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i. can only treat. bad bad was going to. come on. the at. the back to the at. this is the obvious coming to you live from bahrain she learned girl for silent in honor of the victims of easter sunday attacks. was played was three minutes of silence in honor of the victims would want question is on many people's minds could
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the easter sunday attacks have been prevented the allegations that intelligence failures may hamper allowed the terrorist plot to succeed also coming up. in the meanwhile the supreme court rejects the final appeal of two jails journalists who dared to reporting atrocities by the country's military activists see this ruling as a blow for the freedom of press. to . the arab. hello and welcome i'm on the touch of our good to have you with us. people in sri lanka marking a national day of mourning in the aftermath of the easter sunday bombings and relatives of some of the victims gathered for a mass funeral at st sebastian church in the gumball one of the three churches hit by sunday's attacks negaunee bow is a small fishing town at the high. part of sri lanka small catholic community more
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than a thousand people gathered to pay their respects. earlier the nation observed three minutes of silence at eight thirty am local time. that was the moment when the first in a series of bombs detonated on sunday morning. the death still has now risen to three hundred and twenty one. police reportedly warned intelligence chiefs of a possible attack by a local radical group national the heath but those reports apparently never reached prime minister don it became a singer and his cabinet and those reports have added to the grief of a nation still in shock. has found its blown up in a controlled detonation outside st anthony's church one of several unexploded devices found a day after the attacks and sure lanka. people in colombo are on edge
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anxious there are more blasts to come scores of bomb detonators were also found at the bus station authorities are now investigating whether the local jihadi group suspected of being behind the attacks received international support there is little history of islamist militants targeting christians in sri lanka even during the country's decades long civil war. i don't know why peerless people. this is. groups who either follow. the morning then why the select all countries. dozens of suspects have been arrested but questions are now being asked whether the attacks could have been prevented international intelligence had warned that a jihadi group was planning attacks for those warnings appear not to have reached
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the cabinet as the prime minister was not privy to security briefings after raul with the country's president authorities have apologized for their failure to act. but sri lanka work up to more than political turmoil on tuesday a state of emergency has been imposed giving the military sweeping powers to say has also been declared a national day of mourning as the nation tries to come to terms with the deadliest violence to strike in recent piece times and listen for straight to colombo for the very latest and journalist and national in the list and why he needs a deputy defense minister has just given a statement to parliament speaking about these attacks what does he say. well he has identified the attackers saying that they were from a group called the national cause huge amounts and he said that in each owning recession child reveals that he's his chosen to tell years into the christchurch
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attacks but he said putting this to get him to work going into this he also said that. this was obviously a terrorist group and that there was a massive search operation just going on to address any youth or anybody else who was being for this national talk here jim are so right now what we are hearing is that it's a retaliatory attack is there any kind of information did he say anything about an international link to this local radical muslim group that you were talking about because in the initial days the prime minister had mentioned that he felt that this small group may have good support from an international terrorist group. yes right now it has become or you could obvious that this group could not have operated on its own and they are definitely linked to a foreign international terror group and in fact timing surrounding become a single get say in college money shot while aboard that. local group definitely
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has international and forty six which is why they have a large following international assistance a conductive to probe and this statement has been backed by waqar president my conversation has also said he has appealed to the international community to assist sri lanka at this hour of need to are this just goes on to show that district a group did not operate on its own and didn't abandon people prior warning says an attack was imminent what exact information did the intelligence agencies have. yes so what we are hearing is that during the first three coffee acquittal the state intelligence and the police had received information off possible terrorist attacks and just a few days ago soon after the town is explosions minister confirmed that his security division had received a letter saying that security had been beefed up for legislators and foley i.d.'s
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we should grow in time to prove that there was a threat on the honor of the speaker unfortunately the prime minister said he was not aware of this and neither was his cabinet of ministers and that good matches were not taken as a result that the government has allowed to look into this but this has also led to several questions and several of the monza being put forward calling for the resignation of the country's economy chief over his negligence of non-action so a lot of questions to be honest so there should we need to do is a deal of national mourning people are burying their dead give us a sense as to how people are coping with the scale of the tragedy in their midst. read the work after a day off off national mourning we also will cost us a fair margin to eat from morning the country has been seeing my feeling out of which has been kicking there's thousands of people queuing i'll type characters
