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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 20, 2019 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin clashes in central paris as yellow best protesters reclaim the spotlight after the fire at notre dame cathedral police have made scores of arrests as protesters battle officers and set fires in the french capital it's the twenty third straight weekend of yellow best demonstrations and we'll go to our correspondent on the scene in paris also coming up in egypt sions are voting in a referendum on constitutional amendments that could enable president of delphi's top al sisi to stay in office until twenty thirty and bolster the role of egypt's
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powerful military. i'm karl aspen thanks for joining us we start in paris where thousands of yellow vests demonstrators have taken to the streets once again in their long running protest against wealth inequality but it's the first protest since the fire at the notre dame cathedral and many are angry at the millions in donations earmarked for reconstruction money they say could be better spent police arrested more than one hundred protesters after clashes broke out in the heart of the french capital. everything for not nothing for the poor says the slogan on this protest dizzy a low vest. anger at the millions of year is pledged to rebuild the cathedral following monday's devastating fire while the activists say their demands for
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social reforms of being ignored. it's shocking given the state of the country giving to notre dame is all very well but maybe this is not the time to talk about it not the time to do this. it's the twenty third consecutive weekend of protests against the administration of president emanuel macron actions taking place in the capital paris and across france. we're still expecting answers from the government there are democratic social and environmental emergencies for which we still have no answer. we will share your protesting even if my wife ignore it are the last three levels of. play to violence flared in the capital as scooters and other vehicles were set on fire. as in previous protests the police response was forceful.
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tear gas and water cannon deployed to disperse the protesters. the blaze at notre dame may have united france in shock but so far it's done little to heal the deep divisions over poverty and inequality. our correspondent rebecca rader's is in paris for us tonight she's been covering that story for us rebecca you've been in the streets today tracking those protests what was the situation like. well never ran up pretty well it was quite fine today actually. i saw plenty of passion. lisa thanks to. you there was lots to cast and explicit. to listen. to us from the police and even at that towards the end of the day after several hours of protest the man the police trying to clear it out there was. even more
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clashes as they were trying to clear the parts of the be where i was at the main protest was going on it was even even minus that's going on still quite violent it's a train the protesters so we saw really saw a very big day. for because it's also a big day of course because there is a solidarity concert or notre dame is being held in just a few hours tell us about this concert but to me expect about. cause and effect to starting very soon in fact the time stamp. on the leaders where the concert is being held this evening they're expecting a big fanfare that i've i've heard numbers of five thousand expected for the wildfire i've been into the venue and so found is only around two hundred fifty to
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three hundred so far so hopefully some like thomas will be joining the events but doesn't like a good show is going to be going on inside and it's an absolutely amazing venue so it should be a good night now as we mentioned these donations they really came flooding in after that fire at notre dame on monday but that's also it's prompting a larger discussion there in france right. that's right i mean we know that we know the state now is just across that one million moms town maybe a week since the fire and it's potentially why the protest was so big today even though there should be a yellowjacket protesters as they. now knowing were we initially in solidarity with frogs in regards to the notre dame fire the fact that so much money. and yet so they've seen little benefit after months i found out by testing that
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pretty spot to respond to big debate here in france over just where and what the country has money for. a ride back or better is there for us in paris tonight thank you very much. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines headlines around the world police in northern ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of the young journalist in the room the key she was killed during riding in the city of london derry the men have not been identified or charged but police believe they may be part of a new dissident group. several thousand people have rallied against the government of serbian president alexander in belgrade the protesters demanded more democracy and media freedom the demonstration took place one day after the church supporters held their own a mass rally in the serbian capital. sudan's ousted president omar al bashir is being investigated or money laundering police searching bashir is home bound
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suitcases full of millions of euros and sudanese pounds as well as hundreds of thousands of u.s. dollars in military removed bashir from power nine days ago following months of protests the former leader is now in prison in the capital khartoum. in the libyan capital tripoli crowds of protests against the military offensive led by warlord tar who opposes the un recognized government this is news broke that the u.s. president and called off are in a surprise show of support he already has the backing of egypt saudi arabia and russia. egypt sions have begun voting today in a referendum that could grant the country's authoritarian leader abdel fatah al sisi one more term in office the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary a move heavily criticized by international human rights groups president abdullah fattah el-sisi was among the first to cost the votes clearly a man in
