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this is due to be news lie from berlin the french president tries to reassure the public and hold onto his job emanuel mcconville the list of reforms in response time to months of yellow vests protests that are challenging his authority and he's willing to cut taxes but he's also making demands of french workers also coming up the report and kim jong un toes their new friendship at a summit in precious far east but with no breakthroughs at their meeting can north korea be persuaded to abandon its nuclear arsenal.
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on little rock it's a pleasure to have you along everyone the president of france has been selling out plans for returning his country to order after months of yellow vest protests have challenged his authority well in many ways pledges to cut income tax for the middle class and making it easier to hold referendums on some issues but he also said there would be no tolerance for violent protests let's take a listen to what he said a little a short while ago who told me look at you today above all public order must return it's essential that we come together. but i don't want the actions of some people to do eclipse the just demands that were put forward at the start of this movement and that we're broadly supported it hopefully most of. the french president
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speaking a short while ago well let's go to the french capital for you now to paris journalist catherine field is standing by i can tell us what more the president had to say. first of all he started very strongly by saying that he all of these reforms to date would remain in place he defended the record that he has had up until now and he said that the results those reforms are already being shouted you know already five hundred thousand new jobs created and we think that would be no going back he also said that during this three month great debate period across france that he talked to citizens he'd seen a medal to the senator and then also said that they felt very sorry concerned about the future and so he said that he had looked into those concerns people who felt that there was a good allies ation was leaving them behind that they didn't know where the next paycheck was going to come from he would have promised that there would be
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significant tax cut quite right it's going to come from still not sure if he wants to reach such a pension that he said that would now from now on there will be a direct link between pensions and inflation he's. going to say and they of the yellow vest maybe that's you know the young man you know it's late but at the same time he said there's not going to be much change them it's a package and that's where he's been heavily criticized on there's a lot of time he spends a roll going on its past mistakes and now people are going to spend less time abroad and spend more time here in front and that's some of the officials here in france if you keep your ok we spend more time and. he understood i'm going to paraphrase exactly ok well he is actually still speaking and he's taking a stand so still laying out his plans but do you think from what you've heard up to now that this will be enough to appease the yellow vests protesters of potentially
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see his popularity grow at home now. it's very difficult because our kids are grown now i he said thirty percent in the opinion polls he's finding it difficult to to become a man of the people and that's what this press conference is meant to show is meant to show low humble president and he's got to have trouble showing that so given that around three quarters of the french population don't have any confidence that these new measures which is being widely laden the price they don't think these days will be enough it's going to be a hard job for him but he is clearly looking at those european parliamentary elections that are coming up in my clearly trying to state like with the french people after having almost two years there it seemed initially he was just the right thing confront now he's on the back foot eleven a lot of work to do to catch up and certainly in the past he's benefited from the supposition that now in the opposition particularly the sorry not going to back again not he's really going to have trouble getting above that thirty percent
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approval rating and he is still making a very impassioned speech there for his plans thank you so much catherine field in paris. our this bring up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. french forensic specialists have entered not head down cathedral for the first time to gather evidence on the cause of last week's blaze the buyer devastated the roof and destroyed the spire of the centuries old gothic masterpiece police are treating the incident as an accident. more than seventy protesters were injured after a rock and police used water cannon and the tolerance to break up a teacher's protest in the capital thousands have took to the streets of robots on wednesday to protest their employment terms. the leaders of russia and north korea have wrapped up their first face to face
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meeting president vladimir putin and kim jong un discussed issues including security on the korean peninsula and pyongyang's controversial nuclear weapons program while this follows donald trump's failed efforts to persuade kim to abandon its nuclear arsenal at a summit two months ago. it was the first ever face to face meeting for russia's vladimir putin and north korea's kim jong un the body language suggested it was set to go well. talks took place on an island off the pacific coast near flooded boss dock and went on for two hours a little longer than expected but statements after the meeting to really give away any substantial news but. of course we spoke about the situation on the korean peninsula we exchanged views on what needs to be done so that we can improve the situation in the future ali and i know this is the korean peninsula and the
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regional political situation which is garnered the urgent attention of the world and we also held deep discussions on strategic ways to pursue stability in the regional political situation and on matters of jointly managing the situation. but later in a press conference putin revealed how he expected to play a further diplomatic role. in the spring for europe communicants. to inform the american side about his position. about the questions he has in relation to the process is that a happening on the korean peninsula and everything that's happening around these process is pretty simple sort. of the summit then has offered putin a chance to push russia's agenda of opposing u.s. influence north korea's talks with president trump on the country's nuclear arsenal broke down without a deal in february. or president has another major meeting this week the new silk
