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do we trust debate and shape the future at the global media for twenty nine t. the place made for my. kids. this is. true. of the victims of the easter sunday attacks. one question is on many people's minds could the easter sunday attacks have been prevented there are allegations that intelligence failures may have allowed the
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terror plot to succeed also coming up a decision that sends a chilling message about press freedom in myanmar the supreme court rejects the final appeal of to jail journalists who dared to report a damaging story about the country's military. and good to have you with us people in sri lanka are marking a national day of mourning in the aftermath of the easter sunday bombings relatives of some of the victims gathered for a mass funeral at st sebastian church in the gold one of three churches hit in sunday's attacks a gobo is a small fishing town at the heart of sri lanka's catholic community or than a thousand people gathered to pay their respects. earlier than. observed three
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minutes of silence at eight thirty am local time that's the moment when the first in a series of bombs detonated on sunday morning the death toll has now risen to three hundred twenty one. intelligence chiefs reportedly warned police of a possible attack by the local jihad his group national towie just mot but those reports apparently never reach prime minister run the vigorous him go and his cabinet that revelation has the country searching for answers after a day of carnage that just might have been prevented. had just blown up in a controlled detonation outside st anthony's church one of several unexploded devices found a day after the attacks and sure lanka. people in colombo are on edge anxious there are more blasts to come scores of bomb detonators were also found at the bus station authorities are now investigating whether the local jihadi group
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suspected of being behind the attacks received international support there is little history of islamist militants targeting christians in sri lanka even during the country's decades long civil war. i don't know why peri's people did. this this. groups who either follow. the morning then why the select all countries. dozens of suspects have been arrested but questions are now being asked whether the attacks could have been prevented international intelligence had warned that a jihadi group was planning attacks but those warnings opin not to have reached the cabinet as the prime minister was not privy to security briefings after a hour with the country's president authorities have apologized for their failure to act. but sri lanka work up to more than political turmoil on tuesday
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a state of emergency has been imposed giving the military sweeping powers to say has also been declared a national day of mourning as the nation tries to come to terms with the deadliest violence to strike in recent piece times. it was get the latest now from the sri lankan couple colombo journalist jamila medina standing by for a surgical or today is a day of mourning in sri lanka what's the atmosphere like in the capital. today's an extremely sad day for all to see around corners as hundreds of feet for going to visit soon homes where mobs may have been going to be in fact right now as we speak there's a mosque that ever going on in the gumball where the second bomb struck the center of sdn church on sunday morning every you see wherever you go you see people crying
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that much excuse trying to get into funeral homes yeah obviously being bloody searched before but before being on the for going bust everybody's extremely fast they're shocked and disappointed but more than that they have very scared limits their grief people must also be wondering how this could have happened what do we really know at this point about who was behind the attack. yes you know i can't help minister the logic of ten other incident made on i'm down two hundred to be a chump everybody says so the first national town he's jamaat muslims are the kind of hope were behind these attacks when he said that the common man good luck know who the speaker were because this is the first time they had heard of archon of the nation but their records which we have received is that last shia muslim christian done to in a town called katan could be in the east of the country had held these up protests
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holding up the card saying that an organization called an afterthought so much was forming that they were being harmed by disagree and they were terrorists unfortunately the protests had been long and in several ready to show that was not going to them to arrest the most and we would have gone and then the line then to live with this stuff she was apparently according to the government of the your choice responsible for the attack turned out to be good suicide bomber on sunday so what we know of from the information we have received so far is that this group has been forming for some time but unfortunately nobody took any ne and on sunday they made denmark where the heavy now many are concerned about the apparent fact that prior warnings regarding the attacks were indeed on the heated partly because of government infighting what to say about the government's ability to
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protect the country. that actually be a questions being raised right now or does the government escape or buzz off protecting its citizens a morning call from now on russia because ever since i'm going to run and become a thing to do it says that the police had prior wrongdoings of us as because measures were not taken that have been questions agrees with us his government is now capable of being in the governor for them while. we are seeing the force that phases still going on between the president and the prime minister which has being and seems to offer over the last year that questions being raised but it stands for a new concept and yesterday come from the explosion from sunday morning trawlers stephanie's god government and the president and says we have to once again citizens. in light of the weekend's bombings are people in sri lanka concerned