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a hurry. just a few days earlier problem and to given the go ahead for changes to the constitution. now it was up to egypt's sixty million voters to give their approval what. about our president is doing a better job of looking after the country than the leaders of our neighbors. i respect him things are very stable and people are happy we have to say yes to these constitutional changes. the changes would primarily benefit the president the former general would be able to stay in office until twenty thirty how sisi would also get to appoint the country's top judges and there would be more power for the military. the president's plans seem certain to be approved photos and looking for security. or worried about the chaos in
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libya syria iraq. that's the basis on which many are deciding. the opposition is worried the changes could pave the way for a long dictatorship many opposition leaders are already in prison state media and parliament have carried out c.c. this far of the new constitution means one thing above all more power for the president. a ban on lesbian gay bi transsexual and intersex events in turkish capital ankara has been lifted by a court and the ruling could mean the return of a gay pride parade to the city. has been following that story for us first of all tell us more about the band that was in place so the band was implemented in november twenty seventeen and authorities science and public morality as well as security grounds and this was all based on emergency law that came in after the
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failed coup attempt a year earlier now and there's an emergency rule in turkey was lifted last year but this ban remains. a. in ankara they appealed the ban and the court has not been ruled that the ban is unlawful and they say that the security of these events must be ensured rather than the pound and this is quite important would it in because gay pride parades other places in shahid where there isn't this blanket ban often canceled last minute citing security reasons now these pictures that we see head there from last year istanbul pride which was council last minute people decided to march anyway it ended with police breaking up parts of the march with with tear gas and of course saying all of this this new ruling doesn't guarantee that there will be a big pride events and greg how much reaction have you seen about this court ruling so we have to see international campaign structure for europe such as the leap he's
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reacted to this news by saying this is a momentous day for people in turkey and a huge victory for the rights activists love has won once again with pride season approaching next month we celebrate this significant court ruling now i've also spoken to karen dickman he is one of the lawyers representing the rights group that for to this ban in court i spoke to him and asked him what those what this ruling means for the community. the course this is me is that. against so it's very important significant decision. because today we. can do. like symposiums same nurse wrote for us this time we can really say that
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the state of emergency. for. the. entire political angle here to a president of type two on his party they recently lost elections in ankara does that play into this at all. so the city is now ruled by the social democratic c h p u which is relatively gay friendly but this decision was actually made back in february before the elections and it was only made public yesterday but what is what is interesting is that this ban was actually lifted by what's called the governorship which is not. elected it is directly appointed by the presidents so but a lawyer we just saw there he told me the election has really created a positive atmosphere in the city or though he did say he didn't know yet if the situation if this would mean the situation for people would change much i will see
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if there is indeed a gay pride parade happening in any time soon. thanks very much. all right changing gears now to football and while you ventus have won the italian league for an eighth straight season byron munich have taken another step towards retaining their bonus league a crown byron beat bremen one nil at home nicholas deflected shot in the seventy fifth minute was the decider there leipsic moved even closer to securing a spot in the champions league by defeating rivals back at the other end thrashed stuttgart six nil to leave the visitors stranded in the relegation playoff spot stuttgart however were helped by second bottom new american losing at liverpool's and mine to be dusseldorf and there is one game later on today too on sunday when dortmund visit five are hoping to cut the gap to byron back to one point. tennis
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and rafael nadal has been taken down by fabio fognini in the monte carlo semester's semifinals the spaniard was going for his twelfth title in monaco but he couldn't get it going against the italian and luke ended up losing in straight sets it's his first defeat in nineteen matches on the monte carlo clay but he'll be defending his french open title in a little more than a month i. are now reminder of the top story that we're following for you right now yellow vests protesters have clashed with police and set fires in central paris it's the twenty third straight weekend of demonstrations against the policies of president emanuel called scores of protesters have been arrested. you're watching t.v. news we have more for you at the top of the hour but coming up next the documentary the search for the last supper in the style of a thriller it's a documentary attempting to reconstruct must of been she's
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a masterpiece originally look so stay tuned for that i'm going to spend more news of the top of the hour thanks for watching. one argument as opposed to it's a real policy because there's no rubbishing about everyone rights that only impose their own code and then we part. and you know what the great thing this year is a new image.


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