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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  April 24, 2019 11:15pm-11:31pm CEST

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being in space nasa's in sight lander appears to have detected the first ever mars quake it would mean scientists finally have proof that mars is still seismically active the probe sensors picked up a faint rumble on mars likely to be the first seismic event ever detected on a planetary body other than the earth and the moon by analyzing that they hope to learn more about how our very own earth was four you're watching news live from berlin janell's up next with d.w. business stick around. if you ever have to cover up a murder best way is to make an accident. raring to. it's never read a book like this. just. the streets. go
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to the. good part of the story. with the exclusive. first scene concerning part. of. curious minds. do it yourself networkers. subscribe to. the cost of crisis creates a billion dollar bill for boeing how much the plane maker is spending to fix the troubled seven three seven not the model that's been grounded of following two deadly crashes. also on the show a warning for washington iran says it will continue to defy u.s.
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oil sanctions and that to you the white house should prepare for consequences if it tries to get into iran sway. and after claiming hundreds of lives the easter sunday terror attacks in sri lanka could exact a toll on the country's valuable tourism industry as well. and in berlin welcome to the show u.s. aircraft maker boeing saw quarterly profits fall steeply as well the seven three seven max crisis the plane was grounded around the world after the models were involved in two fatal crashes within a six month span and fixing the fallout is coming at a billion dollar price prompting boeing to abandon its financial forecast for twenty nineteen. the boeing seven three seven mox was supposed to bring the company into the future but now the motor which had initially sold strongly has become its biggest liability in the first quarter alone the seven three seven max generated at
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. cost of a billion dollars and that's just the beginning because the seven three seven across the currently grounded white boeing will face massive compensation payments to its customers the airlines there are also a barrel should be lawsuits mainly from the relatives of the victims of the two crashes an ethiopian airlines plane in march and the same seven three seven max model from indonesian lion air in october last year that would not survive as boeing employees have made serious accusations against management from day war and it's just all been about scheduling our news get it done push planes out we're behind schedule you know we don't have time to worry about issues that go bringing stuff that they warned about sloppy work practices that had seen production fragments and tool sealed inside aircraft bodywork potentially disastrous u.s. aviation authority the f.a.a. is carrying out a thorough review with boeing and the u.s. department of justice has launched a criminal investigation into the company's conduct surrounding the two crashes
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during denies the accusations. joining us now is our financial correspondent was that always they are oh hello louis hello it's good to see you can you put into context for us just how big a problem this is for boeing i mean it might have the resources to weather financial hits but there are also the costs with image amid ongoing probes and tightened oversight. correct very gentle denied murray it's away from over for boeing both from a financial perspective on a repudiation or want to seven thirty seven mark has already raised twenty seven billion dollars in market cap of the company while i'll point out cause there will be much higher than the one billion dollars reported on wednesday more important is the reduction in the production of the model on a social part of the bone of boeing said commercial business week this same time is hurting both suppliers and airlines this situation will probably generate a piling up of lawsuits while we still have to see if customers will be even
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comfortable flying in the model even if the grade in this over controls ends up working on top of that let's not forget that recently this seven eighty seven dreamliner security is also being questioned all very far from ideal but stay there was a luis there's more i'd like to discuss with you in a second and that's because facebook has posted in more than fifty percent drop in quarterly profits as it put aside some three billion dollars to pay a looming fine from the federal trade commission earnings for the first three months of the year came in at two point four billion dollars the social media giant is being investigated following revelations that it shared personal data with british consulting firm cambridge analytical without users' knowledge or consent despite the plunge and profits the figures exceeded analysts expectations with strong advertising sales and growth in the company's instagram business offsetting
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some of the losses. and we're back with us and we are on wall street so facebook's not exactly in fighting form there what's the reaction been to its earnings announcement. investors seem to be cheering facebook's numbers a gentle with it shares jumping five percent after hours even need to social network never income fell fifty one percent in the first quarter of the greens mainly due to a three billion legal expense related to the ongoing us federal trade commission investigation into facebook's platform and user data practices which actually could increase up to five billion dollars a. door we have heard the companies say co-founder and c.e.o. mark zuckerberg saying that facebook is now focused now on building out of privacy focused vision for the future of social networking and also working to address critical issues around the internet so these are partly convince investors so far
