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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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anything is possible in the boston bombing. sixty minutes w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word published in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not go with him simple online on your mobile and free shop d w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. because god loves her that's why i'm sure i've. had bangers pay attention.
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this is how a pastor captivates believers in family why have you mental and church fit together perfectly we will have more on that later in the show first very welcome to this edition of your m x and this is one else is coming up. surprising artworks how a british artist makes beautiful creations out of old jeans. sweet and savory how a bowlin restaurant serves a meal just with. those who like to fly kites are in the right place in barracks as a male on the french atlantic coast with its strong winds and whites and the beach every year the largest international kite festival in europe takes place dear but a kite. not always have to look like a kite how about for example
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a flying sting right or a flying cat we went there to find out what else is up in the air. every year the sky above banks becomes a playground for animal figures and called me. for one week. from twenty countries entertain audiences with their flying skills. it's the thirty third time the international festival is taking place here in the small town on the coast of france. this is this is a great hobby and it's getting bigger and bigger it's like an addiction once you've started your hooked. i love it i come every year to see the kites. you see a lot of unusual ones. it's really impressive to see what they can do. the
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french team stars the reigning world champions they prefer sporty streamlined cuts. explains they can be ultra light light or medium light. no water as it is we choose the kites according to the strength of the wind. if the wind comes from below like today this kind is the best because it catches the gusts optimally. been won and his three friends are preparing for the next show that he won the world champion time for precision. seen this avoid issues the commands. are going to sell more often but i like flying kites because we do it with others in the fresh air.
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you never really know how things will go so you need a lot of practice in order to pull off a good show. a few meters away competitors from to wage a sending up the longest at the festival. it's a sting right they practiced beverage in the desert. the size of it's one. part of the. grammy. yeah it's a huge. another participant is a children's book figure. the dragon it was built by german designer mike. ritz alert a team from moscow is practicing for a later performance with french. including the star champions michael is a regular guest here. last night and you know we came here like we have
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a lot of friends here so mine is so weak doing. it's perfect. for the french russian team encounters versus wind conditions during the show but many formations successful despite the long and some strong gusts and one knows the tricks. up with the latest and sometimes let the kites float in the air to recover a little you have to know your limits like in every sport. every second year a new world champion is chosen in bed so man the next one will be in april twenty twenty one enthusiastic will gladly go fly a kite. for many christians in europe and around the world easter is the most important celebration of the year easter eggs are a traditional part of it especially the ones made out of chocolate if my daughter could. this is her ex she would definitely be rary surprise but i was go from rome
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makes is gigantic amazing acts out of chocolate for the last ten years the confectioner has created something special is stripped this year who was inspired by the world's fashion. the latest plan didn't make cellists on a chocolate easter egg. couture as extravagant designs in spite of the most go a complexion in rome to create sixteen giant easter eggs based on pieces by big name fashion designers a. colorful six x. or a familiar pattern by the italian missoni fashion house. tribute to kananga felts. chocolate course dates in the style of french fashion maven john paul gaultier. and an egg inspired by british designer alexander mcqueen
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a skull to sink your teeth into like ultima scope. we used tempered for chocolate and molding chocolate for the roses. then we added gold leaf that's edible the twenty four degree celsius. you got it before you know it took four to five days of work to get in the finished piece weighs seven kilos don't you think it was it was extremely difficult to reproduce the craniums anatomy not only do they put on your time and effort are reflected in the prices for these unique items ranging from one hundred fifty to five hundred euros in the hundreds of room near the colosseum fall to moscow consults a fashion make a friend for advice on his latest east bank election. designer luigi bilbo name recommends this lady's jacket trimmed. all of the media for the garment that. already we're. here you see how i laid out the
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geometric patterns. there is like the ancient roman mosaic floors. where the color combination is also striking. here we have pure gold and black and smoke growing stones before me. i'll use cocoa butter. and make the egg cream colored here as well. well to moscow has his workshop in south room. the base for this creation is an egg of white chocolate. to make the stones down to moscow he uses is a multiple guess substituting. the confectioner also studies designs by great twentieth century kuta v.a.'s for his ideas face chocolate sculpture ends. among others the ever guide concepts of spanish fashion
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designer christabel n.c.r. that has drawn his attention. level journey and get a lot more that they live throughout history fashion hasn't always been tailored to the human body in practical ways but turned into genuine art works. we're living through a year we've also succeeded in a lemonade in the anytime a call shape of the human body as well as the original shape of the egg. or the killer form are all void ali in christian traditions easter is the year's most important festival for the celebrations on thing peter's square in the vatican tourists come from around the world. are a part of easter they stand for the resurrection of christ. fashion models decorate the window of this week shop. balata most those unveiling
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of his exquisite giant east danks. say she meant beauty our departure from east is somebody really just over times the evil of boney's design is also on display. in everything that is something we're so i think the confectioner's work is fantastic. the way why research has been integrated here difficult tour of the nine hundred fifty just like my grandmother first taught to us. they don't miss your bumper commencing opinion on in b.c. they're wonderful and one of a kind real art works that some of the money that they're delicious but even nicer to look at. would be easter eggs or break let's hope for another surprise next year and that it turns out just as good. whichever fashion designers served as the news it's not jam pack or a ban on. fountain musters creations proved that even thanks can be
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a fashion statement. and if you want to know what else the creative confectionery came up with in recent years just visit our you tube channel now for many christians easter doesn't just mean easter x. but of course going to mass probably with oregon music and reflective mood it could sound like this. but how about this. heavy metal is one of them was biggest exports so it's not surprising that they also have metal masses in church pasta hakka cake elaine and services the hymn this song and a heavy metal version.
