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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2019 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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as the group targeted the police. sputtering sales outs terence catch up with iconic us motorcycle maker harley davidson provoking a speedy response from u.s. president donald trump spoiler alert it was not amused to. wake up and smell the coffee because starbucks isn't the only game in town chinese chain and lock in coffee is taking on the us java giant all the way to the nasdaq. and one man's trash is a nobody's treasure return ation still export their ways to poor countries but that's gotten harder look at australia struggle to clean up its own at. harley davidson has reported
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a stall in quarterly profits as it struggles to deal with the impact of tariffs and slow sales the motorcycle makers profits twenty six percent to around one hundred twenty eight million dollars the new sparked an angry response from u.s. president donald trump who blamed europe for the company's poor performance and valid to quote reciprocate the e.u. slapped a steep tariffs on harley davidson bikes last year as a reaction to us today is on steel and aluminum. joining me now is our financial correspondent host san luis de haro there you are always good to see you know so this is a bit of a shift in tone for donald trump the first advocated for a boycott of the harley's after harvey said it was shifting production to overseas now it's valid to retaliate on its behalf so tell us jose luis what's he thinking there. maybe but by imposing on european cars
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they could be the kind of rich really asian that we could see but it's a it's a too soon to tell. but it's true that a change of heart when it comes to harley davidson will probably help her deal already difficult choice negotiations with the european union brazos the goal is to avoid any kind of targets on the european auto industry and try to lower or early may the trade barriers on industrial goods as a whole but ministration isn't present to include agriculture us part of any agreement so the harley davidson issue is just another drop in the bucket that seems unjustified actually the company said it how to move jobs overseas they use to sense that the decision to move production of motorcycles to their plant in thailand is part of our planet too also supported costumers in the southeast of asia contrary to what trump suggested no jobs no jobs that have been impacted here in the u.s. as a result of these actions now briefly if you can handle east is it fair do you
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think to blame the e.u. tariffs for the slowdown in sales for the harvey as we know harley sales are down in the u.s. as well it is not fair to blame the european targets young old cents a day kompany has been struggling with a drop in sales here in the u.s. for quite upbeat as young a younger buyers seem less interested in big motorcycles than previous generations the seller lease the harley there for us on wall street thank you very much. now to a story of a brewing competition between two coffee chains they jane based lucking coffee is taking on a global coffee empire starbucks no mean feat considering that starbucks opens a new branch in china every fifteen hours in a bid to raise capital to contest that market dominance lucking is taking the battle public the nasdaq listing. to look in coffee start up came out of nowhere
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staking a claim in a rapidly urbanizing china with a spread so fueled energy for one starbucks reign supreme suddenly there's a host of looking outlets in china's new shopping malls and business districts the beijing based coffee chain wants to go public and u.s. looking as applied to list on the nasdaq exchange plans to raise around three hundred million dollars in the i.p.o. since june twenty seventeen look at has expanded into two thousand three hundred seventy stores in twenty eight cities with backing from investors including the singapore sovereign wealth fund g i c and china international capital corp by the end of this year look at the names to become the largest coffee network in china in terms of number of stores looking is taking aim at starbucks which is opened up three thousand six hundred stores across one hundred fifty cities in china are we competing with starbucks probably to some extent we don't really care if the demand is coming from new coffee drinkers or from starbucks coffee drinkers we do want to make sure that people are happy to come back to us and buy more products. look
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inside lots or cashless and designed for fast pick up as well as delivery with an op that rushes out deliveries in about eighteen minutes. so i don't think there's too much difference in the taste starbucks and lock ins the pretty much the same. there's no big gaps they're both delicious it. will take a chance of winning though to keep the caffeine fueled expansion and high marketing costs have seen its losses explode last year looking to one hundred twenty five million dollars in sales but racked up a loss of two hundred forty one million dollars. now to some of the other global business stories making headlines around the world. oil prices continue to their upward climb on tuesday after the u.s. renewed sanction threats against iranian oil buyers out one point a barrel of brant crude hit a six month high of seventy four dollars and seventy cents analysts are worried
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about curbing iran's oil exports will further tighten global supply at a time of political instability in several oil producing nations. twitter smashed all expectations last quarter by tripling profits the microblogging service made one hundred ninety one million dollars in the first three months of twenty nineteen compared to just sixty one million a year ago twitter chief jack dorsey credited move to weed out abusive and fake content on the site with boosting its attractiveness to advertisers. british lawmakers are back after a brief break from brags that following the easter holiday cross party talks to find consensus on britain's departure from that you have resumed although with little hope of a breakthrough meanwhile on the continent of the u.k.'s trading partners are still preparing for any possible scenario the next report comes from europe's biggest
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port brought her down. the pores of rostered down is a major hub for trade between the u.k. and the rest of europe. the authorities here have already spent some one point five million euros preparing for breakfast. in dutch customs boss non-net found shelvin has been inundated with interview requests we estimated to. when there's a deal when he has a trade agreement we need at least seven hundred fifty new people that's because there will be a border here if there is no deal granted we will need over nine hundred new stock . well he's at the dutch customs. distortions want to get a better idea of what goods are coming in to do so they're employing new technology including scams that can monitor the contents of trucks and trains.
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as europe's largest ports russia downtowns afford to turn a blind eye to britain's upcoming to parch or from the easy you for some documents embracing digital innovations. digital chain watch solution the digital border solution you can say so the idea is to players you know that just change for you know to for their data towards the porch so that in the porch we can easily hear full fuel sources from alopecia when you arrive to the port that the barrier will be open instead of closed. goods destined for not only you countries a group that will soon include the u.k. need to be registered online in advance companies that failed to do so aren't permitted to get their cargo anywhere near the ships. no matter what kind of pressure that is on the cards here at the source of roger down the priority is to make the transition as smooth as possible. close to two years ago china announced it would no longer import the world's waste until
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that point it had been the top recycler of imported trash the ban really directed the flow of global garbage elsewhere into other countries like indonesia and malaysia who then set up their own restrictions which rerouted the imports elsewhere and so on making it clear to some exporting countries that at least some trash has to be tackled at home we take you now to australia. australia has a stinky problem after depending on chinese infrastructure for over twenty years there's just too much rubbish to handle with a y. straw says. we thought of the solution the word of the time is circular economy and this business does just thought up cycling old plastic and grinding it down to granular it to build new us felt roads. we were a couple resources and we re-use them so we're not just a resaca in
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a national endeavor australia searching for more concepts to keep precious resources from going to the landfill this waste to energy plant is one of them. what we're basically doing here is converting food weist nubile energy using the gases that's produced when you stop the whys devotions. the plant can process thirty three thousand tonnes of rubbish a year creating enough energy to power nearly seven hundred fifty thousand homes but building waste to energy stations is to turn the capital intensive critics are demanding similar legislation as in the e.u. where waste disposal is only seen as a last resort and so the cost of putting a wise thing to a landfill is much harder than it is here in the strider. because almost it will every option that's a bottle of bullets an alternative to landfill is more expensive excessive waste is not just a mistrial in problem but
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a global issue more countries will need to move towards a circular economy to keep the earth sustainable for over seven and a half billion people. and that's it for me in the business team and berlin will leave you now with his quick check on global markets thank you so much for watching . the first.
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