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dnd was about to end foot as so congratulations touchin and he's team and he said and i'm the best for the semifinals. spurs and their coach murray it's your culture tino were on cloud nine now they prepare to tackle the final four of europe's elite competition for just the second time in the club's history. at the top of the xoom house of business news africa next. link to news from africa. or link to exceptional stories and discussion. of easy to our website deputed comes to. join us on facebook. for.
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decades on zimbabwe's white farmers south africa helping to suppress their case against the full seizure of their land. to find out old. chicken hatcheries had made in booking a fast so saving huge costs and boosting productivity. and you know
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this isn't the making of a horror movie cockroaches destined for the dinner plate and the use in medicines. i've been visible in let's do business zimbabwe is celebrating independence day but no one celebrating the economy thirty nine years of independence from colonial rule and public anger is only growing over president damaged the man of god was failure to revive the economy for a long ruled left in ruins and the situation is still a catastrophe ninety percent unemployment and perennial food shortages following the seizure of land from white commercial farmers two decades ago zimbabwe was still able to achieve economic growth of close to three and a half percent last year but the outlook for this year is very different the international monetary fund for costs minus five point two percent is a lack of funds for investments how the anyone is prepared to lend to zimbabwe
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rapid inflation would eat that away anyway just a year ago inflation was in check but it's shot up to almost fifty seven percent and the situation is getting worse by the day the un reckons if a five million people are in danger of starvation well zimbabwe is trying to get back its white farmers many of whom moved abroad long ago some are now suing south africa for helping the gobby to suppress their case for compensation let's talk about that and the economy with privilege here e who's in the capital harare for us first of all zimbabwe's already offered white farmers some money for the investments they made on their seized properties but they want compensation for their land what's what's the chances what are the chances of them getting that from south africa.
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their case that the putting in the south african courts it is difficult for them it's an up task because you look at south africa itself right now it is going through the same process that zimbabwe went through to wanting to expropriate land without compensation so you find that yes they may approach this african courts but . for them to get a favorable judgment it is difficult to see that and the other issues that are going to south africa yes it happened so that figure by then it supported the dissolution of the south africa the southern african tribunals court which had i why did the white farmers. be tricia and you know for them to get compensation but then. how that judgment then would be implemented for them to get compensation for their land and even the improvement that they've done on the land
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in zimbabwe it is quite in. africa one may see how it is the how is it going to or not that and even pay for land which is not diction privilege tell me more about the economy first of all inflation how did it get so high. the inflation in zimbabwe. if you look back it's these are historical issues dating back from the time when former president robert mugabe was to be in power economy has been in ruins and now coming to. what they're now calling the second republic you may recall that earlier this year there was a sharp increase in fuel and that has caused a lot of increases in prices and even in inflation yes
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inflation is course by an increase in money supply but. if you want to look at it it is because there are shortages that have been created by the sharp increase or fuel and this is had in effect across their war economy because businesses are now increasing prices especially if you look at this week people are crying foul because prices of commodities sharply. and the explanation is difficult to get even from economist and even government to say how is the justification of that the sharp increase in duties even the president today when he was addressing the. gathering for the celebrations for independence the thirty ninth the celebration in the celebrations he mentioned that you know and they don't want to go the route of going to price controls they want market forces to
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determine but it's difficult to control inflation because of the price of fuel. most fun here for us in harare thank you very much. now to some of the other business stories making news interests initial public offering has price the photo sharing platform above expectations at twelve point seven billion dollars it launched in new york with an initial share price above the original proposal interest claims hundreds of millions of users a decorate their inboards with pictures of food fashion travel. amazon is pulling out of the chinese market the online retail giant is closing its interest internet store rather in china in july it's a significant setback for the company amazon has struggled to win over customers from local rivals and j.d. dot com. and the jury is minimum wages rising from the equivalent of fifty nine
