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it's jerks around the world. music. to steal signals and force to. return to the next generation to change. channels are. still people. and were determined to build something here for the next generation the long. view barmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. this is the news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes on world malaria day malawi gone that and kenya are administering the only licensed vaccine to protect against the mosquitoes frank disease we have a report from god that women larry it kills three children every day. will also get a report from mozambique play of malaria and fictions all picking up in the
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aftermath of last month's deadly cycle. i'm christine wonderwall come to deeds every news africa i'm glad you're tuned in today is world malaria day it's a disease that was once on the decline but now on the rise again the world health organization estimates malaria killed four hundred and thirty five thousand people in twenty seventeen alone most of those who die african children and the age of five efforts to fight the disease have stagnated and recent he isn't pots of africa infection rates have actually risen but there's hope this week as three african countries rolled out a program of beck's anation it's hoped the programs in malawi kenya and gonna will dramatically cut the disease this report from one of those countries gonna.
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fishings which at this core facility on the outskirts of is in ghana for medical treatment many of them i hear because of my liriano the hospital records over one hundred suspected malaria cases daily with famed high among children under five years the disease doesn't spare a dolly st an adult's leiria still remains in number one cause of hospital attendance. i saw a very high percentage of the patients who report to the hospital for treatment come because of malaria and they also diagnosed us. for us we have both complicated and complicated malaria and. children under five. cent and in the in the grown ups and the aged three as a group got to record it half
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a million malaria related admissions to hospital the health ministry says that dropped by a fifth to four hundred thousand by twenty eight thousand thanks to say programs like this one the lead agency hoping with campaigns for over a decade now is the control program a major challenge is getting people to change the behavior change their behavior in a setting these interventions which are known to be effective. change behavior in shoes in the nets when we give out to them for free. homes to spread via households for the areas that are eligible and for children and a fight that my boss and awards a set in the actual going to be given that made sense for pregnant. issues has to do with behavior change people you know despite the gains there remains a major cause of death in ghana the country's targets in zero. by twenty thirty
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but in many communities. choked with stagnant water where mosquitoes preet me get my joints malawi and kenya to pay a lot already tested malaria vaccine for over one hundred twenty thousand children aged twenty four months and younger. have gone through a lot of with regards to various impacts that it will reduce. the number of money. due to my. reducing area does four in ten and these gains. useful gains that we think that as a country when you move ahead and then introduce the boxes in this introduction in selected districts and finale rolling out to the entire country it will add as a catalyst to our efforts to knit i mean area. is estimated to have killed
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around five hundred people in twenty eighteen that's a figure officials want to reduce fed up but it's like this about mosquito sprays sure that's the fight isn't aids and joining me now is yeah he is africa representative. in a safe or dr without borders he specializes in public health and is involved in research he joins me now from yale would they welcome say africa mr bowen is this the of by the vaccine that will end malaria. well i thank you for thank you for inviting me first mention that i represent a piece on the research of m.s.f. attorney well it is a vaccine is really a great promise it's the first of many that we show a reasonable what does that mean it's mean that for children out of ten can be
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protected from malaria if they take all the four doors of the vaccine. debated on not to. order research in the. reduction of. ok i see and i guess the emphasis that some experts have made here to say that the introduction off this vaccine should not take away from existing if it's for example giving people bed nets and insecticides that couldn't be elaborated too much can it. yes defeat first of all this is a pilot a pilot and magician of the vaccine which means that we need to gather more information of how we realize disappointing is that the vaccine is one cool or the orders in all those already proven to be effective i'm talking about the bit i'm talking about the. treatment so those one already come
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on look it's like seeing that you know where because you're wearing a seat belt in your car you can drive a two hundred kilometers per hour in the city center that doesn't make sense is coming to all the plea that we can use to address the issue of malaria. all right mr a if so what i mean would it's taken about fifty is to get to where we are today in terms of the interest of developing this particular vaccine and whilst on the subject this is all about something that you are particularly passionate about and that is africans developing and creating our own solutions to our societal and health problems we're not seeing enough of that on the continent all we. actually there is a local thing happening in a country for some for example we've been finding a way of being able to quickly reusing those might be test but also how to shorten the duration of cuba as a treatment in uganda. you know there is also diarrhea so we are able to prove that
