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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2019 1:02am-1:31am CEST

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the dead the lives of hundreds who were murdered inside churches and hotels last sunday the death toll has now risen to a staggering three hundred fifty nine and we know now that the suicide bombers were well educated and they were wealthy one had studied in the u.k. to belong to one of his richest families and one of the suicide bombers was a woman police say she may have had a child in her hands when she detonated the explosives on her back i'm going to go off in berlin this is the day. so obviously. let's go on to these. i think it's going to be the reason that you should stop and go back some of these. because the devil bit. of that country had to pay the price innocent civilians at the bid. is it confirmed that
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the nine was a woman who was in the democratic candidate got a house just. in which she trained you called her a suicide cocker or she trained as a suicide bomber. she definitely did commit suicide but. also coming up tonight a break sit all to made him from scotland in the making the u.k. could still be months away from leaving the european union but if and when it does that could be the trigger for scotland to leave the united kingdom. westminster high's feel that it has failed to protect scotland's interests it has failed to reach consensus and it has degenerated into chaos. but to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the
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rising death toll from sri lanka's easter sunday suicide bombings on wednesday the number of lives lost in attacks on churches and hotels rose to three hundred fifty nine the number of injured is now five hundred as sri lankans continue to bury their dead we are seeing the first political fallout from the tragedy the government has admitted that it ignored multiple intelligence warnings about an imminent attack on churches today the president called for both heads of the police and the defense ministry to resign the president maintaining that he was kept in the dark about these security threats but the opposition says that this is not just a case of political dysfunction but rather political fear the opposition leader today told reporters the government did not act on the terror warnings because it did not want to anger muslim leaders and alienate that segment of its voter base or today's most disturbing development has to be what we have learned about the
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suicide bombers today the government released more c.c.t.v. images showing a man with a backpack inside one of the hotels hit on sunday the government says there were nine a suicide bombers eight men and one woman they had apparently joined a fringe group of islamist extremists in sri lanka but their backgrounds their incomes and their education were anything but fridge here's what the deputy defense minister said about them today. some of the. most. educated. and come from maybe middle upper middle class. financially quite independent and you know their families quite stable financially so that is a very active because some of them have i think studied. in
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various other countries. all right that was the deputy defense minister they're here at the big table with me now is yon st pierre he is a counter terrorism expert and c.e.o. of the modern security consulting group which is known as move the khan based right here in berlin good to see you again so we learned today that the suicide bombers were well educated they came from wealthy families one had even studied abroad in yet they became suicide bombers in mass murderers on sunday people seeing that are going to ask how in the world did that happen well it's not atypical actually if you look at the long history of terrorism people coming from middle class upper class families in law right right illian there comes from the royal family. have been one did not blow himself up he did not blame himself up but he died a pagan incited others to do that there's an appeal to the ideology does a sense of meaning that goes way beyond what people can achieve with education or wealth or social standing and this meaning is often the driver behind regardless of
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the situation trying to earn a suicide bomb the government says that the terrorist had to have help from abroad was sunday's attack the product of tutoring by islamic state that's hard to tell because of the investigation you know we have very little details everything that's coming out it's doubtful in many ways because it seems like men they find something it's made public so early change their story yeah exactly it's sunday right exactly so that creates a lot of confusion. what we know however is that the islamic state propaganda since sunday has been very consistent both within the fan clubs and the official propaganda no mentions of christ church but nonetheless a lot of you know saying we were part of it the videos the images and so on so that's helped me they were involved in some degree now whether they were actually tutoring the source side bombers or not that's another issue but there was a degree of involvement and that's really the part that means you can i mean based
