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yes this is the. first. this is deja vu news live from berlin a mixed verdict that could prove troublesome for u.s. president donald trump no collusion with russia but some attempts to influence the course of justice the u.s. government publishes the much anticipated results of the investigation into russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election also coming out rioting in northern ireland leads to one woman dead twenty one years after the signing of the good friday peace deal police say it is terrorism and they launch a murder investigation. and the candidates in ukraine's upcoming presidential election give blood samples to prove their sobriety we'll find out what else is different about ukraine's unusual election.
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i'm sunni so much condit's going to have you with us u.s. president donald trump try to influence the course of an investigation into russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election that is one of the conclusions of the muller report that's been published in redacted form in the u.s. but a special counsel robert mueller stopped short of charging trump he could not reach a concrete legal conclusion that obstruction had taken place donald trump says the report marks the end of a hoax but democrats say there are still questions that have to be investigated. game over that's what donald trump tweeted after the release and redacted form of the miller report he appears to think his worries arose out of arriving in florida for the used to break he was characteristically bullish.
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the report found trump made numerous attempts to obstruct the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election but miller said he could not conclusively determine the trump had committed a criminal act he also detailed extensive contacts between the trump campaign and russia but said they too didn't amount to a criminal conspiracy trump's advisor kellyanne conway said it was case closed very accepting apologies today too for anybody who feels that grace in offering them there was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any russians that report makes very clear that this white house and this president and none of us got in their way but democrats say it's far from clear that the president didn't try to obstruct the course of justice. the idea that the report proves no obstruction is completely at odds with hundreds of pages in the report which documented efforts by the president to undermine the investigation democrats are demanding that an an redirected version of the report is made available to
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congress allowing them to continue the investigation if the special counsel as he made clear had found evidence exonerating the president he would have said so he did not he left that issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it for trump the miller report is finally behind him but the twenty twenty alexion czar looming and his political opponents are unlikely to be so accommodating. or at let's get another perspective on the story we have henrico with us from the think tank the german council on foreign relations he's an expert on u.s. politics and good morning to you so as we heard the report details attempts by trump to influence the course of the investigation but still there have been no charges explain why the special counsel felt there was no legal grounds to pursue charges here i think it could be proved or shown that trump had tried to obstruct justice that he had tried to to. order the removal of himself and things. that
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but these orders have not been carried out as now obviously it's not only the fulfillment of that the that is illegal but also the attempt to do it and the intention so it shows clearly of course that trump knew there might be a danger that he was willing to obstruct justice but obviously there was no no clear case of him being guilty in having completed the task now another issue is that. the. federal attorney does not indict the president there is a rule that this man actually doesn't do it and. now in the hands of the of congress and. didn't feel like instruct or to to demand the congress. to do pre-decided what the congress would decide on this issue so it had he handed over the whole task to. the representatives and the senators and as you said now it is up to congress because robert miller did not exonerate
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donald trump either can donald trump put the allegations of collusion behind him now or is there really a way forward for democrats to pursue an investigation and also some dissenting republicans perhaps i think that the collusion part is possibly the weakest here because it could be shown that of course they have been contact and talks but to prove that there has been a cooperation according nation of activities. to have russia interfere into the into the campaign is difficult if not impossible so then there might be not be a conclusion of that sort but what about a way forward for impeachment proceedings for example because they don't have to prove criminal action there but rather the president is unfit for the office. the leadership of the democratic party has already said even in the in the house of representatives they're not really eager to pursue that because they know that in the end the senate must approve and the senators are like pro trump they don't want
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to kill the president in the run up to a president until election so there will be booby of this debt and in that regard and so they would rather have hearings and subpoena people and try to to find out. what the report has left as obama what was blacked out to keep the pressure on trump and keep the attention up but i think impeachment is not likely what do you think this means for the remainder of this term of donald trump's presidency and also his chances for reelection. i think it will haunt him the issue. there will be the constant news constant new revelations from the report and from the hearings how he stumbled through that process how he tried to. elbow the. attorney and of course look bad for him but all of that looks good for many of his voters they only read his tweets they don't really follow the liberal side of the
