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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2019 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. florian called felt official coach of the year and with brain and in the best form in years what's the secret to his and then success. the image of
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a strong showing. but would that ammunition be enough to be in a clash of top courage this is top team right muslim's picked up by. six o'clock and got back these two coaches out there last thing counsel for the time being the checking in round right next to both be replaced at the end of the season they're not the only ones on their way out. much now that there's a need for a call from a. bank in montreal a public meeting on more than half the teams of seeing new coaches in the space of a year one is out birds marcin schmidt's in a bottom of the table clash against a colleague these days and numbered. absolutely brilliant. to see him try six months ago in. the bundesliga league with a big turner. of money and coaches who can keep track of these days.
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going. to. welcome to kick off the coaching carousel with the weekend's highlights. because. it was a top five showdown as clabber host of blood six two teams with plenty happening on the coach's benches lives in small flying neck leaves in the summer making way for current hoffenheim coaching leonardo's man. while glass dieter hacking is set to be replaced by marco bowser currently at austria's rb salzburg. who in turn will be succeeded by live six assistant coach jesse marsh. the news of headings exit came as a surprise to many observers in three years he's taken the team from lowly fourteenth to fifth evidently his boss sporting director marks a bell wants
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a change of strategy meaning taking their game to the next level saturday's opponents like to have john. defense as the first line of attack pouncing on turnovers and wasting no time fighting their target. yeah so much diving here to fend off emil force begs no drive. under attack nick like to have developed a clear philosophy on saturday an object lesson for data heading as to why a coach from the red bull school will replace him next season. but sit have a more convincing arguments keeping the host under pressure and consequently earning a penalty in the seventeenth minute patch i cam on a little to claim it as a trip to moscow house to bear lights it simply had too much pace to have things discussed. some i fancied his chances and. and so did the home fans
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i. wasn't there stepped him kept his cool. and ten for one meal lot since third place finish looks unassailable as they go from strength to strength. arguably their strongest trump this season has been the back line thanks to aggressive defending they've conceded by far the fewest goals of any side. and last night fully deserves the plaudits for his tactical savvy. as producer hacking slot but. they were at least united on one front after the match limited came up with and we played really well we played well i'd say we played a really good game but not good enough eight minutes into the second half leipsic space was again too much for glad i'm to
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mail at the first career brace for house to bear a. lifesaver in the semifinals of the cup and have the champions league qualification all slip wrapped up. in the summer time nick will return to focusing fully on his job as sporting director with the new coach expected to make an already good team a title winning while. as it was once said about sharks move forward or die. gladbach managed to pull one back just past the hour mark courtesy of a smart finish from allison player but to want it ended by glass likewise have the potential for greater things with this team of talented and how great players missing is the master plan. a plan the top brass don't think they can can deliver despite a good season it's farewell two and a half years after he first arrived. dortmund
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have their mojo back. after the five nil drubbing at byron and a tight win against mites the fans and the team a feeling more relaxed. as cancer did not switch on to the pressure can get to you where young scored but we've stood together in this phase talks about it and stayed up late. now it's about looking forward with a sense of calm. not to lose precious sure of course i talk to the players personally too but we can't maintain that level for the whole season is and nobody can convince coaches meeks and t.l.c. too sometimes but when expectations have been low this season dormant have tended to play well like against freiburg on sunday the visitors did everything right from the start eleven minutes in and jaden century tucked away his eleventh of the campaign. marker
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royce rafael guerrero and mario gazza kept the freiburg defense and the camera operator does a leaving cert job with the easiest of finishes. in this phase of the game freiburg could only stop dortmund with fouls. even on set pieces dortmund had no end of tricks up their sleeves alexander force here to make a double fisted blog. but then something that fry the next coach christian strike could hardly believe out of no way his side suddenly cooked up three huge chances. dorman's late was looking under threat. zones of long southland was to take the game to them not get tied up for dormans possession football and it works in some phases. again all but lucy and father
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comes his players he was confident that patients would pay off. and with nine minutes of the second half place the door and passing machine sliced straight through the friedberg defense. boys made it to nil it was now a typical performance from top and relaxed but ruthless. here sunshine takes the ball from inside his own heart to the edge of the freiberg box before setting up royce with a sublime pass with good sir completing the move with eleven minutes to go. and this move was another one requiring the studied intuition that this dortmund site has become famous for. with just minutes to go another illustration of the team's regains composure. mum
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well i can't he made the most of the dion's of time he has before passing to christian police say. his shot was deflected by a fry but defenders hands penalty. super sub catheters seized the chance to score his seventeenth goal in twenty two matches to him and win four nil thanks also to keeping their cool. it was an improvement on the past two or three weeks where we didn't play that well crisis one crisis instead it's all about composure and don't mind with the darby against coming up on saturday. we have four games left and we're focusing on the next one that's all i can say. sorry foreigners not interested in events elsewhere such as how title rivals buy and said well we are. and