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on what you've seen with other attacks do you agree with the government's assessment that this was simply too big of an operation and too complex for it to have been a strictly a shrill lincoln operation. yes and no in the sense where the access to the material to do the bombs dot com because it's not just people going in there's a certain degree of being of nervousness of us of stress so you'll have what they called don't godfathers people accompanying them to make sure that the bomb goes off so you're talking about a lot more than the night people involved in the attacks directly a lot more people other bombs were discovered as well so that tells me there's a huge level than just that however other attacks in southeast asia shown as well that locals groups have the capacity to conduct such attacks we have this family last year in indonesia in last spring who acted on its own and so instead of evelyn's in that sense you know i can still remember u.s. vice president mike pince not so long ago that isis is no more isis has been
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defeated. it proves isis may not have a counterfeit but it is still alive and is deadly as ever is it if it doesn't have a caliphate anymore but it has a lot of groups active in africa in central asia in southeast asia that are very much alive to them and spread the brand and the ideology so to say such a comment like mike pence or any other politician to say that isis is defeated is a ludicrous comment and is not accurate to what we're seeing i mean i'm just i'm just wondering if i may ask me to speculate here but i when when you have the vice president or the president or any political leader in the west saying something like that does that then lead other governments for example it's related to let down their guard a little when they hear the pronouncement ok we've we've defeated the terrorists now really because usually and this is where sri lanka becomes another issue the
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intel reports for your city security services give you a different picture now if the reports and share of the intel is not shared there's a certain degree of complacency and arrogance that can come in said we have everything and that's to forget sri lanka has decades of experience dealing with terrorism albeit it was a civil war and ten years ago nonetheless there's a sense of we've been there we know how to handle this but the threats changed over the last ten years and so all of this creates as per a perfect storm with would you say that there was arrogance involved here or was or is this just gross gross incompetence and dysfunction that we're seeing in the in the government in sri lanka everything complacency arrogance test function political i mean using the information for power so i've seen in other countries as well so when i saw that in sri lanka i wasn't surprised again we're talking about perfect storm the political tensions play a role as well we know the president and the prime minister do not get along and
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led to a fight in parliament yeah yeah it's just it's so. three hundred sixty nine people had to die because of. always we appreciate your insights thank you thank you for many muslims in because a the backlash after the easter sunday attacks the suicide bombings have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable he. has this report. sheikh. back home often. thought he's too scared to spend the night in his house. and easter sunday a few hundred metres from where he lives a massive loss hit the church. he fled the next day with his three young children. and i feel. that we had crazy it so since we had being in the in the main draw so
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we thought off. and also being with that with the children we. reasoned what with what made us to the site believe how says he or. she has. and feels guilty that. the same to him. he's christian not to think of him and his family as. all along his street the home office the muslim neighborhood. several muslim one businesses were attacked off the bombings. in the city. bought christian i am muslim communities in sri lanka have been targeted by blood test extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country how quick this to peacefully so far the easter sunday have set off tensions between the two minority
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communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support. sending condolences and emphatically condemning the. but with the traditional friday prayers just around the corner muslims worry it may not be safe to congregate. a small but vocal group of three young guns are trying to help them. they're from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find ways of reducing the backlash muslims are now free from. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as their solidarity movement crackdowns against minorities are not unknown in sri lanka and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties worker trailed after the nine eleven incident in the us in the name of national security and countering terrorism and in
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sri lanka we have an experience of civil liberties being curtailed dramatically during the course of the war and he went after the war in the name of fighting cyclone terrorism so there is a worry that the similar situation may arise probably again as muslims this time. muslims and christians have always kept a respectful distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday bombings serve as a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities here. i consider that a choice between breaks it and a future for scotland as an independent european nation should be offered in the light of this parliament if scotland is taken out of the e.u. the option of a referendum on independence within the timescale must be open to us that would be over route to avoiding the worst of the damage breaks it will do even for the most ardent opponent of scottish independence the westminster system of government
