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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  April 21, 2019 11:30am-12:00pm CEST

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i know nothing out of the germans because sometimes i am nothing with them and i think deep into the german culture. to take this drama. it's all that. time rachel join me on the course. to. welcome to the seventy seven percent brand new show africa is a magazine for the you why the seventy seven percent you ask well because more than three quarters of africa's population is under the age of thirty five and hopefully you watching this right now a one of them. you're watching the seventy seven percent thanks for joining us now can you box your way to better self-esteem a group of girls in south africa is doing just that we have this and
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a whole lot more for you on today show. young kenyans are joining the doctors to help communities in remote areas access from pocket. street debates report. to kampala to find out more about women's empowerment in uganda. and finally nigerians see me around us ling metropolis of leave us in our my cd feature. now making the journey for change that's the motu of the safari doctors this change of young people babies and kenya's county brings medical care to removed communities safari doctors travel to the islands in the long ago and other how to reach areas near the somali border by the time they were ten they would have treated hundreds of people not to get an animal's too so it's no surprise that in twenty seventeen they're going to. only
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route was named person of the year by the u.n. in kenya that's one more incentive for the safari doctors to keep making the journey for change. the islands on kenya cost and a beautiful spot for visitors but for the local communities the remote location means it can be a struggle to vital health care some he says. these are the safari doctors the team from long island braved the ocean in a bid to offer free medical care to isolated communities. we access ten to twelve villages at the moment and in each village is about one hundred people so we travel with a medicine to address the basic illnesses this is a lot of or spirit three issues you know this carbon monoxide cooking there's
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a lot of the mythology issues. safari doctors is the brainchild of thirty four year old omer omar a resident of la she's not a medical self but she got together with nascar intern to fifteen to start the project today the safari doctors team has eleven regular members as well as international and local volunteers. dr abdul hakim is one of the volunteer medics so there are many reasons why. there are not enough for many it was often in here especially masses. because one i think this is that remoteness second thing because of security although well some of the villages border somalia and face the threat of attacks from the militant group al-shabaab the first attack happened in twenty eleven since then local civilians have regularly been caught in the crossfire between the fundamentalist group and the
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kenyan military. created one who had. to move the bomb blast. we took a job before treatment but unfortunately that last leg you know. the terrorist threat is very real for the doctors to. one time i would have come to monk i happened even to ban our motorbikes which we were using. but even terrorist threats from over the border cannot deter these team they know that without their help people in marginalized communities simply wouldn't get the medical care they need. your home mike and i had a bad called which brought on released as you can see here it's painful i cannot time like this. now. i wanted to go to ram to the
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hospital but transport here is difficult for us and we don't have a heart care center. and i have planned wonderful. i have now been treated well and i'm grateful. ulcers the headache and the cold. i'm happy with the safari doctors came. but people from the neighboring villages they're not so lucky. in many parts of the country people still rely on traditional may be seen but that's really sufficient to make up for the lack of proper treatment the government has committed to improving security and universal health coverage but it will take time for these worthy plans to become a reality in isolated communities until then villages will continue to rely on community projects to plug the gap we provide them with some of the supplies that is going to go to an outreach or social communities like care but since. you also
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do. allow some of the soft drink that this go to just where a bus reach some of those villages that you my fish i was a challenge reaching for in no way about so i was being you know how i listen to dividing those primary services services that we give are at no cost and the concept is how we can make it sustainable through the universal health care pledge which county has fully subscribed to the n.h.s. plan. but. as well as getting medical supplies from the government so far the doctors has established a pattern achieves with various tech holders in order to keep the project running. bhangra omar and her team a lifeline to these island communities providing health care and hope in equal measure and. what a great initiative and much respect to those brave young people. now
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on our street e bay said men's we regularly present undiscussed an important topic that affects young people in africa this week it's all about female empowerment how can we do more to lift up women in african societies and chief gender equality but first we take you to the outskirts of cape town in south africa where women and girls live in an informal settlements i specially at risk of assault so them be son going to live on the n.g. you. decided to do something about it. when. i'm told. it's almost fifty degrees in the schoolyard but that doesn't stop attendees. and bucks gals from giving it their all to the girls this is more than just a workout. confident
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interest to empower them as a woman like just for them to grow up knowing that like their woman they have a power they have a say and they can motivate others they could be the leaders of tomorrow. tembisa works as a facilitator for boxcars the n.g.o.s teaches girls how to defend themselves against violent attacks like most of the guards she is coaching she also comes from the township of khayelitsha almost four hundred thousand people live in this township of kept her own. is one of the poorest parts of the city and up to a third of its inhabitants believe in informal dwellings crime rates and violence are high. women and gars especially vulnerable over forty thousand
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rape were reported in south africa in the last year but the actual number is likely to be much higher as only one in nine women would report it to the authorities tembisa and boxcars want these disturbing statistics to become a thing of the past five times a week she coaches a group of twelve to thirteen year old girls at a local primary school along with boxing tembisa also helps the girls with their homework agenda equality and female empowerment at the core of ten business work our goal to remove that negative mindset that boxing it's all men for fulfillment but also like men for for the woman as well actually like any kind of sport days in any specific sport for women or for the men after the homework is done it's time to get moving.
