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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2019 4:02am-4:31am CEST

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to pave the way to seventy. today former us vice president joe biden made it official he wants to be the next u.s. president now his strength at the start his ability to stand out in the crowd in his ability to connect with america's heartland middle class joe is what they call them their sleepy joe is the name don't want to up for first just moments after biden launched his campaign sent a tweet insulting biden's intelligence and promising a race that will be in the words of trump nasty i'm bring golf in berlin this is the day. my belief is true we're back on four years of this person who really embraces as in the current moment in time welcome to the world joe. yeah pretty good time joe.
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but if we view donald trump eight years in the white house he will forever and fundamentally alter the character this nation. who knows what's going to happen from now on but i hope it's. very strong we are in the battle to assume this nation. and i'm breaking down i am breaking down this law that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for president of the united states. also coming up tonight vladimir putin and kim jong un hold their first face to face talks what can russia do for north korea that the united states cannot. north korea needs security guarantees on the preservation of its sovereignty and what guarantee could it be except the restoration of international loyal is not on the pro. well to our viewers on p.b.s.
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in the united states and all around the world welcome but we begin the day with joe today former u.s. vice president joe biden threw his name in the ring to become the next u.s. president he joins a crowded field of democrats twenty candidates and growing is announcement came in a video he is seen as arriving late to the raids and we now know how much money he has raised for his campaign nothing despite all of this joe biden is the one candidate with name recognition everywhere positive name recognition no other candidate maybe bernie sanders enjoys that luxury at this point and the other candidates remain reluctant to go after u.s. president directly perhaps for them it's simply too early but in his video released today joe biden went straight for the juggler for joe biden this is a campaign that will be all about being the antidote to what trump has put inside
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the minds the hearts and body politic of america. and that's when we heard the prison united states and our own and shock the conscience of this nation she said there were quote some very fine people on both sides. fine people on both sides. president aristide's assigned to the coolest between spreadin and those of the courage to stand against. it in that moment i knew through to station was unlike any i've ever seen in my lifetime. and just moments after joe biden released that video u.s. president trump took to twitter letting the world know that he had been watching this morning tweeted welcome to the race sleepy joe by only hope you have the intelligence long in doubt to wage
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a successful primary campaign it will be nasty you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick and demented ideas but if you make it i will see you at the starting gate starting gate capitalize the. reporters went out in washington d.c. to get reactions to biden's announcement. and i think that's awesome i love joe biden and i know there's been some. issues as of late but i think just the current state of politics in america i think joe biden could kind of help us out in that regard now and i think that he is honestly like a platform basis he's a lot better than a lot of the other cartoons have come out with the democrats so. yeah i love his history like i actually like him up until previous i don't like there's been recent things that are shady that make me question him but i like the fact that he served in the military and i think as a lot of that experience he has served as vice president for eight years so i would
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think if he is you know has enough experience to know what it's like to be the president. right those are opinions from the u.s. capital to talk more about biden's bid i'm joined tonight by u.s. politics and policy analyst professor of course for been with art college here in berlin a familiar face to our viewers and from washington janet johnson joins me she is a national political correspondent with the washington post both of you welcome jim and joe let me start with you we've heard time and time again of all the candidates joe biden is the one with the best chance of defeating donald trump if he gets that far what does that mean. well. to wait and see what's going to happen the first nominating contest is still nine months away we have to wait and see what democratic voters watt out of every one in the field and it's
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a very big field we have twenty major democrats who are running for the nomination right now biden's the best no he was the vice president has very wide name recognition and said i kind of makes him i automatically front runner but there's a lot of other people there's. you know what are our unsure what they want and so we're just going to have to wait and see over the next few months what emerges as the major issue is just what people want we still don't know that if she makes a good point there the question that was still out there are biden's biggest opponents the the other democratic candidates more so the dollar's role you know i think it's a wise piece of advice to say we have to wait i think that's exactly. mistake that many of my colleagues and i made in the last presidential election so be a little careful with prognoses and that's something i put on my agenda but it's
