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this is it every news live from berlin i'm sure a long coat begins to bury its dead funerals take place for the first of three hundred twenty victims of the easter sunday attacks so-called islamic state now says that it was behind the deadly bombings also coming up germany tries to pass a resolution at the united nations tackling rate as a weapon of war but russia and china have watered down the measure and now the united states is threatening to veto it and to me in march supreme court rejects
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the final appeal to jail journalists who dared to report on atrocities carried out by the country's army against the country's muslim minority activist announced a decision calling it a said back for press freedom. on little rock thank you so much for your company everyone sri lanka is mourning the deaths of more than three hundred twenty people in the easter sunday bombings the country ground to a halt on tuesday morning to observe three minutes of silence while in the capital colombo people started burying the dead our correspondent in the misha just wall met a small community of christians in the capital grieving for their loved ones. a family waiting forty one year old sean p.
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went to attend the easter service at st anthony's church. they have not heard from her since after multiple trips to the hospital and even the mortuary they have not found. i only did it in the morning and we're only warmer than where she went to the church i'm sure it never did that she always comes home after going to the church did you but she never came back to no no is she still not back to the autumn evening we went and searched for her but we couldn't find her. we're still searching there's no information we only lived there them in st anthony's was one of the eat locations hit in the cedar blast on sunday all around it is a neighborhood in mourning residents here saw another explosion on monday in an abandoned when i speak to receive the bodies of friends and loved ones this silently contemplate their own survival a few feet from the site of two blasts. as locals here prepare for funerals they
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tell us that the death toll in one neighborhood could have been much higher but for the practice that people closer to the charge attend was on saturday evening and on sunday morning people who live for that of it and services the blasts hit on easter which was a sunday morning. this is a mixed neighborhood people from all religions just like here many residents muslims and hindus pitch in to help local christians are unable to understand the carnage. you know and they're going to go with the say this is new for us to make you know even during the time of the tunnel tigers we were talking tangy lot of even the tsunami didn't damage this area these attacks of shop chess allow that if you got the word that the god of tuesday this is so sad today's choose day we usually go to mass but the church is closed to sri lankans and especially residents of this neighborhood very sad that it would add. but sadness and anger have to be
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put on hold to bid farewell to those who were lost. today colombo has come together to mourn and investigations are underway now over who might be responsible the so-called islamic state says it was behind the attacks although it has not offered a shred of evidence for long because prime minister were no vehicle missing warrant it's likely that there are more explosives and militants still at large speaking at a news conference the prime minister also addressed the ongoing investigations into the bombings. a sick listen now to what he said a short while ago i would like to see that the means to get there making good progress in regard to identifying to be. treats. but it means that your idea if i want to get out beats and look at what they need.
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well joining me now from a colombo is reporter jim rely on the dean to me about what more did the prime minister reveal about the ongoing investigation. the for the timing this of it's sad that someone sorry to have to suspect has been taken into custody but several more for x. large and a massive search operation is underway to nab all those in love right now what we do know is that a local radical group cause and that's most obvious a mosque have been discussed didn't respond to both of you attack and the activity against the isis as if they meant by the isis. today evening the prime minister also said that they were searching they're going investigating to see if there was another foreign hand in this and he also says that some of the suspects had gone abroad and had fifty painting there so massive investigations are continuing by the security forces and hopefully in the coming days we should have more launches. jimi
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what he acknowledged the calling that islamic state was behind you attack were the suspects inspired by islamic state or were they directed by a so-called islamic state do we know i cannot have that information at the moment because my this is the timing is to confirm all it's all stated that they have direct contact with isis. but what we do know is that. the local craftsman inspired by how the isis operates and with that they were directly a controlled by the isis is yet to be seen because what the timing is to the phase that they're ready for that they're connected to the isis but they're going to be flirting with it and so the main suspect the recent the what do you sorting with the duty now the prime minister as you referenced in your first answer warned that there may be more potential terrorists at large in that there was even an attack
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planned on a fourth hotel that's very alarming how on edge are people where you are. it's an extremely scared i mean if you will resist canonical right now and even the outskirts of old ark there's a saving of ek used to these days enormous traffic on i would always suspect they absolutely nobody shops but those close offices that those people anglos p.c.'s have to set out right and react earing information and at least everyone although at that one those needs are being found suspicious apostles are being found so the price forces on the ground to put the songs on the conducting massive operations and there have been many of those it's fallen since sunday's explosion. now there have been of course serious intelligence a lapses are picked furious with authorities do they believe the government failed to protect them to the prime minister addressed this issue the timing is so good that harness the fact that there was
