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this is being used coming to you live from bali and she lent us government admits there was a tip off ahead of sunday's devastating attacks suicide bombers taunted churches in luxury hotels killing at least two hundred ninety people nine fills up the police received information in advance bought it was not passed on to the prime minister we have the latest from colombo also coming up. time to get serious in ukraine comedian balder means then he wins a landslide victory in the presidential runoff is
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a crushing defeat for the incumbent french apportioning cold. and the homestretch in the industry going goalkeeping and timely goal scoring have put dortmund back within the single point of the lead stopped by a. pattern of a warm welcome to you i'm under. the sri lankan government has confirmed that police received a tip off the head of bombings of churches and hotels that killed at least two hundred ninety people on sunday but a government spokesman said the information was not passed on to the prime minister and his cabinet minister says no one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far but officials believe a local islamist extremist group were behind them. but you know the faces say it all. one day after the bombings sri lanka is
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a nation in shock. a few people have gathered in silence outside one of the churches targeted in the capital center antony shrine. soldiers are standing guard in a city and a country now on edge. heavy security is also in place at san sebastian church in the north of colombo one man here recounts how his family escaped the tragedy. but as the cleanup operation begins some are asking if this is a disaster that could have been avoided it. reports suggest intelligence services
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may have been tipped off about the possibility of attacks yet failed to act. the prime minister himself raised this question while also vowing to prevent further violence while this goes on we must also look into why i do quit because we're not. in this respect but first and foremost we have to ensure that bury them does not believe it said in sri lanka. the first test though for security forces is to try to piece together who's responsible for the atrocity and for the terrible loss of so many lives. and for they related to have on the line from colombo. with the she's the editor of the news in asia jim there there has been an official news briefing there what was said about who was behind the attacks. hi because just a shock by a liberal she ran kind of health minister dr rabbit in
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a big game from journalists that a local group called the national town heat to mark who even a muslim radical group what a sponsor for sunday's attack. did say that they were investigating to see these groups had any foreign being small just a very short while ago i saw a local media report saying that christian my people are going to to know what sheikh international standards of conduct investigations into sunday's attacks of not off changes that there may have been a four incorrect connection that the intelligence officials the prodigy received warnings about these attacks ahead of time are questions being asked about one of our views were not passed on to the relevant departments including the prime minister. definitely i mean yesterday when strength and time is running to come i think of it a great time in the night he was disappointed and he had several questions
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contests and so did his cabinet of ministers and he said that during the first recovery period the three branches of intelligence agencies had received reports of possible terror attacks but unfortunately this was not passed on to the prime minister or the ministers so a day that everybody's in a state of shock and there are a lot of unanswered questions at the time you see him terrorists meet certain monsters and val going to conduct pending litigation as to why there was so much of miscommunication and should know there have been some suggestions the political infighting within the sri lankan government could have been a factor in image for years to pass warnings on what not going to tell us about the political tensions within the government. e.s.p.'s may have been a possibility because ever since october twenty sixth when prison michael participate in a second time you need to become
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a singer an appointed former president mind there are just facts to the fore such prime minister there has been political tensions going on between the president and the current prime minister. so what certain parties are stating for certain parties within the government are stating is that the president had not kept the prime minister informed about certain cool show the move months about certain crucial decisions and the timing issue was acting independently with the police department used to come down to him and also with state intelligence so right now people are angry that partly because you should between the president and the prime minister may have led to these terror attacks but it's still too early to say that the stories of going to improve the stooges emergencies on the country starting tonight what's the most that. it's of a security dimension of operations going on in colombo and in other parts of the
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country that. the security forces are trying to nab more suspects now that they had certain information as to paul possibly could be behind these attacks they want to sort of arrest as many people as possible in order to avoid and i'm not the catastrophe told by declaring the state of emergency there obviously making the movement of people and they can also question people as and how they want to be carrying a state of emergency right now has been better comes in the country and do you feel this is a good attack. yes stratospheres have the you know opened since ever since the first attack two went off at eight forty five am on sunday morning right throughout the night security forces have not stopped searching to have continued to search and i monday afternoon three thirty local time at the moment and they seem to continue to launch the search operations so yes they are searching