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commentary it's a very polarized country and even if they see look he was he was doing things wrong but he's still a strong president and i would rather have him president than any democrat in a polarized environment as in the united states that might be enough so he's shown once again and again that he's a businessman and no politician and i think this is trademark red herring week a from the german council on foreign relations thank you for sharing your insight with us this morning. now to some other stories making news around the world huge crowds have gathered in the sudanese capital khartoum to pressure the governing military council to immediately cede power to civilians protesters responded to social media appeals and joined a sit in outside the defense ministry the demonstrations are the largest since the military ousted longtime president omar al bashir one week ago. on the portuguese island madera german foreign minister visited the site of a bus crash that killed twenty nine german tourists on wednesday evening later he
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met with survivors at a nearby hospital investigators have not yet determined why the bus went out of control in a curve. hundreds of nicaraguans defied a police band to join a holy week for session to the capital. they were marking the start of anti-government protests a year ago opposition groups say at least sixty seven people were arrested a police crackdown on last year's protests left at least three hundred twenty five people dead. in northern ireland a twenty nine year old woman was killed by gunfire during a riot in a suburb of the city of london derry people a police say the violence erupted erupted after officers conducted a search of a house in the neighborhood we have the statement from a police spokesman we have no launched a murder inquiry here in the city. we believe this to be a terrorist act we believe it's been crowded very violent this republicans are sas
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men of this time would be that the new ira are most likely to be the ones behind this and that forms our primary line of inquiry. the police identified the woman as journalist miriam the key she had reported extensively on the conflict in northern ireland and was working on a book police say she was hit while standing near a police vehicle militant groups still pose a threat to northern ireland in january a large bomb exploded outside a courthouse in londonderry but caused no casualties. thursday's violence came on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday agreement that largely ended decades long conflict between catholic irish nationalists and protestants in northern ireland but memories of the troubles are slow to fade in londonderry or derry which was the original name of the city. john donnelly is a former ira fighter from derry in his home is a small collection of treasures from the decades of warfare known as the troubles
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so many young lad. the british soldiers belt back contains photos from a secret list of wanted ira members and it doesn't matter of myself there are technically i met. this guy usually did use their informer. is an informer. and maybe it was martin mcguinness was the former provisional ira leader but later sheehan feigns chief negotiator for the good friday agreement twenty one years ago. for over three decades he and the ira for british rule in northern ireland. john donnelly was a leading political force in derry northern ireland second largest city. he was instrumental in persuading ira operatives to lay down their arms. twenty one years on the conflict seems to have been settled but for many this is
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merely a superficial arrangement donnelly says poor areas of derry are still waiting for the peace dividend to kick in since the peace agreement opened up till now already there's been no tangible progress. there's often the people can put their finger on and say look. that that that was that's what's happened to the good faith if you do that a.b. and c. . in the rosemount community center before my ira fight is a social worker helping fellows worse off. yes he and a colleague tom court also a former fighter share one of the hardest jobs. so we use a room where they're binders full of brutal stories. donnelly shows a particularly telling file. this will be of it if it the client's name where he lives. what age group nature of threat expulsion
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beaten shit in the competition are all ours and this case was a literal threat expulsion from the civic. to punish so-called anti social behavior radical elements impose vigilante justice in the poor areas of derry. this is a holdover from earlier times when the ira police made the hoods. a tradition that radical irish nationalists are carrying on today. here. a mother and her son visit a community center they want to remain anonymous york here the boy is accused of stealing a car is threatened punishment is to be shot in the leg. donnelly is trying to mediate. here and innovative to me. i talk to people of the threat. because. because we needed it. we are girly write
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a letter. a letter of apology will hopefully avert the looming threat. it's a typical day at the rosemont community center an indication that for some people in northern ireland peace has not yet returned twenty one years after the good friday agreement. now ukrainians go to the polls on sunday to choose their next president after a first round vote at the end of march the two remaining candidates are slow to messalonskee a television star or petro poroshenko the incumbent president now is a lunch he is the frontrunner he won the first ballot with more than thirty percent of the vote he is a comedian with no political experience and he's put forward very few policy proposals but his willingness to speak both ukrainian and russian has brought him a lot of support in the countries mainly russian speaking east now will put a shadow is a businessman from the confectionery industry and he is one of ukraine's wealthiest
