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this is news coming to you live from berlin. many ask could the easter sunday attacks have been prevented mass funerals are underway as the country enters a day of mourning allegations remain that intelligence failures may have allowed the terror plot to succeed. coming up a decision that sends a chilling message about press freedom in myanmar the supreme court rejects the final appeal to jail journalists who dared to report a damaging story about the country's military. russia drums up support for its
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military involvement in syria with a cross-country tour of tanks seized on the battlefields of activists say the kremlin is hiding the full picture of russia activities there. and rich in tradition but to show they belong with germany's football elite second division hamburger dreaming of a german cup title for the first time since nine hundred eighty seven will have to get past the light see in a semifinal match. below i'm terry marsh and thanks for joining us people in sri lanka are marking a national day of mourning in the aftermath of the easter sunday bombings the country observed three minutes of silence at eight thirty am local time that's the moment when the first in a series of bombs detonated on sunday morning the death toll has now risen to three
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hundred ten. intelligence chiefs reportedly warn police of a possible attack by a local jihadist group national tower we need jobs but those reports apparently never reach prime minister running a big room a single and his cabinet that revelation has the country searching for answers after a day of carnage that just might have been averted. a van is blown up in a controlled detonation outside st anthony's church one of several unexploded devices found a day after the attacks in sri lanka. people in colombo are on edge anxious there are more blasts to come scores of bomb detonators were also found at a bus station authorities are now investigating whether the local jihadi group suspected of being behind the attacks received international support there is
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little history of islamist militants targeting christians in sri lanka even during the country's decades long civil war. i don't know why peerless people. this is. the groups who either fall while you wait the more need then why the silicone the country. dozens of suspects have been arrested but questions are now being asked whether the attacks could have been prevented international intelligence had warned that a jihadi group was planning attacks but those warnings opin not to have reached the cabinets as the prime minister was not privy to security briefings after a route with the country's president authorities have apologized for their failure to act. but sri lanka work up to more than political turmoil on tuesday a state of emergency has been imposed giving the military sweeping powers to say
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has also been declared a national day of mourning as the nation tries to come to terms with the deadliest violence to strike in recent piece times. it was get the latest now from the sri lankan couple colombo journalist tim miller knows where the end is standing by for a surgical or today is a day of mourning in sri lanka what's the atmosphere like in the capital. today's an extremely sad day hard to be around kearny as hundreds of feet for going to visit someone going home to grandma's mayo's i'm going to be here in fact right now as we speak there's a mosque video going on in the gumball where the second bomb struck the center of sdn church on sunday morning every you see wherever you go you see people crying that i'm actually excuse trying to get into funeral homes this is being body search before but before being on the us to going bust everybody's extremely fast they're
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shocked and disappointed that's more than that they have a scab problem it's their grief people must also be wondering how this could have happened what do we really know at this point about who was behind the attack. yes you now can tell me mr rogers the senator into the made an announcement shocked everybody he said at the local national town he'd tell my muslim that because hopes were behind these attacks when he said that the common man did not know who the speaker were because this is the first time they had heard of archon on the nation but the record to which we have received is that last year the most invested and china town car katan could be in the east of the country had held the attempt to test holding up the card saying that an organization called an afterthought so much
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was standing on that they were being held up by disapproval and they were terrorists unfortunately protest had been lost and it's never ready to show that wasn't going to them to press the most and we would have gone and then the line then the lies with this stuff she was apparently according to the government of the your choice responsible for the attack turned out to be good suicide bomber on sunday so what do we know of from the information we have received so far is that this group has been forming for some time but unfortunately nobody took any ne and on sunday they made denmark where the heavy now many are concerned about the apparent fact that prior warnings regarding the attacks were indeed unheeded partly because of government infighting what does that say about the government's ability to protect the country. that actually be
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a question being raised right now or does the government escape or buzz off protecting its citizens a morning call us from now on drugs because i have a sense i'm going to run and become a singer has to make sense that the police had firearm ngs about as because measures will not take on there have been questions raised because his government is now capable of being in the government for them while. we are seeing the process that phases still going on between the president and the prime minister which as being an atheist comes also over last year all of that question being with us it stands for the concept and we have to come from the explosions on sunday morning cross definition god government and the president and says we don't have to want to guess this isn't true in light of the weekend's bombings are people in sri lanka concerned about the risk of sectarian violence spreading again briefly if you can.
