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w. . this is the news live from berlin clashes in central paris as yellow vest protesters reclaim the spotlight after the fire at notre dame cathedral police of made scores of arrests as protesters battled all of them as bad as they battled officers and set fires in the french capital it's the twenty third straight week end of the demonstrations we'll go to our correspondent on the scene in paris also coming up the egyptians are voting in a referendum on constitutional amendments that could nabl president i'm dealt five top al sisi to stay in office until twenty thirty and bolster the role of egypt's
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allophone military. and americans are marking the twentieth anniversary of the columbine high school massacre two students killed twelve of their classmates and a teacher in what was then the country's worst ever school shooting a reporter talked to a survivor. i'm gonna aspen thanks for joining us we starts in paris for thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets once again in their long running protest against wealth inequality but it's the first since the fire at the notre dame cathedral and many are angry at the millions in donations earmarked for reconstruction that's money they say could be better spent police arrested more than one hundred protesters after clashes broke out in the heart of the french capital. everything for not
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nothing for the poor says the slogan on this protest dizzee a low vest. anger at the millions of euros pledged to rebuild the cathedral following monday's devastating fire while the activists say their demands for social reforms of being ignored. it's shocking given the state of the country giving to notre dame is all very well but maybe this is not the time to talk about it's not the time to do this. it's the twenty third consecutive weekend of protests against the administration of president emmanuel macron actions taking place in the capital paris and across france. still expecting answers from the government there are democratic social and environmental emergencies for which we still have no answer. those who were protesting even if my wife and nora are the last or learned of. later violence
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flared in the capital as scooters and other vehicles were set on fire. as in previous protests the police response was forceful. tear gas and water cannon deployed to disperse the protesters. the place that not to have a united front since shock but so far it's done little to heal the deep divisions over poverty and inequality our correspondents rebecca ritter's is in paris for us where easter services are taking place rebecca there are several events taking place night in relation to the fire at notre dame tell us a little bit more about that. well carol i'm here in front of a social peace church which where an easter vigil is taking place tonight it was a post originally planned to be tape taking place in not true dump obviously that
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is not possible given this week's events. there is a benefit concert also happening not that far away from here hosted by one of the t.v. stations here in france there's a big it's open to any member of the public who wants to go a free benefit concert and then donations will be asked for at the end towards the reparations of not true. now earlier rebecca you were on the streets there in paris you're tracking the able best protests that were also taking place today what was the situation like were very different scenes to the ones you're seeing behind me very different atmosphere from where i am now we saw a very violent protest again today you know we must remember that these yellow press vests excuse me protests have been going for twenty three consecutive weeks that five months today both protests but they have waxed and waned in terms of
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violence and attendance the last few weeks have seen. far less attendance but this was the first one since the not true dom and as we heard in the report people and the protesters the yellow vest people are extremely angry and they feel very let down by the fact that the country seems to have a lot of money to give to the rebuilding of the church but not to appease their demands they feel very let down so today we saw a resurgence of that earlier violence that we saw during the protests a few months ago all right rebecca ritter's for us in paris thank you very much. egypt's sions have begun voting today in a referendum that could grant the country's authoritarian leader abdel fatah sisi another term in office the proposed changes to the constitution would also give the former army general more power over the judiciary is a move heavily criticized by international human rights groups. president of del fattah el-sisi was among the first to cast their votes clearly
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a man and. just a few days earlier parliament had given the go ahead for changes to the constitution now it's up to egypt's sixty million voters to give their approval. or not obama our president is doing a better job of looking after the country than the leaders of our neighbors. i respect him things are very stable and people are happy we have to say yes to these constitutional changes. the changes would largely benefit the president the former general would be able to stay in office until twenty thirty. r.c.c. would also get to appoint the country's top judges. and there would be more power for the military. the president's plan seems certain to be approved many voters say they're looking for security. or worried about the chaos in
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libya syria iraq. that's the basis on which many are deciding in a minute. the opposition is worried the changes could pave the way for a long dictatorship and already many opposition leaders are in prison state media and parliament have carried out this fall and the new constitution would mean one thing above all more power for the president. let's head to cairo now where ruth michelson is standing by for us she's a journalist in the egyptian capital ruth so as we heard it it looks likely that these constitutional changes that they will be approved if they are will that bring more stability to the country as the president says they will. well i mean it depends what you mean by stability. there are ongoing austerity measures instituted are all present and. that proved very unpopular with many egyptians