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a prior warning and that these attacks could have been of us a state that he knew he said was some innocent pop information crisis on this explosions some of these explosions could have been avoided and he also said that he's sorry information was given the security could have been tightened in the soccer fans but unfortunately somebody has not kept finding it so all the president informed and investigations are ongoing development is looking into this is that the timing is the did say that the president himself a scolding him to write to a journalist a genuine national indian in the sri lankan capital colombo reporting thank you. and we turn our attention now to sudan african leaders have agreed to give that country's interim rulers more time to carry out democratic transition measures following the ousting of longtime president omar al bashir at a meeting in cairo the african union extended its fifteen day alternate m for the
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military to hand over power to a civilian government meanwhile in sudan protests continue on tuesday tens of thousands of people joined rallies and citizens across the country including in front of the army headquarters in the capital hard to. and we can take you now to hard to. pick a team who is in the capital standing by for protesters just not backing down what have they been telling you. exactly i've been talking to protesters today the whole day and they want one thing where they all agree on is they want and hand over it from the military council to a civilian council therefore got to know that they have economical problem the infrastructure here is bad they have a lot of challenges corruption but they care for one thing hand over to power from
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the military council to a civilian concert and i have to say talking to them they are getting more angry detention is rising and i think before like two days ago when i talked to people mostly they were protesting at the sit in area in front of the headquarters but today when you walk here in sudan street you always see on every street protesters people chanting group will you should reveal you should rebuild usually is continuing. far earlier you had the opportunity to speak to mohamed use of a comment on the stuff or he is the leader of the sudanese professionals association who play a prominent role in the protest movement did he tell you what the way out of this standoff could potentially be. actually my own impression after talking to him does in no way out what he said watch what is new is they are even ready for a general strike and civil obedience when the. military council will not
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hand over power and they will not find an agreement within the next hours within the next days they are ready to tell the people not to go to work not to pay taxes to stop the functioning state just to protest the whole day and this is new because usually they are looking to know they are looking for a kind of agreement for a kind of dialogue but he said now there is no dialogue this will be our next step ok so they are stepping up the pressure now we just reported on the african leaders summit in the egyptian capital cairo i just wonder i mean i mean is it meaningless to the protesters where you are do they care. no i don't care they only care for one thing which is hanging over the power from the military council to a civilian consulate and they say we don't want to have an international forward foreign interference no political influence from outside and even when talking to
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people they said we don't want to have an influence from egypt we don't want to have any influence from saudi arabia from qatar from turkey and from the u.a.e. because saudi arabia and or you eat said they would help even with a lot of money they are ready to give more than three billion dollars but when you talk to the protests today even chant like no saudi you eat and that's important for them they said we want an independent state we want to civilian state we have no freedom no one is going to take out from us this freedom they want to have to be the one who decides you know do they have the big big they are searching for people's choice they said thirty years of dictatorship it's enough there's not going to happen again we want freedom we want a civilian councils we want the one who ruled we don't want to military enough with military enough with international intervention here in in sudan we don't want it it's now we we are the people and we want to be heard do you have used to fabricate
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in reporting from khartoum thank you for your continued coverage from sudan. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. russian russia and the north russian and the north korean of russia and the north korean government our sources have confirmed that north korean leader kim jong un will hold his first ever summit with president vladimir putin on thursday preparations are underway in the eastern russian city of light of astarte where the meeting is to take place rescue workers in the philippines are searching for some two dozen people still here bury under rubble a day after a powerful earthquake hit near manila at least fifteen people were killed. in the six point one magnitude quake a second stronger quake later injured at least ten in the country south. mexican immigrants immigration officials have detained hundreds of central american
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migrants in the southern state of chop as is the biggest single raid since large groups started crossing into the country last year on route to the u.s. and mexico initially welcomed them but has hardened its stance since the increasing number started overwhelming u.s. border crossings. more than a thousand representatives of indigenous peoples from all over the world have gathered in new york for the eighteenth session of the united nations permanent form on indigenous issues well this year session is focused on the generation transmission and protection of indigenous peoples traditional knowledge on this union. and in new york the u.n. security council is taking up a resolution that condemns rape as a weapon of war germany which currently chairs the council introduced a measure on writing in the washington post of foreign minister heiko mosse and actor angelina jolie have called for action against sexual violence and conflicts