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from all the writers and just a small shot by local police found eighty seven real explosion just from. the fed of the station they picked up which is the business hub of colombo and you know you said people their willingness to shock understandably you talking to the families of some of the victims what have they been saying to you. well basically the victims who i have been speaking to are shocked they're disappointed yes can they rested my stance really coming to terms with what has happened today and so you need to understand the children create a country which is three thirty years of wall which is security forces fix it successfully and that in two thousand and nine to two thousand and nineteen it's ten years i think the country has been liberated saying the pain is here any worse jerry to feel the terror attack that again is something which the country cannot accept so right now a days a lot of shock and fear which is going on families are devastated and bodies are
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still coming out of the house because of a dispute time for the country jim you know knowledge within editor of news in asia thank you very much for that update from colombo now those attacks in sri lanka cast a shadow over easter festivities at the vatican pope francis's who used to mass as news of the attacks came in was you both again that in st peter's square to hear his to distance blessing from the city of rome and the rest of the word from the balcony of st peter's basilica pope francis mourn the dead and condemned the bloodshed. if he did a money fist. i want to express my love and support to the christian community. targeted while they were gathering in prayer and all the victims of cruel violence . i entrust to the lord all those who are tragically killed and pray for the wounded in all those suffering as a result of this dramatic event francis appealed to political leaders to put aside
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their differences and work for peace. that's why i made the one who gives us his peace and the roar of weapons both in areas of conflict and in our cities and inspire the leaders of nations to work for an end to the arms race and the troubling spread of weapons. the pont of then ended his speech with the traditional or be at or be papal blessing it minute they put in. but they say. if he leaves. it's easy to spank you see this in the super bowl. they've been having up to date with some other stories making news around the wild police in northern ireland have released two men without charge in connection with the killing of journalist lida mckee she was shot during rioting in the city of
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london derry as police clashed with alleged members of the new ira parliament street group the investigation into mickey's death is still ongoing. at least seventeen people are reported dead in colombia after heavy rains set off a landslide and blocked the pan-american highway president yvonne dukie has been to inspect the damage in the mountainous south west of the country rescue workers are still searching for victims. opposition protests is in sudan have broken off talks with the ruling military council after just fused to hand over power to a civilian land government saddam has been under on the control since former president omar al bashir was forced to resign two weeks ago. to ukraine now where the comedian walter mears alinsky has won a landslide victory in the presidential election with the count almost complete selenski has taken seventy three percent of the vote while the incumbent better
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border sankoh has managed only twenty four percent it's a crushing defeat for ukraine's political establishment especially given that zelinsky has no political experience. it was a stunning victory for a political novice. ski has attended the status quo in ukraine shortly after exit polls delivered him a landslide he addressed his supporters on social media. see what he said hello everyone which was i wanted to thank all of you for joining me on this journey for the four months of important work great work that. you did we did it together we united ukraine we united our people we united our country was. not honest. there. the result was a bit of a blow for incumbent petro poroshenko who conceded defeat the divide to stay in politics par schank ahead presented himself as an experience pair of hands but it
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seems many ukrainians were looking for a fresh approach which is what i was very happy that we finally have a president who is a man of the people i'm really pleased that we now have somebody in power who is not a politician. a something new we need to walk away from the old. problem of poroshenko is the problem as alinsky said during the debate and i am the result of your mistakes that's it full stop everybody voted not for selenski but against poroshenko. but if you craniums believe fail to solve their problems it's not clear hi zelinsky well either the closest he's being to political power is playing a fictional president in a sitcom. and while his campaign was media savvy it was light on concrete policy ideas. he inherits a country burdened by a separatist war in the east rampant corruption and
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a sluggish economy so lets he has much to prove to voters hoping he'll usher in an era of change. and joining me now for them you create in capital is the dummy correspond the color nick a landslide win for the lens can his looking really delighted but the question everyone is asking what can they expect from him now. richard that's the million dollar question he has faced criticism all through this campaign that he has been very evasive on the detail has avoided difficult questions from journalists preferring instead to speak to the voters direct through social. format that he can control yesterday the election results the polls were announced he was true to form he only briefly spoke to journalists thanking his team and then a few very short questions he says he will give more often he's inaugurated that's expected to be in about a month. he's seemingly not going to give us much more in the way of concrete
