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well you. know. this is it it really was life for brawl and government shakeup in sri lanka the president tells the country's defense and police chiefs to step down for mishandling intelligence warnings of possible attacks authorities say they've identified all but one of the bombers who killed three hundred fifty nine people on easter sunday they say the attackers were educated and came from the well to do families were in colombo for the latest also coming up mourners ilija on a list leer of the key to rest their northern irish reporter were shot dead on
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assignment last week a nationalist militant group claims responsibility amid fears of renewed violence in northern iraq. on the rock it's great to have you along everyone i'm sure like us president is demanding that the country's police and defense chiefs quit for grossly mishandling intelligence relating to the suicide bombings on easter sunday they have meant has confirmed that information about possible attacks was not passed on to relevant authorities the death toll has now risen to three hundred and fifty nine investigators say they've identified the bombers and are looking into whether international extremist groups may have provided support. a country on edge sri lankan police carried out a second controlled explosion of
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a suspicious vehicle on wednesday authorities are now trying to establish how the attackers were funded and if there were any international links. what it also i can say is that this group. of some of these was a form of most of if you. come from maybe middle of the middle. of financially independent place to go to these great stable financially. this so called islamic state has said it was behind the bombings a claim officials are investigating the government must now explain why warnings about possible attacks were not acted upon on tuesday sri lanka's president admitted there was an intelligence failure. in iraq there is a debate about why the security forces of this country did not act upon
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intelligence supplied by a friendly nation in. the mythology i must point out that the information received by state intelligence units was not communicated to me by the officials responsible how i'd been informed of those details it might have been possible to take immediate action. amid the mounting questions the president has vowed to restructure the intelligence and security forces a decade after the civil war ended there are fears that the bombings could reignite underlying sectarian conflict. all right joining me now from colombo is journalist . jamila the blame game is in for swaying in show longer the president a man at the resignations of the defense secretary and national police chief chief rather i wonder if that is the nuff to restore people's trust in the government and in its ability to protect them. well current me and i have the public
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changing these to a few shows is not going to do much damage control it is now confirmed that she does because for the put need if anything had to cease fire information officer people the terror attacks and the effect failed to act and the president and the government claiming they were not informed it just goes on to show their deaths he discusses and the entire administration and of course the public and bitter angry about this what the topic needs right here right now obvious not pieces being asked to resign but then you aren't says as to why you had sex happened why was nothing done to protect the public if there was fighting for mansion they also need a form of short or even by the government and the president that such attacks are never take place and the security forces refuse affection all of those responses but not many right now want to know we've resigning the public is extremely angry at the moment let's talk about the suicide bombers eight out of nine were
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identified is a profile emerging of who they are what do we know about them when according to the latest information decreased by the government to their morning they have seen nine suicide bombers and eight have been identified in fact one of the bombers was a few minutes the government to sending out that's almost all of them have been from various which background and they have been highly educated in fact for mommy come on the foliage on the news today morning that these attacks have if you cannot been send in recent months in fact these have been planned for seven to eight years right now investigations are ongoing to see if this group was getting any of that as you call the group in the country and that they have checked any farting greeting already has also having us that's in. touch realist talk about that i'm really sorry the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attack do we know what role they played if they inspire the perpetrators direct them training them from them. but at this moment the time that god month does not have
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any hot day be done to save it that they spread next it's addicting was going from his explosions how they lobby has been told that the investigation is ongoing to see if it that if there are indeed any floating things and you still feel privileged to expunge people and that is the i.c.c. indeed funded difficult so they investigate him is going on all right journalist jamila knows regina reporting from the shalom can capital of colombo thank you for your continued coverage. and we're going to speak now with some of the other stories making news around the world. in syria an explosion has killed at least fifteen people in the opposition held province of it live at least twenty eight people were also injured a monitoring group said the blast occurred close to an office belonging to the hottest alliance called the head in a sham which largely controls the province. pseudos the ruling military council has proposed new talks with leaders of the ongoing protests that
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toppled president omar al bashir it comes as demonstrators threatened a general strike and calls for a million strong march to demand an immediate transfer of power to civilian government. that scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has called for a new referendum on scottish independence from the u.k. by twenty twenty one if britain actually leaves the european union she said the scottish government will introduce legislation setting the rules for a second vote which would first need the british government's approval to be meet. the leaders of ireland and the u.k. were among hundreds of guests today attending the funeral of murdered northern irish journalists to lira mckee she was shot by irish nationalists last week during rioting in the city of london derry also known as derry a catholic priest leading the ceremony told the congregation her death to mark