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dollars a month to ninety eight dollars it's the first hike in seven years the cost of living has become a key issue in africa's most populous state where a lot of people live on less than two dollars a day. incubating over a thousand eggs all at once that something new when booking a fast so we hardly anyone can afford modern equipment but that's why these next pharma builds his own hatcheries. it's just a simple box but it's a great innovation for bikini. countries sell it go go study dr culture in turkey and brought the incubator technology home from there and he adopted the system to the needs of a country in the south hell's own. was it that the demand for incubators was enormous here and work enough ah so it's something completely new of course incubators have been around for a long time but the important equipment is simply too expensive for the average
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chicken farmer with our handmade incubators we really have opened up a huge gap in the market. interest in the much. one of his clients is matthew kohut in addition to his job the official a set up a chick farm in the heart of the capital ouagadougou by chance he saw an ad on social media but that's what gave him the idea of the chicks in the first place. operation for my show. three days of training in incubator handling so then i discussed with the managing director mr sourdough go see what an incubator would look like to fit my needs why don't. we refine the initial designs and then we finally came up with the solutions takes all of my problems into account that if it can. conform take. you to frequent power outages you had a semi automatic incubator built. twice
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a day he has to turn the eggs by hand. every ten days two hundred chicks hatch in his living room. the equivalent of sixty euros per successful batch. to do such a study it isn't i'm very satisfied with his results of again we has about eighty percent touching success and that's very good advantage of the incubator is that we can control everything isn't the customer again and again this is on a just the incubator is according to the climactic conditions you to click on. the demand is huge the country consumes forty million chickens on you only eighty percent of the chicks are imported at high prices mostly from the ivory coast are gonna also. from france with local incubators made in ouagadougou the cost decrease . business is booming the company now has four employees and sells an average of five incubators a week for the equivalent of one hundred forty euros. and if you don't like
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a chicken maybe this next story will interest you fragrant and crispy guess what is serving up at this next chinese restaurant cockroaches breeders insists the insects are clean and tasty and working with chefs to make them a delicacy a warning report contains a lot of bugs. imagine having a million cockroaches in your home the stuff of nightmares but that is the case for leaving can i and he couldn't be happier as a breeder he sees them as his children he also thinks they're delicious. and. a lot of people think it's disgusting and call them pests the ones that we print here american cockroaches are in a hygiene ik environment the profit feed to nothing synthetic we feed them corn flour fruits and vegetables so medicinal value is also very high also low in.
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cockroaches have been a documented part of chinese medicine since the sixteenth century for their perceived detoxifying qualities and that's why last year lee was able to sell a ton of his dried insects to a pharmaceutical firm for ninety thousand yuan or thirteen and a half thousand dollars billy's passion project is to turn roaches into a delicacy that's why he's been working with the chef of a local restaurant in sichuan province. as there was a youngster though these are farm cockroaches not from the wild so there isn't any bacteria after cooking at a high heat it's fragrant and krispy. kreme serves up around thirty dishes a month to cockroach hungry dynas your didn't buy their claim to health benefits combined with such one signature spicy source after a few tentative first bites what they think. it's
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tasty and crisp and it's really nutritious. it's my first time eating cockroaches i used to kill the ones i sort of home but i think they're delicious. not bad for something that might otherwise have ended up on the bottom of your shoe. didn't kill them well they say you can't take it with you in ghana extravagant coffins symbolize the profession's of the deal the departed or say something about their personality for a shoemaker a giant a shoe casket a farmer might get to chicken coffin or a state one many people are gonna believe the deceased will continue their jobs in the afterlife no rest for the dead. nice doing business with.
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oddly enough husband is held up by a long it's not easy to go to another country you know nothing about. this up because we can't stay on his way and. closely global news that matters. made for martin's odd.
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to the news. channel. good morning stood. with exclusive. the must see concerning part. of the. curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscriber don't miss out. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes so dad one week off to omar al bashir al steps protest it's all stood on the streets and they vow to keep demonstrating until the trial. power from the military is complaints. from people wanting a fall of out of a share of the well he felt they got. the sounds for those who want to the fall of
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the regime well the regime will still hear the good will. and as a symbol be a small fish unite independents.


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