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outside the areas that i'm onto another topic and crying before that screaming people are just devastated or somebody has lost their father somebody has a step child so it must feel right now is unimaginable that people are grieving people are scared that people are also angry that these could have been attacked which could have been most probably avoided. jim you know not with the in colombo thank you very much for talking to us. thank you. there's been a big up to date with some of the stories making news around the world. in a northern ireland police have arrested a suspect in the shooting off. mckee who was killed last week during rioting in londonderry the militant group ira has admitted responsibility for the killing in a letter to the local media it says mckee was tragically killed as it attacked what
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it called the enemy meaning the police counting has begun in egypt referendum on draft constitution amendments they potentially allow president bill fattah el-sisi to stay in office until two thousand and thirty the amendments would also boost the rule of the military and expand the presidential president's power which dishes appointments results are expected on saturday. the main candidates in sprains general election clashed over how to handle catalonia is independence drive accusing each other of lying in a tense t.v. debate that left questions open on what coalition deals might be struck spain's parliamentary election on sunday is one of the most divisive since the country return to democracy in the nineteen seventies meanwhile supreme court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists serving a prison sentence because of their reporting on the country's crackdown on muslims
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. have spent more than sixteen months in detention they were arrested during an investigation into the killing of ten muslim men during a military crackdown in the western part of man ma a district court sentenced the two journalists to seven years in prison last september for illegally possessing official documents they've been since awarded the pulitzer prize for their work. for more now d.w. southeast asia correspondent charlotte chosen joins me charlotte not at this appeal has been rejected what prospect of the journalists have of being released. i mean it well there is now no higher court that these journalists can take their appeal to the supreme court is nehemias top court so that really does quash any hopes for these journalists of some sort of judicial reprieve that doesn't mean to say though that all hopes are lost their supporters have been putting out
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statements today saying that they will continue to do all they can to secure the release of these journalists a lawyer for the two men has also said that perhaps petitioning the president is an option of myanmar is an option that they will consider at the moment there is no sign of any sort of presidential pardon so you this ruling today really is a huge blow to the journalists themselves their wives who were in court to hear that ruling come down and also their supporters many of whom are around the world deeply concerned by this case and fear that it's it's a signal over a decline in freedom of expression and. i'm shocked what message does this verdict send to all the journalists investigating allegations of human rights violations in man ma. one human rights organization in the lead up to this ruling had documented what it cooled
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a climate of fear among journalists in me i'm on now this ruling today is likely to only increase that climate a fair fight amnesty international has said that this is a real blow to press freedom in me and more also pointed out there that it's not just journalists who who it is concerned for what it also says that there has been a crackdown on freedom of expression among other critics of authorities in me m r it's pointed out that it's alleged that in the last few days a number of other critics have been arrested in mia ma so there is some real concern a lot of people as well very. angry actually rights groups. sushi the de facto leader of me in ma they'd hoped that she would come out in defense of these journalists and in fact she gave a statement in the build up to this ruling saying that she didn't believe that these journalists were arrested for journalism she said that in essence they
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violated the law and the amman. reporting by these two who want to lose their colleagues has been awarded the pulitzer prize the house i've gone down with authorities in myanmar. that's right their colleagues from reuters completed the investigation following their arrest and published its findings now since those findings were released me amar has arrested and jailed a number of soldiers in connection with that with the publication which allege that the military had been involved in the massacre. muslim men and boys and now the authorities in medium are in general deny any such atrocities they say that their crackdown on the rohingya muslims has been targeting insurgents and militants and it denies any attacks on civilians shot her children in bangkok thank you very much for that update. turning now to the philippines which has been
