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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin the death toll in the sri lanka bombings rises to two hundred ninety another five hundred people were wounded in a string of coordinated attacks targeting churches and luxury hotels on easter sunday officials blame religious extremists and have made several arrests and get the latest from colombia. also coming up time to get serious in ukraine comedian selenski wins a landslide victory in the presidential runoff he played the president on
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television no he's the real thing incumbent. has conceded defeat. in the homestretch in the bundesliga words goalkeeping and timely goal scoring have put back within a single point the league's top team. oh i'm terry margin good to have you with us police in sri lanka say the death toll from the devastating wave of bombings on easter sunday has risen sharply to at least two hundred ninety five hundred people were also injured in the coordinated attacks that targeted luxury hotels and churches where worshipers had gathered for easter services most of the dead were sri lankans but thirty two came from other parts of the world some of the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers no group has claimed responsibility so far but the government is blaming religious
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extremists. that's what i feel the faces say to old. one day after the bombings sri lanka is a nation in shock. a few people have gathered in silence outside one of the churches targeted in the capital sent antony's shrine. soldiers are standing guard in a city and a country now on edge. heavy security is also in place since a bastion church in the north of columbus. one man here recounts how his family escaped the tragedy. from the church because they were so afraid they called me. the same the same time they called me and asked me if i mean said that he wanted to make sure that another . but as the clean up operation begins some are asking if this is
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a disaster that could have been avoided it. reports suggest intelligence services may have been tipped off about the possibility of attacks yet failed to act. the prime minister himself raised this question while also vowing to prevent further violence while this goes on we must also looking at the quick because we're not. in this respect but first and foremost we had to ensure that bury them does not leave its aid in sri lanka. the first test for security forces is to try to piece together who's responsible for the atrocity and for the terrible loss of so many lives. or for the very latest now let's cross over to jamila dean in colombo she's the editor of news in general it's really like officials have
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held a press briefing on the attacks. they were building more details about the suspects arrested or who they believe was behind the attacks. if there's just a very soft light it was through down cause health minister that there are significant iraqi journalists that a local group and the national crowd here. are right because what same group has been behind us it is attacks and. he's on some wants us to think so much when people people have been arrested and all of them with names belonging to defra because all the nice ition so the hunt is on for more suspects about the organization has to be named. intelligence officials apparently received warnings about these attacks ahead of time but we're hearing that these warnings were not passed on to those who could have intervened including the prime minister what more can you tell us about those warnings. yes i'm a security. in the beginning i'll tell you. intelligence agencies and big receive
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information off i see both terrorist attacks. but this information as you correctly said was not cost on time you trying to become a single on you have that happen if this is. so the prime minister has said that he's going to come back investigations esteban's when truong why was there a miscommunication and why wasn't the cabinet informed that there was a test on the contrary so investigations into this are going to be conducted the president however a.z.'s to make a statement on this education. authorities have imposed a fresh curfew for tonight in sri lanka's top of all colombo are police bracing for possible further attacks. yes so the custody is going to come into effect from eight o'clock tonight and it's going to stay in case of four o'clock tomorrow morning and just now we have received comes from information that
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the next state of emergency is also going to be because at some kind of midnight tonight you know that the come back come back terrorism so yes the hunt on i'm from what we're hearing right now is that the parties believe that there may be further threats but that's yet to be seen somebody has to officially choir record and say that so and so it's from the curfew what other measures are security officials taking to counter the possibility of a threat of more attacks. so basically as i said before there is a national state of emergency which has been discussed from midnight tonight. you know that to combat terrorism they also requesting the public not to comment stand on go it's not to get in public places if they do not have any work outside to stay indoors days a massive search operation going on in capital colombo at the moment and in doubts close to them which is how twenty four suspects have been nabbed at the moment the
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police is also wanting people then preventing them from going into the blast site. basically it's a ways out again colombo because the police do the jink people to stay. to really understand you were at the hospital talking to some of the victims those who survived the attack and their families what have you heard from them. yes families have been devastated by what has happened. most people who i spoke to also find two artists away enjoying death time in dispute people like the band terrorists struck them. family. party was extremely scared better state that they'd be supplying. and now we are hearing reports that the intelligence agency is what you want informed us but if a terror attack but nothing was done that is a sense of panic. that message has spread right across the country and we are
