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this is d.w. news live from berlin the u.s. house judiciary committee wants to see the report in full. responsibility now both congress told the president accountable for exactly. acted version was made public yesterday if it clears the president of collusion with russia but lists a series of attempts to obstruct justice also on the program this is the man who could turn ukraine's politics upside down and come to an incumbent president petro poroshenko fights for his political life ahead of sunday's election as the two
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debate live on t.v. inside a football stadium. and a visual for a journalist shot dead during riots in northern ireland a twenty one years after the signing of the good friday peace deal police describe the killing as terrorism and launch murder investigation. i'm calling aspen welcome to the program the u.s. house of representatives judiciary committee has issued a subpoena demanding to see a complete copy of the mole report along with its underlying documents committee chairman jerry nablas said he could not accept the current redacted document which he said leaves most of congress in the dark president trump has claimed he's vindicated by the report but the subpoena means still more questions will be asked . game over that's donald trump's takeaway of the mother investigation the
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unmistakably game of thrones tweet is one of many defending himself and putting down critics. but the critics don't see it as that cut and dried jerry nadler the house democrat in charge of the judiciary committee wants to see the full report without redactions and he's issued a subpoena to get it most report outlines disturbing evidence the president trumping gaijin obstruction of justice and other misconduct and the responsibility now for the congress told the president accountable for his actions the redactions which cover about ten percent of the nearly four hundred fifty page report are said to protect ongoing investigations and grand jury testimony if navl gets his way his committee will receive the un redacted version one day before it's set to question trump's attorney general william barr robert muller who has also been asked to testify concluded that trump made numerous attempts to obstruct his investigation
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into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election but those efforts fell short of committing a crime let's bring in correspondent helen humphrey she's in washington for us tonight eleanor earlier today we heard the statement from the chairman of the house judiciary committee jerry nadler where is the mole report likely to lead us now. right carl i think that opening statement today was the opening shot essentially in what could be a lengthy legal battle through the courts to gain more access to the mother report jerry nablus saying that he had subpoenaed to obtain access to the unredacted report as well as the underlying documents the evidence supporting that presumably with a view to finding out more information about the president and then you know from a democratic standpoint using it against him now the department of justice has until the first of may to respond to that they could well say no i think the
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question is what more the democrats looking to understand what has peaks that interest one aspect i think that which could prove interesting is those twelve on going criminal investigations which we now know about that something that the democrats may want to know more about but at the same time the apartment of justice may decide not to give more information about this jus to the fact that these are active criminal probes which point the democrats may have to reassess where they go from here we've even heard today from more progressive members of the democratic party like alexandria cassio cortez who have said for now we will shelve the idea of impeachment proceedings now what about president trump and cell phone how is he likely to respond to the news of a subpoena. right well we have heard from the white house today they have said that they're not concerned because at the end of the day they know how this book ends repeating that refrain of no collusion that said certainly the president has been
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very vocal today on twitter calling the witness testimony given under oath to a little more than be asked although using that profanity in full i mean that said i think it's fair to say that on the issue of obstruction of justice and number of his aides essentially walked him back from the line on that walk him back from the brink when you look for example at white house counsel mcgann who repeatedly they did not take action to fire the special counsel robert muller on a number of occasions despite being asked so by the president i mean many people now are talking about obstruction of justice and what the intent is enough so certainly mount is flying right now call as this document goes from being a legal one to a political one and potentially lots more documents that will be available to be looked at there if that subpoena goes through our very own humphry for us in washington tonight thank you very much ukraine's presidential candidates have just
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wrapped up a head to head debate broadcast from the country's biggest football stadium it was one of the last big campaign events ahead of sunday's runoff election between t.v. comedian a lot of merit selenski and incumbent president petro poroshenko opinion polls show portioned go trailing badly and he was seeking to use tonight's debate to boost his favor with. our let's go to our correspondent nick connelly he is outside the olympic stadium there in kiev where that debate took place earlier today nic look this is got to be the strangest format for a presidential debate that i've ever heard of can you describe for me what was that debate like inside that stadium. good evening caldwell it looks even more unusual as it started there were two stages at the two ends of the football pitch at the bottom of the olympic stadium so had things run as expected we would have had both candidates standing off against each other with