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excluding. the specially polished egyptians and i saw today. egyptians who are working class neighborhoods in cairo who are being bussed to the polls and potentially open packages of food to prove they can prove be o.t. . now some would say that's not a sign of a stable regime in general a repressive regime is not necessarily a savior and that really is the challenge. his opponents say that you know it's not and i have to say and power is more than just bending the rules this could end now with him to become president to life beyond twenty twenty four even twenty thirty and so i guess you know consistent regime with the same person always the top is not necessarily a state. this referendum is not popular with international human rights groups what about within egypt itself how much opposition is there and who is leading that movement. well there was something called the civil democratic movement which was
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set up specifically to campaign against the changes been proposed in this referendum and it was very difficult to find anyone at the polls today who knew anything about it no campaign has heard anything from the know and that's really not who wanted trying from members of the opposition. who have said they've been prevented from kept it will prevent it from holding protest in front of the engine parliament they say prevented from making any public statements of any kind really gets out of referendum and so you know it's very difficult to be in opposition when you are unable to speak publicly. ruth michaelson in cairo for us thank you very much. our those get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world today in the libyan capital tripoli crowds have protested against the military offensive led by warlord. who opposes the un recognized government there
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this as news broke that the u.s. president had called how far in a surprise show of support he already has the backing of egypt saudi arabia and russia. sudan's ousted president omar al bashir is being investigated for money laundering police searching his home found suitcases full of millions of euros and sudanese pounds as well as hundreds of thousands of u.s. dollars military removed by cher from power nine days ago following months of protests the former leader is now in prison in the capital khartoum. and several thousand people have rallied against the government of serbian president alexander in belgrade the protesters demanded more democracy and more media freedom the demonstration took place a day after supporters held their own mass rally in the serbian capital. police in northern ireland have arrested two teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of the young journalist a key she was killed during rioting in the city of london derry the men have not
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been identified or charged but police believe they may be part of a new dissident group. today marks twenty years since the columbine high school shooting in the u.s. when two students armed with guns and homemade explosives killed twelve of their peers and one teacher on that tuesday morning the school in littleton colorado rose to tragic fame around the world now survivors of the attack are grown up and many have children of their own two decades later the columbine generation is still battling the trauma and hoping the u.s. will finally impose stricter gun laws. you know the big it's a routine part of many parents day school run if you jane and mary picking her son up comes with it. t.q. a sense of relief she's a survivor of the nine hundred ninety nine columbine high school shooting every day the mother of three waits for this moment you know how children
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a safe back to gregory house and the like watching her as a parent you have no idea that she's still dealing with the trauma of what happened at her high school that day really being in the auditorium and and listening to what sounded like were under some kind of attack and it was that moment of. i think coming in here how long is this going to go on for who's doing this all of those questions started popping into my head and yeah i started to realize that something. really horrific lee bad was happening twenty years later jamie still haunted by the shooting and it's off to mouth i remember walking with a friend she was waiting to hear from her brother. but he was one mil and in the world ever heard from him if he was killed in the lake. and. i always wished that i had done something besides trying to lighten the mood because there were
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those were walking i was trying to like make her smile because i knew she was worried. and could one day be affected has that janie to campaign for tougher gun laws she was invited by how congress representative. as a guest of president trumps state of the union address jamie hope the president would tackle the issue of gun violence in schools he was left disappointed it was offensive in a way because he knows it's a problem there's no reason why we can't reinstate the assault weapons ban. there's been action before we can take action again and i think we need to forty thousand people a year are dying because of something it's guns and it's time that we tackle it from a legislative approach we can do the proactive things with mental health and we can educate the children and try to create that change of culture but that takes time
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legislation we can do now. ones like her in the meantime only hold her children tight and hopes that they will never have to face the turmoil she's experienced over the past two decades. i'm free reporting there a reminder now of the top story that we're following for you at this hour yellow fest protesters have clashed with police and set fires in central paris it's the twenty third straight weekend of demonstrations against all six of the president's men almost scores of protesters have been arrested. coming out that exist it's the bundesliga show pablo folding will be here with all the highlights from saturday's games to find out how byer munich fared at home against better pregnant as the title race in the league comes down to the wire to that and more in just a couple of minutes on the. you're watching the news
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