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this is the news live from berlin police in northern ireland arrest two men in connection with the murder of a young journalist mickey was hit by a bullet and she covered a briard in london dairy on thursday evening her death came on the eve of the twenty first anniversary of the signing of the good friday peace deal police have called her killing an act of terrorism also coming up. egyptians are voting in a referendum on constitutional amendments that could enable president. to stay in
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office until twenty thirty. and volts and also the role of egypt's powerful military. and in one of the closest battles for the boon his legal title. league leaders by in face and coming third are bradman while their closest challengers dortmund take on. i'm michael okwu thanks for joining us police in northern ireland have arrested two men in connection with the murder of a journalist who were shot dead during a riot on thursday evening the eighteen and nineteen year old suspects are now being questioned in london hundreds gathered last night for a vigil in memory of mira mckee. standing together in
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grief. another young life lost to violence in northern ireland a family and partner devastated and it's left me with the woman i was. we're all per for the loss of. our hopes and dreams. act. this cannot stand. in vain because her life was a shining like to everyone else's life and her legacy will live on in the light that she's left behind. he was an acclaimed journalist and activist for the community. the police service of northern ireland released base footage of maccie shortly before she was gunned down on thursday night. the twenty nine year old was reporting on unrest in the city of derry the c.c.t.v. footage also shows the alleged gunman the police have described the killing as
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a suspected terrorist incident linked to dissident irish republicans the new ira and appealed for witnesses to come forward. i would urge those people to have conversations in their home. and their family spacious. in there as memory. on to urge the people a the right to step away from such violence to step away from such organizations. venue i already claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in derry in january and is the biggest of the dissident republican groups operating in northern ireland it's now being linked with four murders including that of laramie key since its formation earlier this decade political leaders have condemned this latest attack this was an attack on everybody in northern ireland doesn't matter if you're a catholic or protestant british or irish this is an attack on democracy they have attacked the community they've attacked the people of kerry they've attacked the
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peace process and they've attacked the good friday agreement this killing has brought memories back of the decades long conflict in northern ireland known as the troubles between nationalists who support a united irish republic and loyalists who want to remain part of the u.k. sizes were killed before a peace treaty known as decode friday agreement was signed in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. but now twenty one years later despite a tireless work of people in northern ireland to build a brighter future together the killing of larry mckee has highlighted that peace here remains fragile. for more on this now i am joined by the w.'s emanuel she is in our newsroom. manual not only lived in ireland but also studied modern irish history may know this is an incredibly sad story we know that two teenagers have been or now being questioned have been arrested in connection with that killing can you shed any more light on what happened that night well you know rioting in london derry especially at the. time
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of the year is not surprising there are tensions around easter because republican dissidents are comer rating at that time of the year the easter rising this this is the irish armed insurrection against the british who which took place in one nine hundred sixteen so those tensions are not surprising what is surprising though and you mentioned it teenagers have been arrested that means that people who thinks took up america weren't even born during the troubles they were born after the signator of the good friday agreement so that's the generation that on which the key was waking us have and i'm going to quote her she said we were a good friday agreement generation and destined to never witness the horrors of war but to read dispose of peace to spoil is just never seemed to reach us and that sounds tragic today well as you know lear was her star was rising as an investigative journalist in northern ireland can you tell us more about her work
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well she rose to prominence in two thousand and fourteen is a block past who had a written in the form of a letter to have a former fourteen year old self who was traveling at the time with her homosexuality she was very vocal about it shows so gave a ted talk on the question to try and empower young people to embrace their homosexuality which is a theme which is two very. very problematic in northern ireland and she was an investigative journalist and the claims of for doubt she was placed on the troubles and she was focusing on especially on unexplained murders and disappearances doing to troubles well as over years well no northern island has. been central to many discussions regarding the bracks referendum is there any sign that that referendum played a role in increased tensions in northern ireland and increased tensions definitely in the murder that took place on thursday evening i wouldn't say so like i said the tensions have been ongoing ever since say much of the good friday agreement was to
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have does. this a couple of hundreds of people who are kin to take arms in northern ireland in order to. create to join to the republic however they didn't play a part in that murder but of course we're going to see increased tensions. as breaks it being a tunnel that are in and many thanks so much for joining us thank you egyptians have begun voting today in a referendum that could grant the country's a third tarion leader. see another term in office the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary a move heavily criticized by international human rights groups. this was supposed to be his second and last time in office but egyptian president of the c.c. is poised to extend his rule until at least twenty thirty egyptian citizens of