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several hundred meters between them in the end poroshenko sprinted across the pitch to join selenski on his date so we did have some kind of face to face interaction they shook hands selenski seemingly not very happy about that but he had no choice but to accept and then basically not much journalism going on first we had them providing monologues and then they started asking each other questions it got very heated we got very personal and the crowd about to say of the sixty thousand capacity in the stadium tonight started getting very vocal and booing and shouting trying to drown out as alinsky particular there was a majority of pushing close supporters in the stadium but it in the end you did get brief glimpses of their personalities you saw them being slightly knocked off course and slightly taken aback by this kind of live on planet will event whether or not that really will change ukrainians intensions this election is unclear the
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gap between the two seems so big that it's unlikely the person who can do much to draw closer but it certainly was something that ukrainians have been waiting for for a whole long time nick a bit of a sporting spectacle there you might say i mean how did the two presidential candidates actually address each other in terms of questions what kind of policies were touched on tonight. and again the disappointment among many ukrainians that there wasn't a lot about policy here it was all about personalities about track records you had poroshenko the current president accusing zelinsky of basically not being up to the job of being light on the policy not capable of standing up for ukraine against russia and becoming ukraine's commander in chief then you had selenski replying saying that basically it was partially because fault that the war in the east hasn't been solved accusing you of not doing enough to improve ukrainians lives their quality of life and then each of them accusing the other of having untoward
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connections to big business and people who control ukraine's economy but also attacking his personal record saying that he had basically ovoid did military service at the time when ukraine needed its soldiers most so getting very personal very heated and you could really see that on people's faces that they were both candidates professionals obviously but somewhat taken aback by the kind of raw emotion and the intensity of the moment. motion and that emotion will take voters to the polls on sunday in the final vote there in ukraine nick connelly thank you very much. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world thousands have lined streets in peru's capital lima they're paying their respects to former president alan garcia his coffin was being transported to the site of his funeral which is taking place today garcia died wednesday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound as police prepared to arrest him on corruption charges. environmental activists around the world have been rallying today
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demanding action on climate change sixteen year old swedish activist reza tune burke spoke to protestors or fridays for a future rally in rome the group extinction rebellion tried to disrupt london's heathrow airport while greenpeace blockaded the paris headquarters of a french bank. hundreds of thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied in algeria as capital algiers the protest movement succeeded in ousting president adela's eased into fico earlier this month now demonstrators are demanding further democratic reforms and a complete change in the country's leadership. hundreds of protesters in sudan's capital khartoum have taken part in friday prayers as they continue their sit in outside the defense ministry demonstrators are pressuring the governing and military council to hand over power to civilians months of sustained protest help to the pows longtime president omar al bashir last week. now to
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northern ireland where the people of london narry have been remembering a twenty nine year old woman who was shot dead during an overnight riot police have identified her as journalist the run the key residents of the city also known as derry have held a vigil in the keys honor her death is being treated as terrorism a mill a militant republican group calling itself the new ira are the main suspects the violence erupted last night after police searched a local house maccie was standing near a police car when a gunman opened fire. thursday night's violence came twenty one years after the signing of the good friday agreement that largely ended the decades long conflict between catholic irish nationalists and protestant unionists in northern ireland but memories of the troubles are slow to fade in londonderry. john donnelly is a former ira fighter from derry in his home is
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a small collection of treasures from the decades of warfare known as the troubles so many young lad for us the british soldiers belt back contains photos from a secret list of wanted ira members that it was a photo of myself and those are technically army. this guy usually do use a variant for. using informers. that not only get worse martin mcguiness was the former provisional ira leader but later shin feigns chief negotiator for the good friday agreement twenty one years ago. for over three decades he and the ira for british rule in northern ireland. john donnelly was a leading political force in derry northern ireland second largest city. he was instrumental in persuading ira operatives to lay down their arms. twenty one years on the conflict seems to have been settled but for many this is
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merely a superficial arrangement donnelly says poor areas of the area still waiting for the peace dividend to kick in since the peace agreement opened up till now. there's been no tangible. shuffler people can put their finger on and say look. that that was. that's what happened only good for you group b. and c. . in the rosemount community center the former ira flatow is a social worker helping those worse off. yes he and a colleague tom court also a former fighter share one of the hardest jobs. so we usually room they're there binders full of brutal stories. donnelly shows a particularly telling file. this will be of it. that it
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the client's name. grip. of threat exposure baden should in the competition in this case was a literal threat expulsion from the civic. to punish so-called anti social behavior radical elements impose vigilante justice in the poor areas of derry. this is a holdover from earlier times when the ira policed neighborhoods. a tradition that radical irish nationalists are carrying on today. here. the mother and her son visit a community center they want to remain anonymous. the boy is accused of stealing a car is threatened punishment is to be shot in the leg. donnelly is trying to mediate. here in addition to the we've. talked to people who share the threat.
