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floods and droughts climate change become the main driver of mass migration you can write any. you want. the climate exodus starts. on t w. this is. coming up on the. meaningful exchange. after his first ever face to face meeting with vladimir but nearly a decade after the last meeting between north korean and russian leaders. security chinese security companies developing. the chinese security.
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while. it's good to have you with us it's been a meeting between all the friends in a new world a world where north korea is straining under the weight of international sanctions and russia is looking to boost its stature on the world stage north korean leader kim jong un and russian president vladimir putin have met in eastern russia and discussed the deed of the korean peninsula this against the backdrop of north korea's failed to talks with the u.s. in february or sanctions relief he has. warned have to say after their meeting in vladivostok. for the threat of nuclear confrontation without a question the international community's common goal is to avoid one. i have the
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impression that the north korean leader wants that as well he just needs to be reassured of her safety. but the mission of the soonest. the two countries share a valuable friendship that was created and strengthened while overcoming every hardship and challenge for into is by history have a deep understanding that the ceaseless development of north korea russia ties. interests but is also indispensable for securing the region's peace and stability. of. a friendship and history between the parts of a nation that began during the cold war and has continued since that. similar homage train different to north korean leader with his visit to russia kim jong un is following in his forefathers footsteps his grandfather kim il sung went to the soviet union numerous times to secure moscow's support during the cold war.
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his father kim jong il also met with russian presidents the last time was with dmitri medvedev in two thousand and eleven shortly before the korean leader's death . north korea has few friends in the world russia is one of them but they used to be close the soviet union was once pyongyang's main trading partner taking over half its exports today trade is just a trickle worth about two million dollars a year jute international sanctions against north korea's weapons programs taking steps towards each other moscow has called for sanctions to be eased that would allow the restart of trade and joint infrastructure projects which would profit both countries. the first ever meeting between put and kim in front of awestruck could put the diminished alliance back on track. joining us now is on very long call from cooper in university incirlik he's
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a professor of history and author of many books on north korea for the land of good to have you with us. the north korean leader kim jong un has met chinese president xi jinping four times in the past year and now he's met a bloody mean putin is this in your view or kiss off kim jong un leaning on old friends to help him out of a deadlock. i felt just awful low but ease it really good and to help him out of bed look sick out of russia and a little scary at have never writes or used to be a long time ago but even saying that elation still quite tense is lost remembers that is it really has one thousand six thousand australian best russian defectives and was right there to buy it nobody else bought you any and all of the if would be k.g.b. chief who provided him this acute sort of a shiver raised in betty that it's right there right now it was all actually
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a simpler it's because all sides about for all discussed some relatively minor age it was if they too short to send some messages to washington on bot talking about it kind of c.s. let's stop and giggle it is very much ego boy i would say he is my shins is in the element assistance is money massively is that is going to come out of this now but they did speak about denuclearization and that is something that president putin spoke about in the press conference after that or you have said before professor learned goal of butter north koreans were never surrender their nuclear weapons how effective that is why would russia not speaking about denuclearization. oh grill is necessary to diffuse tension for the beat i would lead to it he might use it every single yukiya out all five fish in
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a countless hours on to say official of a geisha it what it was in one nine hundred sixty eight don't release ration treaty to summer and then you have athens eventually not now made a few centuries later russia united states chain as they all have had made such a promise so well moscow as a saying the same maybe they built them even if it can even at that they do to invent a field to save probably means three to four centuries into six and train on. no russian presidential spokesperson best of have said earlier that the storm six party talks are the only route of addressing the issue of denuclearization do you believe that. well it's my day with a year russia is interested because it has the rights of the marginal and is deeply interested in having some kind of multilateral like say japan the same rights and
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same situation because as advice all major decisions are going to be made in washington and russia look at their impact on how their future of loss is asia he'll be discussed so it's great nations that's russia somewhat less extent japan and south korea all this guy really would like to have some kind of miles away so talks including six party talks isn't going to get in and no idea because it takes two to tango and base sixty able to have six sites to have six party talks at the end of this size right he's the united states and probably and all that is yours is stick about this idea i suspect. well we'll check back with you if and when there is movement on this issue professor langkow from cooper university in syria thank you very much for speaking to us. right. now let me put in has another major meeting on the agenda of this week the new secret