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thank you was heloise to harlow there on wall street for us iran's foreign minister says his country will continue to find buyers for its oil despite a u.s. decision to punish countries that purchase it he also said washington should be prepared for quote consequences should it try to stop iran from selling tensions between the two nations have been rising since u.s. president donald trump pulled out of a landmark nuclear deal with iran last year. the rhetoric on both sides is heating up the u.s. decision to impose sanctions on all countries that bahrain ian oil has one primary motive to cripple the nation's economy. iran's foreign minister says the strategy won't work he's refused to rule out it's closing off the strait of hormuz and keep passageway used to transport oil. we will continue to find boilers
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or. we will continue to use the strait of hormuz as a safe transit passage for the civil war that is our intention and we believe will happen but if the united states takes the crazy mission of trying to prevent us from doing that then it should be prepared for the consequence. consequences that could include a major disruption to supply chains and a further surge in prices in the already volatile marcus'. many countries stand to lose in that scenario but for iran the impact of a further escalation could be devastating for the country's economy has a ready been battered by the sanctions re-imposed last november after the us pulled a mark nuclear deal for many ordinary people it's been a painful experience. i've missed the night before the sanctions was
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hard for maybe half of the people but after the sanctions approximately eighty percent of the population is having a hard time. nearly half of iran's revenue is brought in by oil by targeting the industry the u.s. has revealed a clear goal bringing the country to its knees in order to lure it back to the negotiation table. now to some of the other global business stories making headlines around the world u.k. media reports say prime minister to resign may has agreed to allow china as well way to help build parts of britain's five g. network u.k.'s national security council which made chairs will reportedly source non-sensitive parts of the new infrastructure from the tech conglomerate but london insists no final decision has been made. some of the world's largest companies have said taiwan's plans to grant marriage rights to plus couples there will miss the
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country's economy a parliamentary vote is set for next month google air b.n. b. deutsche bank mastercard and microsoft have joined forces with nine other companies including taiwan based to support marriage equality in japan softbank is investing nine hundred million euros in german financial technology company wire card in a deal that could give it more than a five percent stake wire card specializes in electronic payment services and was a rising star of germany's finta sector but was shaken for a while by a series of allegations of irregularities in its asian operation. beaches health plantations and the chance to see wild elephants attract tens of thousands of tourists to sri lanka every year but the devastating terrorist attacks on easter sunday have shaken the country where tourism accounts for five percent of g.d.p. the hotel and hospitality sector now fears the effect on visitor numbers. the
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beaches are empty a result of the terror attacks most tourists have gone home others are too scared to come out of people not often winding up in the nice limits and things that seem to come that some might want to but often and yeah just pennsylvania but i conned the big because by the peace and he said democracy says. the holiday business is important for sri lanka before easter sunday the country's financial situation was already rough last month the i.m.f. extended a one point five billion dollar loan into twenty twenty analysts have commented a collapse of the tourism sector could cause the rupee to weaken in turn leading to higher interest rates impacting businesses across the economic spectrum economic impact. of such i mean it's inevitable in the short so you have to face the consequences but we as a country and as
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a statement that buddhism to try and you know rebuild the industry would be confidence in the mind so that travelers but they should travel this. and keep you know we won't not all hope is lost some tourists remain defiant in the face of terror. want to have fun and we can change our lives because of the terror because that's not. to change our lives and we don't want to entice other countries are also recovering from the terror attacks of recent years the number of tourists that visited turkey grew by over twenty percent in twenty eighteen many sri lankans hope their country will see a similar rebound. the
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for. the be. positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but in orphanages job it takes a different approach. here h.i.b. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the virus. what's the daily routine like for the stand out of the children themselves for.
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sixty minutes on. what secrets lie behind these memos. to find them first of experience and explore past and even cultural heritage sites. the d w world heritage thirty six three fifteen. so we move improvements all the time we have more public transportation now within the big cities. some of the car sharing the energy has to call in the form a community source renewable we need to produce wonderful batteries for cars so that all cars we want the electricity with no emission but
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there is with high capacity over the country secure it will take on the hundreds of kilometers of it's a scary thought for your new problem it's chemistry physics it's material science what we would do is if you take time to truly. believe. this is africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes. break in congo is searching out of control the world health organization has taught me suspended its vaccination campaign as violent attacks on treatment sanchez force n.g.o.s to wind down these services what does this mean for the nation off the deadly virus. and
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sudan's defiance demonstrations people problem across the country are pouring into the capital khartoum to keep the pressure on the military council.


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