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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 22, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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it was seventy eight minutes when it went on the books men fired home from close range to get fragrant the week victory looked assured for the eagles blight john evony brooks popped up in injury time to level of all sports and that's when finished one one the final school. you're watching the w. news up next today's biggest business stories you tell me business with stephen is right after the break stick around. i'm scared that if i work that hard and in the end is a me you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers would lie and say. what's your story.
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of numbers and women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. are not even a turn off and yet you want to become citizens. in full migrants your platform for reliable information. u.s. says no more exceptions to its oil export sanctions on iran so will it really go after major importers like india and china and what could today's announcement and iran's reaction mean for the global oil trade. and what's the proper work life balance ali baba's jack ma says chinese employees should spend more time working
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but the country's rising middle class isn't so sure we'll take you inside the debate. i'm stephen birds in berlin thanks for joining us the white house has announced the end of waivers for countries to import iranian oil us had reimpose sanctions against iran last year threatening to punish any country that buys oil from tehran but it granted waivers to the eight primary buyers of iranian oil allowing them limited purchases for six months there are fears that removing the waivers now would reduce oil supply to a market that is already tightening but u.s. officials say any shortfall can be picked up by other countries including the u.s. itself and its gulf allies. the trumpet ministration has issued a blunt warning to nations buying oil from iran after may second there will be no exceptions to sanctions norway various nations that continue to buy uranium oil will be made to suffer more you are going to zero going to zero across the board
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we will continue to for sanctions and monitor compliance any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits pump a zero set the u.s. had granted enough time for the affected countries to wean themselves off of rainy and oil and find alternative suppliers. before washington re-impose sanctions against around last year terror on produced around two point three million barrels of oil per day that's around five percent of global i pushed until now washington had granted some importing nations way for us on the oil sanctions china and india are the biggest buyers of rainy and crude recently they've stepped up their purchases along with korea basically increase on the other hand if managed to cut their demand turkey had been fighting until the last moment for sanctions waiver
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extension. pumping oil went on to say that there would be no grace period for those economies to comply despite sanctions iran's oil exports are said to have increased around twelve percent by the end of march but it's hard to say how accurate that figure is iran conceals the exact in mind by making good use of its armada of oil tankers the second largest fleece in the world. now in response to the us decision iran has repeated its threat to close off the strait of hormuz such a move would send tremors through oil markets here's why the narrow passage links the persian gulf to wider seaways it strategically important because it's the bottleneck through which major gulf producers like saudi arabia must ship their oil a third of the world's seaborne oil passes through the strait of hormuz making it the world's most important oil artery some eighteen million barrels of crude oil per day would stop flowing from the middle east were iran to actually close the
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strait that according to industry analysts well let's talk more about the latest sanctions pressure coming out of washington d.c. i'm joined now by helena humphrey in washington and our financial correspondent jose luis de haro in new york. let's start with you why is the trumpet ministration choosing now to push even harder on these sanctions. stephen this is gloves off from the trumpet administration it's been upping the ante against iran in recent weeks with the aim of bringing the country back to the negotiating table on the twenty fifteen new deal and is prepared to choke the economy to do so remember that iran is fifty billion u.s. dollars every year from its oil and certainly washington d.c. has been. meeting a list of measures in recent weeks two years two weeks ago rather it names the iranian revolutionary guard part of the government as
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a terrorist organization and you know trump and netanyahu the israeli prime minister also during closer in recent weeks of course israel and iran sworn enemies who essentially d.c. right now is trying to do anything it can to make tech wrongs life more difficult. so it was a way for the political goal there but what does this mean for the global oil supply. is no of the going to be as easy to maintain as a trumpet ministration which is even if saudi arabia and the arab emirates increase their production along with the united states stephen first says hold the arabia has already said it will wait and see what the outcome of not extending the waivers will be for on top of that all the opec members such as iraq have already expressed concern with say members who would not make a unilateral decisions to raise output meanwhile some countries don't produce the kind of oil iran does and many refiners leave most important sanctions on but as
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well an increase in tensions in libya pose a rising risk we will leave a very tight margin to maneuver any all the shocked at will in danger global oil supply. u.s. sanctions of course carry major weight in a global economy that largely deals in dollars is the u.s. really ready to challenge major weights like india and china. right i think that's a very good question i certainly think that some of the nations reacted with some shock to them that this waiver would not simply take over and be extended and if you take a look at india for example it has friendly relations with the united states that said i think it's fair to say say that delhi does not view iran as the regional threat for example that the trumpet ministration does if you're talking about china of course that's another kettle a fish and the united states and china are of course the currently engaged in trade negotiations which could be complicated further by this move not to mention the
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fact that china has recently increased its use of iranian oil so we could expect expect some back channel discussion on this certainly hasn't outlined exactly how these sanctions would take shape and if you take a look at you know some other powers for example the european union it established a mechanism to allow businesses to circumvent sanctions with regards to doing business with iran so it just shows that you know powers will take a stance on this who's they briefly what are the odds this could actually backfire on trump domestically with higher gas prices in the u.s. . it could mean a big ways to even especially take into consideration that only on mondeo oil prices rose three percent hit in the highest level so far this year at the movies the specter going to push us gaza prizes. ten cents a gallon in the lead up to the summer driving season here in the u.s. there's no gas prices are ever imported in the u.s.
