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subscribe. documentary. this is coming to you live from russia's president promises positive efforts toward peace on the korean peninsula in a first ever summit with north korean leader. kim says the. nuclear weapons program this just two months after kim's meeting with donald trump. also coming up. in the aftermath of the horrific
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attacks new security measures are in place but fear of backlash. businesses have already been attacked islamic leaders have condemned the attacks and condolences to the victims' families the bombings killed more than three hundred fifty people. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us russian president vladimir putin and north korean leader kim jong il and have met face to face for the first time this is in the far eastern city. where the two met both privately and then with advisors they discussed of of issues including security on the korean peninsula kim is believed to be seeking support from moscow especially for ending international
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sanctions imposed over north korea's nuclear program just two months ago a summit with u.s. president donald trump broke down over that topic. well before kim went into their private meeting they talked about he saw in the korean peninsula we didn't speak english i'm sure that your visit to russia today will contribute to the development of russian move korean bilateral relations and how close to understand better how we can settle the situation on the korean peninsula want we can do together and what russia can do to support these positive processes that are happening now because there are three things. but i also wanted to say that now the situation on the korean peninsula has great interest for global society and i hope that our talks will be important to assess the situation exchange opinions on the situation and together address these issues. well for more now let's bring in emily sure
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winded obvious correspondent in moscow and joining us from seoul south korea is journalist kelly wallace and we'll start with you the russian and north korean leaders have been talking to stand they finish their talks now how did they get along. well they have had one on one talks and abroad broader negotiations as well and coming out of their one on one meeting both struck a rather positive tone putin called the talks detailed and kim even called them meaningful and both mentioned that they had discussed the nuclear eyes ation on the korean peninsula they also emphasized the historic ties that the two countries have stretching back to when the soviet union was north korea's main ally and they also said that they would continue talking now this is the first meeting between the two leaders and apparently there will be no written statements or declarations after
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this meeting so it's unlikely that we can really expect any big breakthroughs today but the two leaders are sizing each other up for the first time as it were killed how does this meeting look from the korean perspective can you tell us what kim jong il want to have this meeting with putin it really seems like kim wanted to broaden his international alliance especially as he's seeking to kind of like an economic pressure on this country north korea has been you know suffering a law saying regime and especially after vietnam did not go as planned it really seems like he was looking for some other solution when there is no real end in sight and i think north korea also wants to signal to the united states that it's not an isolated country as the us off that makes it out to be and that it has other partners that it could work with besides the u.s. and south korea and terms of building its economy and seeking is really what
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is russia's position on north korea calling to virtual missile development a nuclear program. well russia of course wants denuclearize ation as well let's not forget that russia shares a land border with north korea they really want stability on the korean peninsula they want talks to keep going they don't want you know potentially a nuclear conflict on their borders and they want to broaden talks including china as well russia has been working rather closely with china in fact putin will be traveling to beijing for an economic forum just after this talk with kim so the ten chile north korea will be on the agenda there as well but on the whole russia's rhetoric has been softer when it comes to north korea's nuclear program than
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than the rhetoric we've seen from many western countries including the u.s. they have called for an easy to ease international sanctions in general russia disapproves of sanctions international sanctions they think that it's a bad policy and instead they think that talks with north korea should continue. to solve this crisis chile was getting involved here perhaps to some degree what potential do you see for breaking the law denuclearizing the korean peninsula. right now i don't see a whole lot of sense although it's hard to tell because there are no statements or declarations being signed from this summit today you know a lot of people are saying that russia doesn't have a whole lot of leverage and the denuclearization process i think that's somewhat
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shrew it is possible that the sense the message it's that you know trump needs to get on his game plan and meet with kim zonen again after the failed summit and vietnam certainly doesn't send a great message united states and the other thing is russia doesn't octon necessarily cooperate with economic sanctions right same genes are only as good as they are or it's so you know in that sense there is a potential that a stronger relationship between north korea and russia could propel this denuclearization process one way or another for better or for worms kelly consumers in seoul there and really sure when in moscow thank you very much to you but. we've got some breaking news coming in merger talks between germany's two biggest lenders don't you bank and commence bank have been called off tensional risks restructuring costs were cited as reasons the deal was backed by germany's finance
