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this is state of the news life from the u.s. house judicial committee demands them on a report in full and they're sponsibility now close to time told the president accountable for that. report clears the president of collusion with russia but list a series of attempts to obstruct justice we'll take you live to washington also on the program president and the comedian the candidates in ukraine's election get blood samples to be tested for drugs and alcohol ahead of sunday's vote and prepare for tonight's t.v. debate in a football stadium. rising in northern iowa least one point jack twenty one years
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after the signing of the good friday peace deal police say it was terrorism and launched a murder investigation. i'm phil gale welcome to the program the u.s. house of representatives judiciary committee has issued a subpoena demanding to see a complete unproductive version of the will report committee chairman jerry not less said he could not accept the current version which he said leaves most of the congress in the dark here he's talking about the version released by president trump's attorney general william. attorney general barr it appears to have shown in unsettling willingness to undermine his own department in order to protect president trump the report outlines disturbing evidence. good president corrupt engage in obstruction of justice and other misconduct and the responsibility now
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fools to congress to hold the president accountable for his actions straight to washington that is why we joined the w correspondent to have a humphrey welcome helen so we just heard the chairman of the house judiciary committee making his demands where does this not likely to go if and i think what you just heard may well be the opening shot in what could be a lengthy legal battle and jerry natalie that confirming that he had issued a subpoena for a full on redacted my report as well as all of the underlying documents now the department of justice has until the first of may to respond to that request i think the question is one of the democrats looking to uncover and gaining access to that full report one thing i think which may have attracted their attention is the news now that there are twelve other investigations underway which the democrats may want to dig into but remember of course the department of justice could well say
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well these are active investigations we will not give you access to that information so as not to compromise those probes which point i think the democrats will have to regroup and sort of re strategize bearing in mind that they are also facing the looming prospect of the twenty twenty. but if you want to sort of look at this through the historical lens remember of course that the ken starr report that investigation into bill clinton was actually right live on television watch for what so we are you know in different territory here ok stay with us please however the special counsel reports the special counsel robert mueller did stop short of charging the president saying he couldn't reach a concrete legal conclusion with obstruction taking place president trump says the report marks the end of what he called a hoax. game over that's what donald trump tweeted after the release in redacted form of the miller report he appears to think his worries are over arriving in florida for the easter break he was characteristically bullish.
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trump's advisor kellyanne conway said it was case closed and i think it's very accepting apologies for anybody who feels that grace in offering them there was no collusion and there certainly was no criminal conspiracy with any russians that report makes very clear that this white house and this president and none of us got in their way but democrats say it's far from clear that the president didn't try to obstruct the course of justice. the idea that the report proves no obstruction is completely at odds with hundreds of pages in the report which document efforts by the president to undermine the investigation democrats are demanding that an an redirected version of the report is made available to congress allowing them to continue the investigation if the special counsel as he made clear and found evidence exonerated the president he would have said so he did not he left that
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issue to the congress of the united states and we will need to consider it for trump the miller report is finally behind him but the twenty twenty elections are looming and his political opponents are unlikely to be so accommodating. helena humphrey in washington how is the president likely to respond to news of a subpoena. well i think going to be surprised but if i say i don't think you'll be very happy about it if we take a look at his comments already online today on twitter he's called those narratives that witness testimony in the investigation little more than b s at times actually using that profanity in full to refer to testimony given under oath by some of his aides who he has disregarded as a little more the note takers but those quote unquote note takers have clearly been potentially helpful to him at times when you look at for example his aides mcgann who essentially stopped the president from firing money by not carrying through on
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that and committing a potential obstruction of justice and if you look at the former ten tourney general jeff sessions who did not limit as requested the scope of the russia investigation i mean now the trump campaign has said that the tables will be turned the lies will be investigated i think the fact that this document to now has gone from being a legal one to a political one means that the fight could become even more fierce and we'd likely you have to actually hear from robert mueller himself. you know if i think we will the democrats the house judiciary committee have issued a letter to mr miller asking him to testify by the twenty third of may the attorney general bill bar has said he's not against that he's a friend over the i think the question is what a more we will learn i think what a feels that he's done a thorough job as much as he could and you know today he's back at work he's handed in his opus and he's back at work at the just justice department humphry washington thank you. now ukraine's presidential candidates go head to head tonight in