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people he was elected in a snap vote after former pro russian president viktor yanukovych was toppled in the twenty fourteen my down revolution his reputation as a reformer has been damaged scription remains a big problem in ukraine let's bring in our correspondent in kiev nick conaway for more on this a very unusual election hi nick good to see you so a comedian could become ukraine's next president how has the lansky managed to gather so much support. good morning sue me well i think you have to understand all this that selenski is someone who's known to almost all ukrainians he's been at the top of this country show business for the last decade he didn't need to explain who he was to anyone but unlike his main competitors he hasn't been involved in frontline politics or any politics and so he's not associated with that baggage with the disappointments and the corruption of ukrainian politics in recent years so in that sense he had a kind of clean start he also led
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a very positive campaign focused on optimism something that pitcher pushing co failed to do instead focusing on kind of aggressive war rhetoric with the conflict with russia that his critics would say he's promising all things to all people he has been pretty slow to give much the way of detail of what he wants to do we were expecting to hear more on that off the first round but instead for the last two weeks he seems to be in doing his best to avoid coming face to face with let's have a look at how those last two weeks panned out. a sitting president rolling up his sleeves to give blood for drugs test live on t.v. not something most ukrainian voters ever expected to see but they did because of this man comedian and actor. president pershing because challenger has turned ukraine's politics on its head in a matter of months when selenski demanded drug and alcohol tests pershing had
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little choice but to agree after picking up just half as many votes as the lead in the first round pushing those had to play catch up with this younger rival. lympics stadium capacity seventy thousand and the place was immense he says he wants to debate with petro poroshenko no dusty t.v. studio facility who prefers to talk to his supporters direct through social media will be little feelings once again selenski throwing down the gauntlet and once again pushing go left with no other option but to agree. astonished observers with a late night reply by video message if it's the stadium you want then so be it i'll be waiting for you. travel to paris to meet him on a visit intended to underscore his diplomatic standing still and again picked him to the post meeting and his advisors hours before pushing. tension in ukraine was
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focused on the mood music between the presidential candidates and their french hosts down to the number of minutes spent at the elite palace. less than forty eight hours after his return from paris petro poroshenko was walking the turf of the stadium. with. his challenge to selenski to bring the stadium debate forward had simply been ignored with his poll ratings fly high selenski is apparently in no mood to compromise three weeks have now passed since the first round of voting but ukrainians are barely any wiser about what their presidential candidates plan to do three weeks debating the how and the way of a potential debate instead of discussing the issues of which there are more than enough in a country locked in standoff with russia with more than a million refugees and millions more leaving the country in search of work out critics argue that's no coincidence they say as
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a new comments politics he has little to win and much to lose debating the details of being president today ukrainians have one last chance to hear their next president whoever that will be set out his vision before they go to the polls that is if selenski can finally agree on the terms of the debate. you know you said yourself a little bit earlier that vladimir is given very little in the way of detail or policy proposals so what could you crane actually look like if you were to become president. well sumi has spoken a lot about fighting corruption stripping members of parliament of their immunity as a way of doing that also modernizing ukraine's government systems digitalisation but i think it's really worth seeing this as more a promise of generational change in a static change the new generation coming to power in the way of kind of detailed
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manifesto promises we haven't had all too much he has broadly stayed on line with what the current government is doing by saying he's not going to try and solve that conflict by force also saying that he'd continue ukraine's cooperation with its western lenders interesting thing will be to see if tonight we do get that debate and if we hear more detail from him what it sounds like now if they do meet in the olympic stadium they won't be on a single stage they haven't been able to agree instead they'll be on separate stages at either end of the football field and make a lot of people are asking what russia's role is in all of this does moscow have a preferred candidate here. here's the thing the candidate who actually travel to moscow before the first round euro boyko something that had been a common feature of ukrainian politics in the past he only came fourth place i think the war really has changed the tone here and being seen as too friendly with moscow doesn't pay off in ukrainian elections but on the other hand there is a lot of interest in this election in russia certainly i think there is