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because. because we made it. we only write a letter. a letter of apology will hopefully avert the looming threat. it's a typical day at the rosemont community center an indication that for some people in northern ireland peace has not yet returned twenty one years after the good friday agreement. it's now been twenty years since the shocking mass shooting of call at columbine high school in the u.s. where two students on with high powered guns killed thirteen people the name of the school is littleton colorado and it became known worldwide it's since been joined by other locations with tragic history such as sandy hook and parkland but columbine is still remembered as the start of america's modern era of school gun violence. scenes that have become all too familiar played out for the first time
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on april twenty nine hundred ninety nine the students who ran from the horrors of the mass shooting at columbine high school in littleton colorado could hardly have known that so many others would follow in their footsteps twelve students and one teacher died that day at columbine as well as the two disaffected teens who executed the massacre. survivors brought shocking stories of random cruelty inside. remaining grindin don't know not do you. then so they're growing. and mad in front of me and you just the black kid because he was black many of them in the way. they prayed it would never happen again. the response from then president bill clinton became a script too often repeated by other leaders and i can only say that the prayers of the american people are with you. since columbine there have been more than one
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hundred deadly school shootings in the us an estimated two hundred thirty thousand children have experienced a school shooting incident. students have had enough of politicians thoughts. a person that is doing the same thing again and again this is. to say stop it stop it it was last year's shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida set off a wave of protest against decades of political inaction over gun violence. students organized nationwide marches since then some states have passed tougher gun access laws in response but little has changed in washington president onil trump has banned so-called bomb stalks that make semi automatic weapons fire foster but he has promised to veto
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a bill that would tighten background checks on gun buyers. two decades on the name calling by and still represents an unresolved american tragedy joining me now from the san diego california is dr malloy he's a forensic psychologist specializing in psychopath the mental disorders and targeted violence and he's worked as a consultant for the f.b.i. for the past eighteen years as well and dr milloy thank you very much for joining us the columbine school shooting this was two decades ago and yet its influence has lasted all the way until today why is that. i think the columbine event the mass murder that occurred in colorado now twenty years ago really became a. very momentous event in the history of criminal the united states and has been has fostered a number of copycat cases since then there have been upwards of eighty different
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individuals over the past twenty years that have either attempted to mount an attack or have succeeded in doing that where they have said that they were directly inspired by the events of columbine it really became a watershed event in american criminality. you know i was actually in high school in the u.s. when the columbine shooting took place and i remember how how shocking that event was what effect do you think it's had perhaps on that generation of students and also on the country as a whole. i didn't i think it's a huge effect on the younger generation and i think one of the markers for that is what happened following the parklane attacks last year where there was really an upsurge of of young americans are very interested in changing the access of very easy access to high powered weapons the united states which still is a huge problem but this younger generation really grew up with columbine as an
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event in their recent history if not prior to when they were born and in a sense it normalized that school attacks could happen any time anywhere although the reality is that school attacks are still very very infrequent in the united states despite the press coverage of such attacks nevertheless of course these are all horrible events and i think the younger generation as demographics in the united states shift toward a younger population we're going to see quite a substantial changes in various ways to keep people safer in the united states. now you mentioned of course unfortunately since columbine there have been dozens more mass school shootings since that time in one thousand nine hundred nine and as you said many of these perpetrators actually did i do lies the shooters that were involved in that shooting in columbine now how did these two students essentially become cult figures for other gunman now. that's an excellent question that
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i don't have an easy answer for i think part of was that what they did was very unique at the time that they would mount an attack such as this using both firearms as well as attempting to use the school to actually create an event that was just as catastrophic as an event that happened four years earlier almost on the same day which was the oklahoma city bombing by timothy mcveigh on april nineteenth one thousand nine hundred five and part of their plan was in a sense to. do a city bombing one better and typically that's what we see in these young perpetrators is they will follow very closely individuals that have proceeded them and if carried out these acts of violence and they both admired them pathetic also they want to do them one better and one of the dynamics that we're seeing in these cases is that the way that they do this one better is to try to have more
