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this is news coming to you live from berlin the death toll rises again to three hundred fifty nine funerals are being held for victims of the suicide bombings on easter sunday. because government says it has arrested dozens more people with possible links to the us also coming up pro-democracy activists prison sentences in hong kong leaders of the umbrella movement are set to serve up to sixteen months in jail for holding protests demanding. the united nations security council passed
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a resolution. russia china and the u.s. all took issue with the german initiative. hello i'm terry martin welcome to the program the death toll in sri lanka has risen to three hundred fifty nine after a series of suicide bombings on sunday officials there held a press briefing a short while ago where they announce they've made dozens more arrests of suspects possibly linked to the attacks his government says it's taking action over failures to pass on advance warning of possible bombings. in a moment but first a reporter brings us this look at those coming to terms with sunday's attacks. a family waiting forty nine year old sean p.
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went to attend the easter service at st anthony's church they have not heard from her since after multiple trips to the hospital and even the mortuary they have not found oh. i only did it in the morning i mean really only one of the little boys she went to the church i'm sure if it ever did was she always comes home after going to the church did you but she never came back you know no mother she's still not back to the autumn evening we went and searched for her but we couldn't find her. we're still searching for me there's no information with the only living room in st anthony's was one of the eat locations hit in the cedar blasts on sunday all around it is a neighborhood in mourning residents here saw another explosion on monday in an abandoned when as people read to receive the bodies of friends and loved ones they silently contemplate their own survival a few feet from the site of two blasts as
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a lot busier prepare for few one of those they tell us that the death toll in leave of would could have been much higher but for the practice that people closer to the charges then was a little bit on saturday evening and on sunday morning people who live fathered over it and services the blasts hit on easter which was a sunday morning. this is a mixed neighborhood people from all religions reside here many residents muslims and hindus pitch in to help local christians are unable to understand the carnage. then they're going to go in with a think this is new for us you know even during the time of the tunnel tigers we were talking to even the tsunami didn't damage this area these attacks of shop chess. board at the gardens buells day this is so sad today's choose day we usually go to mass but the church is closed to sri lankans and especially residents of this
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neighborhood we're very sad that we're dead. but sadness and anger have to be put on hold to bid farewell to those who were lost. well joining me now from colombo is journalist jamila dean earlier today the government there gave a press briefing on the bombings providing more details on the investigation what came out of that briefing. to their money expecting this self-defense he said he had more nights on these attackers he said that night a protest eight out of the nineteen he said so much had been identified and one of them was a woman he also said that something information which has been deceased so far more of these people linked to these attacks were really educated and tech one of the suicide bombers had studied in the u.k. and then gone on to australia before settling back down here he said most of this week i heard them a bomber or with financially very unstable and they came from very good families
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which was a worry for the sri lankan government he says more bombers were out that there were much more people who they needed to search for so massive search operations were going on however a country such as the united states has expressed concern that there was for the terror plotting in the country and the government has taken all these fine seriously and they are looking into the intelligence is looking into it so we think further arrests in the coming days go first because he has been arrested now islamic street has claimed responsibility for the attack can you tell us anything more about that. from the scene around concise they are investigating to see how exactly they slam experience has been connected to these bombings stating that they fear that the regime which they slammed their tests under these attacks over did these attackers were just more here said by the really good mixtape books the government is also investigating to see if it is there was
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any other foreign hand was behind this group so from what we're hearing right now there is no concrete evidence to prove that these men there was directly involved in these attacks. still the prime minister has warned that there may be more terrorists at large how worried or sri lanka and that there may be more bile. to come. around going to extremes you are you i mean every team funded explosions that have seen explosives and lawns which have been found abandoned several parts of the city and even named outskirts even today morning in the three longest epicure colombo there was a controlled explosion which occurred because there was a suspicious bike which has been found on demand or you can have to be that you have to and just a soft white ago we received information that there was another controlled explosion so the public is extremely worried that and people are not leaving their
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homes at the moment. seems to have been dramatic lapses in intelligence there at the top of the government with both the president and prime minister claiming they did not receive the intelligence warnings about the attacks what can you tell us about that. the government is now calling this as a major lapse saying that the police had feared to share this information prior frank and time is running become a thing of the kind of if the day that if they had time for mention that they could have prevented these attacks and they could have increased security in these five star hotels right now you have the president also claiming that he was not informed and that especially an investigation will be launched into came to be and to sort of had more damage control and he said that was in the next twenty four hours he's going to change heads of all the different forces and make drastic changes in the security forces and the police for the coming years we would be cool shows but what
