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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2019 3:45pm-4:01pm CEST

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time could soon be forced out. of the show german fin tech company y. a car gets ready for strategic alliance with japan sucks but. this is business. impeccable beaches the rolling hills of the plantations and vast jungles with wild elephants this is what attracts thousands of tourists every year the devastating terrorist attack on easter sunday left the island associated with violence and deaths last year been named one of the top tourist destinations for twenty nineteen and tourism made up around five percent of the country's g.d.p. last year already it was its fastest growing source of. the attacks will likely economy back and this in the show. the beaches are empty a result of the terror attacks most tourists have gone home others are too scared
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to come. off. then things seem to calm but. just can't. but i find a big fat. and he said i'm on. holiday business is important for sri lanka before easter sunday the country's financial situation was already rough last month the i.m.f. extended a one point five billion dollar loan into twenty twenty analysts have commented a collapse of the tourism sector could cause the rupee to weaken in turn leading to higher interest rates impacting businesses across the economic spectrum economic impact. of such an. inevitable short so you have to face the consequences but we as a country and. it is i'm. trying to repay.
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we had the confidence in the. travelers but they should travel this. and keep you know what we want and not all hope is lost some tourists remain defiant in the face of terror. want to have fun and we can change our lives because of terror because that's not there to change our lives and don't run into our lives other countries are also recovering from the terror attacks of recent years the number of tourists that visited turkey grew by over twenty percent in twenty eighteen many sri lankans hope their country will see a similar rebound. what drugs do to another five years ago eleven hundred workers lost their lives in one of the worst industry disasters in recent economic history and a factory roof in bangladesh collapsed and it buried them alive it became and famous as the run of plaza disaster international advisors were called in back then to implement new safety standards in bangladesh state style industry but they may have
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to leave some. of the pain still sits deep the sadness is ever present the grief over the loss of family members is still rule hundreds of workers attended rama plaza memorials but the grief is mixed with anger the international fire and building security agreement may soon have to end its work in the country it was set up soon after the twenty fourth of april two thousand and thirteen the day over eleven hundred people were killed when an eight story textile factory on the outskirts of dhaka collapsed many more were injured it was the biggest industrial accident in bangladesh's history in the aftermath two hundred western companies banded together to oversee safety standards fire stairs emergency exits fire alarms companies that didn't meet standards last contracts many factory owners felt that was unfair they say they have to invest in safety. western companies refused to pay
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more for the goods in may last year as highest court decided that the international inspections should be ended though a final ruling has been delayed several times the next hearing is set for may nineteenth many workers fear that once the inspections end workplace safety will once again deteriorate trade unions are also currently demanding higher wages and shorter working hours in an industry notorious for exploitation and mess of profits . at the beginning of may no country will be able to import iranian oil unsanctioned or the us government said on monday the oil market was quick to respond and in the long term some countries like turkey are bound to struggle once iran's oil is shot off the iran will be hit hardest. inflation is up by over fifty percent that means everything is getting more expensive for ordinary iranians but hardly anyone wants to comment on the situation
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publicly yes. some have or fix limited ways like us when prices rose we had to change a lot of things our rent went up we were forced to spend our money on rent instead of food. before us. in other words money has been losing its worth since u.s. sanctions on iran were reinstated in november of last year. i believe life before the sanctions was hard for maybe half of the people but after the sanctions approximately eighty percent of the population is having a hard time. and things are about to get harder prices are expected to rise even further once america sanctions plug the last hole in iran's oil well. the outlook for germany's economic environment has been looking increasingly gloomy now a key indicator of business confidence is also pointing to
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a decline the institute for economic research regularly surveys nine thousand firms its business climate indicators suggest the services and construction sectors are still feeling strong traders with a higher alliance on exports are more pessimistic about the next six months we can in the global economy the uncertainty over breaks it and major trade disputes are all weighing on the move. i'm now joined by glimmers forces the president of the evil institute who conducts this study was the first wired german business leaders worried and do they have a point well they certainly have a point in particular in manufacturing manufacturing in germany has a strong export exporter and due to increasing trade wars brags that uncertainty exports have been slow although it is not only exports what we see is that even domestic demand for certain types of industrial products is weak in particular
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demand for investment gold so it seems that german companies are slowing down their domestic investment maybe related to unfair attacks of conditions other countries have cut the tax rates of high energy prices so there are concerns about the conditions for investment in germany that makes things difficult for the manufacturing sector or services and construction sectors are more optimistic do you think that is justified. well that is justified there is a lot of demand domestically for housing at least in the big cities that drives construction of the low interest rates drive up real estate prices that also supposed construction so that the sector has been booming for some time running at full capacity that spills over to parts of the service sector architects are doing very well and de niro's are doing very well then there is a lot of the man fi t.