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like him that god himself couldn't miss it's the middle mass where the faithful headbang in prayer here in helsinki is coming make a church sitting in for the organist at this lutheran services they met telling this to band. of course you have like a different kind of feeling for the music but if it's like you feel the feeding and the art chest and stuff that you have a different connection to the songs it's actually i don't like any in the mid thousand years see but it was actually a good experience fear we can loosely come and it's like the christmas church you just listen to the music it's a nice experience. lutheran
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pastor who has been touring finland's churches with a metal mask for more than ten years he discovered heavy metal rock at the age of seven to him deep purple and black sabbath were almost a spiritual awakening. his love for god came much later. in brought them together in his middle mass. of course god loves having my so i am sure actually it depends how we do it so because we have a strong word of god and we do it for god not for us so that's why. god loves us i think so. mostly. congregations can book pastor band as long as they're not worried about the plaster shaking off the walls a cd of the hymns even made it into finland's top ten the musicians work on other projects to. but the metal masters pose a special challenge as singer says in
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a car he explains. it's not a geek per se that you're doing and it's not a performance actually. come to think of it a lot you know how to present present the song it's very important to people that come here it's very personal to people. in has held about one hundred fifty metal masses all around finland since two thousand and six the band keeps the hymns the lyrics and melodies intact so the faithful can sing along as usual. we have all only hear from the hymn book a range of metal lyrics very strong meat metal music they really need it so that's why it's wonderful together this. is music.
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to metal masses not provoke much criticism in finland but that's not surprising seeing as the country has more heavy metal bands per capita than any other country . and can even have a therapeutic effect. one a guy planned to. commit suicide before the evening and he came to us and he liked it so much so he didn't do it it was ten years ago so and he is alive now. maybe rehoboth meaning. ok lean in receives invitations from congregations outside of finland just well. he's already looking forward to blasting his middle man speech in church is the world over. when was the last time you cleaned our joe
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closet now we all know one person's trash is another person's treasure and that's how ian very feels the british artists creates lots fascinating art works out of old jeans and if you think this pile here is a lot of wait and see what it looks like in his studio. jeans he has at least two thousand. or.
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uses the material for his. works. but you see that there are. hundreds of scraps of. come from the. works of people. so. locates the right shape. and fixes it in place special.