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simply does not serve scotland's interest. well that was nicholas sturgeon promising lawmakers in the scottish parliament today that she will organize a referendum on scottish independence by two thousand and twenty one if the u.k. moves forward with breaks and leaves the european union back in twenty fourteen the scottish voted against independence but that was before breaks it a majority of scots voted to remain in the european union today sturgeon said that london's chaotic drive to leave the e.u. means that scotland was once again consider independence breaks at talks between the conservatives and labor resumed this week in london but today the leaders of both parties were in northern ireland to attend the funeral for northern irish journalist lira mckee the key was killed during a riot in london derry last week irish prime minister lee overread current bridge
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prime minister to resign may and the i was president michael higgins all attended the funeral but he was hit by a stray bullet while standing near the police a small militant group the new ira has claimed responsibility for her death and in an unusual move has apologized to the family. of a more on this i'm joined now by ayman melly he is a veteran broadcaster author and editor of the irish a news website and blog ayman milli dot com mr malley it's good to have you on the date this funeral this funeral it was it was more than just a funeral for a young woman i talked to me about the significance of what we sold today inside that church. well it was quite remarkable in fact unique in the history of northern ireland because in there you had the irish president and michael d. higgins you had the irish prime minister leader of
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a rather it is one of their foremost forces within the who eat you concept and who received to be it because of the irish border you had the foreign minister simon the again very prominent on the european stage right now you had the british prime minister to reason may and all the community leaders of the political parties in northern ireland all in that cathedral but what was really significant was that the priest who preached this sermon in a church of god and protestant cathedral which is quite strange as well he wrote done and he said i commend the politicians who met together in the craig unless the area of gary londonderry where this young woman was killed on holy thursday by a stray bullet when a gunman associated with what's called the new irish small tiny republican group
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opened fire hitting the young woman of the head she had begun to see a riot it was the first time she had seen a riot she was born after the ceasefire and after the erupt of violence looking down the aisle from the put the priest said isn't it terrible let it trying now your own woman how did guy to bring you politicians together. there was instant of problems in the church with the politicians looking for a sham feast including the prime minister and the leadership no nod and looking very she i'm finished and this simply didn't know want to do the politicians don't look like rabbits and lights and eventually did tooth start to cut and judge in the applause we should we take you just because they were the subject of the criticism of the priest of the abuse of the priest yeah but they
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won't see it would just try at that moment in time to one of our problems mr miller we have we actually have that part of the eulogy with the priest and the reaction and let me know when as my producer if we can show that is it possible to show that nail ok we're going to come back to what i was told about what we want to come back to what you mentioned there and we've got a quote from the priest today and i want to get your reaction to to that as well he says there is a rule in many of our communities that we do not we should not give information to police this week i have seen rules turned on their head i have seen many people stand up and condemn this culture of violence and coercive control now this is basically this pretty this is the priest talking about ratting on people for our viewers around the world tell me why is this such a big deal to the peace and to northern ireland. well i'll tell you why it's so significant in historically the police service and northern ireland which was known
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as the royal us the constabulary predominantly preeminently had been drawn from the protestant community in other words they were very very very few catholics in the rial us the constabulary it was seen to be at protestants constabulary for problem parts of people historically now there was a dramatic reform some years back and even the name of the then police force as it was called the a rather sick a separate disappear so there's always been arrested since when the catholic nationalist community to give information to the police fearful that that information might indeed get a leak out and it could result in the informant or the installer be targeted by the power of the roof leaks so it was fear but i was just cooking the lit bishop
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daily of dairy the catholic bishop i was with the one day of the city jury the troubles at the height of the troubles and we were looking down the long street and which you rich ran from his parochial house and i said to the bishop tell me this bishop if you note out there and you saw gunmen on a rooftop training a gun on soldiers what would you do and he said i would lift the phone and i would ring the police and i would tell them what i just witnessed my question is tonight . many people in cricket in the very area of gary that very catholic nationalist area we pick up the phone i ring the police in saying we know that we saw that gunman yes i am not so sure that that historical antipathy are animists toward. police he said was that the police did all the dog has suspiciously disappeared disappeared while garrett t.