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a debate that will be televised across the country from the biggest football stadium in the land it's the last big event of sunday's runoff election between t.v. comedian vladimir's and then ski and in company president petro poroshenko the present perfect has been holding a rally with supporters in care opinion polls show him trailing badly making tonight's debate his last chance to boost his chances i do w.'s an economy census report. a sitting president rolling up his sleeves to give blood for drugs test live on t.v. not something most ukrainian voters every expected to see but they did because of this man comedian and actor lives president bush inkers challenger has turned ukraine's politics on its head in a matter of months when selenski demanded drug and alcohol tests pershing ago had
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little choice but to agree after picking up just half as many votes as a lead in the first round pushing those had to play catch up with his younger rival . gives lympics stadium capacity seventy thousand and the place was immense he says he wants to debate with petro poroshenko no dusty t.v. studio facility who prefers to talk to his supporters direct through social media. feelings once again selenski throwing down the gauntlet and once again pushing go left with no other option but to agree. astonished observers with a late night reply by video message if it's the stadium you want then so be it i'll be waiting for you. paris to meet a man on a visit intended to underscore his diplomatic standing selenski again peeped in to the post meeting mccall and his advisors hours before pushing. tension in ukraine
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was focused on the mood music between the presidential candidates and their fridge down to the number of minutes spent at the elite a palace. less than forty eight hours after his return from paris petro poroshenko was walking the turf of the olympic stadium alone with his supporters his challenge to selenski to bring the stadium debate forward had simply been ignored with his poll ratings flying high he's apparently in no mood to compromise three weeks have now passed since the first round of voting but ukrainians are barely any wiser about what their presidential candidates plan to do three weeks debating the how and the when of a potential debate instead of discussing the issues of which there are more than enough in a country locked in standoff with russia with more than a million refugees and millions more leaving the country in search of work. critics argue that's no coincidence they say as
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a newcomer to politics he has little to win and much to lose debating the details of being president today ukrainians have one last chance to hear their next president whoever that will be set out his vision before they go to the polls that is if selenski can finally agree on the terms of the debate. let's go straight to the olympic stadium in care. good evening phil well this has been long in the making lots of discussion lots of arguments about how this debate in the building behind me would happen but now it has happened here is teeming with people from both sides both sides who come from all of the country to see this debate as we understand they would be standing on a stage together they will be on each on their own stage it opposite ends of the football field so how this is going to work who's going to moderate and make sure they actually debate with each other rather than talking past each other no one can
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know but it is happening and two days before ukrainians go to vote they will hopefully find out a bit more about what these candidates actually want to do for ukraine president partially because he's trailing badly in the polls i guess one of his tactics will be to try and expose the landscape of political inexperience. well exactly and this has been the suggestion on the part of observers here in ukraine that zelinsky has been trying to delay this as long as he could have tried to pull these debates forward and offer multiple debates instead selenski preferring to talk to voters direct their social media giving fewer media interviews and basically participating in formats that he control but since you took that challenge up to turn out to the state if not he couldn't get out in the end and it'll be very interesting to see how he holds up he has been showing great aggression in the in his media appearances he has been coming out fighting visibly
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irritated by suggestions that he is not over the policy detail and that he is just . a puppet for other interests so it will be interesting to see how the mood music is how the atmosphere goes in the stadium with tens of thousands people watching and tell us about the powerful people who are backing this insurgent. was alinsky is particularly coming into criticism for his links to that's an oligarch who used to own ukraine's biggest bank among other things who has fallen out with petro poroshenko and is currently living outside ukraine now he's t.v. channel one plus one made selenski a star household name most of all of his shows appeared on this channel so there have been suggestions that they have links beyond that connection they have through t.v. that has been proven by at least demonstrated by journalists here that zaleski has been traveling to see color in his exile repeatedly over the past years and that is
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something that is obviously trying to convince ukrainians of that this is not an independent politician not someone who can shake up the system but just a younger face but essentially a puppet of financial interests who don't have ukraine's best interests at heart that is pushing his line if it will give him that opportunity to catch up doesn't seem so at the moment if anything zelinsky is pulling away from portugal in the polls they calling in to thank you. now we turn to some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied in algeria sac capital algy is the protest movement succeeded in pushing former president abdelaziz bouteflika out of office early this month demonstrators are now demanding even more democratic reforms and the complete change in the country's leadership. environmental activists have been rallying against a climate change today sixteen year old swedish activist gretta told bird spoke to