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you can use a vaccine we don't call chen in a country where the temperature is high a forty degree so the lot of things happening see coastal disease you have people like tanzania trying to understand and to address some of those issues so a lot is happening however we are not the one leading her research. and that poses a problem for us right and i guess normally when we hear things like this we tend to look at all governments and we say that is where the failures are you suggest that the civil sector as well the civil society should be paying its. yes definitely i do you know in africa we've never had as many billionaires as we have now we have done pulling cameroon done go to nigeria or to put south africa so those people invest in finding innovative solutions to the problem lucky faced if not how african will be just implementor we won't be able to drive the research and
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provide a dick wit and relevant solution maybe something that. very quickly if you are an african researcher your list likely to be first in a research publication if you are walking in partnership with the top five american university so it's like some someone else telling your story to these one has to be addressed with the support of those few months of peace between the means to be able to provide and rent that research all right that's the one day with a challenge to africa's billionaires thank you thank you. when side loney die through mozambique last month that killed more than a thousand people and left widespread destruction in its wake but the damage wasn't just the houses and infrastructure you die also struck a body blow to mt malaria programs krishna reports on the medical crisis left by the storm. here in the village of. the waiting room at the medical center is
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overcrowded fourteen year old new and his mother are among those who have been waiting here for hours. is my head always feel so hot in the night i lost my appetite my legs feel heavy as if there's hardly any blood flowing through them. who says the village was destroyed when cyclonic died tore through the area for letting most buildings and destroying them and the subsequent flooding even the medical center was damaged by a falling tree. the force of nature and the destruction are still visible all over . but while the reconstruction is continuing there's a major concern right now diseases and in particular malaria. some parts of the region are still submerged providing ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes and his mother have had to sleep in the open with no protections against the
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insects since their home was destroyed you may didn't really didn't have any mosquito nets i was swept away in the floods along with our whole house no one has given us new nets and. finally turned to see the doctor the only one at this clinic and fears confirmed he has malaria like so many others of the patients seen here by dr candy to add to it in recent weeks. we. disagree on who's following the cycle the number of malaria and diarrhea cases has increased compared to previous months and. i think some areas are still waterlogged after the psycho and the floods that's where the mosquitoes breed. we need to launch a campaign to stop the mosquitoes from spreading which. mother receives the mets and he needs in exchange for a symbolic fee of one cents
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a good thing since that's just about all she can afford to pay now she can only hope that the drugs work and that she and move will soon have a roof as well as mosquito nets over their heads. ok we're going to take you back to gaza for a minute and have a look at a novel way of getting back scenes to the places they're needed the government has just launched a fleet of drones it's an ill rather part of an ambitious plan to leapfrog the problems of providing expats to medicines in the country with poor roads or distribution bases off and vaccines are noted of the drones been flown to clinic each base will have the machines that service around five hundred to mix in an economics of radioisotopes more than twelve million people will benefit from the vets around forty percent of gun is a ph. that's a good news africa as always you can catch all our stories and on the news about
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how websites facebook pages we need you now images of the millions march protest in the sudanese capital by far not. much of british. school in africa. nor link to exceptional stories and discussion. is easy town where i would say don't you to come so much for joining us on facebook. for. what's the
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connection between bread. and the european union dinos guild motto correspondent alan baker can stretch this point in line with the rules. thoughts. being recipes for success strategy that made a difference. baking bread on d.w. . welcome to news from the world of arts and culture is it the biggest movie of the yeah avengers endgame is opening around the world this week we'll be talking about that and. a norwegian virtue roosevelt island is true is getting rave reviews for expressing playing. and
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a german student whose photos transformed great of an architecture into the colorful fantasy. well it's finally arrived haven't it and if it's not open in your country yet it will in the next few days of vengeance end game is the most anticipated film of the year because it's the last in the series of what has become the highest grossing franchise of all time and all superheroes have toppled those loose ends from the previous movies and get rid of him. as somebody starting point the endgame wiped out. two percent of all living creatures the stakes couldn't be higher following an entire mental catastrophe we've lost all of. us
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