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to helena humphrey in washington and those who say louisa harlow in new york thank you both for joining us. on to some tech news samsung is postponing the launch of its much hyped two thousand dollar folding phone that after reports of breakage has some early reviewers even called the galaxy fold unusable just forty eight hours after receiving the device south korean firms that an inspection suggested the breakages could still from impact on quote exposed areas of the hinge in quote the delay is a setback for samsung as it battle stiff competition from rivals like while way and apple a new release date is due to be announced in the coming weeks. what's the proper work life balance opinions in europe are certain to be different from those in say the u.s. and of course many around the world don't even have the luxury of thinking about a balance much less debating what they work to survive now the boss of online retailer chinese tycoon jack ma has served up the debate about work life balance in
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asia where the middle class continues to rise he wants workers to put in even more hours. but self-made billionaire jack ma is a star in china and young people hang on his every word so he caused quite a stir when he said he wants more people in china to work nine nine six nine am to nine pm six days a week he says to build a powerful and prosperous nation workers need to put the hours in. the fortune of forty billion dollars jack ma is a local hero and seen as a visionary he advises the government on policy young entrepreneurs idolize them so when he wrote online this month that working in one nine six kegel was a huge blessing and longer working hours were needed to be a proud citizen it struck a chord in a country that prides itself on being hard working to base began in factories and office blocks. or in talent has a different value of work comes down to the individual's choice for young people after many years they may think they had a precious work opportunity but they may also regret they had sold themselves
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cheaply. others believe that efficiency not longer hours is the key to more competitiveness oh it ok tional over time is fine but if it becomes long term it may harm physical and psychological health it is acceptable to struggle for your career once in a while but don't make it a norm. and there are fears that too much labor is god for your health. working nine nine six every day and make sure over time longer than twenty or thirty it's definitely harmful for your body. because of that. not everyone is convinced. jack miles nine nine six call the chinese economy matures people want to balance that allows for more life and less work. now whether it's a device at home or one of the office they better be protected with a password and that better not be one of those from a new study of common passwords by the british national cybersecurity center the most used password of them all and therefore the weakest is yes one two three four
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five six more than twenty three million people think that secure enough or just don't care and the second you can already see right there the second most common one two three four five six seven eight nine also pretty weak is qwerty looks safe maybe at first sight but it's simply the first six letters on the english keyboard also easy to break. names that people can guess loved ones for example actually and michael topped the list in britain followed by liverpool even better according to the experts something like this there's a good chance that no one will ever access your data maybe not even you. and that's our show i'm stephen bears in berlin thanks as always for watching.
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affairs documentary to. close up in sixty minutes. what secrets lie behind me. find an immersive experience and explore the fascinating cultural heritage sites. w. world heritage three sixty. how's it feel. where i come from the boy that it does this go it just like with chinese food doesn't matter where i am. always reminds me of home after decades of living in germany china's food is one of the things i miss the most but that taking a step back i see things i need to differentiate now. many of ford's first as an articulation that exists to other parts of the world haven't been implemented in
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china that's new for the time it's people wondering if there were a lot of people have a right to learn to read it is this is the job of journalism on how i see it and often why i have my job because i tried to do exactly this hour a day my name of the names you and i work at. this is news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes a standoff in sudan tensions are escalating as protesters in vaal to stay on the streets until sudan's gets a civilian government this as talks with the military collapse and major in africa by africans the creators of the new say as you're starting to hear of war affect on
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the global fashion stage he'll be joining me in studio. and one year since cape town face the threat of running out of official.


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