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this is news coming to you live from berlin the death toll in the sri lanka bombings rises to two hundred ninety another five hundred people wounded in a string of tornadoes attacks targeting churches and luxury hotels on easter sunday officials blame religious extremists for the made several arrests we'll have the latest problem. also coming up time to get serious in ukraine comedian. wins a landslide victory in the presidential runoff the plane the president took on television
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now he's the real thing incumbent petro poroshenko has conceded to street. in the homestretch of the poultice league goalkeeping and timely goal scoring have put back within a single point of the league's top to bottom. hello i'm terry marchin good to have you with us police in sri lanka say the death toll from the devastating wave of bombings on easter sunday has risen sharply to two hundred ninety five hundred people were also injured in the coordinated attacks that targeted churches where worshipers had gathered for easter services and luxury hotels most of the eight bombings appear to have been suicide attacks the government is blaming religious extremists but no group has yet claimed responsibility. just hours after the series of bomb attacks on churches and luxury
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hotels sri lankan security forces carry out a read on a house in the capital colombo a further explosion rips through the building killing three police officers along with the police special task force the sri lankan military has been deployed in the search for the perpetrators of sunday's deadly bombings. prime minister run ill wickramasinghe paid a visit to one of the three churches that were targeted in the attacks you would like to know that the orders have been given to find those responsible for this security services will be given all the powers they want we can't allow these kinds of crimes to take place we will also look into what went wrong the are going to be worried about for the next few days the important thing is counting opinions that the prime minister's said there had been prior information about possible attacks and that there would be an investigation to determine why the precautions were not
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taken and that fears that sunday's massacre could destabilize the country the government has imposed a nationwide curfew and blocks access to social media saying it was necessary to stop the spread of false rumors and to ease tension but by sunday night police in colombo reported that there had been a petrol bomb attack on a mosque and arson attacks on two shops owned by muslims. for many sri lankans the apparently coordinated attacks have brought back painful memories of the country's long running civil war when bomb blasts were a frequent occurrence. or for the very latest now let's cross over to jamila nudged her dean in colombo she's the editor of news in a jamila the death toll from the bombings has risen massively from two hundred seven to two hundred ninety what's behind that jump. hi so basically we are hearing reports that the bitcoin is likely to go up even more than two
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hundred and ninety when i was at the colombo national house speaker today morning there most of the injured are being treated as i interviewed people in the area and the will to what degree management and they told me that for small sums were being conducted on the people who have died and it's on the wonderbook once the post-mortems are conducted and once they are being released that the their stories are being amended so this is the reason why did this story keeps changing on and off but it is likely to rise further today. as you say you've been talking to some of the survivors of these attacks what are they telling you about their experience with that and their feelings of of the threat these touch tone. well basically their general feeling which every one of us feel right now is that we are scared and we are shocked because we wrote a nation call one terrorism ten years ago and we never ever expect this terrorism
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to raise its head again once again in this country so i have been speaking to i read mr since yesterday and everybody just have one word that they are scared some of their eye witnesses who i spoke to who are present at the blast site said that they're just heard a lot of screams they're just heard a lot of fire just saw a lot of high all over the place they rushed out they wanted to get in touch with the family members who were there and i witness is when i spoke to today have finally come to terms with what has happened and now there's a saying one thing is we see how safe are we and how much protection i'd be going to be getting from the government from the authorities so there's a general sense of fear and panic protest spread all over the place so there's a general here of fear is used to talking about that we understand that another bomb hit. it's been defused. found in the fuse near columbus main airport or there
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are fears that there could be more bombings to come. yes nothing easy daffy goes that then made people more bombs to reach reaching mansoul goal also which we are hoping would not be the case for the police and authorities have that to try forces have launched a massive search operation in colombo and other parts of the country and so far they have been able to successfully return it to bondage to congress night which was a very close proximity to arlington national afterwards and seems to be a morning when i spoke to the police defense operation is continuing so i'm past the search operations also continuing to nab more suspects doctors now twenty four have been arrested now in the wake of the bombings the government imposed a number of restrictions including a ban on much of social media what are they trying to achieve with these measures.