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services and generally consumption is strong is because employment is still growing in germany wages are growing rather quickly and this keeps up domestic demand so it's really a divided economy strong domestic consumption demand weaker exports and weaker manufacturing. briefing as opposed to what's your personal view you talk so a lot of you look at a lot of business indicators do you share the doom and gloom. i think this is a fair assessment in particular there are concerns about the future of manufacturing for germany manufacturing is very important and we need to make sure that there is a positive future for the automotive industry which is in the big process of restructuring we need to make sure that there is a pose a positive future generally for industry in germany in the face of digitization so there are some challenges ahead in the medium term i'm optimistic i think that german companies will cope with this change but it would be important that economic
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policy does its part and tries to improve investment conditions as well a lot of work for berlin there thank you very much claimants foods president of the for institute. japan's softbank is to invest nine hundred million euros or a billion u.s. dollars in the troubled financial technology company why it's called the german specializes in providing electronic payments was a rising star of germany's fin tech sector but has been shaken was series of financial times articles that made allegations about this angel peroration soft bank which has a robotics division will gain a state of more than five percent. it's been called the booze in frankfurt that can't have left investors unimpressed absolutely. caught up more than ten percent this wednesday obviously the markets believe that you know this large investment by soft bank will make it more difficult for short
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sellers to bet against why i remember up until the easter holiday the german finance or authorities had put a ban in place against short selling why a card shares which is a strategy to bet on a falling share price now after this battle was over of course many people on the markets had believed that the short sellers might come back but this large investment by soft bank now is a big statement it means basically there's a strong and kerr investor at the side of why a cut and that makes of course betting on a lower share price of why a cut much more risky and much more improbable why it is part of the docks now we look in there at the creation of a new national champion. well obviously we do not have that many large fin tags here in germany and you know soft banks soft bank or its own mr
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masayoshi saw this is a huge investor know for investing always in the best when it comes to tech companies like yahoo japan slack and many others are investments of soft bank and wire cards now is you know part of the good and renowned family i would say it's definitely one to watch thank you very much. that's it for me on the business as a team here and a burly for more business background stories to go to a website called slash business. news that's up next after this quick look at global markets let's watch.
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what's the value of a human being. about ten euro's in purely chemical terms. in this brave new world we're constantly being analyzed and revalued. people nothing but come on. your show you doesn't individual have made in germany ninety minutes. people here love life they love their country but not the current conditions iran a journey through a land full of contradictions of joy and sadness confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrasts of everyday life and help people cope with
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that iran bittersweet starts may seconds on g.w. . into unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia neatly and illegally. already at all i'd return to. to visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live where i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. with most global news that matters. make some minds. i'm not going to think about it the just wild guess sometimes i am but i stand up in the winter happens when the germans thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype question that in the years in d.c. for the country that i now live. you don't seem to take it as grandma there you go it's all about who am. i my job join me to meet the jetman from
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d.w. . post. this is deja news coming to you live from london sacks top officials over the handling of intelligence related to some to suicide bombings this as a few hundreds of people killed in the series of attacks deficient death toll now stands at three hundred and fifty nine to get the latest from our correspondent in colombo also coming up. north korea's leader arrives in russia for his first ever
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summit with the president of the jimmy poutine the standoff over north.


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