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yes definitely in fact there has been time i said with sixty two countries have already given before touching sunday that some of the same mosques have been attacked and tested and longing some before those who have gone to convert the to another homes had heard all racist comments against them for that to me today is a fear that's moving forward a ease of tension that. might be nice to be in the country and we just hope and pray that the security forces i ever saw was the smith thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was journalist jamila nudge machine in the sri lankan capital colombo. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today in the philippines at least fifteen people have died in a six point one magnitude earthquake that occurred north of manila rescue teams are looking for survivors under collapsed buildings another even stronger earthquake hit the south of the contrary but there were no immediate reports of destruction
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there. the militant group the new ira has admitted responsibility for the murder of northern ireland journalist lie rim a key in a letter to local media it says mickey was quote tragically killed in the course of attacking the enemy while standing beside enemy forces. and counting has begun in egypt's referendum on a draft constitutional amendment these amendments of potentially allow president sisi to stay in office until two thousand and thirty the amendments would also bolster the role of the military and expand the president's power over judicial point that's. and the main candidates in spain's general election clashed over how to handle catalonia is independence drive accusing each other of lying in a tense t.v. debate that left questions open on what coalition deals might be struck spain's parliamentary election on sunday is one of the most divisive since the country
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returned to democracy in the one nine hundred seventy s. that. beyond mars supreme court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists serving a prison sentence because of the reporting on the country's crackdown on revenge of muslims. and while alone have spent more than sixteen months in detention already they were arrested during an investigation into the killing of ten inch of muslim men during a military crackdown in the western part of myanmar a district court sentenced the two journalists to seven years in prison last september for illegally possessing official documents since been awarded the pulitzer prize for their work. now to russia where the upper house of parliament has approved a controversial new internet law as did the lower house two weeks ago the law supporters say it will help insulate the country from cyber attacks it aims to keep
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as much internet traffic as possible on russian servers but critics say it's just the latest move by the kremlin to stamp out dissent. macare spate of blogs about political and social problems in russia he thinks the new law could spell the end of internet freedom. when the law comes into force and all businesses comply with it of secret services will soon be able to read all our communications although i find that shocking. it's all in the legislation officially called the lore on the autonomy and stability of the internet aims to isolate the russian internet from the global network information would only be exchanged via russian servers a new government watchdog would be able to monitor that traffic and pull the plug completely in the event of a major cyber attack. we must put a stop to extremist and radical propaganda on the internet and the digital computer
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aside from the official purpose of counteracting cyber terrorism the law also seems to have an economic aspect russian search engines will be better able to compete with google us companies will have to store their data on russian service and either refuse will be banned from the russe net critics fear it will be used as a tool to silence dissident voices. my fear is that the law can easily be used against the wrong target and that we will be caught off the under the claim that we pose an external danger some experts doubt whether the technological capability exists to implement the law as planned in november. well staying with russia but moving onto a different track so to speak the country's involvement in syria russian soldiers have been supporting bashar al assad with military force since two thousand and fifteen making russia a key player in the conflict now moscow is celebrating its success as the train is
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crossing russia with war trophies on display weapons and technology that are said to have been captured from the so-called islamic state the defense ministry says the train will travel almost thirty thousand kilometers all the way across russia our moscow correspondent yury or chateau followed it for several stops and filed this report from the city of cousin in the southwest of the country. next stop the city of cars on arriving at ten in the morning the trainees greeted with plenty of pomp the twenty cars carry ahmed tanks and other military tech seized by the russian army and its campaign to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria even iowa slabs for the alleged production of chemical weapons are on display it's a victory lap through sixty cities to inspire pride and patriotism at russia's achievements what's not to celebrate.