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where basically ran the explosions up to cost yesterday morning people in stock of panicking people who were in fear and a lot of misinformation was then being. spread through social media mind you at that time there were also some messages coming out my team greece's them and the government was quite cautious that these should not be seen through an obvious just attack you know already had a terror attack to be unique and they did not want to have another recess next week to have to be made which is why i did talk advance to ban social media that people could not follow it and wanted messages could not follow the pictures of the dead bodies which would build up more hate could towards those doing was in death tax for these funds than as a precautionary step to miller thank you very much for that update was jamila nudge modine there she's editor of news in asia and spoke to us from colombo. thank you ray max let's get a little more into the details on the security aspects of the story for that i'm
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joined by a song by a goon a sacred he's head of the institute of national security studies in colombo what more can you tell us about the arrests that have been made in connection with the of tatts well the national security council met this morning and so i think they're headed by the president so most of the decisions are being made here or that. gross negligence us national security to look at it to be such an accident or because any systematically organized attacks as evil as so they are just opposed audi's army divisions and has begun on the what went wrong that was the situation that would have to be addressed that had been controlled by sample a dude on national security studies for just seventy two thousand seventy cloche as clearly mentioned they're going to go down to the president saying that they need
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significant pressure from egypt from the extremist groups which would target sri lanka and so they as the thank you just. look at it from the jenin try gets it back to the coast and basically you can have it go from one home lot when one of the areas i want to talk to today has got me to the next you know. full cost you know mix but that would come and the next two days all console so i think yeah so those things will be looked at kind of song i just want to come back to the point about the arrests because a number of arrests have been made we also saw that the police were trying to apprehend people in a in a part in a in the house or an apartment apparently there was an explosion there so they must know something about the identity of those who've been arrested what can you tell us about those who've been arrested. well if you look at it in her office as
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a police officer died is that attack. and so that being that. if you do that is it better if i was arrested. for rape going on that or that. that being suspect i think the evidence of a day as well as all the security of all those and also the civilian. actually getting a lot of information to the media doesn't so we actually have the officers are given the job right now and to bring him out of we don't. have to tell you just wondering if you can tell us about the identity of those who have been arrested for the associated with a particular group or what their motives might fly i cannot give you that information right now. as i said earlier something that has.
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caused by several excellent groups and all of that so they had their. elements connected so i cannot give you a major comeback ok then you mentioned negligence gross negligence on behalf of the security authorities in the country because there had been warnings ahead of this that there might be attacks can you tell us why the government did not act on most mornings. that could be from a recent. acacia so that's what. the president has appointed a committee of three members to look into this what once was intimidation. because sri lanka was a country that for some reason. we had a stone who should have you can. actually read the post won't want happened once he . was actually produced as well as the book not to have the
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difficulties pull phone and was one of we'll all terrorism whether the industry is not walkable phone touch attacks or next. connected open so i think it's time that he really looked at it as going to spend an hour basically going to get a lock on the second thing i would say he's got all of the communities down on going to committees as well not be. done on that because i do think it's a combination of patient category social media briefing book project that's the target thank you very much for your insights that was assigned by i want to say curry talking to us from colombo. now let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today police in northern ireland have released two men without charge in connection with the killing of journalist he she was shot during rioting in the city of london derry as police clashed with
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alleged members of the new ira paramilitary group the investigation into mickey's death is still ongoing. opposition protesters in sudan have broken off talks with the ruling military council after it refused to hand over power to a civilian led government sudan has been under army control since former president omar al bashir was forced to resign two weeks ago. and prosecutors in japan have indicted the former news on bars carlo's going on fresh charges a breach of trust these relate to payments which allegedly went to a private investment company controlled by go for his personal enrichment. now in ukraine the comedian selenski has won a landslide victory in the presidential election with the count almost complete selenski has taken seventy three percent of the vote while the incumbent petro poroshenko has managed only twenty four percent it's
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a stunning rebuke for ukraine's political establishment especially as selenski has only ever been involved in protests and politics before. oh he went from playing a president on t.v. to being one in real life this is the moment followed amy is a lenski the new president elect of ukraine found out that he'd won on the world stage he's just the latest political novice with an affection for social media to sweep aside the old guard are very hard thing your thing you ever bought him. selenski actually studied law at university but never practiced instead opting for a burgeoning comedy career in twenty fifteen he began starring as a fictional ukrainian president in the sitcom servant of the people. his own political party was eventually named after the t.v. show. to lead city has been the unlikely front runner for most of the election with