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has happened there has unfortunately happened. journalists jamila nudge media and they're in the sri lankan capital colombo thank you very much. north korean leader kim jong un has arrived in russia in preparation for a summit on thursday with president vladimir putin he was greeted by russia's deputy foreign minister in the border town of kos on the summit will be the first between the two leaders possible topics include economic cooperation and north korea's nuclear program. well emily short one is covering the story for us and she joins us now from moscow emily tell us why is this meeting taking place at all what sort of expectations do kim and putin have for their summit. well of course as you mentioned already this is the first meeting between kim and putin so it's hard to know whether there will be any breakthroughs particularly on denuclearization which is expected to be the focus
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but of course this meeting has a huge symbolic importance for both sides when it comes to cam one analyst i spoke to told me that he's really looking to show the world and show the u.s. that he has other diplomatic options for that continuing nuclearization process apart from the u.s. after all after all the talks with the u.s. have actually stalled at the moment north korean officials walked out of a meeting in february and one noisy and they've been kind of railing last week against the u.s. secretary of state pale saying that he should be taken off those talks so north korea may be hoping that russia will be its trump card as it were and that they can get. back at the table by playing it and when it comes to russia diplomatically this also has a big importance they're trying to present themselves as
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a potential intermediary in those talks vying for a role at the table in the deacon denuclearize ation process they have actually invited him very often and this is the first time though that that invitation has actually been taken on by the north korean leader because just want to point out or viewers that we are looking at live pictures from better last stall there of a lot of astarte in russia where the north korean leader has just arrived by train we see the back of his head right there at the moment he is he is reviewing a. color core there from the military playing a reception for him with a brass band so that's a north korean leader standing in blood of all stork italy russia is sort of north korea. you mentioned the north the talks over the moon of duty clear is ation on the north korean in north korea do you think that moscow really could help
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maybe play break achieve some sort of break in at least in the deadlock if not a breakthrough but breaking the deadlock all those talks on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. well of course it's hard to know but it seems that russia could be a good intermediary. north korea inside the country often presents the u.s. as you know as enemy number one whereas russia and north korea have historic ties the soviet union was one of north korea's its first ally its main backer the main backer of kim jong un's father kim jong il and so that could be a much more natural fit and what also is strategically smart or clever of the russians is that they've been keeping china close as well when it comes to discussions of need of denuclearization in north korea both countries have been
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advocating this road map that they wrote in two thousand and seventeen and it's important to point out that putin will actually after this meeting travelling on directly to beijing to meet. at the belts and road economic forum in beijing so it seems that they are keeping china on side as well which is of course strategic because china is north korea's main trade partner so they have a lot of leverage over north korea and of course russia strategy has always been and they've always said this not to sanction north korea not to twist their arm as the west has been doing but to kind of keep talking keep dialogue open really think you so much we have been looking at some very historic footage there of the first visit to russia by the korean north korean leader kim jong thank you so much emily and we sure do w. their force in moscow. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the
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world today malawi has begun the world's first ever backs nation program against malaria one of the worst global killers the vaccine should protect about one third of children immunized while those who do catch malaria will suffer from a less severe form the back same took thirty years to be developed. u.s. lawyers are recruiting clients to join possible sex abuse lawsuits against the boy scouts of america some say amended or are considering amending their statute of limitations mauls so that victims of long ago child sex abuse have a chance to seek redress in the country. and brazil second highest court has reduced the sentence of incarcerated former president lula to silva from twelve years to eight years and ten months is opens up the possibility that he could be moved to house arrest later this year is still the convicted of corruption and money laundering. and that nation's security council has adopted
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a heavily watered down resolution on sexual violence in conflict zones the measure was originally put forward by germany as a centerpiece of its security council presidency but russian and chinese objections led to extensive rewrites before the u.s. threatened to veto the resolution entirely critics say the end result does not do justice to the victims of sexual violence in war zone. women in syria are a hinge a muslim women women in all wars throughout the ages allegations of rape as a weapon of war spring up wherever there is armed conflict rape is a war crime under the geneva convention but enforcing its prosecution has long remained unattainable german foreign minister who has brought this issue front and center turning germany's term as chair of the un security council. also coauthored an opinion piece in the washington post with actor angelina jolie urging the