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certainly true that there's a split in the democratic party there has been a shift towards the left just as there has been a shift towards the right in the republican party and we can see similar phenomenon across other cut countries and contexts beyond the u.s. so yeah if you will have to struggle i mean what's being emphasized right now is that he's popular with unions and with workers we shouldn't forget though that trump didn't just win because you want the midwest but also because many people didn't show up minorities and women and if biden can bring those to the table is the different for him that he has a better chance of winning jenny you saw the tweet today from u.s. president trump of about that came after biden's announcement do you think donald trump takes biden's candidacy seriously is he afraid of by. and you definitely take that seriously there are candidates who have announced their candidacy for president and the president hasn't tweeted anything he hasn't
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given them the time of day. you know bite him is someone that trump has been talking about for months last year he said it would be a dream if biden got into the race because he considers biden someone he doesn't think can when a lie said joe biden has run for president before and not made it trump has said that he wants to challenge biden and so you can expect to see trump weighing in on anything that biden says and does going forward and we know that joe biden was vice president for brought obama for but eight years said when obama left office in two thousand and six he had a depressive approval rating of fifty nine percent yet biden is not taking advantage of that positive energy take a listen to what he said about that today. if you are the best choice for the democrats in twenty twenty why didn't president obama or. mr zimmerman not
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go over the. river winds is. going to make sure you're going to go over. me do you really believe biden when he says obama doesn't want to endorse him now. well obama has made clear that he's not going to endorse in this primary he's looking at the same race that we are and he's looking at the same democratic electorate that we are one that's trying to figure out who it is there was a lot of criticism of mike's democrats during the twenty sixth you know accident that the party and major players in the party pushed hillary clinton down people's throats and he didn't give other candidates a fair shot and so there's a very. democratic leaders like obama are very sensitive to that and they're wanting this process to play out and let voters take the lead on picking who the
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front runners are going to be and picking who the nominee is going to be and they're trying not to get in the way of that process yeah i mean it's just points are valid they're still amazing considering obama said that having joe biden as his vice president was one of the best decisions he ever made boars what about biden's past there are questions of sexual harassment claims that he touched women in an overly or familiar way without their consent but he has said that he has learned from that that he has evolved is he really a living example of how the democratic party itself has evolved over the past fifty years i think that's a question that we're going to hear not of times until next summer and that will not be easy to to judge i mean there's also the anita hill hearings and his role in that me too movement has gained quite some momentum in the last couple of months and it's going to be a strong voice also during the electoral campaigns and so i think you will have to
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struggle with that kind of legacy you know at one point during the obama presidency was almost considered an embarrassment because of his wonders it is gas as any of that stuff is is that of worry as he runs for president do you think. well i think the media cycle moves very fast and we tend to forget a lot especially now that we're used to trump and the kind of me just practically which makes us forget even what happened two weeks ago so i know that you mention it i remember but i mean forget i must admit this is not something that stuck i remember that the last time he ran for president himself the emphasis was put on his foreign policy agenda and his expertise in foreign policy and this is obviously something that's not quite as important in the u.s. look toral cycle but restoring the faith of the world in the u.s. as a role model for liberalism you know when you when you've framed it in this way there you kind of put quite some strength let me ask you
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a bit about what we saw in the video today from by we know that donald trump he presents a lot of targets that you could aim at why do you think biden went hard on charlottesville at the beginning well it. really one of the ugliest moments of the presidency and it was a moment that made a lot of american stop whether they consider themselves republicans democrats independents and just kind of ask what has happened to our country how is this happening in our country and my does seizing on that frankly when i opened up the video this morning and hit play i figured it would be a. you know soft focus video focusing on biden and working class voters and industrial towns and unions and the types of voters biden has focused on in previous races and instead he went right to charlottesville and he's
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making his candidacy completely about trump a lot of other candidates are trying to make it about themselves their backgrounds the issues that they're passionate about joe biden's trying to make this about trying and trying to present himself as the sort of person who can actually beat tropp yeah we have a long time to see if that will be winning formula joe johns and with the washington post and boards forming with bard college here in berlin to both of you thank you thank you well still to come on the day how to make the yellow the best stop see red the french president tries to end months of unrest by cutting taxes but he's also making demands on french workers emanuel microlenses balancing act that's coming up clinton's itself. if. it has been two months since the relationship between u.s. president trump and north korean leader kim jong un went rather cold trump abruptly