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casualties as well as to do something innovative and at the time of columbine of both the innovation and the casualties and the location of the shootings major made a huge impression it horrified of course most people but for some particularly adolescents and young adults who felt very disenfranchised who felt not a part of the fabric of their of their school or of their community this became in a sense and an anti-hero identification and they were drawn to these figures why to be like them wanting to make a mark that otherwise they were not making in their own lives. that footage of columbine of the students streaming out of the school that was played on repeat on news stations in the us for hours for days now for decades now what about now in terms of the advent of social media the invention of live streaming video has
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that's now changed things and in terms of these sorts of mass shootings. yeah i think one of the things that's done it's accelerating these cases deeply over the past ten years and there's good data on that from both f.b.i. studies as well as from a study the harvard public health to concerning the this uptick in numbers of cases so social media really in a sense becomes an accelerant it becomes a factor that can cheery this infection this contagion into other into other young minds and i think that there also is now a much greater awareness of the impact of social media and the commercial media coverage of these events and there's been we think substantial changes in that by the media for instance the photo of the perpetrator is not. published as widely as they used to be they're not they're not show on in some element where
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they're posing with their weapons or with some kind of camouflage outfit sort of glorifies their pseudo commando presentation and then also not seeing the loops other video loops played over and over again one of the striking examples of this is what happened in christchurch ngugi new zealand just within the past month where you could not see in the world why commercial media the videotaping the life streaming of the massacre that occurred then and you see actually saw a very muted response to the perpetrator himself and so i think we're saints of seen some important changes dr rhee malloy forensic psychologist specializing in mental disorders and target violence thank you so much for joining us thank you very much. shifting gears now to tennis and rafael nadal has made it to the semifinals of the monte carlo masters by beating argentina's in straight sets however world number one novak djokovic sure will not be challenging for the title
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this time around the two time champion crashed out of the tournaments in the quarter finals. i don't know medvedev it was a day to remember the russian had lost all three of his previous matches against know that joke of it but in the monte carlo sun medvedev gave his more illustrious opponent the run around this point helped him break djokovic she's serve for a second time. and playing the first set was he must have known it wouldn't be smooth sailing throughout though in the second set djokovic she's quality showed and the serve levelled the scores at one set each. was as good as it got for the reigning champion of three of the four grand slams medvedev dominated the final set on match point he maneuvered joke of it around the court and then it's a thumping backhand to seal the victory six three four six six two.
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was under fourteen sees it as a sign he's headed in the right direction and joke of it would surely agree i'm getting more experienced i'm starting to. make this job guys know that it's tough to play against me i medvedev will now face dues and live it for a place in sunday's final was and a reminder of the top stories that we're tracking for you at this hour in the united states the house judiciary committee has issued a subpoena obtained the full russian investigation of special counsel robert muller trump administration has so far only released a productive version therefore concluded there was insufficient evidence that the trump campaign colluded with moscow. any vigil has been held for woman shot dead during a riot in northern ireland twenty one years after the signing of the good friday peace deal lieberman keep was
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a twenty nine year old journalist lisa described her death in the city of london derry as terrorist. don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download are out from google player from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for breaking news you can also use that t w app to send us your photos and your video. you're watching news from berlin coming up next i'll be back to walk you through the day's headlines with the day thanks for watching.
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costs money. to get to. g.w. . i. what's coming up for it looks like so much movement to. get this. sentence holds a few months ago it's much take a look at what all that means for the table of course. going to sleep every weekend here on t.w. . when the hour starts rising people fight for survival skill and a case on a budget because of budget when there's a floodwater comes up trying to waste on your clothes fast to everyone i meet. a wacko herd he's equally dangerous. they. will move south
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so they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could look right any kind of peace night if you want and probably most of them to come from. the climate exodus starts thirtieth's on t w. it's a heavyweight battle unlike any you've ever seen ukraine's presidential election pits the incumbent petro poroshenko against a comedian whose only political experience comes from playing the president on t.v. even tonight's debate is stranger than fiction the setting of football stadium where the candidates trading jabs across the arena but the stakes are serious the future of a country fed up with politics as usual i'm called aspen in berlin and this is the day.


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