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policies or even names of people who are going to be in his team i think is important here with selenski to see him as a representative of a new generation he selling a promise of change new faces and a willingness to challenge the status quo and this as you heard in the report that people saying as much about selenski as about saying no to the previous generation of politicians to. and the other competitors for the presidency all of whom had been at the forefront of ukrainian politics for decades and people willing to take the risk take that jump into the unknown a vote for anything but what they already knew and the european union has congratulated victory and said that they would support. we'd be a good deal for your. well i might say he did travel to paris to me before the second round and he says of himself that he is in favor of ukraine joining both the e.u. and nato but he would put this question to the ukrainians in referendums at the moment i think that's quite an academic question because the nato is seemingly
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willing to accept ukraine in the near future but definitely he's making those noises and i think there is consensus here in ukraine that the strategic movement towards the west and away from russia that he's pretty much consensus across and he's definitely not making any noises suggesting that he would change that of tensions between ukraine and russia extremely high is there any indication how the president elect and managed that. well definitely his opponents throughout this campaign have been trying to portray him potentially as a friend of moscow's he is someone who in his personal life speaks russian and ukrainian and in his appearances makes the two languages but he has been very careful not to portray himself as some kind of friend of the kremlin there were other candidates in this election who tried. to get the blessing as it were of the kremlin that didn't go well. after the conflict in the crimea we've seen that that
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really is a to boot here. i guess there is the potential he has a new face he hasn't been involved in these talks of the past few years that he could maybe reinvigorate the negotiations over in a way that has been basically locked in a stalemate with. couldn't. the public consensus is such that he has very little room to play with in terms of making concessions i think people be looking very carefully. to make any real gesture towards russia that would be seen as weakness or some kind of. concession to the russian side and the finical what is the plan for the next few days. so we have this long handover. presumably beginning of june interestingly we've seen lots of friendly noises from people not just from the prime minister other figures seemingly the clarity of that victory means that no one is really challenging this and willing to engage with his
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team at least that's what they're saying so a smooth transition is something that is quite unusual for this part of the world such a. transfer of power hopefully and peaceful handover leads to consensus in this country. thank you very much. ok telling out of spain which is gearing up for a general election next weekend it will be the third in just four years as the country struggles to find a way out of political turmoil prime minister preditor sanchez has called the election early after losing the support of lawmakers from catalonia and one party that has been surging in the polls is the smaller far right and euro skeptic vox party it sees itself as a potential ally in a possible driving coalition but opponents say vox is divisive agenda inflammatory rhetoric are reminiscent of the doctor of the franco dictatorship. it was the most
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terrible experience of his life billy merrow was just nineteen when he was thrown into this prison in madrid. today it's hard to imagine the horrors that took place here during the fascist regime of francisco franco to force mayor to speak the police staged his execution. when they point to pistol you and press the trigger with no bullet in that split second or two things can happen you can just stand there speechless like i did or you fall apart. or so they don't buy. the young communist did not reveal any names his time in prison in the early one nine hundred seventy s. helped spur his decision to enter politics where he eventually served as m.e.p. for the united left bloc mayor fears that right wing populist are gaining support in twenty eighteen the far right box party took a leaven percent of the vote and to lucy has regional election now the country is
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heading into a general election. i feel safe today but i'm very worried because a political force like box is yearning for a time in which we lived under a dictatorship. the far right the box party wants to unseat the socialist the crowd of vox supporters have come to this bullfighting are enough for around. many have written the slogan spain for the spanish on their flags they want to ban abortion and same sex marriage and they glorify the years under the dictatorship. grayle if we the frank a years when say bad it was the lesser of two evils i guess we'll have our border ok it was a dictatorship but a homeless one. yes to me i would guess that if i'm proud of spain's history thanks to franco spain made progress and became what it is today. for franco's victims and their families sentiments like these are a slap in the face for nine years they've been demonstrating every thursday in the
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center of madrid. they're calling for truth justice and retribution they say the dead should be exempt from mass graves and given a proper burial and their murderers and torturers brought to justice for the people here the rise of the far right is a shock. to brighten their lot and they want to recon ques a recon quest can you believe it this is a disgrace to spain. that's what we're here demonstrating against fascism not for ourselves we're old they're not but for our children our grandchildren. the crimes of the dictatorship have been swept under the carpet agrees nicholas sanchez. under franco he became a forced labor he fled spain and only returned after franco's death he wrote a book about his life spain's younger generation he believes has learned far too