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ended their second summit in white vietnam saying progress on denuclearization was not where it should be if that summit in hanoi had ended differently it is reasonable to say that our next story may have never happened today kim jong un and russian president vladimir putin met face to face for the first time expectations of their first summit in the eastern russian city of by the vostok were modest at best today putin said kim jong un confirmed to him that north korea is willing to give up nuclear weapons but only with an ironclad guarantee of security first that's nothing new if putin can manage to break the impasse between washington and pyongyang that would definitely be something new. it was that of a face to face meeting to russia's vladimir putin and to north korea's kim jong il and the body language suggested it was set to go well. talks took place on an
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island off the pacific coast we have a lot of all stock and went on for two hours a little longer than expected but statements after the meeting to really give away any substantial news but. of course we spoke about the situation on the korean peninsula we exchanged views on what needs to be done says that we can improve the situation in the future this is the korean peninsula and the regional political situation which is garnered the urgent attention of the world and we also held deep discussions on strategic ways to pursue stability in the regional political situations and on matters of jointly managing the situation. but later in a press conference putin revealed how he expected to play a further diplomatic role. in the spring from utica new concepts. to inform the american side about his position. about the questions he has in relation
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to the process is that a happening on the korean peninsula and everything that's happening around these process is pretty simple all three. of the summit that has offered putin a chance to push russia's agenda of opposing u.s. influence north korea's talks with president trump on the country's nuclear arsenal broke down without a deal in february. or putin has another major meeting on the agenda this week the new silk road summit in beijing china is hoping to win over skeptical global leaders for its ambitious belt and road initiative the project to build new trade routes is providing plenty of business opportunities for reporter. takes a look at one sector that is enjoying a boom security contractors. a
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training session for new employees of quasi in one of china's biggest security companies lately the firm is sending more and more personnel to guard chinese businesses brought. to the local partners feel that it's difficult to communicate with foreign companies on certain professional details and this can lead to less smooth cooperation into. washington on stuff can be found guarding companies banks hospitals universities and public transport in china and since two thousand and twelve they're also deployed abroad it all started with armed guards to protect commercial ships from pirates of the coast of somalia. we broke the monopoly of western security companies at sea a promotional video for the company proudly states. when
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talking to us however c.e.o. in way home carefully avoids antagonizing the western competitors. china's security business is only thirty years old while the first security company in the west was founded three hundred years ago in london we still have a lot to learn so we cooperate with foreign companies from that into our courts heiser. business opportunities have grown as a result of china's belt and road international investment strategy china is building infrastructure in many countries around the world including some of the world's worst crisis. and road has created a huge security market attracting international security providers among them some of the most shady operators. the founder of the in famous u.s. company blackwater that was involved in war crimes in iraq has opened an office in
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hong kong experts even warned that clashes between security providers are becoming more likely as the market is poorly regulated but in way home does not view this as a risk for his company. without all of these companies are not our competitors they provide military services we just offer security services like they are two different businesses we're not going to get into the business that they are doing here that i'm going to see all this or that there's a one because you thought. for these new recruits that's all a long way off for now they have been trained for the domestic market when the most dangerous would be shooting and that is. what he's called it the great national debate for its president emanuel description of his response to demands often violent made by yellow vest protesters will
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tonight announce the first measures emerging from that national debate including plans to reduce income taxes for workers it comes more than a week later than scheduled postponed everything when a fire broke out inside notre dame cathedral in paris one of france's most cherished cultural landmarks the flames were barely l. when some of france's wealthiest families rushed to donate more than half a billion euros to rebuild the cathedral by some estimates that's far more than is actually needed to refurbish the entire structure. a surplus of money for bricks and mortar in a city with more than thirty thousand homeless that glaring discrepancy you set yellow vest protesters on to the streets last saturday in some of the most violent clashes that we've seen in twenty three weeks of anti-government protests many demanding that instead of pledging millions for notre dame france's mega rich