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protesters as i fridays for future rally in breaux the group extinction rebellion tried to disrupt london's heathrow airport today and that greenpeace blockaded the paris headquarters of the bank city to generate. huge crowds have gathered in sudan's capital khartoum to pressure the government that the governing military council to cede power to civilians responding to social media appeals protesters joined the city outside the defense ministry the demonstrations are the largest since the military ousted a longtime president obama al bashir a week ago. the northern island twenty nine year old woman has been killed by gunfire during the riots in the city of london derry police identified her as a journalist lara mackay the murders being treated as terrorism and police a suspect a militant republican group calling itself the new ira the violence erupted after police searched a house in the area. she was described as
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a rising star leroy mckee was an acclaimed journalist known for her coverage of the troubles in northern ireland the twenty nine year old was gunned down on thursday night while reporting on the unrest in the city of london derry also known as derry a former flashpoint between irish nationalists and unionists. hours before her death mckee sent this tweet from the scene of the riots which erupted after police searched the house it read derry tonight absolute madness. nicky was standing near a police car when a gunman opened fire she was rushed to the hospital but couldn't be saved authorities are now searching for suspects they were not on the road so i am prepared to say that we certainly believe there was more than one person. was involved in this last night obviously only one person pulled the trigger but there was more than one person mickey's death came on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday or belfast agreement it largely ended
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decades of conflict between catholic irish nationalists and protestants. it is really heart breaking on good friday to sound here twenty one years after the belfast agreement was signed on to think that there are still those that believe the file and says the way to deal with these issues we need everyone and society to say that that is not the way forward i mean this was a this was an attack on everybody in northern are it doesn't matter if you're a catholic or protestant british or irish this is an attack on democracy so therefore we need to stand together and say no we're not accepting this maccie once wrote we were the good friday agreement generation destined to never witnessed the horrors of war but to reap the spoils of peace the spoils just never seemed to reach us. to mozambique which is. continuing to struggle with the devastation caused by cycling it i especially the port city of byer where ninety percent of
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buildings have been damaged thousands of people have been displaced and it's a similar story along the country's coast when every two million people need help correspondent i've been krishna travelled to the community of water kwara. these fields way jackie's only source of income they were in fact her entire life she has always lived in farm tear with her family but this year everything changed. when even the corner used to look much better than the sign clone hit and everything died a day later the floods came and wiped out everything we lost everything we grew rice over there it's all gone now too we've already used up all the rice from last year that we're waiting for this year's harvest all the corn and all the rice everything's gone. a month ago cycle on the dice swept through destroying homes in
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the region many people are still sleeping out in the open or in tents. most people here rely on foods distributions just the wife but it's also the case that jackie and her family. this is the first international food aid to reach the local people here one month after the cyclon hit aid organizations have delivered badly needed rise being sent all little jackie is really. because of it we have way too much we suffered for so long and had nothing to eat day after day we just got by and the remains of whatever vegetables we could find. just today more than two thousand families came for rations most of the people here are farmers and they wait impatiently as the food is distributed. under water for quite some time so they are affected in some locations even in the
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cities of. almost west so you can imagine the. kind of water on the crops and scrapes to expect this community to be fair for quite some time. finding in this area. jackie has arrived back home or at least what is left of it her previous home was completely destroyed in this cycle with the help of her neighbors the sixty one year old managed to build a small hats everything that jackie could save is in here it is also where she and three family members sleep. nevertheless at least they finally have rise to cook the family has not eaten a proper meal for weeks now. of course i'm happy right now but then again not really because when the food here is
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gone i don't know where i'll get more i don't know what will happen i don't have any money nothing to. i built my house with and then. there's a glimmer of hope in jackie's field at least a neighbor gave her a few seeds and they're just now starting to sprout if everything goes to plan and she could be eating her own crops again in about six months time. now germany is famous for lots of thinks among some big cars football or you may find it hard to believe that. whether it's traditional for variant assure. the tourist to see that germany is a place where you can go dancing twenty four seven three sixty five. or you can actually write about three sixty four because today is that good friday on this day