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russia must see this train to avoid the horrors that unfortunately a fact of life in other parts of the world russians should understand the role of that country in fighting terrorism around the world. selfies are allowed and visitors are encouraged to ask about the spoils of war on board the so-called syria train according to the defense ministry all the soldiers on hand took part in the fighting. for the past three years moscow has been helping the syrian army to fight. and keep president bashar al assad in power. our boys are helping the poor syrians. excess. what's russia doing in syria. so that you. will get some kind of assistance for the
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country. so that with assistance of that it can have what's it called again peace that's it. has our youth should see the tools of war so they know that war is terrible. absent from view other russians who didn't make it back from syria the defense ministry says one hundred sixteen soldiers were killed in combat but it's not just ordinary troops who are deployed there human rights activists say private armies from russia are also fighting mercenaries who don't appear in any official figures. and once a big grazer. no one knows the exact number of private soldiers fighting in syria many of them die that. the families of some of the fall and mercenaries are trying to get compensation for the loss of their loved ones although these private soldiers fight alongside ordinary russian troops in syria the state has officially nothing to do with them not only that private armies are forbidden in russia. that
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is going into the war in syria has two sides one shows that russia is waging an official war on terrorism. the shadow side is the one we're not supposed to see russia has to expose it and come clean with its hidden nontransparent structures in syria. after cars on the syrian train is off to another city on its tour but as a symbol of a successful campaign against terrorism it leaves many questions unanswered. now returning to myanmar as we mentioned the country's supreme court there has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists serving a prison sentence because of their reporting on the country's crackdown on written just muslims we can now cross over to our south-east asia correspondent charlotte chelsea pill who is in bangkok charlotte now that this appeal has been rejected
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what prospects do the reuters journalists have of being released. that ruling from the animal printing office in a pool. study the fact that it appears protected if a three year old is there any height. that why. not have any come to. create. the herd that put her feet the way of the deliberate blessing they have. taken off the lady at the desk kill ever leave on. the floor i find him. if they think she left school that's going to. charlotte and story will have to leave it there. we're going to have to leave it
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there we have a line a rather poor line there to bangkok we hope to be able to come back to our correspondent in bangkok charlotte charles and fill that are on now moving on to some of the other stories making headlines today more than a thousand representatives of indigenous peoples from all over the world have gathered in new york city for the eighteenth session of the united nations permanent forum on indigenous issues this year's session is focused on the generation transmission and protection of indigenous peoples traditional knowledge . firefighters in the u.k. are struggling to put out a huge blaze on more land in yorkshire in northern england the fire started on sunday mars dinmore an important conservation area and it spread north it's thought to have been caused by a barbecue. police and you can say they have arrested
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a pop star turned opposition politician bobby weiner he was on his way to a planned concert at like the toria on sunday police ordered wine to call off his one love beach concert citing security concerns wine said police used tear gas to disperse his supporters. and hundreds of activists have rallied against nuclear weapons near an air base in western germany up to twenty warheads from the cold war arrow are believed to be stored there with german tornado planes standing by to carry them the area is heavily protected in germany antiwar protests are common at least. to the u.s. where the white house says there will be no more waivers allowing countries to import iranian oil u.s.