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they said impunity for perpetrators remains the norm the measure is facing resistance from the u.s. china and russia. all right and joining me now from washington is our correspondent in helena humphrey good to see how a not war of course is mostly waged by men and women have historically been victims of rape unfortunately used as a weapon of war and it's as old as time surely stopping that and punishing the perpetrators is long overdue. right later and i think essentially that is germany's argument as it bort this resolution to the table of the un security council in new york rape as a weapon of war is an international war crime that's been set out under the geneva convention for the past seventy years and germany's argument essentially was that it is time to end impunity it's time to send a fact finding missions collect evidence and prosecute the international criminal
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court obtain justice for the survivors of these atrocious war crimes if you compare it to other war crimes for example when there are allegations of genocide when there are allegations of chemical weapons attack being used fact finding missions are sent that said a lot of resistance now to this text at the u.n. security council and also mentally what we could see is a very watered down version of this text amounting to little more than an informal working group on women peace and security i mean is frankly baffling helen why are some countries resisting this most notably the u.s. china and russia. i would say that. as well but without resistance coming from the u.s. russia and china what they are against is that formal mechanism to enforce that formal reporting mechanism in prominent press in the un special envoy on sexual
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violence in conflict zones and said we're about to be removed this would be a very weak text indeed how would you enforce how would you police the united states has also got further resistance when it comes to language over women's reproductive rights saying that this is essentially a tacit endorsement of abortion and that really echoes the policy we've seen coming from the trump administration in recent months with regards to women's reproductive rights now in terms of european members on the security council the u.k. and france they have said that this must be included and essentially were it not to be this would be rolling back the progress made by the united nations on human rights women's rights over the past twenty five years now and it's an atrocious issue but just outline for our viewers a little bit more how endemic is it to conflict is absolutely endemic and i think of rape as a weapon of war acts like no other weapon in war in that it can end up cutting
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through communities stigmatizing survive as we've seen that in rwanda we've seen that in uganda we've seen that in the democratic republic of congo over two hundred thousand women they're victims of campaigns in meanwhile for example it's forced people over the border into bangladesh is forced them to flee and i think right now even we have to be aware in cameroon some atrocious testimony coming from women who are in the grip of separatist violence in that country it continues helena humphrey reporting from washington thank you. that's staying in the u.s. where the government there says there will be no more waivers countries to import iranian oil well the white house reimpose sanctions against iran last year threatening to punish any country that buys its oil but washington and granted eight countries waivers allowing them limited purchases of iranian oil for six
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months there are fears now that the new move could reduce oil supplies to a global market that is already very tight. the trumpet ministration has issued a blunt warning to nations buying oil from iran after may second there will be no exceptions to sanctions norway various nations that continue to buy uranium oil will be made to suffer more we're going to zero going to zero across the board we will continue for sanctions and monitor compliance any nation or entity interacting with iran should use its diligence and err on the side of caution the risks are simply not going to be worth the benefits pump aoe said the u.s. had granted enough time for the affected countries to wean themselves off of rainy and oil and find alternative suppliers. before washington re-impose sanctions against iran last year tirant produced around two point three million barrels of
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oil per day that's around five percent of global i pushed until now washington had granted some importing nations waivers on the oil sanctions china and india are the biggest buyers of iranian crude recently they've stepped up their purchases along with south korea italy and greece on the other hand if managed to cut their demand turkey had been fighting until the last moment for sanctions waiver extension. pump they all went on to say that there would be no grace period for those economies to comply despite sanctions iran's oil exports are said to have increased around twelve percent by the end of march but it's hard to say how accurate that figure is iran conceals the exact in mind by making good use of its armada of oil tankers the second largest fleece in the world. here in germany the right wing populist party alternative for the once journalist to be proud of being charming the party
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believes people spent too much time remembering the crimes of the nazi era germy as developed what's called a culture of remembrance to ensure that a dark chapter in its history is never repeated. not far from berlin sex and house and concentration camps was one of many sites where people were brutally annihilated on a huge scale german world war two school groups come here from across europe to learn about nazi atrocities. this is sean this is really depressing. and makes me feel very sad little as it's a horrible feeling to be here. until now there has been a consensus in german politics to ensure that the crimes of the nazi era are not forgotten especially among younger generations. but the far right if t. reject this they claim nazi history takes up too much school time and say the culture of remember and is bad for germany.