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can be so once the girls to know that they are just as strong as the boys this mindset has already rubbed off on some of the cars had i like folks girls and i like the boxing basically because it protects me against the boys who sometimes bullied me. tembisa is proud of the positive. she hunts on the guards she has self was the victim of a violent attack when she was twenty years old two men tried to and stabbed her twelve times she still has numerous scars from the incident. through counseling she has slowly regained trust in men still how wish for the future is to see more women in positions of power. not every man like sympathized with us as women or feel the same pain that a feeling and in those politics will find leg everywhere every time the leader it's
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him in i think if that could shift a bit being a woman here that will decrease the number. of violence and teenage pregnancy in exigent. on a grassroots level tembisa hopes to transform african women into strong and empathically leaders and yes let's hope that those young women will be the agents of change in their country. although women are vital when it comes to supporting their communities in africa they represent only about fifteen percent of the region's land owners they're also far more vulnerable to sexual assault and have a higher rate of illiteracy but it's no secret that empowering a woman can promote self-confidence generated better income for families and even prevent early pregnancies in this week's street debate all reports are that commanding isn't kampala with some exciting guests she asked them to share their
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thoughts on what can be done to empower women in uganda. we are in kampala uganda vis is the capital and the rain gods have opened on us but guess what the show must go on because today we're going to be discussing a very fiery topic here gender parity or lack thereof it is in this country that the minister of tourism suggested that women should be added on to the list of attractions for tourists that garnered a lot of reactions and we're going to get some of them right here so let's open this discussion with i suppose we'll come to you patricia what gives what is the current situation in uganda in a surprise egalitarian islam is concerned i mean i think that uganda is a lot like. you know it's very nature so this is a country where a minister can get on t.v. and say that women are tourist attractions just for the our bodies' the same
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country where media houses telling women that because they're educated their marriage is a failing it's a sim country where an m.p. can get up and say women need to be displayed into by their husbands i think that the few feminists who exist in this country and exist loudly are met with constant attacks so i guess in a lot of ways we sort of a long way to go ok you say that you have a long way to go but not everybody thinks of these actually any reason to go anywhere monday you say that there's no need for changing anything society was created like this by our forefathers for reasons. i don't have as many of changing anything but i'm saying that the speed at which the women want things changed is what actually is very very women they believe in the role of making a home so implying that the who has been the position of that men would comes to these who they must be from and that's where we have been. running go from there
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at the moment to just been creating an overview but i want to get into the very specific of this every day sexism can you tell me in practical sense what. for you to be a woman in uganda it means that my my body is not mine i feel like my body is not especially in regards to street harassment terrifies me any man can come up to me is entitled to come up to me and ask me what i'm doing why i'm doing it why i'm there. i'm being in fun tell lies every single day that we don't even i know he's there in front of me if i put it in terms of the leadership that we have so last year i think you proved the minister of public service issued a new dress code for women that's extremely oppressive the sex something like the one nine hundred twenty s. women cannot show cleavage women cannot have a sleeveless tops women should not wear anything above the knee which are pressured by the way we should specify the basis for women in public service when women on the list public service if you walk in the national hospital any any public service
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then this is for you so it was one of the real question is why you know because for them it's just like what women should just like this some men don't like this woman don't repeat men don't harass they don't talk to men like this of this is the logical thing the logical sex the kind of then control. i mean i think it was ok i think i want to go back to the point that lindsay was making that this sort of sexism is not only social cultural but it's also systemic it exists in law it exists in organizations how do you react to that i mean you can argue with that my point is simple is that i think if you have a chip on your shoulder and you think that the world is out to get you you're going to view every obstacle that you face as a result of some nefarious actors or in the ferias class of people that are trying to put you down in this case men which is what activists will sink the feminists and i feel like this is unfair there's so many women that have succeeded who have gone on to do great things there are many terrific brilliant business women in this
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country brilliant women in our parliament brilliant women in all walks of life in every profession look it's a double edged sword. right there are women who do take advantage of their femininity to know what way to get lots treatment you know they're going to smile at their supervisor and hope that he treats them a little bit more leniently there are some women that will try to date men at a high level some men abuse of power to gain sexual access to women other women utilize their power to advance their careers ok it's just the world we live in joyce are you using your sex your female wiles to to to advance in your career is this what is happening is there any truth to what fatboy saying yes there is truth to what you saying some women have ignorantly done that some women but some in some cases someone has no option it is not the only option he lives oh ok there's a lot of nothing here there's a lot of sniping here so like i don't know like how you think that the
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plane is leveled just because there are women that are like taking advantage of the fact that their women do you understand that they have been told that this is what they need to do like it is not fair like it is not enough for me to just be intelligent to be really hard working i have to open my legs for someone to sleep with me for me to be on the same level as you so i'm going to come back to monday because this question is actually in direct contradiction to what you said that some of the cultural norms which we have normalize ones like and things that some of the cultural norms we have normalised may be normal but they're not right when a minister. or when you're going to comes up with the police and say look here we must be seen to exist because the mom's body as my sister was saying but doesn't that mean that the body belongs to the man and he has authority over you. oh yes yes yes. no no no no i have to remove the microphone right there
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women do not belong to society and. to themselves. to them so let them show them some give an example let's give an example in the african. community when you see things that when you see things that you hold somebody. remember that they don't believe in its own well well well well well well well ok hold on hold on let's keep going with this conversation i know it's getting heated but my question to the people standing here is do you think uganda will ever be egalitarian and what is the role of men in creating this equality that we have set as an ideal for men to be part of the solution to achieve jim a pleasure to meet men need to accept to share power and to share decision making and men need to do to have respectful relationships that is their role ok and.