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or summit in beijing china's hoping to win over skeptical global leaders for its ambitious belts and world an initiative the project to build new trade routes is providing plenty of business opportunities for chinese firms are reporting mightiest building or takes a look at one sector that's booming right now out of security contractors. a training session for new employees of quasi in one of china's biggest security companies lately the firm is sending more and more personnel to guard chinese businesses and brought. up partners feel that it's difficult to communicate with foreign companies on certain professional details and this can lead to less smooth cooperation. stuff can be found guarding companies banks hospitals universities and public transport
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in china and since two thousand and twelve they're also deployed abroad it all started with armed guards to protect commercial ships from pirates off the coast of somalia. we broke the monopoly of western security companies at sea a promotional video for the company proudly states. when talking to us however c.e.o. in way home carefully avoids antagonizing the western competitors. china's security business is only thirty years old while the first security company in the west was founded three hundred years ago in london we still have a lot to learn so we cooperate with foreign companies offer from that into our hold heiser. business opportunities have grown as a result of china's belt and road international investment strategy china is
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building infrastructure in many countries around the world including some of the world's worst crisis. and road has created a huge security market attracting international security providers among them some of the most shady operators. the founder of the in famous u.s. company blackwater that was involved in the war crimes in iraq has opened an office in hong kong experts even warned that clashes between security providers are becoming more likely as the market is poorly regulated but in way home does not view this as a risk for his company. over and over all of. these companies are not our competitors they provide military services we just offer security services they are two different businesses we are not going to get into the business that they are doing or would you not humming if you will is all that there's a woman because you thought for these new recruits that's all
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a long way off for now they are being trained for the domestic market where the most dangerous condition is and that happens. next we had to stroll lanka that country is now lowered the death toll in the easter sunday attacks down by around one hundred official say between two hundred fifty and two hundred sixty lives were lost instead of the three hundred fifty nights the health ministry blamed the cockle ation air while meanwhile the defense secretary has resigned following intelligence and security lapses ahead of the devastating bombings have been further arrests also with people who may have been involved in the bombings so one can police have appealed to the public for information on any additional on an additional rather six suspects. muslim leaders the shalako say they fear a backlash after the easter sunday attacks the suicide bombings have been condemned
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by local muslim groups the many in the community say they feel vulnerable to me should just well file this report. sheik hospital not him back home after today it's thought he's too scared to spend the night in his house in mccombs on foot into another church sunday easter sunday a few hundred metres from where he lives a massive loss hit the church. that the next day with his three young children and wife. not one not. know if you will feel more traits that you have crazy and so since we had being in the in the to the main draw so we talked off. and also being with that with the children we secured and that is the reason what we're what made us to be site believed how says he or. she has restricted about the attacks and feels guilty that the puppet creators of the
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themed religion of him. he's alleging local christians not to think of him and his family as ted it. was. all a long history the homes and shops office muslim neighborhoods are shot. several muslim one businesses were attacked after the bombings. president top mosquito in the city. bought christian am muslim communities in sri lanka have been dogged by bookless to extremists in the past muslims and christians in the country have co-existed peacefully so far the easter sunday bombing set off tensions between the two minority communities for the first time. local muslims have tried to show their support holding prayers sending condolences and emphatically condemning the attacks bought with. the traditional friday prayers just around the corner muslims wadi it may not be safe to congregate to. a small but vocal group of
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sri lankans are trying to help them. there from different religions and ethnicities and i'm trying to find ways of reducing the backlash muslims on the fringe. religious leaders from both communities are meeting to express their concerns as well as that solid data to crackdowns against minorities on martin northern sri lanka and a national emergency has been declared here again just as it was during the two decades of civil war that civil liberties were good till after the nine eleven incident in the us in the name of national security and countering terrorism and in sri lanka we have an experience of civil liberties being curtailed dramatically during the course of the water and he went after the war in the name of fighting six terrorism so days of worry that the similar situation may arise probably again as muslims this time. muslims and christians have always kept a respectful distance. now there is hope that the easter sunday bombings that serve as a reason to build stronger bridges between the two communities. and the desire for
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her aachen berlin up next d.w. business africa would journal and i'll see you tomorrow in time. what secrets lie behind these memos to. find out even worse of experience and explore fascinating cultural heritage sites. of the d w world heritage three sixty the cookie.


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