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the effect ladies and gentlemen is quite clear young people are systematically brought up to feel guilt and shame about being german and they learn to associate germany with evil to you first this to us it's you know these sentiments are not just expressed in parliamentary debates the director of the sachsenhausen memorial says sites like this are directly targeted by the far right. but minutes minister from a there was a group here that was either in the a.f.d. or aligned with it that we don't know if they were party members who were denying nazi crimes. investigation by the public prosecutor's office is continuing much of these people even denied the existence of the gas chambers talking in the sense of what i thought their concern for off come on going to. provocations like these are only part of the a if these tactics for example in the state of bottom rutenberg the party has tried to reduce public funding for memorials there is no majority
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support for such measures but some fear the public opinion may change. without financial support these institutions can no longer fulfill their educational mandate from if in my novel i mean that is open to political manipulation produced of this. if pieces germany's nazi past should be seen you know wider context. and we also want to focus on the positive aspects of german history because we think every nation needs positive points to identify with its feelings been in power what do you suppose you can do to support stressing the favorable aspects of german history's pulling the wool over people's eyes i think it's wrong and downright dangerous and we have done important work over decades taking a critical look at our own history and on the. political conflicts that could affect the future of germany's public memorials. i'd like to turn now to thomas
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sparrow our political correspondent for more on this good to see a thomas so the far right a of da is trying to change the culture of our members that is so integral and so important to germany how has it gone down with the other political parties well as you can imagine all other political parties have rejected that stance of the alternative for germany there are many issues where germany sort of parties have been at odds in recent months but. if there's one aspect leyla where they have indeed agreed is in precisely rejecting that stance by the f.d.a. they have stressed in general terms of germany's a culture of remembrance has to go hand in hand with a crystal clear understanding of germany's doc history and with a lot of education in particular when it comes to future generations so those situations from the past do not happen again they have criticised the a.f.d. by saying that his revisionism and they have criticised the a.f.p.
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very critically not only in the german parliament but also in other forums as well i know thomas can you explain to our viewers who might not be as familiar with the concept of remembrance culture how crucial is it for germany it is absolutely crucial there are analysts and i would tend to agree who say that it is very difficult to understand germany's decisions today whether we're talking about foreign policy or germany's defense spending without also understanding the broader picture of germany's historic coal importance on historical remember and that is something that by the way has developed in the last few years in the last few decades and that is not only a political debate in fact many of our viewers may have come to north far away from where i'm standing and now there's a holocaust memorial and that is a very clear and a very big reminder of germany's dock boss to remind the politicians and the boldest og but also for everyone who comes here to the german capital and how thomas unfortunately anti-semitic crimes are on the rise in germany far right
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parties like the alternative for germany are becoming also more popular how does do these twin developments reflect on the remembrance culture has it failed some say that the by trying to push these issues has normalized discussions that otherwise were taboo it tastes clear other german officials have a big challenge when it comes to updating above all germany's culture of remember. so i wouldn't say that he has failed but i would say that there are challenges to bring that culture of remembrance to the twenty first century to make sure that younger generations are aware of germany's past that they're aware of that historical responsibility and that also applies to refugees and other immigrants who have come to the country i call another german officials spoke of a new kind of anti semitism that came with migrants a few years ago and that only means that there is a big challenge for german officials when it comes to dealing with that anti
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semitism that new form of anti-semitism as it was described as well as updating that culture of remembrance thank you so very much time asperity to your political correspondent. you're watching d.w. news coming up next in dubai news asia prime minister narendra modi is among millions of injust who have been heading to the polls for the face of in the u.s. now many elections that coming up next. the.
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completely. against. w. d w was coming up on the program. today is also out of use in the philippines scramble to help people affected by the true upgrades oh prepared is the country to do with these disasters plus. a new.


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