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to guarantee that people will raid the police and give them specific information and former at that time all that is former is in very very starkly interest tag mr is was no the for mr malley before we run out of time to give me what you're saying that proved failed and there's a state profound statements of specially for people outside of ireland learning about what's going on there i want to show our viewers though that segment from the eulogy today the priest offering up comments that were obviously uncomfortable for those political leaders take a listen to what he said why in god's name doesn't take that task of a twenty nine year old woman with her home on life and in front of her the it
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was so you see there i was going to tell you as we were watching it it was as you said there was a a standing ovation if you will and it was the political leaders who were the last day to stay and the priest said that this has to be a turning point is mccain's death in your opinion and we're running out of time here so i ask you to be brief it is her turn is her death is it a turning point my experiences too that i don't to be food i got. well we will talk to you again. mr kelly about this and i hope i hope you are wrong about that joining us tonight talking about the reaction and how the world is watching that funeral today of the slain northern irish journalist as well we appreciate your
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insights tonight thank you thank you. and. it has been a busy twenty four hours for twitter first president trump one of twitter's most powerful users and biggest critics aired his latest complaints about the company in a tweet on tuesday trump claimed yet again that twitter is biased against conservatives and he repeated when reporters believe that he was quote the best thing ever to happen to twitter. well later that day the president and twitter c.e.o. jack dorsey took that conversation off one the president personally inviting dorsey for a closed door meeting at the oval office during their conversation the president reportedly complained that he and other conservatives were losing followers twitter says that's due to efforts to purge spam calles they also discussed how to promote
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a healthy public conversation ahead of the twenty twenty u.s. elections and afterwards trump said that they had quote a great meeting and that he looks forward to keeping an open dialogue to see how long that lasts for dorsey it was his latest face to face with a head of state after meetings with leaders from india japan new zealand and south korea and to cap it off that day twitter's stock rose more than fifteen percent that is its biggest one day gain since two thousand and seventy. four this was region of him and all is famous for what you see right there cheese cheese makers there they often use centuries old recipes but one of them is adding a brand even greedy at music he says the type of music played as cheese ripens affects the way it tastes now after an eight month scientific study where here are
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the tasteful results. the m. and valley or m. and ms were switzerland's best known cheese comes from and one of the producers here wants to make his product even better. on flair is a veterinarian and a cheese maker who's looking to revolutionize the world of cheese. and this i am intolerant two and a half years old microorganisms are working on it it mostly bacteria. that's the thing and it's amazing actually that they're able to affect its aroma all the way down to the very heart. of the cheese this case has been than can be nine. oh mom my family wants to get those bacteria to begin vibrating to music he believes that might change the taste of his genes. then on the song when you put your hand on the wheel of cheese and feel the sound waves move through it it's hard to believe it wouldn't have some kind of effect on the busey. samplers experiment
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is getting a little help from students at the university of the arts in barron. for more than six months they'll serenade his cheeses with a range of beats and sounds including rock songs by led zeppelin mozart's opera the magic flute techno or hip hop equal or. wanted to read his books around with. that's right music for your teens the days always done the conversation continues online or find us on twitter either at u.w. news or you can follow me important go off t.v. don't forget use the hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day see you then everybody.
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can. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful my guest this week here. in tallinn it is monsoon helmet deputy leader of the conservative people's pockets of the stone despite calling for blacks to leave the country feel insists fuz not a racist when you see the most good the movie will support a christian feel we don't want to be faced in a stone for conflict so from sixty minutes to g.w. . i'm not laughing at them well i guess
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sometimes i am but i stand up in which at that point i don't think the printer jamming culture of looking at the stereotypes of class indians think the future of the country that i know a lot of time. yet needed to take for this drama they are you it's all about ok know i'm a joke join me to meet the gentleman from d.w. post staying up to date don't miss our highlights. program online w dot com highlights. i think is everything first i'm a muslim. school much different culture between here and there somewhat challenging for him to move. to some of us i think it was worth it for me to come to germany.
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my grandmother larson's to work as a swimming instructor i'm sure now our two children one hundred don't describe themselves as. what's your story take part charity on info migrants dot net. cut. the cost of crisis creates a billion dollar bill for boeing how much the plane maker is. spending to fix the troubled seven three seven knocks the model that's been grounded of following two deadly crashes. also on the show a warning for washington iran says it will continue to defy u.s. oil sanctions and the white house should prepare for consequences if it tries to get into iran sway.


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