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a certain level of exhaust system for russian observers about elections that don't have a predestined outcome spokesman saying that he be watching these debates if they happen tonight. it's clear that he is the candidate of the kind of the cold standoff with russia he has pitched presidency on this alecky by contrast i think has a bit more wiggle room and a bit more flexibility to maybe try and shake things up and talk to president putin in russia direct in a way that i think there's no going back for petro poroshenko after five years of this conflict all right nick connelly our correspondent covering the election in ukraine for us nick thank you. right much. to mozambique now and the country is still continuing to struggle with devastation from cyclonic die especially in the port city of bear up ninety percent of buildings there were damaged many people have been displaced it is a similar story along the country's coast nearly two million people are still in need of help our correspondent chris chappell to the community of water and sent us
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this report. these fields where jackie's only source of income they were in fact her entire life she has always lived in farm tear with her family but this year everything changed. when of in this corner used to look much better than the sign clone hit and everything died a day later the floods came and wiped down everything we lost everything we grew rice over there it's all gone now too we've already used up all the rice from last year that we're waiting for this year's harvest all the corn and all the rice everything's gone. a month ago cycle on the dice swept through destroying homes in the region many people are still sleeping out in the open or intense. most people here. rely on foods distributions just the wife but it's also the case
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that jackie and her family. this is the first international food aid to reach the local people here one month after the cyclon hit aid organizations have delivered badly needed rice beans and all the jackie is really. because of it we have way too much we suffered for so long and had nothing to eat day after day we just got by and the remains of whatever vegetables we could find. just today more than two thousand families came for rations most of the people here are farmers and they wait impatiently as the food is distributed. under water for quite some time so they are affected in some locations even in the cities of. almost west so you can imagine the. kind
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of water on the crops. we expect this community to be fair for quite some time. more than are finding in this area. that jackie has arrived back home or at least what is left of it her previous home was completely destroyed in the cycle with the help of her neighbors the sixty one year old managed to build a small hats everything that jackie could save is in here it is also where she and three family members sleep. nevertheless at least they finally have rise to cook the family has not eaten a proper meal for weeks now. of course i'm happy right now but then again not really because when the food here is gone i don't know where i'll get more and i don't know what will happen i don't have any money nothing to. rebuild my house with. me. there's
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a glimmer of hope in jackie's field at least a neighbor gave her a few seeds and they're just now starting to sprout if everything goes to plan and she could be eating her own crops again in about six months time. to sports now and then football german team made a remarkable comeback in the europa league to reach the semifinals of a european competition for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty they trailed portuguese club benfica four two from the first leg but overturn the deficit with a two nil win at home a boisterous crowd roared them to victory as first philip and then sebastian border scored before and after half time to send frankfurt through on away goals frankfurt now face chelsea for a place in the final i men's tennis now an update from the third round of the monte carlo masters germany's world number three alex and that's
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fed f was knocked out in a surprise straight sets defeat to fabio fognini knee while novak djokovic cruised past his opponent but now faces a tricky task in the quarter finals. despite showing plenty grit and determination taylor fritz didn't stand a chance against novak djokovic playing in red jacket gave the twenty one year old american a sound beating winning the first set six three and then the second six mil. is well on his way to with good monte-carlo title however the match still proved a struggle for both players due to high winds on the court i was not meant to me he really is a lot of unforced errors from you know from his side as well but in a day like this you just try to pain there and talk to do the right things through through it when. battling it out to face him in the quarterfinals were done deal
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medvedev and greek rising star stephon also. the twenty year old fought back from a set down to draw level but medvedev came out on top in a close third set to secure progression. or mine are not our top story here indeed. u.s. officials have released a heavily redacted version of special counsel robert muller's report into russian interference in the twenty six thousand presidential election it completed there was insufficient evidence that trump compared the trump campaign colluded with moscow but did not clear him of illegally obstructing the probe. and one woman has been killed during a night of violence in the northern irish city of london derry police said rioting there was linked to terrorism being launched a murder investigation. still to come e r d w you crazy economy is struggling with one exception are booming i ching industry is fraught high paying jobs to one city will show you why live has become
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a programming powerhouse. gardell first has that story coming right up on business stay with us.
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originally been its teachers even the. culture of out of the darkest middle ages into a plane. starts people twenty seconds on t w. ukraine is going into the final round of its presidential election and it looks like the comedian. is going to win by a landslide. he have a viable economic agenda. i'm sleeping near the office of young professionals and dealing with iran's commute. is a business.


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