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i'm not even sure if i should come to you because you might you might open another can of worms but monday i have to ask you is there ever going to be equality in uganda gender equality when the what i just want to say is that they were equally can only be found in the picture not. enough said well we've had a very good number of comments here today i think this is definitely one of the most heated debates we've had so far and we absolutely enjoyed it please do let us know what you think and thank you for watching. now that was a lively and interesting discussion from the streets of compound if you want to see more than just go to youtube dot com slash t w africa or search for seventy seven percent there you can watch the for debate with that committee next up wear off and
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i geria. better known by her stage name simmie wants to show you around. millions of people already call nigeria's commercial capital hole and its own truck to become the world's largest metropolis a hundred years from now for sydney is all about hustle and success he has a glimpse of the city through her eyes take it away see me. how i am seeing me and you know walking from one city my city i'm going take your show you our about to legal us economic center of nigeria and one of the biggest cities in the world more than eighteen million people called the pact like apple is the home traffic that's what leaders is notorious for lagos island the economic center can only be reached by if you can just that bridges it's a pickle
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a douche and spends up to five i was in rush hour traffic every day i think that was because. the drives you drive me anyway drives you. but even if things aren't handed to you the ring there you have to buy them so i don't think anything is even easy with here and i probably will had one. right that had wealthy people somewhere because you have to be in nigeria simmias gradually becoming the superstar that lead you one came within a short time one million clicks and you choose. the team and business is tough especially for younger women sometimes they don't even know they don't even know that they're being stretched she says she's just being with us something we expect and don't expect to put here a woman and there's a way to treat you because you're a woman and sometimes he does have to put your feet down because otherwise you're going to get leave. victoria island is one of the most exclusive places in the city
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and the location of one of the fairs hard rock cafe is on the. didn't the ideal spot for some down underscores don't forget the spots of syria typical nigerian snack with plenty of pepper. pepper is a part of our culture so it's not spicy is a strong lesson bread no eggs and human eggs in full like a lot of happening so there's not spicy is not right the spice not right. you know you can't really explain lagos you just have to feel things sydney and the best way to feel it is through music the city inspired here and many songs including this one there's a lot of pidgin and your song which is my language but i'm going to you know explain to you just like me a little funk being on the outside world and. see you.
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again hello i'm. mommy and you know. me all that is. one thing don't feel up with other girls oh i'm glad to show you my feelings. and i hope that this encourages you to come and have the time of your life. the boston magazine see that never sleeps definitely worth a visit now if you'd like to write to us just email seventy seven d.w. dot com or visit our websites d.w. dot com slash seventy seven that brings us to the end of the show but don't worry we'll be back join us again for our next edition when we have lots more to talk about including this. unemployment in the lock up for strict and make young
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africans using targets of islam make extremists searching for new recruits we speak with the former fighter about how he. got out and in our street debate we discussed some of the ways to prevent radicalization thanks for joining us on that seventy seven percent use magazine for africa's young my geraghty what one last treat for you though sidney is not just a five a list for guide she's also a successful musician and guess what she's just turned thirty one so we were not the bad big girl maybe you out there see me with sure of me now from me and the rest of the team it's good.
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to. come.
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the before. the break off like. spam so. precious and an arch in itself. the penalty shot. one of germany's top penalty kickers on the edge of and all skate reveals the secrets to making the catholic church of god. the demon w. . i was fishing when i arrived here i slept with six people in a room. it was hard i was fair. i even got white hair is that.
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the german language head nodding off this gives me a little bunch maybe took in truck let's say you want to know their story. muslims are fighting and reliable information for margaret. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union dinos guild law to correspondent at the baker can stretch this can line with the rules set by the team it. costs. nothing recipes for success strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d.w. . and during the supply chain reaction of. the flavor. began around six hundred years ago.
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in the renaissance the revolution in salt enabled the smell the people became aware of their abilities and strengths in a new way there was an outpouring of self-confidence and mentions it. architects. scientists. and artists. who continued invented completely new things and toppled the ancient giants who had originally been its teacher who see the need. to culture out of the darkest milliliters into a new place. starts with the two seconds on d w. play. play. play
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play play play play. this is deja vu news live from berlin more explosions reported long after an initial wave of blast hit churches and luxury hotels more than one hundred thirty people have been killed and hundreds more injured police have imposed an immediate her q and shut down social media and messaging services we'll get the latest from a witness at one of the targets and also coming up at a comic actor become ukraine's next president voting stations are open in today's runoff election and incumbent president petro poroshenko.


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