences and pottstown where he's the professor of restoration and conservation thank you for coming in obviously shocking pictures result on monday night but the good news if you like is the towers have survived indeed a lot of the main structure of not to dom has it seems. what do you think is going to be the most difficult part of restoring this gothic monster piece i think after having overcome the talk the main thing many tasks will be
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to get an general overview of the losses and the damages to kill it.


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