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re impose sanctions again against iran last year threatening to punish any country that buys its oil but washington had granted eight countries waivers allowing them limited purchases of iranian oil for six months well there are fears now that the new move could reduce oil supplies to a global market that is already tight. to trump administration has issued a blunt warning to nations buying oil from iran after may second there will be no exceptions to sanctions norway various nations that continue to buy uranium oil will be made to suffer more we're going to zero going to zero across the board we will continue to for sanctions and monitor compliance any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits pump a is that the us had granted enough time for the affected countries to wean themselves off of rainy and
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oil and find alternative suppliers. before washington re-impose sanctions against iran last year tirant produced iran two point three million barrels of oil per day that's around five percent of global i pushed until now washington had granted some importing nations waivers on the oil sanctions china and india are the biggest buyers of rainy and crude recently they've stepped up their purchases along with south korea italy and greece on the other hand have managed to cut their demand turkey had been fighting until the last moment for sanctions waiver extension. pump they all went on to say that there would be no grace period for those economies to comply despite sanctions iran's oil exports are said to have increased around twelve percent by the end of march but it's hard to say how accurate that figure is iran conceals the exact in mind by making good use of its armada of oil tankers the
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second largest fleece in the world. well as we mentioned thousands of activists here in germany spent their easter holiday raising the alarm over the threat of nuclear war organizers said good weather and anxiety over the current state of the world led to a strong turnout. particular aim to show germans how close the conflict is to home as tensions between the u.s. and russia intensify. no to nuclear weapons yes to world peace that's the message of peace the march which. field in rule western. dimension how people are scared to be a nuclear war would be one of the first targets. realized and i think the concern is spreading. the vishal is believed to harbor twenty american nuclear bombs in underground storage bunkers in the event of a war they would be dropped from german tornado fighter jets the german government
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refuses to confirm or deny their presence since u.s. press. and donald trump and russian president vladimir putin ripped up the i.n.f. nuclear nonproliferation treaty the fears of these demonstrators have increased. i believe nuclear weapons are a great danger and don't want to have american nuclear weapons here in germany. it's important to come out and show our support for a better peaceful world without nuclear weapons they're a danger to us all. if you don't do anything nothing will change right. at the end of the four hundred demonstrators rallied at the entrance to the base you look around you there are lots of young people here today and that makes me feel optimistic. intends to march again next to see even more young faces in the crowd sports on a monday night football fourth place frankfurt denied a victory in the last moments at. frankfurt scored first in the seventy eighth
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minute and. fired the ball in from close range but as the top clock ticked into injury time a pass from felix klaus made it easy for john anthony brooks frankfurt could only manage a drawl. now the german cup is down to its final four teams braman post by in munich tomorrow but tonight's first semifinal features an interesting match up between hamburg and leipsic hamburg were relegated from the bonus league last season for the first time in their history but suddenly this season fans are dreaming of a german cup title for the first time since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven i heard so if you're in the second tier may be nearing its end they're sitting second in the table but it's not because of their recent form the top hasn't won
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a league game in their last five encounters in the german cup though it's being a different story it's progressed the semifinals with relative ease. their coach thomas both is feeling confident despite the caliper off their opponent. so i wasn't embassy and we've played very well at home in the cup as i now we have a chance to end up in the final arguments like not getting found and the we're not going to make it easy for them we're going to do everything in our power to book in that final even though we know how good luck. and in this and what that suggests. and leipsic are good they're sitting third in the points needed table and are unbeaten in fourteen come matches run and become passing been so smooth to be as hard for wins against hoffenheim fallsburg and outs bird. and coach ralph reineke is way way of his opponents despite their recent poor form. is
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because of the and this is the german cup and of course the match is in hamburg. in front of their own crowd they'll be desperate to seal a place in the final. so we don't expect an opponent an easy game to win for leipsic would result in their first ever cup final. and before we go just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on t.v. news mass funerals are underway in sri lanka as people observe a national day of mourning. the death toll from the easter sunday bombings has risen to three hundred ten. intelligence chiefs say they warned police almost two weeks ago a planned attacks by a local islamist extremist group. supreme court has rejected the final appeal of two jailed reuters journalists they are serving a seven year prison sentence relating to their reporting on
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a military crackdown against rick lynch of course. watching the news from berlin we have more soccer for you coming up in kickoff in just a minute that will give you a review of the bonus league is match day searching for smaller stories. thanks for. playing.
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kickoff. so how was. ours was the best. the best place for. the best gold. cup going to sleep the highlights.
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the colby's in germany to learn german to look beneath. why not learn with him d w z learning course because fake. we like to think it's cheaper to burn the fossil fuels that is to get the energy of the way it is the real cost of doing things is the fact of the world around us is warming up. at all to read late fifty years from now the sea levels will rise and we'll have the problems in almost all coastal countries the world. requires the governments to begin to act begin to try to tax. the tax the carbon it's released into the atmosphere it's one of the ways of trying to slow down the use of
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fossil fuels and encourage people to move to the other fields moving to other fuels actually creates jobs it actually creates an entirely new industry. ron. flory and co felt official bundles league coach of the year with brain and in the best form in years what's the secret to his and then success.


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