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this is flying on co felt the thirty six year old is the bundesliga is twenty eighteen coach of the year his team's form continued into this year where they remained unbeaten in the league. what better test a brain men's abilities and confidence than a visit to byron munich needed. we have a plan and i think we'll get opportunities to play our game. and that plan seemed to be paying off early on. pushed off the ball like precious few teams dare to do in the lions' den that is munich's alley on serena. and the visitors were equally fearless when they did grab possession combining cooley to cause byron's defense all sorts of problems. as so often in recent weeks and months there was a confidence rippling through this braman side even if in this case it didn't
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translate into serious chances. flopping on pole felt has given braman a new lease of life as everyone can acknowledge. rayman are a very good side and have had a really good season so i respect for that. they played very well of the stuff. they defended well and puts us on the pressure. it was the first time in years that byron and braman appeared to be on equal footing again. after eighteen straight losses against the but there eons the northerners looked to create an upset. in the old days when we're giving as good as they got. we were good in the game we have a real football match we don't stay on the box and try just takes we want to play with them when we have three create i think a few not big chance but a few moments where you have the feeling ok they have a problem with us they don't know how to do stand. up at the other end said the
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first half byron had an unaccustomed lack of chances. by. former braman man says cannot really have the best of them in the twenty sixth minute. but the game changing scene came in the second half of which got a second yellow card for showing too much elbow in his challenge to nicklaus suga bevan were a man down for the last half hour. then minutes. to get something. by and then stepped up a gear as did years he passed his braman defended valiantly against the odds. and the czech only did all he could to withstand the but very ember raj. we know we have to bring people but it's important for me to say this was not so many chances for munich in this game it was not
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a six seven something like this we have we have our moments. but everyone can tell where you served it's me it was well deserved deserved on account of byron's dominance and glad of chances in the end the sole braman goal came with her. order of an hour to go as zulu tried his luck from distance i'd. have what was on byron side as the ball took a wicket reflection off david toss and. for once felt like i was powerless to prevent his side falling behind. we tried to defend but of course it's tough with ten men it's annoying to then lose by a cheap go like that village to out on a man defectus. braman beaten for the first time in twenty nine teams but they'll have a very early chance for revenge when they face biron in the cup semifinal on wednesday this time though felt and his men will be on home turf.
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after. two coaches on opposite career paths. love a deal is throwing in the towel by the summer while adding her tour is frankford savior since the team advance to the europa league semifinal before the full spark frankfurt match got underway the bouncy balls protesting the bonus league as monday games had to be gathered up from the pitch the first half was must then bouncy with chances few and far between. in the second half frankfurt took the lead against the run of play dutch midfielder john have time to guzman scored in the seventieth minute. but the wolves harder work was rewarded by an equaliser in the final minutes of john ensign reproach skein the point for his team morale the club sport seems to be intact despite love ideas impending departure.
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meanwhile hitter and frankfurt are enjoying a fine debussy's and it was clear before monday's match that sharing the points would hurt neither team. might see some push. belongs to that respect she's of coaches position is not in doubt throughout the season and the team's position was also consolidated once john phillips meditators scored after just thirty six seconds against a single surely now they guarantee top flight football next season. newly promoted just love a safe anyway but i did game of it when dodie crazy legs lukavac you know equalized in the ninety minutes. the home side wanted the three points only to concede a penalty for time full just before the off our mouth but this time looking back you hit the post at this point it wasn't just the way coach fate home phone calls suspecting that the next side to school would win and the next man to score was the
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best man on the pitch kareem on izzy was midway through the second half. and to put the result and minds his survival beyond doubt twenty one year old might take maybe three one. for a club of mights his size avoiding relegation is like winning a trophy as some of the fans' t. shirts showed. congrats all round. what makes coaches lame ducks. things haven't gone swimmingly for shelter since hoop statements replaced a many go to desk oh. man announced his summer departure to leipzig early on in the season but he has maintained the five with his side. as they proved on their visit to shout. as sneaky pass from nottingham and marry a neat nothing from each shot bellfield and emphatic finish. off the start
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statements have been hoping for. and it all went downhill from there andre crammer rich to nail on the stroke of half time. and now that's not a replay shot of statements could anything be done at the break to turn things around. shaka did come out more aggressive and were rewarded with a penalty for a foul on braille and bono. and danielle culture to julie reduce the deficit to get shall defense hoped. but it didn't take long for half an hour and to strike back making it look all too easy as adam salo is scored against his former club in the sixty fifth minute. statements men were proving to be too generous as host and the visitors definitely outstayed their welcome with seventeen minutes left to play a myriad powered through the shall commit field before being selflessly teed up by crime rich for goal number four finally demure by with superb cross to belfort deal
