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the by. the by. the by the ad. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin so-called islamic states claims responsibility for the sri lanka bombings security video appears to show a person possibly a suicide bomber at one of the churches he comes in at the back of a line of people and turns to enter the sri lankan country is under a state of emergency after sunday's attacks left more than three hundred people
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dead meanwhile the nation fall silent in honor of the victims of the attacks. and the country's prime minister has just addressed the nation and given further details of investigators efforts to identify the attacks. also coming up to me in my supreme court rejects the final appeal of to jailed journalists who dared to report on atrocities by the country's military activists see it as a blow to freedom of press. i am. thank you. hello and welcome amitai cheema as sri lanka mourns the death of over three hundred people in the easter sunday bombings attention is turning to who might be responsible the islamic state says it is behind the multiple suicide blast . although it's not offered any proof in a separate claim
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a sri lankan deputy government minister says sunday's bombings that kind out in revenge for last month's attacks on two mosques in new zealand fifty people died in that attack in christ church. now she was prime minister has just been addressing the nation on the state of the investigation this take a listen i would like to say that the minister gave me a king good progress in regard to identifying to be. priests but it means that i didn't file all the bits and look at what they need. let's go straight to colombo for the very latest. on the line from there jim you know we just kind of prime minister down and become a single has been talking to the press what do you say about the this claim from islamic state that it was behind this attack read time in iran and become
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a thing of a question that arguably the claims made by this evening he said that they had heard the names they had. and they were now looking into it but he also appeared to speak of the at that there was a sense from their number one that i was behind it but investigators were calling this thing. so is it your understanding that the attack was carried out by looking radical groups identified by the authorities earlier as a national he and it was masterminded from outside by so-called islamic state. right out of the court must be i hearing is that oswald or paul have been the connection of. unconfirmed reports that they use one farthing that into conference past but yet the moment so it's no attack testing moscow mind by id but
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it has been carried out by the school because natural se some are cool obvious is not going to be easy so i. give it to the prime minister talked a piece about the investigation and he said investigations of going well what more did he say last monday i have not listened because what the prime minister has said at the media briefing i'm hoping to hear his recording in a short while but i can tell you what he said in parliament today often when he said that investigations had going well they had pretended several suspects and several more would be apprehended in the coming days a message such operations were going on and he specifically said that she dhaka had and said that nobody asked her next book at that time he did not say that the school was going to isis but after the isis caves now i think the government is openly admitting that isis had a hand didn't know deputy government minister the deputy defense minister also made
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some claims that this attack may have been in revenge for the christchurch attacks the two most targeted what more can you tell us about this link. yes this sickness of defense is a good thing is the. fear that you need selling resignations had that effect carried out on sunday in. ten years since the crisis. and how well it did not you but. but what's going on. there that the international community impacts on what the fifth on the floor of. the it is and the prime minister has all for fun in countries like the knights of our great idea united kingdom will have come forward. and forth that we have also to work that support is going to be said we're talking here about that later on that. right.