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rocked by a series of powerful earthquakes today a quake with a magnitude of six point four hit the central regions there were no immediate reports of casualties or major damage and it comes a day after an early earthquake that shook the country's north and left at least sixteen people dead and rescue teams are still searching for survivors after monday's. another big relief for rescuers as they pull the survivor out of the rubble. they've been working around the clock since the strong tremor on monday but despite immense time pressure rescuers have to proceed carefully to avoid crushing anyone still trapped of course. no structure of course the structure is big and heavy and we have to be careful in clearing the debris because there might be survivors. so it's hard but we're doing everything we
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can. this just a moment when the earthquake struck captured on a mobile phone water from a swimming pool cascading down the building. and here the aftermath several centuries old churches have been seriously damaged a spotless some bridges houses and srodes. the city of power i can't locate it in the north and philippines near the capital manila is one of the worst hit areas. one of its residents recorded to fear she experienced. all was big by big we were shocked and terrified we weren't expecting it at all. but it only lasted about twenty seconds but it was very strong. it was our first time experiencing something like that in our whole lives why not me. but that was not the end of it today another strong tremor hit the nation this time in the
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center of the country. here in germany the right train populous party or turning to for germany or f.t. once germans to be proud of being german many in the party believe the country's culture of remembrance is standing in the way and that's the emphasis germany has placed on reckoning with the holocaust to ensure that this dark chapter is not repeated but the air. he claims gemma spent too much time my id in the past. not far from berlin sex and house and concentration camp was one of many sites where people were brutally annihilated on a huge scale german world war two school groups come here from across europe to learn about nazi atrocities. this is short this is really depressing. makes me feel very sad little as it's a horrible feeling to be here. until now there has been a consensus in german politics to ensure that the crimes of the nazi era not
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forgotten especially among younger generations but the far right a.f.d. reject this they claim nazi history takes up too much school time and say the culture of remembrance is bad for germany. the effect ladies and gentlemen is quite clear young people are systematically brought up to feel guilt and shame about being german and they learn to associate germany with evil so you can see this to us it's you know these sentiments are not just expressed in parliamentary debates the director of the sachsenhausen memorial says sites like this are directly targeted by the far right. but minutes minister from there was a group here that was either in the f.t. or aligned with it but we don't know if there were party members who were denying nazi crimes at this to the investigation by the public prosecutor's office is continuing right these people even denied the existence of the gas chambers talking
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with us what they're concerned for of coming up with. provocations like these are only part of the a if these tactics for example in the state of bottom the party has tried to reduce public funding for memorials there is no majority support for such measures but some fear that public opinion may change. without financial support these institutions can no longer fulfill their educational mandate from. and that is open to political manipulation. to a.s.d. says germany's nazi past should be seen in a wider context. we also want to focus on the positive aspects of german history because we think every nation needs positive points to identify with its. been in power what do you suppose you can do to pull stressing the favorable
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aspects of german history is pulling the wool over people's eyes and i think it's wrong and downright dangerous and we have done important work over decades taking a critical look at our own history and. our political conflicts that could affect the future of germany's public memorials. and for more i'm joined by dr felix clan his gemini's and use images i'm committed to and frank for that i welcome dr klein as we have the far right if d's trying to change the culture of remembrance that is so unique and so important to germany how why did i you that they will succeed. well they have attempted it and we've seen several attacks against our remembrance culture and unfortunately we have to accept that many people in germany think. that way and of course government and all the other parties should work out strategies to
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show and to make it clear to the german public that our remembrance culture has made our democracy strong and it is really an asset for for for our society and all of this is. as a new generation goes on and to me dr ken how do you see the culture of remembrance evolving. well the question is always. how how do we present the remembrance culture to the younger generations also to also to migrans people who've come to germany recently and we have to find new forms of remembrance culture that that appeals to everybody and of course it is. appalling to note that a large number of german students does not know what auschwitz is what the concentration of what the holocaust is and then we really have to find you and says and the memorial sites have been in