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perpetrators of sexual violence be brought to justice while presiding over the council germany introduced a resolution which would make it easier to prosecute rapists and help victims among its supporters not be a mirage the activist and nobel prize laureate who survived years of i asked captivity and rape in her speech she criticized the u.n. for taking little action after use e.d.s. came forward to describe their ordeals was also not so if i think we were hoping that our testimonies would pave the way for bringing us to justice. however thousands of eye asylum and so free thousands are detained without trial that is the nephew we come here today to ask that those perpetrators of genocide be brought to justice. amol clooney the international human rights lawyer who represents nadia and other war crimes survivors give a strong call to action against i.a.s. comparing passing the resolution to the trials of the perpetrators of the holocaust
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following world war two. excellent these ladies and gentlemen this is the your nuremberg moment your chance to stand on the right side of history. and to the thousands of women and girls who must watch i think members shave off that bit and go back to their normal lives while they the victims never can their parents are living proof of the resolution but only after the tax was watered down in order to get u.s. support washington insisted language referring to reproductive health be removed before it approves the text advocates have warned it will be extremely hard to enforce the diluted version. our correspondent helen humphrey followed the meeting of the u.n. security council for us here's her assessment. german foreign minister heiko mass called the adoption of this resolution a milestone moment but the text certainly was very watered down and that was at the request of the u.s. mission which took issue with the text mention of survive as access to reproductive
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and sexual health care the us seeing that as a tacit endorsement of abortion and so u.n. diplomats scrambled to remove the mention of that entirely earning some rebuke from other missions namely the u.k. france belgium and south africa all of which say that survivors of sexual violence should have the option of considering term a nation of pregnancy in the wake of rape that said overall this is symptomatic of a wider trum campaign to remove financing for these issues we've already seen the trumpet administration in recent months take away funding to n.g.o.s working with survivors of sexual violence to carry out abortions so overall this is certainly a setback for how effective the resolution will actually be a court in hong kong has certain states leading pro-democracy activists to as much
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as sixteen months in prison for their part in protests five years ago one other defendant sentencing was postponed due to surgery it's not yet clear whether defendants will appeal the sense since earlier this month the leaders of the so-called umbrella movement were found guilty of public nuisance and gross rarely used colonial era law the case has raised concerns about freedoms in hong kong as authorities in mainland china exert greater control. for more let's bring in tom green the editor in chief of hong kong free press who was in the courtroom there today told what was the atmosphere like in court while the sentences were handed of the defendants are being sent to prison well things were calm in court there was certainly some tears before and after and outside
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court there were cheering chance for universal suffrage and of course lots of yellow umbrellas one of the symbols of the protests there's a hefty police presence and some. counter protest as the nine activists arrived the occupy trio the main organizers they've always said that going to jail is part of the tradition of civil disobedience and they remain defiant and just in the last hour actually they've said that they are going to appeal at least the convictions and two of them at least sorry will will appeal the sentences as one of them when he came out he said that the judge had called a naive. in his judgment but they said what is more naive than a believing in one country two systems which is a. meant to be the enemy. told to go a bit of a problem the line here have to break this off but let's keep going for now. you
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live and work in hong kong you're a journalist what impact is this ruling likely to have on civil society there well as far as the city is lead a car alarm is concerned she said that she doesn't see the sentencing having any effect on free speech but one of the leading pro-democracy figures joshua foer. tell them fredricka have to leave it there we've got some problems with our line there to hong kong that was tom grundy editor in chief of hong kong free press talking to us from hong kong. now moving on to france which is marking a day of commemoration for the armenian genocide starting in one nine hundred fifteen turkey's ottoman government carried out mass killings that claimed the lives of more than a million armenians friends was at the time one of the main safe havens for the men is now home to europe's biggest armenian community france announced earlier this year that it would hold commemorations annually on april twenty fourth lisa lewis
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reports from the southern city of marsay which was the first port of call for armenian refugee. i've done to seek your fuse incomplete she was born in france as the granddaughter for survivors of the armenian genocide she says she has inherited their trauma. luis also lost as a teenager while my friends were dealing with young adult hood i began to ask questions about my background my grandfather my dad's dad had always told me about the village where he grew up it was a haven of peace until it was wiped off the map just like the armenians when they were left with a feeling of injustice of having suffered a collective form of violence this has been passed down to me it's like part of my heritage has been cut out to our grandparents came to our say in the one nine hundred twenty s.