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every year dancing is strictly for voting the band has deeply divided the country of the day before. i can tell us why welcome. on good friday this sounds very old fashioned and puritanical it does and it is it's tons from both as it's known the don's baton dates back to the middle ages and it's been written down in some way or form ever since now some german states take it more seriously than on this in the south for example conservative catholic varia the ban starts on thursday and last seventy hours until saturday but on the other on the other hand you know the party party capital of germany it only applies to good friday from four in the morning till nine pm gives you three hours to get in into the club before midnight. and every year this. debate and this week the youth wing leader of the social democratic party kevin kuhn us he called for
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the law to be abolished. he said i wouldn't try to throw a party at a church but i do think that anyone who wants to go to a disco and that they should be able to do so now this is started a rift albeit a very small one between the old guard and the new within the social democrats yesterday the former president of the german parliament came out criticizing the youth wing leader saying that he for one did not join the party she finds to fit to for a while for the dance for the club to fight for the club culture rather. yeah well carrie so it's apparent it's not just dancing that is banned that's true so other things that often been in germany today are outdoor markets sports games circus for a casino and car washes now there are also more than seven hundred films that cannot be shown publicly this in a studio in the world is a made up there is a list the film they include classics such as heidi ghostbusters and life of brian
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you can't show those on television in germany is there any particular reason. well there is a reason and this is a letter they don't conform with the seriousness of. off the holiday that is that even if there is a little cut. you have no no no no go on ok proceed so when the wedded germans stand on list this town's for boat well first of all germany many places in germany are still very religiously conservative sunday shopping for example as you know it's have been everywhere you know get your shopping done on saturday and in this most of the bank holidays are religious holidays in bavaria for example eleven out of fourteen are religious and all of these laws you know sometimes raise eyebrows especially among religious minorities here you know the the don's ban is hypocritical in a secular country they might say we have one twitter user from cologne saying that
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imagine if alcohol were prohibited on fridays as a respect of muslims impossible and yet we have to accept a duns than bumps a you gov poll reason they show that fifty two percent of germans actually support the dons ban and that in the words of one woman from the conservative south she tweeted that no matter what good friday means to each of us individually we can all benefit from a bit of peace and quiet sometimes and i think that we might be true for most of us even those writers and then ok but no heidi and no ghostbusters i'm correct that makes me very sad. thank you. with a restoration of paris's not to damn cathedral likely to take a base to five years it's been suggested that worshipers could be accommodated in a temporary wooden structure on the square in front of us now since this isn't the first time
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a historical gems fallen victim to the flames but see how other potential masterpieces have risen again. almost lost to monday's fire noted on cathedral still stands proudly over the river center and with billionaires such as the owners of gucci louis vito and a outpouring and money to rebuild the cathedral is now guaranteed to survive but will the new notes look just like the old one and how quickly can it be rebuilt france now faces those tough questions but not so dumb is not the first culturally significant building to burn across the atlantic just last year brazil's national museum was destroyed along with its twenty million item collection unlike with not saddam just a quarter of a million euros have been raised just one percent of the estimated rebuilding costs . for a success story though france can look to germany's eighteenth century following the church of our lady it was bombed by the allies in one nine hundred forty five.
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and after two days of fire the church finally collapsed. for almost five decades east german leaders left the rubble of dresden paroch masterpiece as a reminder of the horrors of war. painstakingly rebuilt beginning in the mid ninety's the new fallen kosha incorporates the ruins left from world war two and has received millions of visitors since its recants a creation in two thousand and five. when germany the i'm not a mali a library environment part of the unesco world heritage site in two thousand and four its roof caught fire probably due to faulty wiring reconstruction was possible in just three years but the blaze took thousands of rare books with it. and since
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you're up to date i'll be back at the top of the hour coming up next a w's in five a magazine india day tackling they sustainable use a topic guys. they
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came to a wasteland and turned it into a pattern. a conversion a lot of cars land into india's only privately owned wildlife sanctuary today it provides a safe haven for a number of threatened plants and this. next part of the w.
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n n gemini if. at any time cut any place names in the m.l.s. he had a lot of pride almost to sing along to you just a combo from super little man seats. for touch interactive exercises. everything is online file and interactive benjamin to flavor with to tell you. when the worst tragedies are people fight for survival company based on a budget because of budget wonders or flood the water comes up to a waste of good flows faster everyone needs to but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. there's junk you can't sleep will move south so they can plant crops and
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find food processor. floods and droughts will climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably most of them to come to. the carnatic service starts people thirty s. on t w. hello welcome to eco india a sustainability magazine that zooms out on the problems plaguing our and bob and today to give you a bigger fuller picture and zooms into the solutions that.


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