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summit in beijing china's hoping to winnow a skeptical global leaders but it's ambitious belton broad initiative the project to build a new trade routes is providing plenty of business opportunities for chinese firms are important to his building takes a look at one sector that's experiencing a boom security contract as. a training session for new employees of quasi enjoin on one of china's biggest security companies lately the firm is sending more and more personnel to guard chinese businesses brought. to the local partners feel that it's difficult to communicate with foreign companies on certain professional details and this can lead to less smooth cooperation. why is enjoying on stuff can be found guarding companies banks hospitals universities and public transport in china and since two thousand and twelve they're also deployed abroad
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it all started with armed guards to protect commercial ships from pirates off the coast of somalia. we broke the monopoly of western security companies at sea a promotional video for the company proudly states. when talking to us however c.e.o. in way home carefully avoids antagonizing the western competitors. china security business is only thirty years old while the first security company in the west was founded three hundred years ago in london we still have a lot to learn so we cooperate with foreign companies offer from that into our courthouse or. business opportunities have grown as a result of china's belt and road international investment strategy china is building infrastructure in many countries around the world including some of the
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world's worst crisis. and road has created a huge security market attracting international security providers among them some of the most shady operators. the founder of the in famous u.s. company blackwater that was involved in war crimes in iraq has opened an office in hong kong experts even warned that clashes between security providers are becoming more likely as the market is poorly regulated but in way home does not view this as a risk for his company. or without all of these companies are not our competitors they provide military services we just offer security services they are two different businesses we are not going to get into the business that they are doing here you know how i'm going to see all this or there's a one because you thought for these new recruits that's all
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a long way off for now they are being trained for the domestic market weight and most dangerous conditions and that happens. four years ago today quick rumble to deep beneath everest base there's all to government wiped out a section of the cabin twenty two people most of them sure it was the deadliest ever disaster on everest about a third of the climbers are down evidence. the nippon the guides who have gotten us to the summit now two of their widows are preparing for a risky mission of their own. name and food deeply are getting ready for a special mission the two women once to summit mount everest the very mountain that cost the ship a husband their lives. after two years of mourning i thought that i should do something significant and not just for me but for other winters who have lost their husbands on the mountain why should the
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it is just stay at home why can't they go out and a good living on the mountain somewhere that there was a hundred this expedition is not just about honoring their husbands it's also an attempt to break the stigma surrounding villages who are often discriminated against. when the husband was killed by an avalanche along with fifteen fellow sherpas in two thousand and fourteen she was facing financial hardship. that's why she in footy key started working as guides. professional. will join the two women for him the work is essential to make sure that the hundreds of climbers coming here every year remain safe in the morning. and it was amazing that sherpas the climber would not be able to scale the mountains without them no one could do it was a it's the surface of fix the ropes all the way to the summit. for now the shut the business is mostly male dominated and traditions preserved but times are
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changing if naima and food successfully climbs the eight thousand eight hundred forty eight metres of everest the might soon be more women leading the way up the roof of the world. more on our website to slash shop. what secrets lie behind these may. find him and her city experience and explore fascinating world cultural heritage sites. d w world heritage three sixty.
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tomorrow today. w. a national banking champion not in the cards for now germany's two largest banks call time on merger talks bank and deutsche bank decide bigger won't be better. also coming up is china's silk road paved with good intentions the second belt and road initiative forum is underway in beijing critics decry what they call china's trap diplomacy. and economic powerhouse south korea's feet and unexpected
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decline its worst quarterly drop in a decade. welcome to the business i'm john allen while out in berlin thanks for joining us we begin here in germany where merger talks between the country's number one and two banks thought to bank and convert spike have collapsed what have created germany's biggest financial institution but it seems the operation would have been too costly and complex. beilin wanted it to happen but that wasn't enough to unite the two german giants but yes torture banks said right from the beginning we would only go into these this weren't sure if it makes economic sense if it is beneficial for shareholders for the stake when. this was not given here off to a very deep.


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