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little about the horrors of the dictatorship that's why many are now joining the far right. haven't properly grappled with our own history we're going through a lot of we had an entire series of very conservative government. they made sure that schoolchildren never learned about what actually happened in this country. a lot of data and deny that we had a dictatorship. spain's history has divided the country far right box leaders santiago rejects the notion that any form of reckoning or redress is necessary to come to terms with franco's nearly forty year dictatorship but you only look are you going to apologize for our history we should acknowledge its glory its darker side and all the best out of it and take pride in it you know your really mayor is dismayed and angry at the spanish left which he says failed to
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counter the rise of the far right he hopes the radical right won't have a strong showing in the general election and become kingmakers in a new conservative government as they did in and. were not allowed not to that was one of the most terrible nights of my life. this or that after so many years of struggle and sacrifice of this after so many disappeared so many who were forced to flee so many who were tortured this would be a step backwards it would be like starting over again at zero the third of. the mayor says he won't give up we'll continue to fight for a just and lightened and modern spain. and now thousands for it and to the bundestag as big sunday match up a door one outclassed freiburg and moved to within touching distance of first place
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with just four matches left dortmund is looking for their first league title since two thousand and twelve. don't wonder at full strength in freiburg with michael royce and the in-form jade and sam show raring to go twelve minutes in and good link up play from aerial goods and royce sets up some show to score. one no for dog and their class easily overcoming fried birds static defense. don't want eased off slightly though and freiburg came back into the game you can vouch mit testing roman baccy. in the second half don't go back in the groove rafael guerrero with a perfect pass for royce to make it so you know in the fifty five minutes. the sixteenth goal of the film is a good season for the forwards freida trying to respond to his on the counter-attack sunshield to royce and good so with the goal eleven minutes from time classic breakaway for the visitors. pasco stencils handball allowed
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packer cashier to net his seventeenth league goal of the campaign don't move the point behind leaders. we have four games left and we are concentrating on the next match nothing more we've got to prepare for it properly you're missing the. good for button that next game is the dollar be at home to struggling shaka on saturday . so here now is a look at the bundestag table ahead of monday night's match up between votes for confront for by the way and as you just heard dortmund are right on there he needs next weekend by i mean if they knew him back in another attempt to shake off their closest competition not the very bottom of the league can who were in last place after a down draw at milan. over in the french league palace singe a man have been crowned champions after defeating monaco on sunday in bombay scored
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a hat trick all of p.s.g. as goes in a tree one victory on the teen page tribute to the not to donk a few drinks on the edges he's after a fire destroyed large sections of the fattest institution last week. you're watching the news has a recap of the top story that we're following feel the sri lankan government has confirmed that police received a tip off a head off the bombings of churches and protests that killed at least two hundred and ninety people on sunday but a government spokesman said the information was not passed on to the prime minister or any members of his cabinet. and do remember you can all this good news on the go just download the app from the play off for me at the store that is give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us your photos and videos which you think could be of interest to us. up next
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a documentary on dream just in the democratic republic of congo fighting to protect natural resources in a gorilla habitats. and the new steam by for now. the good.
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in spite of unrest abductions and murders the rangers are still here. we have chosen this work and we're ready to give our lives to save the mountain gorillas from extinction. rangers and from going to national park in congo trying to fight off thousands of heavily armed rebels from the land of its natural resources. protecting resources and go rely habitat next to.
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climate change. the strain ability. environmental graduate. of globalization the face biodiversity species conservation exploitation inequality. human rights displacement polls show the globalism current of local actually. global three thousand and sixty minutes on g.w. . when the water starts rising people fight for survival on a case on a budget with the budget but when there's a flood of water comes up drop waste and good flows fast to everyone but i am. the lack of water is equally dangerous. there john keep people move south so
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they can plant crops and find food. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any kind of peace not if you want to and probably most of them to come to. the carnifex it starts it will thirtieth on t w. two more. the last gorillas of the room africa's oldest national park because of its immense riches it's also the most endangered. in april twenty twelve wool once again flared up in north kivu in the east.


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