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voting on constitutional changes including one that would allow a c.c. to run for a third presidential term in all likelihood without any real challenges the changes are also meant to give the former general more control over the military and judiciary which rights groups say he's used to silence his critics. polls suggest the referendum will pass. constitutional amendments are necessary and important so that i'll say seek and complete his achievements because the constitution is not the holy qur'an and the constitution can be adjusted according to the situation of the country. very much against the changes. i strongly oppose the amendments because they consolidate military and authoritarian rule and it makes no sense to be so different from the civilized world there are a president is in office for
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a term of four or five years and can then be elected for a second term. with after that another president assumes office in the. c.c. rose to the top following a pro-democracy revolution that ousted long time autocratic leader hosni mubarak in twenty eleven sisi led a military coup against a man elected to replace mubarak mohammed morsi and was himself elected president in twenty fourteen since then r.c.c. has ruled egypt with increasing severity. human rights groups estimate he's jailed some sixty thousand people on political charges and staged unfair elections to remain in power public criticism of assisi has become nearly impossible. nevertheless r.c.c. remains a key ally for western governments keen to defend the interests in the volatile region among those interests fighting islamic fundamentalism. the egyptian leader
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was in washington just two weeks ago to discuss military ties and trade with the us president donald trump for many egyptian activists however the referendum is a blatant power grab and the end of aspirations for a peaceful and democratic transfer of power. earlier we talked to our correspondent michael seen in cairo we asked her what exactly is in that referendum that egyptians are voting on well on the ballot today huge range of different things that egypt will be voting on a mission the extension of that presidential terms to six years and in this particular instance will allow sisi to run again on kenya. to chatham simply to run again in twenty twenty four. twenty that. it will also in trying to militants grow in politics. we've named was the guardians of
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democracy in egypt the first time in egypt she constitution it was so create a second house of parliament and egyptians set and create the role of vice president and apparently create twenty five percent representation quote to women in public which some people have said is. to get the elements in sending sisi the military power. now to some of the other stories making news around the world officials in afghanistan say they have ended an assault on the communications ministry in the capital kabul all the attackers have been killed after an hour's long see the violence comes a day after peace talks between the government and taliban insurgents are canceled in the top. americans are commemorating the columbine high school shooting twenty years ago on april twentieth one thousand nine hundred ninety nine two students
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stormed the school in littleton colorado and killed twelve students and one teacher before committing suicide a series of events are scheduled for the next week to remember the victims. french police have arrested more than one hundred people as unrest broke out at the yellow vests demonstrations in paris the protesters are out on the streets for a twenty third consecutive weekend they say they want to remind the government that france faces many problems besides rebuilding the fire ravaged notre dame cathedral . ukrainian president petro poroshenko and political novice. selenski faced off in a final debate at kiev as a lympics stadium ahead of sunday's runoff election today ukraine is observing a day of silence with political campaigning banned the day ahead of the. british league match day thirty kicks off today and two teams are in
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a heated fight to win the championship both by in munich and dortmund or vying for the title in one of the closest campaigns in recent years with just one point separating them at the top of the table. there's no margin for error in the title race defending champions by munich face believe in next the same team they'll meet in the cup semifinal four days later it's no easy task for the league leaders given that women are the only bundesliga team who i'm beaten since the winter break. their missions of this because we have to focus on the first match because the second one is a cup game and in their stadium so it has its own character it's a knockout game so it's because we have a bundestag a match at home which we want and have to win but we face an opponent in very good form. and as it wouldn't form this. title rivals dortmund have lost
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a little of that early season swagga last weekend they labored to victory at home to mind now they travel to five who recently held by him to a draw. five zero he. always well organized they work hard and are very dangerous. tough tests await both dortmund and bion with just five matches to go for the first time in years by an a being pushed all the way in the title race. saturday sees the much anticipated world welterweight fight between title holder terrence crawford at the us and his challenger and near khan from britain at madison square garden in new york. from crawford seen here on the left at the way and it's his second title defense he boasts a perfect undefeated record with twenty five knockouts from thirty four battles khan is looking for his biggest professional victory fifteen years after winning an olympic silver matt. you're watching the live from berlin up next
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