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poll ratings flying he even went so far as to not show up for one of two scheduled stadium debates against the incumbent petro poroshenko the fact that ukrainians have already spent years watching him play it being president may have helped him ascend selenski projected a sense that people could trust him whereas parsha the more experienced candidate was seen as corrupt. and he said next month i will leave my post as president of the country with you sure this is what was decided by the majority of ukrainians favors. and i accept this decision is i will leave the office of the presidency which is but i would like to emphasize i am not leaving the politics. many ukrainians are looking for something new. by the slow pace of reforms and wearied by the fight the conflict in the east of the country selenski they hope. and hear
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a change. well joining us now from kiev is our correspondent nick conley nick this is a huge victory for selenski who has no political experience has the significance of this result sunk in yet for the ukrainians good morning terry well i think this sort of scratching of heads amongst that poroshenko camp at least people are really kind of taken aback by the extent of that victory for him as alinsky a state him picking up almost twice as many votes as the incumbent so far we haven't heard any more from him selenski yesterday speaking only very briefly to the press at his election campaign policy first to thank his team and then giving only the briefest of indication of what he plans to do as this transition begins saying only that he would he would fire ukraine's current prosecutor general but giving no further indication as to who would be in his team. but this is now going to be
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a couple of weeks transition before he finally gets into the presidential administration a couple of blocks behind me so you're saying that his opponent is his opponents camp are obviously scratching their heads but what about the rest of ukraine's political establishment how are they reacting. well people seem to have accepted this as a given with about ninety percent of votes now counted those exit polls from a saving have turned out to be accurate we heard from the prime minister. congratulating also beyond that present himself saying that he would do his utmost to help selenski. with contacts and help him in the transition this was a very aggressive campaign. throughout telling ukrainians that he wasn't up to the job so this was a pretty impressive and magnanimous to the speed with which he accepted excepted
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his defeat and his willingness to accept the results not to question those that did take observers by surprise but that seems to be where he's going to saying that he's lost the battle but not the war that he intends to stay in politics we have a parliamentary election here in the autumn petro poroshenko saying he plans to contest those and stay in ukraine's politics for now. does anybody really know what he is planning to do here because in a debate last week he said he wanted to break the system. nobody really knows what he means by that in this at a time when ukraine is having to navigate very delicate very delicate relationship in a conflict with russia. well exactly terry and lots of his critics would say that selenski has tried to promise all things to people. he's being about offering a sense of generational change of being
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a new face someone offering hope of campaign while being pretty reticent on the detail of what he wants to do in terms of the really big questions in terms of joining nato with the e.u. since he says that he himself is in favor but that he would put that question to the ukrainian people in referendums in terms of russia i think it would be wrong to cost him here as a straightforward pro russian candidate yes he is someone who speaks russian and ukrainian in his personal life he mixes the two languages in his appearances but he's very keen not to show himself as being moscow's best friend the kremlin's best friend that something of the candidates tried during this election and it didn't do them any good at the ballot box there was one candidate who travel to moscow before the first round came in fourth place so i think he has the potential here as someone new to maybe restart those talks about the future of us and to speak to his russian counterparts without some of the baggage that petro poroshenko has picked up but i think it would be premature to expect. kiev and moscow to make up in
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a hurry and president's key to make any quick concessions to the kremlin i think ukrainian society would not accept that given the war and these five years of standoff we've had now that really is something that is to boo in ukraine's politics nowadays nick thank you so much. there in kiev. now to spain which is gearing up for a general election next weekend it will be the third election in just four years as the country struggles to find a way out of political turmoil the election is dominated by catalonia prime minister. called the early elections. in the region voted against his budget bill in parliament they were angry at his handling of. that's what spite these problems sanchez's socialists are leading in the opinion polls not far behind is public of the of the conservative people's party and he is followed by albert rivera from the
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center right. but none of them are expected to secure an outright majority that has created an opening for vox a small far right and euro skeptic party led by santiago. and it's surging in the polls it's opposed to immigration gay marriage and abortion and rails against feminism and political correctness for sees itself as a potential ally in a possible right wing coalition well their opponents are mobilizing to prevent that they say vox's divisive agenda and tory rhetoric. are reminiscent of the dark days of the franco dictatorship. it was the most terrible experience of his life really mare was just nineteen when he was thrown into this prison in madrid. today it's hard to imagine the horrors that took place here during the fascist regime of