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in the sri lankan capital thank you very much for bringing us up to date from there thank you. now the country is in shock and people in colombo have started burying their dead our correspondent michelle just one went to another part of the capital amid a small community of christians grieving for their loved ones. a family. forty nine year old sean p. went to attend the easter service at st anthony's church. we have not heard from her since after multiple trips to the hospital and even the more should be have not found her. i only did it in the morning i mean any moment of the moment bush went to the church i'm sure of it one of them ever did was she always comes home after going to the church did you but she never came back to the only mother she's still not to go to the evening we went and searched for her because we couldn't find her . we're still searching the way there's no information we've. seen tom penny's
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was one of the ether locations hit in the blast on sunday. all around it is a neighborhood in mourning residents here saw another explosion on monday in an abandoned run. as people read to receive the bodies of friends and loved ones they silently contemplate their own survival a few feet from the site of two blasts. as locals here prepare for funerals they tell us that the death toll in neighborhood could have been much higher but for the practice that people closer to the charge of ten was a little on saturday evening and on sunday morning people who live for that of a attend services the blasts hit on easter which was a sunday morning. this is a mixed neighborhood people from all religions just like you know many resident muslims and hindus pitch in to help local christians are unable to understand the
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carnage there and then a little will say this is new for us you know even during the time of the tamil tigers we weren't targeted a lot of even the tsunami didn't damage this area these attacks of shocked us that you the world that god is views this is so sad today's choose day we usually go to mass but the church is closed to sri lankans and especially residents of this neighborhood we're very sad. but sadness and anger have to be put on hold to bid farewell to those who were lost. today colombo has come together to mourn. this may not bring you up to date but some of the stories making news around the world russian and north korean government sources have confirmed that north korean leader kim jong un will go to russia later this month for his first ever summit with president vladimir putin preparations are underway in the eastern city of
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bloody voss talk where the meeting is supposed to take place. rescue workers in the philippines assertion pursued by a bus off to at least fifteen people were killed in a six point one magnitude earthquake north of manila and another even stronger creek hit the south of the country but there were no immediate reports of destruction there. in northern ireland police have arrested a suspect in the shooting off the journalist leader mckee she was killed last week during rioting in london derry the militant group ira has admitted responsibility for the killing in a letter to local media it says mchugh was tragically killed as attack or to court the enemy meaning the police. meanwhile supreme court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists serving a prison sentence because of their reporting on the country's crackdown on muslims should also and by whom have spent more than sixteen months in detention they were arrested during an investigation into the killing of ten during
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a muslim men during a military crackdown in the western part of man ma a district court sentenced the two journalists to seventy s in prison last september for illegally possessing official documents they've been since awarded the pulitzer prize for their work. for for more now southeast asia correspondent charlayne joins me charlotte not that this appeal has been rejected what prospect of the journalists have of being released. well there is now know why a court that these generals can take their appeal to the supreme court is mia mas top court so that really does quash any hopes for these journalists of some sort of judicial reprieve that doesn't mean to say though that all hopes are lost their supporters have been putting out statements today saying that they will continue to do all they can to secure the release of these journalists
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a lawyer for the two men has also said that perhaps petitioning the president is an option of myanmar is an option that they will consider at the moment there is no sign of any sort of presidential pardon so you this ruling today really is a huge blow to the journalist and selves their wives who were in court to hear that ruling come down and also their supporters many of whom around the world deeply concerned by this case and fear that it is a signal over a decline in freedom of expression in me and i'm shocked what message does this verdict send to all the journalists investigating allegations of human rights violations in man ma. one human rights organization in the lead up to this ruling had documented what it called a climate of fear among journalists in me ma now this ruling today is likely to only increase that climate of fear in fact amnesty international has said that this
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is a real blow to press freedom in me and maher also pointed out though that it's not just journalists who it is concerned for it it also says that there has been a crackdown on freedom of expression among other critics of authorities in me m r it's pointed out that it's alleged that in the last few days a number of other critics have been arrested in mia ma so there is some real concern a lot of people as well very. angry actually rights groups. sushi the de facto leader of me in ma they'd hoped that she would come out in defense of these journalists and in fact she gave a statement in the build up to this ruling saying that she didn't believe that these journalists were arrested for journalism she said that in essence they violated the law and be a mom now that reporting my views to what their colleagues has been awarded the
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pulitzer prize the house i've gone done with authorities in myanmar. that's right their colleagues from reuters completed the investigation following their arrest and published its findings now since those findings were released maher has arrested and jailed number of soldiers in connection with that with the publication which allege that the military had been involved in the massacre over hinge of muslim men and boys know the authorities in meum are in general deny any such atrocities they say that their crackdown on the muslims has been targeting insurgents and militants and it denies any attacks on civilians shot of children in bangkok thank you very much for that update to the us where the white house says there will be a normal waiver allowing countries to import iranian oil the u.s.