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should pay more taxes. and that was the backdrop for emanuel today as he tried to play kate those angry voices but did not give an inch when it comes to the reforms that he says are necessary to keep the french economy competitive. i believe that the transformations underway transformations essential for our country must not be stopped because they represent the aspirations of a fellow citizens but they have not been fast enough not radical enough not humane enough i will come back to that but i deeply believe that the direction taken in these first two years has been right it will be. a day above all public order must return and with it an essential accord. but i don't want the actions of some people to eclipse the just demands that were put forward at the start of this movement and were broadly supported. it was the fridge president
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speaking there will journalist catherine field has been tracking this story for us tonight she joins me from paris good evening to you catherine so what do we got here we've got a cut in income taxes for workers is that enough to send the yellow vest protesters hold in peace for good. difficult to see how will the real howard cool or yellow vest protesters once a man who might want to leave office they're not going to be implicated by the idea of lower tax and whether or not this will be enough for the original yellow vest protesters again difficult to turn out and this was at the base of their and their demands lower taxes more of the law is when it comes to decision making now emanuel that has promised that he also promised that there would be more of your kratz more officials more parliamentarians traveling out from paris to the countryside to
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speak to these people there which are not at the end of the day that will be enough that's really tough question because let's look back last december he already put on the table some ten billion euros worth of your texan could takes decreases they reduced the tax on diesel fuel and he also made it a one off payment for the lower income bracket so if there's still no happy it's going to be difficult to see how this reform package that he is offering that he also said tonight he was going to push ahead with how they are going to think that this is any improvement the chicory on those people who came out of the stuff they're working for the people who are on the twenty fifth of each month look at their pay packets and realize they're not going to make it through the end of the month catherine how does the notre dame fire in the pledges of hundreds of millions of viewers figure into this story did it help or hurt. i think at the end of the day it will hurt but the generosity all of these these
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big french tycoons really has shown to the other vested least that there is a big gap that if you earn a lot of money in france you have you really do and big but these are big family businesses big international businesses and they will have trouble i think in yellow vests in the reckoning that well there is it was money there is money that can be given to not going to papeete that it can't be given out to the poor or to the homeless days again something that french society is going to have to look at the going to have to come to grips with this level of the land for things you don't usually see it in france and this feeling about me a low dress that if you've got too much money it's because you're fixing your taxes or because you know if you don't have a social conscience again we're looking at that hondurans yellow vest movement that no matter what gets put on the table to them they say we're not going to be happy until a man who has left office and we got about within about thirty seconds left let me
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ask you what happens if what the call is all for and if that's not enough in these violent protests continue what's going to happen that well he's promised it will be no more violence and so far we've seen the police get tougher and tougher on the protesters certainly the big day to watch will be may first which is traditionally when we do have the workers demonstrations traditionally they have descended into some sort of violence and many mccall says got to be public order he made that very clear today all right journalist catherine field reporting tonight from paris cafe thank you very much thank you. well the day is almost done the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can follow me at golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then if.
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a child be positive in many parts of russia it's a terrible stigma but an orphanage in chelyabinsk takes a different approach. here h.i.v. positive youngsters grow up with kids who don't have the fire wrists. what's the daily routine like for the stand out of the children themselves.
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next on d w. what's the value of a human being. about ten euro seen purely chemical terms. in this brave new world we're constantly being analyzed and really valued. our people nothing but commodities. which tell you doesn't individual have made in germany in sixty minutes. the. people here love life. they love their country but not the current conditions.
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iran but journey through a land full of contradictions. joy and sadness. confidence and doubt. our documentary depicts the contrast of everyday life. and help people cope with. iran bittersweet. starts may second d. double. o. in a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me craven and campaigning is now well underway for elections to the european parliament due to take place at the end of may and one thing is clear many countries across the continent there are
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a fierce divisions between liberal and centrist parties on the one hand and populist.


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