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francisco franco to force mayor to speak the police staged his execution. when they point to isolate you and press the trigger with no bullet in that split second two things can happen you can just stand there speechless like i did or you fall apart. or sit at home but mayor fears that right wing populist are gaining support in twenty eighteen the far right box party took eleven percent of the vote and to lucy has regional elections now the country is heading into a general election. i feel safe today but i'm very worried because a political force like box is yearning for a time in which we lived under a dictatorship. the. far right box party wants to unseat the socialists the crowd of fox supporters have come to this bullfighting away enough for a rally many have written the slogan spain for the spanish on their flags they want
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to ban abortion and same sex marriage and they glorify the years under the dictatorship. grayle if we the frank a years when so bad he was the lesser of two evils in this regard for the ok it was a dictatorship but a homeless one. just them yet we just had it i'm proud of spain's history thanks to franco spain made progress and became what it is today. for franco's victims and their families sentiments like these are a slap in the face for nine years they've been demonstrating every thursday in the center of madrid. for the people here the rise of the far right is a shock. to brighten their lot and they want to read conquests a recount quest can you believe it this is a disgrace to spain. that's why we're here demonstrating against fascism not for ourselves we're old they're not but for our children our grandchildren are near the
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spain's history has divided the country far right box leaders. rejects the notion that any form of reckoning or redress is necessary to come to terms with franco's nearly forty year dictatorship but you look you won't apologize for our history we should acknowledge its glory it's a darker side draw the best out of it and take pride in it i know you're really mayor is dismayed and angry at the spanish left which he says failed to counter the rise of the far right he hopes the radical right won't have a strong showing in the general election and become kingmakers in a new conservative government as they did in and. now some sports and the bonus league is big sunday match where dortmund outclassed freiburg and moved within touching distance of first place with just four matches left dortmund is looking for their first league title since two thousand and twelve.
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don't wonder at full strength in freiburg with michael royce and the info on jaden sunshield raring to go twelve minutes in and good link up play from aerial goods when royce sets up sun shell to score. one no if a door opened that class easily overcoming fried the static defense. don't ease those slightly though and fry but came back into the game you can vouch me testing roman baccy. in the second half don't win but back in the groove rafael guerrero with a perfect pass for royce to make it to know in the fifty four minutes. the sixteenth goal of the bundesliga season for the forward freida tried to respond to his on the counter-attack some show to royce and good so with that goal and that minutes from time classic break away for the visit to. pasco stencils handball allowed cafe at the net his seventeenth league goal of the campaign don't mean move the
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point behind leaders diane. we have four games left and we are concentrating on the next match nothing more we've got to prepare for it properly you're missing the. good from the high to that next game is the dollar be at home to struggling shaka on saturday. how about some indoor skydiving we go to the world indoor championships in the legal friends that's right no airplanes required instead competitors from thirty one countries were flying inside a glass walled vertical wind tunnel they're judged on their performances in a series of moves either pre-determined or artistic while balancing. on a jet of fast moving air within the top routine its last forty five seconds and are either solo or with a partner or with a team of four the u.s. and friends one
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a number of gold medals. are the top stories we're following for you here today on the news the death toll in the sri lanka bombings has risen to two hundred ninety with another five hundred people injured blame religious extremists for the string of ordination attacks on churches and luxury hotels no one has claimed responsibility and so. for years from now thanks want. to.
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cause. anything. is that possible scientists are going into the city are researching the future of agriculture strips of wild flowers with six hundred planks pesticides food plants. fertilizers kind of balance between high bio diversity found to morrow to do it next.
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hundreds of use in my clubs. where i come from roger or remains an important new soft transmitting new and for a mish and when i was young my country was in brawl huge money conference the war throbbing people most people would gather our own drugs to see us. it was my job to tune one of the largest scotch say it's so thought everyone in the town for missing toes against us. nothing has been from inside my known cardiac into a month more than the law even if it's not i caught us i was a twit and for me it was. my choice to discard because given their
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way toward transmittance the choice. when it was my gosh mom much and i was outs did of. calm. hello and welcome to tomorrow today the science show on t w coming up on this edition. learning from makes his example how bonds plants and insects can produce agriculture. the science behind medicinal plants researches are unlocking the allen says. that first spiders and their potential role in medicine that's.


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