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about the risk of sectarian violence spreading again briefly if you can. yes definitely in fact there has been time i think of the two countries have already been before touching sunday ratnam with the mosques has been attacked and just to them wanting some good for those who have gone to convert to another homes had heard i don't wish to comment again to them so that to me today is a future that's moving forward he's a pensioner that. might be united in the concrete and vicious talk and prayer that the security forces i ever saw working. thank you very much for bringing us up to date there that was journalist jamila nudge machine in the sri lankan capital colombo. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today in the philippines at least fifteen people have died in a six point one magnitude earthquake that occurred north of manila rescue teams are
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looking for survivors under collapsed buildings another even stronger earthquake hit the south of the country but there were no immediate reports of destruction there. in northern ireland police have arrested a suspect in the shooting of journalist lyra mckee who was killed last week during rioting in london derry the militant group the new ira has admitted responsibility for the killing in a letter to local media it says mckee was quote tragically killed as it attacked what it called the enemy meaning the police counting has begun in egypt's referendum on draft constitutional amendment says they potentially allow president sisi to stay in office until twenty thirty the amendments would also boost the role of the military and expand the president's power over judicial appointments results are expected by saturday. beyond laura's supreme court has rejected the final
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appeal of two reuters journalists serving a prison sentence because of their reporting on the country's crackdown on revenge of muslims cho also and wallowed have spent more than sixteen months in tension they were arrested during an investigation into the killing of ten revenge of muslim men during a military crackdown in the western part of. a district court sentenced to two journalists to seven years in prison last september for illegally possessing official documents they've since been awarded the pulitzer prize for their work. for more now let's bring in d.-w. southeast asia correspondent charlotte chel some pill in bangkok charlotte now that this appeal has been rejected by the supreme court so what prospects if of if any to the journalists have a being released was harry the supreme court is
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mia mas top cool as the nation's top court says pretty close to any hopes for these two journalists a judicial reprieve doesn't mean to say though that that all hope is lost a number of their colleagues voices colleagues on twitter on twitter said that they are still hopeful for the release of these two journalists that lawyer as well his issued a statement he says that hopes and on the evening towards perhaps the presidential gurpreet the either a a retrial or a shorter sentence out there is no sign of that so you fall but supports is of these two men who are behind bars are really calling on the international community now on the support is to to push authorities in me and matsu come up with a different resolution to this ruling. what message does this verdict send charlotte to other journalists investigating allegations of human rights violations in myanmar. well human rights groups in me
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a model of already documented a climate of fear that calling it among journalists reporting from inside myanmar but of course this ruling will be another huge blow to them in fact in the amnesty international today issued a statement in britain in response to this ruling saying that it was a blow to press freedom it was also just pointing out that it's not just journalists who are targeted by also authorities in mia ma they were made the point there are a number of people who've been arrested in recent days in fact for allegedly criticizing thirty's in me and ma so there is a real concern among human rights groups about freedom of expression in mena. the jailed reuters journalists were investigating the persecution over hinge of muslims by the myanmar military their work was continued by their colleagues and the reporting is now one of pulitzer prize how this myanmar's government reacted to
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that if at all. well since that reporting was published by reuters seven soldiers have been jailed for ten years in connection with the killing of ten muslims which we documented in that reuters investigation in general though authorities in me i'm on. abuses of civilians they say that their activities targeting the range of community a simply targeting insurgents and militants who are posing a threat to them in the region show it thank you very much for bringing us up to date there d.w. charlotte charleston pill there in bangkok. well some football and german cup the german cup is down to its final four teams raymond host by new nick tomorrow but tonight's first semifinal features an interesting match up between hamburg and life's a hamburg were relegated from the bundesliga last season for the first time in
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their history but suddenly this season fans are dreaming of a german cup title for the first time again since one thousand nine hundred eighty seven i heard says you're in the second tier may be nearing its end sitting second in the table but it's not because of their recent form the top hasn't won the league game in their last five encounters in the german cup though it's been a different story has crossed the semifinals with relative ease. so how is it embassy and we've played very well at home in the cup as i now we have a chance to end up in the final arrangements like not getting found to see if they were not going to make it easy for them we're going to do everything in our power to books aspas in that final even though we know how good luck. as i've been in this and you would like to hear that i'm delighted seeker good they're sitting third in the front seat table and are unbeaten in fourteen come to factions that
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run in the cup present being so small it's hard for wins against hoffenheim volves bergen and out burger. king is because on to this is the german cup and of course the match is in hamburg. in front of their own crowd they'll be desperate to seal a place in the final so we don't expect an easy opponent or an easy game to win for leipsic would result in their first ever cup final. as you do w. news stick around for a documentary film on the renaissance in new york. here's what's coming up on the point is when you have plenty to talk i hear one. is cut a look at what all that means for the type of course. i'm going to sleep every
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