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for his second of the game show to concede five at home. bush dollar clawed one back in the final minute but it was no consolation. shall because only saving grace is the number of teams playing even worse than the. teams such as nuremberg for example you haven't won a white season kid so you can coach for his show as was born in live acoustic so how much of sorts of the by arena. and recently improved nuremberg managed to keep by a guy but no it's in the sixty first minutes. goal line technology confirmed lucas alarm goes head to head across the line the fourteen lightbulbs books clear nuremberg keep the christian the taney a dish his level best to keep his team in the game but julien brett's perseverance close to the end freed up a lawyer for
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a nice ball to kevin fall and you might notice that. nuremberg again with precious little to take away from the gang. hang over went to berlin to lympics stadium on sunday praying for. an olympian performance thomas stolz team had lost eight games straight although for hair to it had been five matches without any points not exactly a blockbuster billing but at least someone would be getting some points. although that didn't mean there be any goals and for hanover no goals means that relegation this creeping ever closer. on saturday evening marcus vine cereal became the latest coach to be let go. last fifteen of twenty three games after he took over so i couldn't have imagined
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a performance like that in my worst nightmare as i can only say sorry for what we deliver today the result is brutal this is not. so brutal that most of the away fans started leaving the stadium on saturday with half an hour still to play when veyron still was coach at outsports stuttgart repeatedly sacked their coach after losing to their fellow swabian in august twenty third team bruno labadee in november the following year a win for vine seal hastened i mean face departure and a year after that the same fate for alexander it's on a go now that karma has caught up with vine sale in the form of martin schmidt but despite winning his first game in charge of sport last weekend the swiss coach has his feet on the ground rendition but we're not going to play them off the park anyone expecting that he's going to be disappointed and post really some disappointments housework played the visitors off the planet never mind the park.
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my. it took a leaven minutes for them to open the scoring with a plan you could hear now volleying in. five minutes. later it was two nil this time andre hahn sneaking the ball past horrible patsy law. abiding. and over on the bench his coach managed to keep his jubilation to himself as the steam zululand i've told the team that we want them to celebrate and be happy with that and as a coach i think you can't just be reactive we're not done yet most we just turned on to the hunt stretches one of the two get out. with a promise of more top flight action next season. out spork looks promising indeed with a disciplined passing game and devastating finishing my as demonstrated by philip
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marks for the three no. mr carter only two spots below them but look distinctly second class in comparison. with dustin that we were expecting a very different kind of game with but once the goal started coming before halftime it gave us more confidence and we just carried on others why change a winning team with the stuttgart offense still in disarray markedly star made it for nail in the fifty third minute. now twenty one he came here from byron's youth squad over six years ago and seems to be blossoming under smith scoring twice on the previous match day. and there was more to come for our sport five minutes later max was given acres of space to fire away his second and make it five. the back. and to really rub it in they stir took advantage of more sloppy defending to complete the route and his second brace in two games. it's
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out sport's biggest ever win in the bundesliga and a huge six pointer against a side they could potentially have been battling to avoid relegation. when the positivity is there anything can happen as. and i think everything did happen suits the gap to stuttgart is now ten points instead of a potential for. guard remain in the playoff spot a day to forget especially for marcus fine seal. but now all the results from match day thirty. wow that's now nine coaches leaving their job from it surely this season of clubs like friedberg the boss doesn't seem to be in danger despite losing four nil of heart that shocker they would be except statins confused you will be from all the coming and going on the coaching carousel. so marcus mind cereal is history after six months in stuttgart he succeeded typhoon corporate now youth
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coach nico gillick is set to take over and then there are those soon to depart characters piled out on thomas dome at hanover. colonel nobody is in full support. and flight six while flying nick who will be replaced by yulia knuckles man for his part he will be making way for alpha choice currently assistant coach i.x. and in three weeks' time the great detail packing will be leaving. his successor marco jose is still at salzburg finally two more caretakers who will likely be saying goodbye to stevens after his third stint with shaka and four months sharma's unless norbury can manage a miracle and stay out. got all of that. good because now it's time for the table. at the top bar and remain one
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point clear of dortmund pathetic coaches aside for now. the likes of almost guaranteed a ticket for the champions league frankfurt got back and hoffenheim also in with a charge. freiburg an outspoken. close to sixty but it'll be tight fish alka and despite all of the coaching changes it sure got nuremberg abscond of a look to be in trouble we leave you this week with all much like moments. here are arguably the best ten seconds of the match day three players and a dream golf soncino prize goods are making it three nil against violence.
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not counterfeit for a king this is what it would look like. did you know it was why since the first assist for his mates mario go to the first in eighty seven matches. thanks for watching see you soon on kickoff.
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coming to you live from islamic states kings response ability for this. bombings security video emerges that could show a suicide bomber entering one of the churches he comes in at the back of the line of people and walks off to the left she lanka is under a state of emergency after sunday's attacks left more than three hundred people dead meanwhile. the nation falls silent in honor of the victims of the attacks.


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