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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CEST

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in the leaks comes down to the wire that and more in just a couple of minutes on the. you're watching the news live from berlin we have more news at the top the hour i'm carl now sometimes want to. go to visit. link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from own use a busy town without website deputed comes to africa join us on facebook g w for god
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. when the water starts most people fight for survival. but only if we didn't receive. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could write any kind of peace not if you want and probably most of them do come to. the con if exodus starts people thirtieth on t w. it was wall to wall sunshine in germany on saturday so that means the summer is on its way on the bum this nigga season is heating up at the top and the bottom of the table coming up we'll see if byron could avoid slipping up against brennan under a void the possibility of losing their son. immolate at the top of the bundesliga
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table. and club are within a whisker of a champions league spot but could inform leipzig dash their hopes of moving up the tab. for any us welcome to the ball in this league the big clash on saturday tied bahrain and braman anything other than a victory for munich would have piled the pressure on the league leaders they kicked off their match just one point ahead of second place dortmund saturday's clash was also the first of two encounters with braman in less than a week they face them again in the german cup and are well aware that verdict is a side capable of causing an upset let's take a look and see if that was the case this time around. raymond's team morale had been unbeatable this year and florian cofield was determined to dent points title aspirations they certainly threw themselves into the tussle from the very first
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whistle. and had the first real chance of the match serge cannot break going close after twenty six minutes. a try to spin and shot from the germany international. blanco was equal to the task braman was standing strong in the face of buy ins onslaughts which left nico kovar looking for answers by in turn the screw up the half time. they found braman to fence in an imperious mood. of lanka was in particular on top of his game. the match turned on its head after fifty eight minutes though. neil rushville cabbage sent off for a second yellow card the stray elbow ending his saturday afternoon early.
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down to ten men have lanka continue to reel out the highlights. but he was powerless to deny nicholas. on seventy five minutes i could deflection leaving him stranded one goal enough to hand by on a hard fought one victory that's right not in the second half we were able to step up a gear up some plots for what they had a man sent off and we laid siege to their gold go on and on and we missed a lot of chances and the win was fully deserving it as it were for we could have had a more comfortable end to the game. if this image ponderous was forced into. an important win for by and they will be looking to repeat the job when the two teams meet up again in the german cup on wednesday. are hungry for a champions league spot next season their victory last weekend against hanover gave
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them a boost of confidence in what has been a rather erratic twenty nineteen but it was also bittersweet as their captain last stand alone was injured and will miss the rest of the campaign but my back to this match day and their form would be put to the test against high flying leipsic a team that is also unbeaten against let's see how the game panned act. for. on a farewell tour and d. to hacking both want to leave their successor a ticket to european football it was visitors like secure threaten first and you'll forsberg testing young. blood banks keeper came into this one with twelve shots to his name this terror was that of only one keeper has more opposite number. the hungarian made light work of allison play a shot. so much chances of another clean sheet were at risk of to just fifty
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minutes marcel housman back fell in the box i don't see was the last in the face of football superstition by taking the kick him self and slammed it comfortably home i'm one of them and more penalty misery for zama who stopped only one in twenty four from the spot and has been does he get career. just after half time popped up again and black box box and promptly made it to nil of my third of the season for the young germany international and his first from open play. with many writing gladbach off they suddenly showed signs of life was playing a house of the deficits just after the hour was ten minutes later than are passed up the chance to seal the points for lights. but then laid siege to goloshes goal but after talking to our shot led to panic stations how to cameron couldn't try
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equaliser my leg held on for an away when all but guarantees a champions league place for running successor. meanwhile still has a lot to do before he clinches a euro police spot for his replacement. my let's take a look at some of the other clashes on saturday in a moment we'll see. see how european hopefuls leverkusen got on against strugglers nuremberg but first shift our travel to one objective beat their hosts and give their fans some hope that they'll be spared relegation but time is running out and their recent form has been dreadful they'd only managed to pick up two points in their previous five games now stuttgart coach mike course was feeling the heat so let's watch the action now. stuttgart sort of rotten roman democracy.
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and out made them suffer early the hosts were deservedly ahead after eleven minutes . ronnie kidd era was left completely alone to slot home shook up were all over the place defensively again soon afterwards this time and very handsome good vantage to know for out work it was a fine finish from the forward but he was given so much time stuff got had no plan going forward and were even worse about to let martz making it three now after less than half an hour the game was practically over the hapless got caught it was the same story in the second half that again showed where they're stranded in the relegation playoff spots marco victor adding the five. max then grabbed his second only out. have an outspoken didn't let up as they look to secure their bunkers legal status with a stick earning a super display discard the six. martin schmidt is working wonders it out.
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still got meanwhile they are in a real mess and sacked coach vines deal after their joint heaviest league defeat. that last meant nuremberg got the chance to leapfrog their relegation rivals and leave stuck out in the automatic drop zone but nuremberg struggled in leverkusen with car habits rattling the power. kristin martin you're also getting on to it but just after the hour mark zandi was finally beaten by lucas allow rio. replay shown the ball had clearly crossed the line. they've accused and then wrapped up the win later on. kevin fall and next thing is the home side mounts only champions league charge. in contrast nuremberg failed to capitalize on slumping stock gods. well it's the end of the road for marcos vine still at stuttgart and here's
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a little start for you and this is the fourth time in six seasons that a stuttgart coach has been sacked after losing to albert that it gets more interesting because the first three times that happened marcus vine seal was the coach and now he's on the receiving end and the one who is given his marching orders but moving on now to another team having a poor season shall they have the chance to distance themselves from the relegation zone all they needed was a positive result against huff and haim but it was another disappointing performance from shell shock bells for deal and undraped from marriage but haas and haim two nil up in the first half and you know yuri pulled one back for shelter after the break but goals from. mary and another from belfort deal sealed the win for the visitors tito birch tyler scored
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a late consolation goal five to the final score and hope stevens shelter remain in trouble. let's get a round up of all the results so far for much day thirty as you can see there byron edged out braman glad lost to life sake i smashed six past stuttgart leverkusen beat nuremberg two. shell and hoffenheim as you can see there absolutely well the great when there are four hundred and i'm and mights they took on just a door in a mid table clash dorf hadn't even touched the ball before john philip my tits are stored in the first minute dodgy new kit back shook the doors back to life with an equalizer on nineteen minutes i think the belgian turned villain by missing a second half hannity. kareem on as a were made it to one and a second from
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a tighter seal the win for minds. runs. now on sunday dortmund travel to freiburg have to take on hanover and as you can see there on monday votes for it will host frankfurt nights at a table defending champions byron munich xtend their lead at the top to four points as you can see from dorgan to leipsic still in third frankfurt in force of course but they're playing they still have to play though their movement their living labor has moved up braman move down at the other end of the table no change at the bottom shall come missed out on their chant chance to extend their lead and minds move up. now it's time for the bun this latest play off the day i was voted by you our followers on twitter and your winner with fifty three percent of the vote is byron's class. the big defender was byron's unlikely hero clinching
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a vital three points for the champions as the title rights heats up it might not have been the prettiest of strikes but no one in byron colors was complaining. it's just are from him well that's all from us here on the bundesliga we'll be back on sunday with more bundesliga action and of course plenty of analysis until then we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from saturday's games so for me and the rest of the team here in berlin by.
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