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three imposed sanctions against iran last year threatening to punish any country that buys its oil but washington had granted its country's waivers allowing them limited purchases offered on an order for six months there are fears that the new move could reduce oil supplies to a global market that's already tight the trumpet ministration has issued a blunt warning to nations buying oil from iran after may second there will be no exceptions to sanctions nor waivers nations that continue to buy uranium oil will be made to suffer for years we're going to zero. zero across the board we will continue for sanctions and monitor compliance any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits pump a zero said the u.s. had granted enough time for the affected countries to wean themselves off the rainy
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and oil and find alternative suppliers. before washington re-impose sanctions against iran last year tirant produced around two point three million barrels of oil per day that's around five percent of global i push until now washington had granted some importing nations waivers on the oil sanctions china and india are the biggest buyers of rainy and crude recently they've stepped up their purchases along with south korea italy and greece on the other hand have managed to cut their demand turkey had been fighting until the last moment for sanctions waiver extension. pompei a went on to say that there would be no grace period for those economies to comply despite sanctions iran's oil exports are said to have increased around twelve percent by the end of march but it's hard to say how accurate that figure is iran conceals the exact amount by making good use of its armada of oil tankers the
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second largest fleece in the world. here's a look at some other stories making news around the world at this hour the main candidates in spain's general election clashed over how to handle catalonia independence drive accusing each other of lying in a tense t.v. debate that left questions open on what a coalition deal might be struck spins fallen into election on sunday is one of the most divisive since the country return to democracy in the nineteen seventies. counting has begun in egypt's referendum on a draft constitution amendments that potentially allow the president of the c.c. to stay on in office until two thousand and thirteen and the amendments would also boost the rule of the military and expand the president's power appointments. more than a thousand representatives of indigenous peoples from all of the one to have gathered in new york for the eighteenth session of the united nations permanent forum for
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indigenous issues to see a session is focused on the generation transmission and protection of indigenous peoples traditional knowledge. here in germany the wrong a tree in populous spot in turn is different on the f.t. ones germans to be proud of being chairman that's because the party believe speak to spend too much time remembering crimes of the nazi era chile has developed will score a culture of remembrance to ensure that a doctor chapter in his history is never repeated. not far from berlin sex and house and concentration camp was one of many sites where people were brutally annihilated on a huge scale german world war two school groups come here from across europe to learn about nazi atrocities. this is sort of this is really depressing. and makes me feel very sad little as it's a horrible feeling to be here. until now there has been
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a consensus in german politics to ensure that the crimes of the nazi era are not forgotten especially among younger generations but the far right a.f.d. reject theirs they claim nazi history takes up too much school time and say the culture of remembrance is bad for germany. the effect ladies and gentlemen is quite clear young people are systematically brought up to feel guilt and shame about being german and they learn to associate germany with evil is this to us it's these sentiments are not just expressed in parliament three debates the director of the sachsenhausen memorial says sites like this are directly targeted by the far right. but. there was a group here that was either in the f.t. or aligned with it but we don't know if they were party members who were denying nazi crimes. investigation by the public prosecutor's office is continuing coverage
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of these people even denied the existence of the gas chambers. provocations like these are only part of the a if these tactics for example in a state of bottom the party has tried to reduce public funding for memorials there is no majority support for such measures but some fear the public opinion may change. without financial support these institutions can no longer fulfill their educational mandate. and that is open to political manipulation. a.s.d. says germany's nazi past should be seen in a wider context. we also want to focus on the positive aspects of german history because we think every nation needs positive points to identify with its feelings. but these are. stressing the favorable aspects of german history is
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pulling the wool over people's eyes but i think it's wrong and downright dangerous and we have done important work over decades taking a critical look at our own history. our political conflicts that could affect the future of germany's public memorials. the russian government is showcasing the country's military involvement in the syrian conflict russian troops have been there since two thousand and fifteen backing the regime of president bashar assad they've also been fighting the so-called islamic state now a train is making a nationwide tour of russia displaying war trophies weapons and technology the army says it captured in syria hear it from moscow bureau filed this. report. next stop the city of cars on arriving at ten in the morning the train is greeted with plenty of pomp the twenty cars carrying armored tanks and other military tech
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seized by the russian army in its campaign to defeat the so-called islamic state in syria. even yes many labs for the a legit production of chemical weapons are on display. it's a victory lap three sixty cities to inspire pride and patriotism and russia's achievement. what's not to celebrate. russia must see this train to avoid the horrors that unfortunately a fact of life in other parts of the world russian should understand the role of that country in fighting terrorism around the world. selfies are allowed and visitors are encouraged to ask about the spoils of war on board the so-called syria train according to the defense ministry all the soldiers on hand took part in the fighting. for the past three years moscow has been helping the