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hearing reports that i'm talking to everybody thank you leave and then go back to safety jamila thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was journalist jamila nudge modine the editor of news in asia speaking to us from the sri lankan capital colombo well the attacks in sri lanka overshadowed easter festivities at the vatican pope francis was holding easter mass as news of the attacks came in worshippers had gathered in st peter's square to hear his traditional blessing for the city of rome and the world from the balcony of st peter's basilica pope francis mourned the dead and condemned the bloodshed you see there no money for studying them yet through said i want to express my love and support to the christian community. targeted while they were gathering in prayer and all the victims of cruel violence. and i entrust to the lord all those who were
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tragically killed and pray for the wounded in all those suffering as a result of this traumatic event francis appealed to political leaders to put aside their differences and work for peace. that's what made the one who gives us his peace and the roar of weapons both in areas of conflict and in our cities and inspire the leaders of nations to work for an end to the arms race and the troubling spread of weapons and. the pont of then ended his speech with the traditional or be at or be people blessing it minute they put in. but this. it's speak to. this in. nine minutes. now some of the other stories making headlines around the world today police in northern ireland have released two men without charge in connection with the killing of journalists will you run
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me she was not or she was shot during rioting in the city of london various police clashed with alleged members of the new ira paramilitary group the investigation into these deaths is still ongoing. opposition protesters in sudan have broken off talks with the ruling military council after it refused to hand over power to a civilian led government. has been under army control since former president omar al bashir was forced to resign two weeks ago. and only seventeen people are reported dead in colombia after heavy rains set off a landslide and block the pan-american highway president evo two k. has been to inspect the damage in the mountainous south west of the country rescue workers are still searching for victims. now to ukraine where the comediennes blood amir selenski has won a landslide victory in the presidential election with
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a count almost complete selenski has taken seventy three percent of the vote while the incumbent petro poroshenko has managed only twenty four percent it's a stunning rebuke for ukraine's political establishment especially as alinsky has ever only been involved in pretend politics before. thank you went from playing a president on t.v. to being one in real life this is the moment followed amy is a landscape the new president elect of ukraine find out that he'd won on the world stage he's just the latest political novice with an affection for social media to sweep aside the old guard are very smart thing you're saying you ever brought him up selenski actually studied law at university but never practiced instead opting for a burgeoning comedy career in twenty fifteen he began starring as a fictional ukrainian president in the sitcom servant of the people. his own
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political party was eventually named after the t.v. show selenski has been the unlikely front runner for most of the election with poll ratings flying he even went so far as to not show up for one of two scheduled stadium debates against incumbent petro poroshenko the fact that ukrainians have already spent years watching him play it being president may have helped him ascend selenski projected a sense that people could trust him whereas parsha the more experienced candidate who is seen as corrupt. must be mad he said next month i will leave my post as president of the country. we dish this is what was decided by the majority of ukrainians favors and i accept this decision utils look if i will leave the office of the presidency which is but i would like to emphasize i am not leaving politics. with. many ukrainians are looking for something new.
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by the slow pace of reforms and wearied by the fighting a conflict in the east of the country selenski they hope will usher in and hear a change. in sports and in the bonus lee a big sunday match dortmund outclassed freiburg and moved within touching distance of first place with just four matches left open is looking for their first league title since two thousand and twelve. don't wonder at full strength in freiburg with michael rice and the in-form jake and son show raring to go twelve minutes in and good link up play from aerial goods when royce sets up sun shell to score. one no for don't wind the class easily overcoming fright the static defense. don't want eased off slightly though and freiburg came back into the game because out schmidt testing roman baccy. in the second half don't when we're back in the groove rafael
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guerrero with a perfect pass for royce to make it to know in the fifty four minutes. the sixteenth goal of the bundesliga season the forward freida tried to respond to his on the counter-attack sunshield to royce and good so with that goal and that minutes from time classic breakaway for the visitors. hostile stencils handball allowed packer cafe at the net his seventeenth league goal of the campaign don't move a point behind leaders. we have four games left and we are concentrating on the next match nothing more we've got to prepare for it properly you're missing the. good for button is that. next game is the dollar be at home to struggling shaka on saturday. now how about some indoor skydiving we go to the world indoor championships in little friends that's right now airplanes required instead competitors from thirty one countries were flying inside a glass walled vertical wind tunnel they're judged on their performances in
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a series of moves either pre-determined or artistic while balancing on a jet a fast moving air within the top routines last forty five seconds are either solo with a partner or with a team of four u.s. and france one a number of goldman sachs. so you news know we've got a documentary film for you coming up thanks for watching. here's what's coming up for the book this week plenty to tell you what. it's cut take a look at what all that means for the table of course. the going to sleep every weekend here on t w.


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