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they counted themselves among the lucky ones compared to the more than a million armenians who were murdered but ottoman turks but they also suffered much hardship isn't the same. only two of the fifteen members of my granddad survived he was taken to a concentration camp told me how a your in a to do this is so that you would have something to drink but this is a diet too he got out and spent the next four years wandering from country to country ending up in mass a nine hundred twenty four my grandmother's family were more fortunate if they were tipped off and managed to flee with her siblings and parents but they lost everything. like many armenians they came to must say because france was known to take in refugees and not because there was work well as ted has made it her job to find out more about the past she's a history teacher and works as a volunteer at an ngo that collects documents about the armenian survivors but for
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her this is also a fight for justice. this helps me complete my identity through collecting other people's memories i find the missing puzzles of my own story but i also consider myself an activist this is mass murder we have a collective history it's our duty to gather evidence of what happened especially given that turkey still denies that there was a genocide when you. wanted to measure their community privately about thirty other countries have recognized the armenian genocide france's move to establish an official day of commemoration is good news she says but more needs to be done what you have on state. and on the actual this is of course progress
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as it gives the common ration ceremonies a legal framework but france and other european countries need to go further and should create laws to make the denial of the armenian genocide illegal it's incredible that that still goes unpunished the way to power metal the young but not see the design in young. three apologists. even such additional measures wouldn't fully satisfy astrid's only if and when turkey finally recognizes the armenian genocide would she be able to find some peace of mind. some football now after leipsic won through last night braman hosts by munich and the other german cup semifinal tonight it's a match featuring the two most successful teams in the history of the competition by and one at a whopping eighteen times and braman six. calling it excitement in bring in would be an understatement this is the last training
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session before their double header against byron munich in the league and cock. i showed up bremen are dreaming big. i live in braman and if i look around my neighborhood it's all decked out in green and white more than usual. and of course you can say that realism has crept in after we lost in munich one nil but i take the disappointment here and braman with pride as a compliment yes compliment. the loss and byron came only after breman defender mula spoke of it was sent off at the hour mark forcing the visitors to play a man down to games came courtesy of a deflection i thought was the league match in munich the german cup matches in braman you have a civilian both teams have something to lose but especially byard because it's
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a semifinal we've had a very very good cup run this season and now we want to reach the final by all means. reach the final just like braman did two thousand and nine and bring the cops home braman are dreaming big again. stroman is the top story we're following for you here today on d w news officials in sri lanka say the death toll has risen to three hundred fifty nine after a series of suicide bombings on sunday they have also announced that dozens more arrests linked to the attacks and say they have identified more of the suicide bombers. don't forget you can always get your news just out from google play or from the app store the full story if you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any. breaking news could also use the d. w. top to send us your photos and video.
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up next is business with monica jones monica will be taking a look at some thinking analysis turns out u.s. banks are much more profitable than their european a rival she'll tell you why thanks for.
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the. beautiful work but appearances can be deceiving the fashion industry has a dark side and more and more people are becoming aware of it it's a sector in crisis. the fashion industry decides to start making i think. an opportunity for those who say fashion chain. including. what
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secrets lie behind these memos. find him first of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage in science. d w world heritage three sixty getting up. to the first campaign for the european parliament are in full swing and we're standing here today at the last plenary session of this particular european parliament because we'll have a bill what comes next and the results of that election is going to be closely monitored in africa the continent after all that she has years of a complex relationship with europe. also special folder new elections why they matter. and beat up. the water starts people fight for survival. but all. these equally dangerous. floods and droughts
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climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any going to peace not if you want and probably most of them to come to. the climate of this sort of people thirty years on t w. u.s. banks outclass european competitiveness a new study by the y. found that u.s. banks are more than twice as profitable them their european counterparts we talked to a german faggy experts to find out why. also on the show german fin take company y. of caught gets ready for.


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