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syrian army against i.a.s. and keep president bashar al assad in power. but. our boys are helping the poor syrians. so much so. with success. what's russia doing in syria. so that you. will get some kind of assistance for the country so that with assistance of that it can have what's it called again peace that's it. has our youth should see the tools of war so they know that war is terrible. absent from view or the russians who didn't make it back from syria. the defense ministry says one hundred sixteen soldiers were killed in combat but it's not just ordinary troops who are deployed there. human rights activists say private armies from russia are also fighting mercenaries who don't appear in any official figures. no
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one knows the exact number of private soldiers fighting in syria many of them died there. the families of some fallen mercenaries are trying to get compensation for losing their loved ones although these private soldiers fight alongside ordinary russian troops in syria the state has officially nothing to do with them not only that private armies are forbidden in russia. that is going into and it's a war in syria has two sides one shows that russia is waging an official war on terrorism. the shadow side is the one we're not supposed to see russia has to expose it and come clean with its hidden nontransparent structures in syria. after cars on the syria train is off to another city on its tore but as a symbol of a successful campaign against terrorism it leaves many questions unanswered. and
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get on with the misfortune of course football the bundesliga football rare the fourth place frankfurt was denied a victory in the last moments but frankfurt school at first on monday night in the seventy eighth minutes when he went out on the guzman fired the board in from close range but as the clock ticked into injury time a pos from wolfsburg felix klaus made it easy for john anthony brooks frankford could only manage a one one troll. and the german cup is down to its final four teams braman hosts by munich tomorrow but tonight's first semifinal features an interesting match up between hamburg and leipsic the hamburg were relegated from the bundesliga last season for the first time in the history but suddenly this season fans are dreaming of a german cup tie for the first time since nine hundred eighty seven. how much
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suffering in the biggest seconds here may be nearing its end they're sitting second in the table but it's not because of their recent form the top possible mini game in their last five encounters in the. cup though it's been a different story france the semifinals with relative ease. as far as of embassy and we've played very well at home in the cup as i now we have a chance to end up in the final arguments like not been found and the we're not going to make it easy for them we're going to do everything in our power to book our spot in that final even though we know how good luck for crisis and in the city would like to us. and i've seen her good there sitting third in the bundesliga table and our and beaten in fourteen come to functions that are running because passing team so smoothly with hard for wins against hoffenheim volves burger and out burger. king is on to this is the german cup and of course the match is in
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hamburg. in front of their own crowd they'll be desperate to seal a place in the final for them so we don't expect an easy opponent or an easy game win for leipsic would result in their first ever cup final. that's it you see in counter that we now bring you up to date the top stories that we're following for you and you mass killers on the web in sri lanka as people observe a national day of mourning so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for sunday's bombings there while the country's prime minister has warned that more potential terrorists may be at large. and with muscle pre-court has rejected the final appeal of two reuters journalists to serve a seven year prison sentence related to their reporting on a military crackdown on muslims. govern up next on news asia. relief and rescue efforts in the philippines after two
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quakes in quick succession killed at least sixteen people. and prime minister not in the movie is among millions of indians who been heading to the polls for the third phase of india's mallets elections. that and more coming up indeed every news. news if you can.
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the. only order is history the world is reorganizing itself and the media's role keep shifting powers the topic in focus at the global media forum twenty nine teams in the laboratory for the titillating much. more we following whom do we trust to
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debate and shape the future at the doors of a live global media forum twenty nineteen the place may be for mine. where i come from we have to fight for a free press i was born and raised in the meantime dictatorship with just one today shadow and a few newspapers on official information as a journalist i have walked off the streets of many cantrips and their problems are all the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press. cover up should we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the human scene a right to fold who have decided to put their trust in us. name is jim paris and i work a deal. on
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what's the connection between bread the home and the european union he knows guild not a v.w. correspondent and alan baker can stretch this cuban line with the rules set by the . senior. cuts mean no. sniffing recipes for success a strategy that makes a difference. baking bread on d.w. . this is the damn thing he was coming up on the program. in two days also out of cheese in the philippines scramble to help people affected by two earthquakes prepared is the country to deal with these disasters plus. our nation grieves.


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