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a growing responsibility in that context. to crime sound a rise in germany that's according to statistics but also in other european countries so what do you suggest as a commission of anti semitism in germany what needs to be done to tackle this well we have to once again to develop a remembrance culture that appeals to everybody you know that we should make clear to ourselves how dangerous this is our civil society when when it collapses like it did in the nine hundred thirty seven forty sort remembrance culture but then also education is very important. people should. realize that jewish life is something very normal it's an intricate part of german culture and everybody anybody who attacks that takes our own culture and it's not only intake against a jewish person but against the society as a whole and so we have to to grow that. that
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feelings all teachers in schools and also the general public should well i wouldn't say that the far right also if the as a whole i would say that it's an anti-semitic party but unfortunately they have. used anti-semitic rhetoric and leading. politicians of the f.t. have openly expressed anti-semitic views and they do so because they think they will have success in the political arena so we have to. talk about that and to make it clear that any anti-semitic rhetoric wherever it comes from the far right from the far left or from muslims is not acceptable in our country right felix klein germany's anti semitism commish to thank you very much for talking to d w thank you. to russia now where the government
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is showcasing the country's military involvement in the syrian conflict russian troops have been there since two thousand and fifteen backing the regime of president bashar assad they've also been fighting the support islamic state now the crane is making a nationwide tour of russia displaying war trophies weapons and technology the army says it captured in syria almost community feel to the ship to file this report. next stop the city of cars on arriving at ten in the morning the train is greeted with plenty of pomp the twenty cars carry armored tanks and other military tech seized by the russian army and its campaign to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria even iowa slabs for the alleged production of chemical weapons are on display. it's a victory lap three sixty cities to inspire pride and patriotism at russia's
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achievements what's not to celebrate. russia must see this train to avoid the horrors that unfortunately a fact of life in other parts of the world russians should understand the role of their country in fighting terrorism around the world. selfies are allowed and visitors are encouraged to ask about the spoils of war on board the so-called syria train according to the defense ministry all the soldiers on hand took part in the fighting. for the past three years moscow has been helping the syrian army to fight i.r.s. and keep president bashar al assad in power. our boys are helping the poor syrians. so much so.
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what's russia doing in syria. so that. it's some kind of assistance for the country so that with assistance of that it can have what's it called again peace that's it. guys are youth should see the tools of war so they know that war is terrible. absent from view other russians who didn't make it back from syria the defense ministry says one hundred sixteen soldiers were killed in combat but it's not just ordinary troops who are deployed their human rights activists say private armies from russia are also fighting mercenaries who don't appear in any official figures. but once a big gray zone no one knows the exact number of private soldiers fighting in syria many of them die that but. the families of some of the fallen mercenaries are trying to get compensation for the loss of their loved ones although these private
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soldiers fought alongside ordinary russian troops in syria the state has officially nothing to do with them not only that private armies are forbidden in russia. that is go in and well it's a war in syria has two sides one shows that russia is waging an official war on terrorism. the shadow side is the one we're not supposed to see russia has to expose it and come clean with its hidden nontransparent structures in syria. after cars on the syrian train is off to another city on its tour but as a symbol of a successful campaign against terrorism it leaves many questions unanswered. he watching the dow news here's a recap of the top story that the following fields mass fear is on the way in sri lanka. a national day of mourning the death toll from the easter sunday bombings has risen to three hundred ten police say they warned intelligence chiefs almost
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two weeks ago of planned attacks by a local radical group. up next on documents serious close up to see for that if it can survive.
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the other kadhim is significant cuts to the environment is the new trend rich fruit is mine to sort out us in chile a major producer the boom has had devastating results the reason growing its uses last amounts of water i'm not has human and environmental costs of a card in. the. next c.w. . kickoff i saw how it was because. ours was the best. the best place for.
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the best goal. the one to sleep the highlights. last. because in sixty s. . when the response rising people fight for survival the money's on a budget we've got a budget but when there's a flood the water comes up to a waste of good flows faster everyone me but. the lack of water is equally dangerous. john keep people move south so they can plant crops and trying to feed themselves. floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you could not write any apocalyptic scenarios you want and probably most
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of them will come to. a carnifex it just starts thirty s. on d. w. . in the tracks of a superfood. the avocado is a fruit from the hot and humid tropics. but what. about they got a look at your noble mistreated we chileans avocados for breakfast a lot of shredded salad in the afternoon and in the evening it's a super.


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