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piece by piece the picture. three dimensional. it's constantly discovering new material. so this using we have a. shiny metallic. fascination with denim began nearly fifteen years ago when he came across a pile of jeans while sorting out things his. famous actors from the one nine hundred fifty s. . while i was like. i want to make these portraits of his people made what it is today. just work and it wasn't seen as high fashion
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and i was just amazed to think of like marilyn monroe james t. and. all these all these people who by wearing jeans actually change the direction of. the mean time he gets his inspiration from his adopted city london. the pubs of the british capital give him ideas such as a map of the city or the underground. he has devoted an entire series to london's laundromats. places and people have these conversations in the community everyone has known each other for a long long time and to see so many closing down so i want to document quite a few. first he takes a photograph of the scene his photo always marks the beginning of the process of making a work. it can take several weeks to create
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a collage like these. even barry has made a name for himself with his. international magazine speech or his work he's published coffee table books. and he creates humor. installation. works like secret garden have been exhibited in galleries around the world and sell for tens of thousands of euros. he also exhibits in public spaces like here in the self which is department store in london for six weeks the jeans department turned into a small gallery. one of the works is the self portrait. for me as an artist obviously it's not just showing galleries and museums but it's also nice to show the work in different contexts so it's nice to
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see people's reactions and likes and obviously nice just to give a different audience because everyone goes to galleries. surf people coming here and it's reaching more people. denmark for all in fact rather like genes themselves. i don't know about you but i have a sweet tooth at dinner i gladly skip the starter and the main course and go straight to dessert pastry chef and if i think seems to have wrecked my mind because he has opened a restaurant in belen just for desserts and i'm not the only one who is the light it's his restaurant koda has recently received and michelin star for its innovative concept and sweet treats. grilled with charlotte since a ton of preserves served in an old biscuit but smoked salt ice cream. cocoa
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rice but needs a one caution not. dishing out a hearty menu german pastry chef really fun prefers to concentrate on the sweetest part desserts. dessert is associated with pleasure you have fond memories of them from your. everyone likes dessert. and twenty sixteen renee frank opened germany's first restaurants in berlin icon a district that isn't often associated with cuisine. codice unique dinner concept is proving a success but it's just been awarded and mature and start. from the start to feel that there's lots to smell and you see things that you don't recognize that first glance so i believe it's an experience that stays in your memory. whether blue cheese with cranberries are plentiful with
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coriander and cocoa spread it's the combination of ingredients that makes the desserts a coda so exceptional. planning frankenstein brings together their natural properties in sour salty and bitter as well as savory made from post. some desserts or even pecans none of them are overly sweet refined sugar is never used. me i've learned that there's so much more than the usual gives there are many more possibilities especially in part history than just what previous generations relied on. and it's good to question the ingredients here in europe a lot is done with butter white flour and white sugar but here we do things differently. as is customary you know it's cuisine the second course dessert menu comes with drink pairings ran a friend goes one step further than other chefs each drink is precisely much to every dessert and completes the course is
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a good thing because he prefers we see the drink as liquid food as part of the desert and sometimes we take an ingredient off the plate and put it into the glass into the cocktail and other times it's simply complimentary we try to combine aromas from the dessert with ones in the drink or we try to expand upon it beautifully but sometimes we go for something that contradicts. it's. a seven course dinner menu with drink pairings cost one hundred twenty eight euros . later in the evening you can also order the late nights menu but only three to four courses which starts at fifty four euros. that's insane but i think it's delicious the taste is great because it's not at all what you'd expect. found in this neck of really tasty that's why we keep coming back here because it's always an explosion for the taste buds and you can't find it elsewhere especially
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not in desserts it's the pentagon it's you from the south. scrumptious way to take the bitter with the sweet ran a front tickles all the senses which is innovative desserts. and that brings us to the end of this edition of your mags don't forget to visit our website our go to our facebook page there you can find more about the dessert restaurant plus all the details on how to enter our current draw get your entry and perhaps you will be the lucky winner so good luck with that and please do join us again next week thanks for watching and i'm not i.
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the for. the plumbing marched realises wait a second we want the whole picture perfect so set up make idea shift deliver us. from other reality to cryptocurrency to your topics for live in an ever changing
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digital world let's talk to digitize a show or shift. so you're looking for history and culture. shopping and wellness you want tranquility and nature. anything else guests on when the jam comes. anything is possible in the boston bombing on. thirty nine s. w. . the old order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role use keep shifting power the topic and focus at the global media forum twenty nineteen and the laboratory for the digital age. who are we following do we trust debate and shape the future
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at the doj of l a global media form twenty nine t. the place may for minds. and your replaceable chain reaction of breasts the flame. began around six hundred years ago. in the renaissance the revolution in fawcett enabled the smell mission says that people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self confidence. that. architects . scientists. and artists. are going to invent a completely new things and top of the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher who seem to be. true to the culture of out of the darkest moon shoes into a new place.
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starts people twenty seconds on t.w. . place. this is do w. news live from berlin police the northern ireland arrest two men in connection with the murder of a young journalist there in the key was hit by a bullet as she covered a riot in londonderry on thursday evening her death came on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday peace deal police have called her killing an act of terrorism also coming up. egyptians are voting in
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a referendum on constitutional amendments that could enable president.


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