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a turning point for northern ireland and his sermon had some uncomfortable moments for political leaders there. the murder of the young journalist mickey brought leaders of britain and ireland as well as hundreds of mourners together. irish prime minister lira and british prime minister to resign may sat at the front of sun ains cathedral and politicians from across northern ireland's political divide were side by side father martin mcgill a friend of micky commended them for standing together in creating on good friday but also challenge them. why in god's name does it take the death of a twenty nine year old woman with her whole life in front of her and if there before he could finish a sentence a standing ovation erupted
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a clear sign of people's exasperated with the violence and odd moment for the politicians who only joined after some hesitation. mickey were shot last week by reporting on rioting and londonderry as she stood behind a police line the new ira a splinter group of the former irish republican army claimed responsibility for a death and later apologized to her family the group wants to reunify in northern ireland with the republic of ireland. the young journalist is the first to be killed on the job in the u.k. for almost twenty years now people are hoping her death will be a turning point for northern ireland. in the words of layer herself. we must change our world one pace at a time. now let's get to work. father mark mcghee alleges
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sat that mickey was a powerful example of the pen being my idea than the sword that something northern ireland will likely bear in mind after this tragedy. turned now by make fealty a political analyst and founding editor of the northern ireland based bloc slugger o'toole a good day to you sir to what extent has there mckee's murder prompted fears that the peace process might be in danger i think it's important here to distinguish between two thousand nobody i think seriously believes the peace process and the those measures that were put in place were twenty years ago to bring you to end the kind of generational conflict to go all instance where nineteen sixty nine. to your support for it what is the dollar's going to come back not one belief. but what this is what what this incident has done
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is shine a light in some of the darker corners of the peace process and what comes out of me is that is where you have an area in which. the legitimate police set up underneath the good friday agreement is being challenged by force of arms who we have. we have a problem that was previously only knowledge going to shock people i think to the core shock people to the core now in the aftermath of her murder do you think there will be consequences at a political level at a social level. well what's interesting is in a very highly emotional times the funeral service for her in belfast will be. there was a very moving to people from her local parish priest from belfast in the area in which she grew up martin's father martin ill who coulter politicians and said look
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i have more of what you did in terms of both. coming to the area and speaking all right but why has it taken the stance of a twenty nine year old woman might ask to bring you to your senses because remember our politicians were elected to the local assembly. some two years ago and how didn't they have refused to work together in all the time or so i you know i think that that is the most i don't want brought i was close on the start of the no vision to which the politicians were fired bars the city part the lot of soul searching to be done in northern ireland mick philpott political analyst and founding editor of the northern ireland based bloc there thank you so much there thank you prosecute. to soccer now where the final match up in the german cup will kick off in just
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a few minutes when very braman hosted by in munich well braman are feeling good about their chances against the wonderfully the latest one big reason raymond haven't lost at home in their last thirty seven german cup matches while the winner faces rb leipsic in the final ember land on may twenty fifth. calling it excitement in bring him in would be an understatement this was the last training session before their double header against byron munich in the league and cup. a thousand fans showed up bremen are dreaming big. enough not to live in braman and if i look around my neighborhood it's all decked out in green and white more than usual. and of course you can say that realism has crept in after we lost in munich one nil but i take the disappointment here and braman with pride as a compliment you know it's a compliment of just us that he got he from. the loss and byron came only after
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breman defender mula spoke of it was sent off at the hour mark forcing the visitors to play a man down the game's lone goal came courtesy of a deflection. that was the league match in munich the german cup matches in braman you know it's a society and both teams have something to lose but especially byard because it's a semifinal we've had a very very good cup run this season and now we want to reach the final by all means. reach the final just like braman did two thousand and nine and bring the cup home braman are dreaming big again. nasa's in sight lander appears to have to take at the first ever marise quake it would mean scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active while the probe sensors picked up a faint rumble on mars likely to be the first seismic events detected on a planetary body other then the earth and the moon now by analyzing
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a mars quakes researchers are hoping to learn more about how rocky planets including our own were formed. great stuff our idea of your business in africa is up next with garrett al first on little rock n roll and see tomorrow. don't miss our highlights. program. w dot com highlights. complete. carefully. these simple. easy to do again.


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