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minister who wanted to create a national banking champion but the idea was met with opposition from critics saying that the. merger could cost thirty thousand. let's get more now from our financial correspondent julie bart in frankfurt early tell us more about why the merger talks collapsed. well you mentioned some points there restructuring costs of before you save any money you have to put money upfront in order to reduce the workforce there was mention of thirty thousand jobs some people who have a knowledge of the banking world said up to fifty thousand jobs would be redundant if there was a merger huge social costs lasley also political costs and in the end doubt that it would really really back up the backbone of a future bank in order to really have
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a benefit from anything other than just lower costs and this much is clear they have to do more than just cost cutting they have to find the business model to make money in the current environment which is difficult but which is difficult for every other bank in europe as well we're doing a lot better than come out spunk and dutch banks. really talks about this merger have been going on for years that looked within the last few weeks as if it was finally going to happen the german government seem to want it to happen now we're back at square one again what does it mean for deutsche. welle for deutsche bank it means that it has to go it alone in all cases and we don't see anyone who would be willing to take over the risk of taking over the deutsche bank and exposing themselves to the risk involved because it's such a connected bank and because it's such a big bank albeit with low profits and for the come out spunk it could mean that
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another european bank just might step in there were a lot of names floated like i n g of netherlands or unit credit of italy but whether that actually happens now. the bets are not that high on that as well because it's not that profitable a bank and there's no plan b. right now there wasn't before this merger talk was promoted by the government they both didn't want to do it i think one of the explanations as they went through the motions in order to see because of the political pressure and now the. seeing the practical problems that were there all the time early thank you very much for bringing us up to date there did w.'s early parts there in frankfurt. some of the other stories making headlines around the world today flooding and mudslides killed over sixty people along south africa's eastern coast it's been caused by days of heavy rain more than a thousand people have fled their homes the worst affected areas lying around the city of durban already has warned more rain is expected. lawmakers in the
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democratic republic of congo have elected a female head of the national assembly for the first time janine is a former minister and it buys her to x. president joseph kabila she was the only candidate running after her main opponent was just all of. the opposition boycotting of. it and authorities in the us say cases of measles have climbed to their highest levels since the year two thousand nearly six hundred ninety five cases of the virus have been reported this year it's resurgence is largely attributed to misinformation that's turning parents against facts. to sri lanka and a country on high alert after a series of suicide bombings on easter sunday officials have now banned drones unmanned aircraft and have carried out more controlled detonations on suspicious
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vehicles more than three hundred fifty people died in the attacks which targeted churches and hotels his president has taken action after intelligence units failed to pass on information about a possible terror attack. well muslim leaders in sri lanka say they fear a backlash after the easter sunday attacks the suicide bombings have been condemned by muslim groups but many in the community say they feel vulnerable. has more. sheik back home often. thought he's to get to spend the night in his house. and easter sunday a few hundred metres from where he lives a mass of. people dead the next day with this young children and wife. and i feel.
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so since we had being in the in the. main road so we thought off. and also being with that we the children we. worked with what made us to be site believed houses here. and feels guilty that. he's a christian not to think of him and his family. all along his street the homes and shops office the muslim neighborhoods. muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombing. in the city. both christian and muslim communities in sri lanka have been thought it'd by a book this to extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country have
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co-existed peacefully so far the easter sunday bombing set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support holding prayers sending condolences and emphatically condemning the attacks . but with the traditional friday prayers just around the corner muslims wadi it may not be safe to congregation. a small but vocal group of sri lankans are trying to help them. they're from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find ways of reducing the backlash muslims on the fringe. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as that solid data to crackdowns against minorities on martin northern sri lanka and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties were going to build after the nine eleven incident in the us in the name of national security and countering terrorism and we
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have an experience of civil liberties being dramatically during the course of the water anyone after the war in the name of fighting supply terrorism so days of worry that the similar situation probably against muslims this time. muslims and christians have always kept at a spectacle distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday bombings so as a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. they're watching the news coming up next we've got a documentary for you on the coalition of general thanks for. shifting powers the old order is history the world is real uniting itself and the media's role to keep the topic focused on the global media forum twenty nineteen today one out of two people is online who are we following do we trust your brain to shape the future.


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